Don Quixote de la West Covina

March 18, 2013

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In what is often said to have been the first European novel, a former soldier, slave, prisoner and con man named Miguel de Cervantes imagined one of Western Civilization’s truest phantoms, the foolish and ingenious hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha. The phantom is truer than half the people you know because Don Quixote embraced his foolishness and the inevitability of his failure in a way most men cannot bear to do. And, he is also true in the same way that all the greatest literary characters are true – because sometimes you bump into him on the street. For example, Al “The Suit” Cavazos.

Almost five years after Al, his brother Doc and his nephew Li’l Rubes were expelled from the Mongols Motorcycle Club in bad standings, then arrested, jailed, impoverished and humiliated, the Don Quixote of West Covina continues his holy and single minded war against the designer of his disaster, an ATF Agent named John Ciccone. (That’s Ciccone in the unflattering screen grab above.) “It’s all I do. It’s what I do all day. Every day,” Al said the last time he appeared out of thin air. “You know, I had to sell my car. I’m broke.”

The case Ciccone contrived is almost finished and he appears to have moved on to another case against a California based motorcycle club. Al has been free to stare at the sky for almost two years. He got his motorcycle back this winter. Li’l Rubes was released from a halfway house last summer. And, if Doc’s boasts are to believed he is a prince among the prisoners incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institute in Anthony, Texas. But the case will probably never be over for Al.

All Al wants is to see Ciccone and a Montebello, California cop named Christopher Cervantes in shackles. Like Quixote’s, Al’s dream is impossible. Like Quixote, he knows this and he does not care.


Al thinks he has some leverage in his quest because he has caught Ciccone and Cervantes in a bald lie. The lie is about a shooting at an upscale topless bar in Commerce, California named Nicola’s. Al Cavazos and Ciccone and Cervantes all witnessed a brief shootout between members of street clique named Gage Maravilla and a couple of Mongols. The incident was used as a predicate charge in the 2008 racketeering case Ciccone made against the Mongols. And, Al is furious that both cops lied and behaved unethically, and possibly illegally, before, during and after the exchange of gun fire.

Al’s lance is his words. He has been sending a letter to reporters and government officials for almost two years. A recent version of the letter reads:

“On April 8, 2007 I was at Nicola’s Bar in the City of Commerce and witnessed the event that I will describe. At closing time I walked out of the bar with Tommy Savala, there was a confrontation with other patrons at the establishment which I tried to stop from escalating into a full out brawl. But then ATF Agent John Ciccone and Sergeant Chris Cervantes from the Montebello Police Department intervened and would not let myself or Club Security stop the ensuing fight. These two law enforcement officers just stood there and watched the whole thing unveil and it seemed like they wanted it to happen because they could have stopped the entire incident from happening. I ask why did they not stop the fight when they saw it begin to happen. There were three people shot at this fight and one patron went to prison for this incident. Not only did these two law enforcement officers let the shootings occur they did not even come to the aid of Tommy Savala who was shot at the scene. Mr. Savala had to go to the hospital on his own. I tried to help Mr. Savala when he was shot but the two officers would not let me help him. It seemed like they had total disrespect for Mr. Savala’s life and wanted him to die so that they could build a bigger case. I would also like to know why they did not put this in police report after this shooting. There was no mention of Mr. Savala being shot and wounded. It clearly shows that they wanted to cover up the shooting of Mr. Savala and again I ask why?

“These two officers also lied to the Grand Jury about how many people were shot and how many shooters were involved. They told the Grand Jury that there were only two people shot and only one shooter. I have evidence that shows that there were three individuals shot and that there were three shooters as evidenced by the shell casings found at the scene and the eyewitnesses that saw it all happen. It’s obvious that they lied because they had 77 field interview cards of witnesses to the incident and none of these individuals were interviewed after the incident including myself. It is apparent that these Law Enforcement Officers lied to the Grand Jury to get there criminal indictment against the club. They abused their power and had a personal vendetta against the club.”

Who Knows

Everyone who might care about this incident of the police playing dirty probably already knows. Al keeps a list of people he has told about the shooting at Nicola’s. It is not a complete list of everyone he has cajoled and complained to but it is long and interesting:

CBS 2 Investigates, Charles Feldman – Reporter, David Goldstein – Reporter; Fox 11 Investigates, Gina Silva – Reporter; NBC 4 I – Team, Chris Heneo – Producer; Attorney Gloria Allred; New York Times, Serge F. Kovaleski; LA Times, Victoria Kim, Richard Winton, Abby Swell, Robert Faturechi, Scott Glover, Jim Newton, Richard Serrano, John M. Glionna, Ashley Powers, Matt Lait, Christine Hanley, Ellen Barry, Hector Becerra, Joel Rubin, Jack Leonard; Senator Dianne Feinstein; Congressman Darrell Issa; Montebello Police Department, Lieutenant Michael Bergman, Lieutenant Ric Rojas, Captain Brad Keller; Montebellow City Administrator Keith M. Breskin; Los Angeles District Attorney Office; ACLU of Southern California; Chris Yost – KTLA Channel 5; Jim Nash – KTLA Channel 5; Gloria Molina County Supervisor; Ken Ritter – The Associated Press; Judge David O. Carter – Federal Judge; Judge Otis D. Wright – Federal Judge; Chris Blatchford – Fox TV Investigates; Rick Semu, NBC Investigates; ABC News, Investigative Unit, Burbank, CA; FBI Civil Rights Division, Los Angeles; Kamala D, Harris, California Attorney General; and Los Angeles District Attorney Justice System Integrity Unit.”

Who Cares

Only Frank Girardot, an editor for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has reported what Al told him. No one else has found a story worth telling in what Al Cavazos says he saw. Only Montebello Police Captain Brad Keller bothered to write Al back.

“The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the complaint you filed with the Montebello Police Department on or about November 8, 2011 has been investigated and concluded by an Internal Affairs Investigator of the Montebello Police Department,” Keller wrote.

“As you are well aware the case in which you claim a Montebello officer perjured himself was adjudicated in a court of law and therefore any claims of perjury should be addressed with the court in question. However, as a matter of addressing your complaint filed with the Montebello Police Department based on the information you provided to the Montebello Police Department coupled with a review of other materials related to this case, interviews, and other supporting documentation it is the determination of this Department that there is insufficient evidence to sustain your claim of perjury by a member of the Montebello Police Department.”

The issue seems as dead as chivalry. And, Al Cavazos refuses to believe that.


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15 Responses to “Don Quixote de la West Covina”

  1. Stevo Says:

    Fuck You Steve-

    I’ll tell you what’s ‘bitchazz’-illiterate keyboard warriors who are too pussy to use their own name. Wanker.


  2. mule Says:

    Heads up “suit”… FEDS LIE, COPS LIE, RATS LIE! If you were any part of 1% you would know that… You and your RAT brother need to fade into oblivion…Your lucky they gave you a pass… You walking {no”car”} the mainline or a yard with shotcallers from the E, you would have dicks and shanks stuck all in ya!!! Check in, write a kite hahahahaha.

    And furthermore you can’t tell me all that cash and that patch grab your bro did and you were clueless???

    1% is earned not given, period

    No offence intended to the other team. I would to that face to face as I expect you would do, if we felt the need.

  3. Fuck you Steve!! Says:

    @Steve shut the fuck up!!Mongols represents a stong army of few that conquers all in its path period!!……So fuck you and pussyazz England!!..And thats with naztinezz intent..Bitchazz England what a joke!

  4. Stevo Says:

    Hi Sieg,

    Mongoloid means, literally ‘resembling a Mongol’. When I was a kid growing up in London, DS people were referred to as Mongols or Mongs with no nastiness, it’s just the way it was. It’s considered a serious perjurative these days.


  5. Al "The Suit" Cavazos Says:

    Hey No Name

    Thanks for the reply but you have to understand the system. In the real world when cops lie its an uphill battle. I wanted to testify but once the Prosecutor said thay woild give me my bike and personal items back Judge Carter would not let the case go to trial. I would have gladly given up my bike to testify against ATF John Ciccone and let the truth prevail.

    Al “The Suit” Cavazos

  6. Sieg Says:

    @Stevo, that’s MONGOLOID, not Mongol, as you know.

    @No Name, that’s some pretty easy shit to SAY, it’s fuckuva lot harder to actually DO.

    It’s a lot of internet talk about how you need to stand up to everything all the time, but reality is often different. An example.

    I recently pled-out to a fed charge of selling a firearm to a felon, and am waiting final word on my sentencing. I “should have” fought that all the way to the finish, right? There was little or no actual evidence, I did not, in fact, actually sell the firearm in question, and the feds case against me was based and built on testimony given by two paid informers and a group of “cooperators”.

    But in the REAL WORLD.

    Had I fought the case, I would have been fighting 3 felony counts instead of 1, and I would have been up for 15 years in a fed pen instead of the split-sentence I am most probably getting.

    Odds of beating a beef like that in fed court are historically so low that they are non-existent, so what do you do, “fight the power” and spend the rest of your life in the joint, or cut the best deal you can and get it over with?

    I don’t know the Cavazos family, but I can’t judge another man in his struggles against the fedbacon. As long as he ain’t ratting someone else out, more power to him.

    5 to 1

  7. No Name Says:

    So u r saying they said, will give you you’re shit back if you don’t talk. And you said ok???

    Well you should have said FUCK u i will give my Testimony…

  8. Al "The Suit" Cavazos Says:

    Response to Article; First of all I will not give up my fight to free the innocent people that are incarcerated by the lies and corruption of ATF Agent John Ciccone and Sergeant Chris Cervantes of the Montebello Police Department. They are two dirty and corrupt cops and they should be behind bars. As far as my mission to win this battle I’am not alone, Maldonado who is a good Mongol along with his parents have given me there support and have thanked me for what I’am doing, other family members of people incarcerated in this case have also called and thanked me for what I’m doing plus members of the Mongols and other clubs have shown there support for this fight.

    I wanted to go to trial in this forfeiture case but the prosecution was scared and did not want me to testify about ATF Agent John Ciccone about his perjured testimony to the Grand Jury. When I told Judge Carter that I would go to trial he told the prosecution you have 15 minutes for the trial to start. The prosecution ran scared and said we will give you your Motorcycle back as well as your personal belongings back that were seized in Operation Black Rain.

    It is clear that the prosecution did not want any part of my testimony
    and the Little Insecure Short Man John Ciccone was just as scared. Thats why they gave in and I won this part of the battle. This battle rages on……

  9. Stevo Says:

    Here in England people with Downs Syndrome used to be refered to as Mongols. Seriously. There’s something Freudian goin’ on…

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    Yeah, I know you know that I know….


  11. Whitepride Says:

    Love the pic of John “CORKY” Ciccone! Too fucking funny!!!!

  12. Sneaks Says:

    That might be the funniest pic I’ve ever seen. Nothing short of brilliant photography!!!

  13. Frequent Flyer Says:


  14. Paladin Says:

    If the victims of this shooting had been Nuns, the outcome may have been different, and some of the people on Al’s list might have actually paid more attention to what Al had to say.

    Unfortunately, for quite some time, the citizens of this country have been subjected to the “new and improved” just-us justice system, where the end always seems to justify the means.

    Not to state the obvious, but cops and prosecutors lie (among other things), and some of the cops that do, get to go to jail. Not too long ago, a number of federal prosecutors had their cases overturned, due to prosecutorial misconduct. Some of them were fired, and at least one was disbarred. It’s really too bad that these “public servants” aren’t fired, jailed and disbarred more often.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  15. just an RFM Says:

    The Midget aka ATF Agent John Ciconne appears to have Down Syndrome.
    Now I get it!

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