The Rock Hell Verdict

March 14, 2013

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Three of the four defendants in the federal racketeering trial in Columbia, South Carolina were convicted on some charge when the jury returned its verdict today. All four were members of the Rock Hell Nomads charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The charter, as well as chapters of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club and the Southern Gentlemen Motorcycle Club had been the targets of a two-year-long investigation supervised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The men in court today were Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long and Thomas McManus Plyler. All four were named in a 107 count indictment filed last September 19. Plyler was acquitted of all four counts with which he was charged and is now a free man.

No one was convicted of the preeminent count in the indictment – racketeering. The jury simply did not think that any of the three motorcycle clubs could truthfully be described as a racket. Nevertheless the jury hammered David Channing Oiler and Bruce James Long.

The Convictions

Oiler was found not guilty of racketeering but guilty on 16 other counts including “racketeering conspiracy” and “narcotics conspiracy.” Oiler was also found guilty of seven counts of narcotics distribution, four counts of attempted narcotics distribution, possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking, money laundering and of modifying the sear on a semi-automatic pistol so the weapon would fire automatically. All of the drug counts and the money laundering charge resulted from provocations by an FBI contract employee named Joe Dillulio. Dillulio was eager to buy drugs. He told the defendants a story about a drug stickup far to the north, and then asked the men convicted today to pass his supposed profits from the hypothetical robbery through their personal bank accounts.

Bruce James Long was convicted of 13 counts including racketeering conspiracy, narcotics conspiracy and laundering Joe Dillulio’s FBI money. Long was also convicted of selling Dillulio drugs ten times.

Mark William Baker was convicted on three counts and was found not guilty on four other counts. He was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, narcotics conspiracy and money laundering.

The date on which the convicted men will be sentenced has not yet been set.


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34 Responses to “The Rock Hell Verdict”

  1. guets1 Says:

    Think things are bad now, take a look at what’s on the statist wish list now. And think about what happens next if this go through.

  2. Frequent Flyer Says:


    I agree. Anybody with the unlimited resources of the alphabet soup gang could do this any targeted group with little or no effort.

    All you have to do is pick a group or club or organization to target— and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Knights of Columbus or the Crips— just inflitrate the group and find a vulnerable member or low hanging fruit ie has a debt problem, is hiding a secret etc and wave thousands of dollars in front of their face to entice them into an illegal activity.

    This is law enforcement? And saddest part is, the cops who engage in this abhorent behavior are the ones who get all the glory and promotions. So it creates negative reinforcement and encourages more of the same from all the other cops.

    It’s like steroids in baseball. the “authorities” say don’t do it, they are bad and illegal, yet society and the business reward the players who do it, so all the players who at first would have declined the offers, start doing them because they want more money and fame.

    The Rock Hell case is truly a microcosm of a greater pathology in our society.

    The poet Yeats said “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity”.

    A century later and it’s only worse. Alot worse. Really nothing left to do at this point is withdraw from the world and dig a moat around the castle.

  3. Duck Says:

    Random 2 cents from a no-diamond, small town/young club perspective: Never had occasion to meet or hang with any HA, or any of these guys personally (no reason- just circumstance and geography), and nonetheless this disgusts me like a mouth full of maggots. Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that this is not how things are supposed to work for anyone in this country. Not ever.

  4. Glenn S. Says:

    IO said: “Supposedly England was forced by a popular movement against grand juries to rid their legal system of grand juries”

    It would be nice to rid the USA of grand juries. It would be nicer still if the courts would treat constitutional rights as absolute, rather than something to be balanced against the state’s interests. In a more perfect world, governments would act as caretakers instead of change agents and fix the roads instead of trying to fix the people. Laws would protect people from direct harm but not from themselves. We wouldn’t be subject to laws that exist only to make other laws easier to enforce or less likely to be violated. Punishments would be measured instead of progressively tougher with each election cycle.

    I blame the sheep–the mainstream citizenry–for the fucked up state of things. They’ve allowed the control freaks of the world to take charge. They’ve traded freedom (theirs and ours) for a false sense of security. They’ve remained willfully ignorant and easily manipulated. And the last couple of generations have been raised to believe that more structure and stronger authorities are good things. The cognitive dissonance–the difference between the reality and the perception–grows daily to the point that only one senator has loudly spoken out against summary execution and indefinite detention of Americans in America by the executive branch of government. And these sheep are the people who serve on juries and who vote. There are a lot more of them than there are bikers and other freedom lovers. Before solutions to the police state can be addressed, Americans have to learn to value freedom again.

  5. Metal Dave Says:

    “Lady Justice has been raped, truth assassin”

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear mad matt,

    I hear you. I agree with you. I don’t think the youngun’s buy this shit, though.


  7. IO Says:

    Indeed Mad Matt, I unfortunately I see it the same as you. These fucking laws, snitches, and the power of the feds to force their truth down our throats is one big fucking messy enemy to many of us face unless we fight against it together for all our lives.

    Supposedly England was forced by a popular movement against grand juries to rid their legal system of grand juries. I havent read the ins and outs on this but it seems to have been pretty successful, though I don’t know if they replaced it with a new name same old shit type of procedure.

    Fuck grand juries, fuck snitches, fuck people who flip, fuck informants, and last but not least fuck all agents and agencies who make their living off other people’s lives, you vampires!

  8. mad matt Says:

    We can all only say it so many times. FTP FTF…fuck everyone? Until there is a united front against this type of bullshit we will fall one by one.

  9. mule Says:

    Fucking rats even the fucking feds hate you… How many nights do you lay awake and think fuck, do i know to much? Will it be the feds that do it, or a “Brother” i betrayed… Run rabbit, run… Or the better yet just do it youself…

  10. madman Says:

    was hoping for the best for these men,this is bullshit from start to finish

  11. Tim D. Says:

    Total entrapment!!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!! what a fucked up screwey mess, ya cant trust anyone, I’m sorry this happen to them, son of a bitch!!!! I hope the judge see the set up, and gives them zero days in jail, but we all know who the judges work for dont we.this is a very unconstitutional trial,L&R to your brothers HA, that are going thru this crap, and L&R to the HELLS ANGELS WHO GOT CAUGHT UP IN THIS CRAP, This is a sad moment, and it right on their 65th Birthday in Berdoo, what a fucken present,Happy Birthday HELLS ANGELS, L&R, TIM D.

  12. Dan L Says:

    So these people were basically convicted on the assumption that they would have commited this crime or a similar one without the help from the F.B.I.? How in the world do’es anybody know if any crime would have happened if the feds did’nt instigate it?
    I would have liked to be a fly on the wall to hear the jury instructions.I bet they went into great detail telling the sheep all the do’s and dont’s,you know all in the name of fairness.God forbid we give these guys an unfair trial,after all we have been so rightgeous and just leading into this.

    Elizabeth Lankford is right,some judge will reverse this verdict.This case is too unfair,too unconstitutional,too unamerican, and just plain rotten!

    peace out Dan L

  13. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Thank you. The link is now in my favorites folder.


  14. IO Says:

    Well on a positive note, atleast the jury was somewhat able to look through the prosecutor and not hand down across the board guilty on count 1 (racketeering) but whats this bullshit on being then found guilty of racketeering conspiracy, huh? The “justice” system works in a horrible way, how can you be found not guilty of racketeering but then guilty on conspiring to commit racketeering, that ain’t right.

    I am happy to see that some individuals were set free from this federally sprung trap and I feel for the ones that are still locked down. Keep up support and help those families out! On to post trial motions and then appeals!


  15. Mike Says:

    The worst damed part about it is that sum-a-bitch is going to get off scott free with all the bull he was on the hook for, and then get set up for life in witness protection… So here is 6 grand a month, a bunch of “Spending Cash” a free pass. Ok, got a conviction good job, and here is your retirement package. Freakin bullshit!!!

  16. old & stoned Says:


    Another episode of ‘Press Release Justice’ brought to you by,, the Fecal Brained Instigators

  17. Stevo Says:

    They are not informants, they are Entrapment Operatives. Period. These fucking scum sucking Judas cunts create crimes with the sole intention of causing the arrests of, and ruining the lives of, those that they trick into joining in, and all for 50 pieces of silver. It is a total disgrace, a blemish on the US of A that these types of people can exist without being buried up to the neck in sand and having rocks dashed at their heads.

  18. swampy Says:

    @ Frequent Flyer
    This link has been posted on Rebels site before(if this is the same exact link). However, it is well worth posting again if you have never read Claire Wolfe’s book on protecting yourself from snitches. Of course, it will take “more” than just reading this guide. Respects, swampy.

    I sure was hoping for a better outcome from this bull shit case. I guess that I was being overly optimistic. I should have known otherwise.

  19. Glenn S. Says:

    Big V, you honor me by thinking me wise. But I just learned some shit the hard way, by putting my trust in someone I believed was a friend and then turned out I was wrong, like a lot of other people here have probably done. I do believe that the hand of friendship is the best gift one man can give another, and betraying that gift is the worst thing one man can do to another. The feds know that belief is common to most bikers, and they’ve got psychologists, psychiatrists, and behavioral scientists on their payroll to figure out how to exploit that character trait. But they don’t know how to think out of the box ,and so repeat the same general strategy and some of the tactics. Might be a good idea to read those rat’s books, and watch those episodes of gangland, history channel, ad nauseam. Know the enemy!

    Yes, the law is an ass. A fat, stinking, cankered sore of an ass, loaded with dingleberries and crabs. There is no special high-minded purpose in the law, no higher purpose than one group of assholes trying to tell the rest of us how to live. Freedom is the sleek and shapely, hard-to-attain, ass of a beautiful woman. I guess some people just settle for the easy ass, pretend the crabs are exotic pets, and just wish they had the more desirable ass. Then they hate those of us with our hands on the ass they can only dream of. Assholes I can understand. What I’ll never understand are the sheep that enable and rubber stamp the assholes, living their constrained little lives and believing they are free when they spend their whole lives building their own prisons with as much single mindedness as they have when they build the ones for the assholes to lock up anybody that actually insists on living as a free man.

    I like Frequent Flyer’s vision of the rat and a quart of gas. Maybe melt a bunch of styrofoam in the gas first (just break up the styrofoam, put it in the gas, and let it sit for a day or two. It will gel.). Voila, fried rat! I’m not advocating crime here, jus dreamin’!

  20. Frequent Flyer Says:

    @Glenn S

    Did you read the comments in that article? Looks like ol’ Mike Yevtuck is at again.

  21. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    I hope there is a special place in hell for paid informants. Although I don’t like the name “informants” as it implies they actually “informed”, as in providing actual information rather than fabrications. I think “paid fabricants” would be more appropriate. Disgusting.

  22. Karma Says:

    An FBI stoodge named Mahoney
    Filled the jury’s heads with bologna.
    Dillulio came out
    With his big lying mouth
    He was paid with YOUR tax money.

  23. BigV Says:

    Two very wise men come to mind, thinking about Dilullio, Keach, and the case in general.

    “The law is an ass…” -Charles Dickens

    “I want to know who a man calls daddy before I ever call him brother.”- Glenn S.

    This case is a bellwether for what is now here. It doesn’t matter if you are entrapped or if law enforcement manufactures charges, evidence, or anything else- we have a nation of brainwashed sheep that believe anything their masters in the government tell them. So long as they have their bread and circuses, nothing else matters. They are too cowardly to accept any responsibility themselves, so they need their government masters to protect them and keep them in line and make them feel safe.

    This is the last culture that is built upon freedom and the values necessary to create and maintain freedom, to wit:(1)truth (2)honor (3)trust (4)loyalty (5)brotherhood and (6)speaking with one voice.

    No one but us cares.

  24. Glenn S. Says:

    Caretaker said: “Fuck the feds fuck the rats and fuck the sheep.”

    That about sums it up. Best wishes to all affected by this injustice and all those by the overzealous, corrupt government responsible for it.

  25. Me............. Says:

    Sad…………………… I prayed SO hard & had such High HOPES FOR EVERYONE Involved…………

  26. SOS Says:

    @ Frequent Flyer….one would think the steps you mentioned would be protocol before dealing with anyone


  27. SOS Says:

    I think the entire situation is sad. As my heart goes out to everyone involved….I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard for a better outcome….less than 2 months from now.


  28. Frequent Flyer Says:

    The lesson I take from this if ever some stranger like Joe Dillulio wants to do business with me, I’m gonna see his drivers license, and his SS# and card. I’m gonna google his ass and then I’m gonna have a Q & A to determine if thats his real name. I’ll check his address, his relatives and once I know I know who he is, who his family is, then I’ll let him know that now we can do business. But if he double crosses me, I’ll tell him “I’ll let you live, but I’ll kill everything you love.”

    Maybe some day Joe Dillulio will be sitting in a parking lot, eating a sandwich or something. And somebody will come walk over to his car, knock on the window, and when he rolls down, dump a quart of gasoline in his face and then light a match.

  29. Elizabeth Lankford Says:

    The entire trial was a bad joke. The sentencing will be interesting -considering the way the judge has ruled in some of the decisions. I was told this trial has already cost more than 10 million dollars in payouts to confidential informants, wire taps, etc. With the appeals that are certainly gonna be filed it may take a while, but at some point some judge is gonna understand the defination of “entrapment” and they will all walk. Would be nice to see some of the people who are such great supporters of Red and White at the sentencing for moral support.

  30. Mica Pearson Says:

    I’ve always wondered, if the Feds are willing to pay the informers then how much do they pay the jurers? Sure as fuck this conviction is unsound and should’ve been thrown out.

    And if all bikers are criminals or at least the ones which wear patches, which we all know is bullshit then surely by carrying a badge, and following their logic, they must all be guilty of conspiracy too!!

    How many police break the law, beat civilians, take bribes, drink and carry guns in bars (iron pigs) and allot more besides..

  31. whitefxrp Says:

    Hopefully,the defendants appeal,as they should, will viewed in the the proper light,all respect to those that chose the path they knew will prevail

  32. Paladin Says:

    At some point, the victims in this bullshit case will be freed. Joe Dillulio, on the other hand, will never be free. It’s gonna really suck, to be him.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  33. Caretaker Says:

    Fucking BULLSHIT!! Just another example of the sheep doing as they’re told. Fuck the feds fuck the rats and fuck the sheep.


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