Ghost Mountain Riders’ Event Still On

March 21, 2013

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For reasons that are less than clear Santa Cruz County has decided it has a problem with the Ghost Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club. A week ago the County Sheriff published a press release that said murdered Mongol Eric “Li’l Pee-Ka” Garcia was last seen in a San Jose bar named the Park Lane Lounge at two in the morning “in the company of persons associated with the Ghost Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club.” The release did not say how those persons were associated with the club. Tuesday the County Board of Supervisors told the Ghost Mountain Riders they could not sell alcohol at an upcoming charity event unless the club forked over $2,100.

The event is called the First Daze-O-Summer Run and it benefits a campground for disabled kids called Camp Krem. This will be the 23rd time the club has held the run and only now have local cops and politicians decided the event is problematic. This year the run will be held on April 6. Participants usually meet at the Scotts Valley Moose Lodge in Santa Cruz and ride about 16 miles to Camp Krem in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This year, particpants will have to ride to Camp Krem alone.

Sheriff’s Shakedown

This year the club cleared the event with the California Highway Patrol as it has the last 22 times it held the run. But, this year the County Sheriff’s Office demanded the club get its approval as well. The club could have done that if it paid four Deputies $525 each to watch participants drink. The donation for the camp comes from the proceeds of a bar at the event. The club makes less than $2,100 from the bar for the day so this year there will be no bar and the club will have to scrounge to come up with its annual donation.

At the Supervisors’ meeting, Chief Deputy Jim Hart explained, “We’ve told the motorcycle club we would approve the permit if there was hired security to be on scene, and they have told us they aren’t willing to pay for security to be at Camp Krem when the party takes place.” Hart also told the politicians that the event was likely to snarl traffic with a pack of motorcycles “25 miles long.” That was a blatant lie. The Supervisors avoided the issue by simply refusing to vote on whether to grant a permit for the event or not. The club had already paid the county for the permit.

Lyle Fleming, a founder of the club, President of the Lompico Chapter and the lone Ghost Mountain Rider at the meeting, said “between 200 and 300 riders” make the run from Santa Cruz to the Camp. “We fully intend to hold the event,” Fleming told Jason Hoppin of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “Not having an event permit means we can’t ride as a group. There won’t be a pack.” But there will be a good party for a good cause.

The Ghost Mountain Riders have a 30-year-long history of supporting local charitable causes. Entertainment at this year’s First Daze-O-Summer Run will include live music, comedy, and door prizes.

Shakedowns by local police for exorbitant compensation to protect citizens from the biker menace doomed the Hollister Rally in nearby San Benito County in 2009. That rally is scheduled to return this July.


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31 Responses to “Ghost Mountain Riders’ Event Still On”

  1. Betty Says:

    I would like to get a few stickers to so support to u all I had sticker 20yrs ago but my mom was mad at me and go rid of them I would love to show our support to u all please let me know how I can get them

  2. Peckerwoods MC, Rick Says:

    Well… sounds like a law suit needs to be filed for violation of oath of office on the council…and the sheriffs dept. for illegal conversion as well as personal enrichment of a elected officials(Sheriff) isn’t the camp private property?…

  3. old & stoned Says:

    thanks for the clarification. hope the non-event sets records next month.

  4. Member1009 Says:

    CHP has signed off for us but Santa Cruz County requires an event permit for a pack ride and an approval for a liquor license. We got neither so no “formal” pack ride and BYOB. It will still be a great ride and a great private party on private property.
    What really stinks is the fact that we, as Loose Cannon stated, did a BYOB for Last Daze because of the incident at First Daze last year and told that if everything went ok with Last Daze we could get a permit for First Daze. So what happened?? No issues with Last Daze.
    When one person’s rights are trampled, ALL peoples rights are trampled.
    Thanks to all for the support and all of our Brothers of other Colors!

  5. old & stoned Says:

    if i’m reading correctly, SC only nix’d the booze AT the event, I don’t see how this can affect the CHP approving the ‘run’ as a pack, or where one is contingent on the other.

  6. Preacher Says:


  7. Loose Cannon Says:

    There was no bar at the Last Daze and it was still a bitching party. ML&R to GMRMC, see you fellas out there.

  8. GHOSTIE Says:

    Again, thanks to all for your ideas and concerns.
    People will simplly BYOB which is fine, we’ll just absorb the profit lost from no bar. Better that than allowing cops to nanny us.
    We won’t try any of the known tricks such as selling cups etc. either,
    this time. We want the run to come off smoothly, and give the cops no reason to squeal (The pork always have “undercovers” at this run!).

    For those who’ve offered to donate, please click the following link,
    that will allow donations to go directly to Camp Krem, and Camping Unlimited………….please reference GMRMC and “1st Daze”…..
    and thank you again.

  9. Skully Says:

    Get draft beer
    put sign up free beer
    sell cups
    Has always worked for me

  10. sherides Says:

    So what happens in Cali if a 25 mile long group of “Slick Backed Citizen Riders” gets together and winds up at some camp where for a small dcnation you are given a beer?

    Point of the question is, does the law even care if this happens?

    Would it be considered “unlawful assembly” or ignored?

  11. mule Says:


    The fascist jack booted pigs in the west have a permit for everything!!! Make money off of charity, sick fucks I tell ya!

    Hire cops to watch my own event… I tell em fuck you, all the undercover feds that will be there isn’t enough for ya?

    Cheap fucking feds hey tell your boys they next time they show up to a toy run without a toy i’m stomping em!

  12. Dr. No Says:

    Exaction – An excessive or unjust demand for payment; the action of demanding and obtaining something from someone, esp. money or a service. Synonyms: extortion; shakedown; racket; racketeering; chantage.

    Sounds rather unethical, and some of the synonyms actually could be illegal… Or am I being too harsh?

  13. whitefxrp Says:


    Is there a donation address ? I’d be more than happy to send a few $ via paypal if there is

  14. whitefxrp Says:

    Seems to me the only way to organise events is to do it privately,between clubs and associates,then when it happens,the cops,aint gonna show,cos they aint gettin paid extra and know its gonna be trouble free,so they may as well sit in their local donut shop as usual.If there is a problem that needs their attendance,aint that what they are gettin paid for anyways ? I can’t attend this event but really hope it attracts even more than the usual numbers of riders and raises even more $$$ than previous years,best wishes for your event Ghost Mountain Riders MC

  15. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    They did the same thing here locally requiring over $5680 for “security” for a veterans benefit: At the last minute they also yanked their beer permit too. It was a disgusting ordeal with more pigs than bikers and they turned it into a big BBQ for all the porkers a parking lot over. Makes me think that the CA piggies are all getting together on a e-mail list somewhere and sharing ideas of how deny people of their rights while making a buck while they are at it as it seems to be the same method of operation.

  16. GHOSTIE Says:

    To all the commenters here, thank you for your kind words and support.
    Lyle is the Chairman of the Monterey Bay Confederation of Clubs. That organization has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Santa Cruz County Gang enforcement task force, for heavy-handed harrasement that occurred at an Easter basket event in 2011. While no-one will ever admit to it, it is possible there may be a “somewhat less than friendly” attitude by Santa Cruz County law-enforcement towards Lyle because he chairs that COC, and towards the GMR by extension.
    2 permits were requested. The alcohol permit would be “considered” if we “hired” 4 deputies, and paid them to stand around watching us from 6pm til 2 in the morning. It would cost us over $2,100. That would eat up all the profit from the bar. The other permit was an “event” permit, that we were granted last year for our “Last Daze” event, which allowed us to travel in a pack. Last year we only needed the approval of the local CHP, which we had. This year we also had the approval of the CHP, but now they say we must have approval of the Sheriff’s office too. The Board of Supes decided because we didn’t get the Sheriff’s approval, that the application was “incomplete” and they did not even vote on it.
    Lyle did appear at the Supervisor’s meeting to lobby them, and afterwards spoke to Chief Deputy Jim Hart, thinking that would qualify for “coordinating” with the Sherrif’s Dept. This officer than went before the supes and basically told them an exagerated version of how many riders would be travelling the roadway, and never indicated we had attempted to “coordinate” with him. They just took the application of the table, and now of course, there is not enough time to re-file!

    The GMR’s website has been hacked. Strange it’s screwed up just recently.

    The First Daze O’ Summer Run” is STILL ON!
    The run is April 6th, and leaves from the Moose Lodge in Scotts Valley, and winds up at Camp Krem in Boulder Creek.

    For more info, or to make a donation, please call (831) 335-7720 and leave a message.

    Again, thank you all.

  17. One Eye Says:

    Is there a way to circumvent that by everything being free with a “recommended donation?” I couldn’t possibly overstate my disgust with these bullies who will prevent an event that will benefit children under some thinly veiled excuse of safety. Apparently the previous 22 years weren’t worth being concerned about. The only thing more pathetic is John and Jane Q who will read this pig swill and think that it’s protecting and serving.

  18. Flip Says:

    They could do like we do at our events and other clubs also do that we visit…sell tickets and turn the tickets in for the beer

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Cajun,

    I don’t know. I am still trying to figure out why this club is being demonized. I believe a representative of a church group that has benefited from the club’s good will was there. It basically came down to a demand for $2,100 from the police or no event permit, no pack ride and no bar.


  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sydney,

    If you are in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, stop by and throw them a couple bucks. The Ghost Mountain Riders are on the net. I hesistate to just post somebody’s email or phone number here, but these guys are easy to find and friendly.


  21. PigPen Says:

    I donate at every Club function i attend. if People put a beer in front of me, well, it would be rude of me to not accept Their hospitality.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    @Ol’LadyRider – Writing letters/e-mails *does* work. You just won’t get feedback about it most of the time. If *no one* wrote, nothing would be changing at all. Believe me, the asshats that hear from the people who write/call/visit does make a difference, so don’t get down in the dumps, you’re making a difference.

    @Palidin – Agreed. Bowtie could bash the shit out of this fuck-up.

    As far as I can tell, it looks like absolute, unadulterated extortion. Every pig force has it’s ‘Finn’. That ‘Finn’ has told the town council(?) a bunch of lies and scared the shit out of them with those same lies about ‘bad gangs coming to your town to rape and pillage…give us permission to extort the pirates and we’ll keep you safe’ bullshit…even though those ‘gangs’ have been going there for 23 years and doing nothing but good and never causing a lick of trouble. Fucking pigs are useless as a tick on the asshole of a hound and the fucking sheeple who let them do these things are no better.

  23. IO Says:

    Wondering if selling a shop rag or a support stick that comes with a free beer or getting a donation at any the beginning of the event and then participants drinking free beer would be possible. Those damn pigs cant ban the consumption of beer and if someone wants to buy a shop rag or donate money during the event for the charity, and then drink free beer within the safety of a campground with friends and no police hired to protect them, good!

  24. Sydney Says:


    Do you know if there is a way to make a donation to help them come up with their annual contribution to the camp? I think that the sheriff is being totally unreasonable and I would like to help in any way that I can. Thank you in advance.

  25. old & stoned Says:

    something is definitely more ‘rotten in Denmark’ than a local Barney with a MC beef. expect tax paid portrait takers and BS traffic stops.

    they’re whitlin’ away the ability to ‘live freely’ being an MC member little chunks like this, piece by piece. alienate employers, neighbors, business aquaintances, and now charities,,,?

  26. Base Says:

    Cops & Politicians

    Blatant blackmail by the two most corrupt groups of people in the world!

    Respect to the GMRMC for going forward with the event.

  27. Paladin Says:

    So, the GMRMC has held this event for the past twenty-two years, and they’ve raised money by serving alcohol at this event for probably as many years.

    The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have a problem with the GMRMC selling alcohol at the event, so long as the GMRMC hire (2) two of Santa Cruz’ deputies to act as security, because security at this type of event is obviously far too complicated a detail for anyone other than Santa Cruz’ finest to perform.

    I think Lyle Fleming needs to give Mr. Stubbs a call. At the very least, I think Mr. Stubbs or his CA counterpart would be most capable in pointing out to the Sheriff of Santa Cruz, the error of his way.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  28. Cajun Says:


    Do you know if any representatives from the Camp were there? I was just curious if the cops and politicians had the nerve to say all that in front of them.

    Also, good on GMRMC for pressing on anyway for a good cause. Hopefully the people in the county will see the truth in what has happened and see who cares for the community.


  29. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Fucking pigs.

  30. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I see I have another letter to write.

    (As far as I know, nothing has ever changed based on any of the gazillion letters of outrage I’ve written. But I keep hoping.)

  31. Junior Says:

    So you guys out west can’t ride in a group unless you have some permit!?# – Junior

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