Rock Hell Verdict To Follow

March 14, 2013

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The verdict is in in the federal trial  in Columbia, South Carolina of four members of the Rock Hell Nomads charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

The four men are Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long and Thomas McManus Plyler.

Details will follow in a story later today.


8 Responses to “Rock Hell Verdict To Follow”

  1. gabster .1% Says:

    mother fuck it two tears in a bucket.You all used to get mad at me when I would say that the f-ing FEDS were the biggest and toughest gang in the land. Its hard to beat as they keep us devided. They been doning it since the days of digging coal. pitting own kind aganst own kind,so they can come in with some schem that ,a, don’t get me fucking starte my phyc meds are kicking in.Parole got me tight paper. I am angry at our courts how they can rely on there informs and plant a seed and a guys kid is hungry or his mechanic or wahrehouse, some one comes up with a flash deal, yu feds are badass. you can do what you want to ANY ONE…N o such thing as entrapment, tyrny I don’t even no how to spell it. I feel so
    Can’t trust you or no one that is Why I am thank full and blessed to of got my mind rihgt. I would get to emotional about a brother I love go whth the ff. Sentencing is just math work every one allready knows what they gonna get. Its calle Fed criminal guidlines manueal were a bunch of oh dnont get me started on them fucks. Any way if I knew there criminal history we could pin point the time wihten months. lots of bullshit uuupward dekpartures, only becuse they were man enough to belive in there patch wicth has nothing to do with some cop comming to yuour breakfast table with a fool proof money and you eating corn flakes with out suger. . Im retired I know I cant beat the feds and I certainly won’t join em.
    best of luck fuck luck you know what yu got to do. One most important closing issue, the very best to mtm rochester ny [email protected] gabster .1% PS anybody gets arrested say nothing I want a lawyer that is it. shhhhh. Even admitting one drink at a bar gives them probable cause to search an sieze you. But no one listens. they trick you. and to all of you brothers friends or cops the ftfs that gave up your word After air that is all we got people. Mitch you going to get out of it. Your not even a criminal you stick with what you know I know you are not a criminal, you just unlucky and you are an individual They can’t see you fucked up on your own bad luck or letting sone one you trust fabracate. ah dont get me going. Jeff Gordon is the man. YOu ought to see that comercial he takes a sales man for a ride in a newer camaro rode it like he stole it and salesman pisser his pants. reminded me one time me and some roll up to a yamaha shop on our fxrs. and dude I was with say’s he wanted to test ride R 1 bad fucker this dude can ride he tells sales man he might buy it cash for his 17 yr old, the saleman say’s show me a licence and a deposit you welcome to test so I pull out about 4 inches of Bens my boy rips that fucing R-1 out the lot like you know what and the sales man is almost crying brand new no miles my bro ripping the z rated tires off it. Say’s nah ,runs ok but thanx. short story from gabby t gabster .1% stay strong. sempi fi U.S.M.C Than hyou

  2. brklyn Says:

    Congrats uncle tom!!!

  3. sherides Says:

    I hope with all my heart that common sense has prevailed and “beyond any reasonable doubt” has been taken to heart for these 12 indivuals.

  4. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I’m praying for you, and for the jury that they may see this charade for what it is. God bless you all.


  5. Beautiful Says:


  6. Caretaker Says:

    Fingers crossed…


  7. trouble Says:

    Good luck brothers mad love and respect.

  8. WARTHOG Says:

    Good luck and godspeed, gentlemen.




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