Rock Hell Phase II

March 19, 2013

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The ongoing, federal ordeal of Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler and Bruce James Long continued yesterday in Columbia, South Carolina with “Phase II” of the trial. All three men were members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Rock Hill, South Carolina and all were found guilty of selling cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription drugs to a drug dealer named Joe Dillulio. Dillulio turned out to be a very bad man working for the government.

The same jurors who found the three men guilty must now apportion guilt between the three men and the fat serpent who tempted them with easy money for little risk.


The Jury Charge

The jurors were told they would “need to determine, and indicate on your special verdict form: The amount of the controlled substances the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt is attributable to the entire drug conspiracy; the amount of each controlled substance the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt is attributable to a particular defendant as a member of the drug conspiracy; and the amount of cocaine the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt was involved in each attempted distribution.”

The instructions, which seemed to ignore reality and provide the jurors with only irrelevant and confusing options continued: “Then, you must also determine the quantity of controlled substances attributable to each individual defendant as a member of the drug conspiracy. ‘Attributable to the defendant’ means the amount of drugs that the defendant was involved in distributing, possessing with intent to distribute, or attempting to distribute as a member of the conspiracy; the amount of drugs which the defendant knew, planned, or reasonably foresaw someone else would distribute, possess with the intent to distribute, or attempt to distribute as part of the conspiracy, even if those drugs were never actually obtained, distributed, or attempted to be distributed; and the amount of drugs distributed, possessed with intent to distribute, or attempted to be distributed by other members of the conspiracy….”

“Finally, you must determine the amount of cocaine involved in the attempted distributions…. Based on all of the evidence that you heard during the trial, you must indicate the amount of cocaine attempted to be distributed on each occasion. The special verdict form also has threshold weights involved in each cocaine attempt.”

The Drama

Attorneys on both sides in the case addressed the jury before it began this second phase of deliberations. As it has throughout the trial, the prosecution relied heavily on surveillance photos and various diagrams. Presumably, the government is convinced that the jury believes pictures cannot lie. One particular astounding graphic represented the hells Angels charter in Rock Hill as the nexus of narcotics distribution on the East Coast. It may have been the single most impressive picture of the day. A green line connected Rock Hill far to the north of North Carolina in the general direction of Chicago and Detroit. A purple line pointed toward New York City. A Carolina blue line pointed straight for Cartagena while another blue line and some red lines connected the three convicted men to Atlanta.


There were dozens of shots of the grossly obese Dillulio instigating drug deals in wine bars and at his jewelry store. Whenever possible, the defendants were photographed in their Angels cuts. What the pictures really show is that an FBI Agent named Devon Mahoney used Dillulio to create a concatenation of crimes that would never have otherwise occurred. The point of this “sting” and the subsequent arrests was not to protect an innocent public from a dangerous drug gang. Without the FBI, there never would have been a drug gang. The point of it all was to “get” some Hells Angels.

The defense, which relied less on Photoshop that the prosecution, showed the jury a crudely drawn illustration on graph paper that featured Dillulio at the center of a very small crime empire.

The jury was still deliberating Tuesday.

Lisa Bifield

Before Monday’s deliberations began, Lisa Bifield who pled guilty to a gun charge last December, formally changed attorneys. Mrs. Bifield’s new attorney is Louis H. Lang of Columbia firm named Callison, Tighe and Robinson.

Lisa Bifield and her husband Dan both entered guilty pleas on the same day. Dan Bifield moved to vacate his guilty plea last month. A hearing on his motion is scheduled for April 11.

Lisa Bifield’s new attorney will probably move to vacate his client’s guilty plea within the next two weeks.


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26 Responses to “Rock Hell Phase II”

  1. RAE RAE Says:


  2. RAE RAE Says:


  3. Denizen Says:

    A man doesn’t betray his friends and he takes care of his family. Fred has not only failed at both…he is working hard to make things worse. After turning on his friends he is now threatening charges if they don’t pay back the disability checks they were surviving on…he wants his wife to pay back the money she was using to live…the same money she was using to send to him in jail.

    Bipolar, Fred hasn’t been a man for a long time now.

  4. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    He used to be, he had been out of the club for 6 months prior to everyone being arrested.

  5. zeb666 Says:

    wasnt Fred Keach a Red Devil member?

  6. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    Fred Keach is a free man. He has been released from jail. As of this hour he has contacted his family and has told them that he will be cutting off his social security check from going to them, has asked for a telephone number so that he can supposedly contact his daughter, which has been the same since all this went down, has asked why they havent contaced him, which they tried to do both through the jail, and his lawyer but were told that his lawyer was not authorized to discuss anything with them, plus he hasnt tried to contact them since november, so they have no idea what is going on with him. Must be nice to be a snitch ass rat, walk free, and then basically blame everything on your wife and kids, what a man Fred is!!

  7. The Infamous Bitch Says:

    @ Bipolar&Proud,
    I was wondering the same thing. Fred was Sentenced this morning, Just curious to what he got. Trent Brown is Scheduled to be Sentenced April 4th.

  8. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    Any word about the sentencing of Fred Keach and Trent Brown?

  9. Friend Of Diamond Says:

    As an active duty retired military person and former S.C. N.G before that AND having CLOSE family members in the Guard I KNOW they get detailed out for various Government job positions, augmentees as it’s called. I know of a certain person that had a job as a Military Intelligence Analyst and was detailed out to augment a position with a certain “Governement Agency” to work as an analyst. When that happens they are considered to be on active duty status and get pay and benefits. It can and does happen. Also, as a Guardsman you can be a “full-timer”. If you look on USAJOBS.GOV you will find full-time NG positions listed. I would be VERY interested to know what exactly their “part” was. I personally kinda doubt it would be for “field” use but I could be wrong. Sure wouldn’t be the first time.

  10. Phonebooth Bob Says:

    I should have added…I am only speaking in the legal sense. I think it is wrong as hell to use the NG on our own people.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    I should have just kept my mouth shut until I did some research. Apparently, I am wrong and NG can participate in just about anything under the guise of “training”.

  12. Not Surprised Says:


    NG are regular people who hold full time civilian jobs and are only obligated for a certain amount of hours per month training to keep their pay and status.

    I believe after a certain rank, an NG can be full – time. It is my understanding that only in the event of being deployed on foreign soil, would an NG fall under US military.

    I know regular military can and does cooperate with state and federal LEO if an active duty person is involved in anything. Never heard of regular NG participating in something like this…

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    See above link. Not so sure using national Guard in criminal investigations is legal. Very, very strict rules on calling out the Guard for any reason.

  14. Phonebooth Bob Says:

    I don’t think the SC National Guard is actually US military unless they are called up. Until they are activated (called up) they are state employees, so if they were used it would have been legal.

    At least that is how it used to be.

  15. sherides Says:

    What’s the law of the land regarding the use of the military for police purposes? (such as they were used in the SCHATF referenced above)

    I think I recall the National Guard being called out in riot situations, Kent State is an example that comes to mind.

    It’s good to hear that these folks aren’t losing their bikes.

  16. unclecharles Says:

    Active duty National Guardsmen were apart of the South Carolina Hells Angels Task Force.I can name two that were assigned to the York County Sheriff Dept.It is unknown how many totalwere assigned to the various police agencies.This has not been mentioned by any defense attorneys or the press so far.Maybe Ernandez attorney will will put FBI agent Mahoney on spot about using military to police during the trial that starts Monday.I feel this is a very important issue that needs publicity.

  17. GreyZone Says:

    Thanks Rebel. My husband and the club here are in daily contact with Danny. Unfortunately, the information with regard to Leisa is blurry. Your writing is the only definitive “outside” info we get.

    ML&R Molly

  18. GreyZone Says:

    Thanks Rebel. My husband and the club here are in daily contact with Danny. Unfortunately, the information with regard to Leisa is blurry. Your writing is the only definitive “outside” info we get.

    ML&R Molly

  19. Me............. Says:

    I’m hoping the bike keeping is a good sign…………………… I hope they get to keep their homes & get freedom back……………….. Thanks Rebel!!

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear GreyZone,

    I don’t think that Andrew Dys has much knowledge of or insight into this case. Lisa Bifield signed a deal that she understood would have her out of jail in a maximum of five years and more likely three or less. She recently changed attorneys and I have been told that her new lawyer will probably move to vacate her plea.

    Sometimes newspapers are trustworthy. Sometimes reporters are trustworthy. Dys obviously knows all of what little he does know about the case by talking to Jay Richardson, the prosecutor. That’s Dys’ source. I don’t have to ask him. All I have to do to see that is read what he writes. Richardson is proclaiming a great victory and Dys is his messenger. Good for Dys. He has a job with a salary at a daily paper. He probably gets benefits, too. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t take anything he has to say about this case seriously.

    There isn’t much happening with the case, right now. The convicted men get to keep their bikes, which is a good sign. There are some hearings coming up and the pre-sentencing reports may or may not be gettable. I’m not ignoring the case. There just isn’t a lot to report at the moment.

    L&R back,

  21. GreyZone Says:

    From the Charlotte Observer

    I know this has been hashed through before, but the article is saying now that Lisa Biefield is facing a life sentence – is the “deal” not on the table anymore? Was it dependent on another factor? I know her sister Lynn had spoken about this before, and I believe Rebel mentioned it was stated in an earlier court proceeding, but this is the first time I have seen it anywhere. Not that the newspapers are trustworthy…

    ML&R – GreyZone

  22. IO Says:

    Well well well, what do you know, the prosecution is attempting to ignore the fact that they organized crime in South Carolina and are hoping the jury will just keep on going with the motions and attribute all the drugs to these men all the while forgetting about that wannabe wiseguy informant-snitch. So where does the FBI and task force play into this vast “east coast drug empire” that transports drugs to Chicago and New York via Rock Hill?

    Call my paranoid but why is it that every time they bust someone with tons weed, kilo after kilo of cocaine, and meth the papers and official press release from the pigs always attribute these massive amounts of drugs to the individual? But then when a man happens to where colors or belong to a street organization petty crimes and relative small amounts of drugs become investigations, RICO cases, and conspiracy cases. Not that I wish these individuals harm or more people to get roped into RICO cases, but seriously I believe the Feds select and create their investigations and RICO cases rather than actually go out and “fight crime”.


  23. Snow Says:

    As always, best wishes for all concered. FTF http://FTP..
    Respect, Snow

  24. Junior Says:

    The jury should simply say no, it’s an absurd request. Is there precedent for such requests/demands of the jury? -Junior

  25. The Infamous Bitch Says:

    They will be sentenced in May..

  26. Scarlet Says:

    What happened to the others who plead guilty? Thrower, Enriques, Looper, etc.? When will they be sentenced

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