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March 11, 2013

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After nine months of threats and negotiations, 26-year-old, semi-professional stuntman Crazy Mike Gaboff filed suit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, two other companies named Break Media and Next Point, Inc. and 100 John Does in Los Angeles Superior Court last Friday. Gaboff is seeking an unspecified amount of damages but it appears he hopes to retire after this. He is represented by not one but two Los Angeles law firms – Greene Briollet & Wheeler and Balaban & Spielberger.

Gaboff, in the photo above and two of the videos below, was injured April 21, 2012 in a spectacular and poorly planned stunt that was staged to promote the Sony film, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The suit refers to the film as Ghost Rider 2. An edited version of the stunt accompanied the DVD release of the film.

The suit states: “As a result of direct and legal result of the affirmative acts and omissions of the defendants…the plaintiff was rendered sick, sore, lame, disabled and disordered, both internally and externally and suffered, among other things, numerous internal and external injuries, severe fright, shock, pain, discomfort and anxiety…The exact nature and extent of said injuries are not known to the plaintiff…Some of said injuries are reasonably certain to be permanent in character.”

The suit alleges negligence by the respondents. Gaboff concedes he was an independent contractor.

The Accident

The stunt required Gaboff to ride a 250 cc motorcycle up a ramp, through a sheet of glass, catch fire and land in a small lake. He overshot the lake and the suit says it wasn’t his fault.

“I’m like, ‘I’m about to die,’” Crazy Mike told ABC last June. “That’s how I felt.” ABC reported that Gaboff “broke his lower back, pelvis, neck, both arms, ribs, collar bone, and also suffered collapsed lungs and second-degree burns.” Gaboff spent two months in a hospital and ran up a $1 million bill. He appears not to have had insurance.

Break Media said Gaboff “was fully responsible for the design and execution of the stunt.” Neither Sony nor Next Point, Inc. have publically commented on the incident.

Gaboff is specifically seeking “general damages in an amount within the jurisdictional limits of this court;” and to be compensated for “medical expenses and related items of expense;” “loss of earnings;” “loss of earning capacity;” “costs of (the) suit;” “prejudgment interest;” and “such other and further relief as the court may deem proper and just.”



14 Responses to “Crazy Mike Gaboff”

  1. Crazy timmy Says:

    Im 15 and crazy mike is my idol, haters gonna hate CM but **** them, yolo! CM deserves to get the money hes basically a professional stuntman who only messes up when people set up bad stunts for him to do so its not fair to judge him and call him a retarded if he just had good stunts set up for him he would be okay today hollywood sucks *** and shouldnt be allowed to screw him so not fair CM! Keep up the good work i cant wait to meet you someday dude and check out my youtube and twitter for my stunts cm and non haters plz

  2. Coolaid Says:

    I know Mike.. He is from my area in Jersey. The persona you see on camera is not the dude you see in person. He is a very motivated guy who was desperately trying to make it in Hollywood. He got his start doing jackass type videos that sold locally and online, and appeared on a few reality type shows (Tila Tequila wants to get fucked or whatever the name was) and a couple of other things.

    He said that before the stunt he was contacted by his mother asking him not to do it, and he had very uneasy feelings about it, but felt it would be a big break. Little did he know..

    I really hope he wins. It was a really long journey for him to regain what health he has, and will have life long injuries from this accident.

  3. Frequent Flyer Says:


    yeah he’s getting a tattoo
    yeah he’s getting ink done
    he asked for a 13
    but they drew a 31

    ha ha I love that song

  4. mad matt Says:

    Stupid wants to be fixed. Maybe soldiers can sue the Army because the firefight didn’t go as planned? Maybe someone under the age of thirty will take responsibility for their actions, and maybe Obama’s an American. Whole fuck-load too many maybes for me.

  5. Base Says:

    Oh Woe is me!

    Like so many in the world today Mike does something and ends up on the short end of the stick and it’s not his fault. No, I am not such a callused person that would wish injury or misery on any person. But some people get exactly what they ask for. And Mike has been asking to end up a cripple or worst for a long time.

    Mike just so you know, professional stunt people use your videos when teaching new people in the “How not to do it” part of their classes!

    Not going to drop any names but have a couple people that are professional stunt men/people and on occasion have had the privilege & honor to watch them work.

    All have insurance because what they do is very dangerous, so should they get hurt they don’t wind up with the short end of the stick! Mike!

    They also have a professional crew they work with setting up their stunts and go over every detail to minimize the risk. One of them recently explained along with dry runs and brain storming he runs the numbers through a computer program that will give the risk level of the particular stunt they are about to do.

    He also has stated to me over the years that there are stunt pros and organ donors. Crazy Mike falls into the latter category.

    Another one explained it like this, when she comes on set the director tells her what they are looking for then her & her team set it up. Does not matter if it’s a simple as a trip fall, or falling off a bridge, on fire into a frozen river. She and her team go over every aspect & detail to execute the stunt as safely as possible so everybody goes home just like they came to work.

    Also, like MC’s dislike corny fake ass shows about MC’s. Professional stunt people dislike people like Crazy Mike out there doing what they do.

    In closing Rebel & Junior I offer this video in place of Simple man & Sweet home Alabama.Not based on race but more to the moronic wannabe media whore aspect.

    Head on a swivel,


  6. Junior Says:

    Sweet home Alabama is more appropriate/pertinent. It contains the verse: “I hope Neil Young will remember a southern Man don’t need him around anyhow”. -Junior

  7. Tooj Says:

    Disordered? Man, I been suffering from that for years. I never once thought of blaming it on someone else, but precedent is a cool thing.

    Would it be possible to bring suit regarding PTSD? And those who incurred my disorder? A motorcycle has always been involved when not in the jungle.

  8. Tricky WWB Says:

    a stuntman without insurance?

    thats a risky game to play



  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Junior,

    Okay. How about Simple man. Be on the front page in about five minutes.



    You know I said that, then tried to do it. Apparently the band guards its copyrights very jealously. Sweet Home Alabama instead.

  10. Junior Says:


    In the interest of fairness now you must post a lynyrd skynyrd clip. Respects to those who understand why. -Junior

  11. Maz Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this guy was on that show Foursome on the playboy channel. The show where they take 2 dudes and 2 chicks and put em in a mansion for 24 hours and encourage them all to fuck like crazy. He was annoying as shit. I remember not liking him. After watching the video I still don’t like him

  12. thump Says:

    Every summer my dad would seal our asphalt driveway with this tar shit. We would grab the empty 5 gallon metal barrels that it came in, line em up, build a ramp at the end and play Evel Knievel. It was a blast and we took some nasty falls but no matter how hard we tried, we could never have matched the stupid of this dipshit. I do love watchin his head bounce off the pavement in that back flip video.

    Thanks for the laugh Rebel

  13. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Rebel
    Thanks for the amazing Neil Young clip.
    As for Mike, I know it sucks to get busted up & live with pain, sometimes stupid stuff hurts!


  14. troyez Says:

    I hope he wins, Hollywood can suck a big one! Too bad ol’ Nicolas Cage didn’t try this stunt, he ruined the Ghost Rider movies with his dumb mug.

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