HA Offers Cops A Grand

March 1, 2013

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The Iron Brotherhood may be the most notorious motorcycle club in Arizona right now. At a Christmas party last December, in a bar called Moctezuma’s on a Prescott Street named Whiskey Row, one or more members of the Iron Brotherhood cold-cocked a slightly drunk young man named Justin Stafford and sent him to the hospital.

The ironic twist in the story is that the members of this club are all cops. The punches were probably thrown by an unnamed Border Patrol Agent. The witnesses were mostly cops and none of them saw anything. They have all been lying through their teeth about this for the last two months which betrays their real concern for public safety.

The unrestrained outlaw wannabes who beat up a guy include Prescott Valley Police Chief Bill Fessler, Prescott Police Deputy Chief Andy Reinhardt and a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Sergeant named Bill Suttle who is the local drug trafficking authority.

Outlaws and Copouts

Most people do not yet know about the growing menace of outlaw cop clubs. Maybe as a group they should be called copouts. In general, members of these clubs want to save have their cake and eat it too. The Prescott assault proves that copout patch holders enjoy unofficial immunity from prosecution.

Real motorcycle clubs play by a generally agreed upon set of rules. If you play by the rules you are at least tolerated as a brother in the wind. If you break the rules you are usually quickly and effectively reprimanded – by somebody. Copouts don’t play by anybody’s rules.

The Iron Brotherhood epitomizes how out of line these guys can be. This copout club brags that it wears “three piece colors because we can. We are a Law Enforcement club and will not seek permission from any organization to fly our colors.”

This attitude doesn’t sit well with real motorcycle club members. This week the Yavapai County charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club offered the local Iron Brotherhood chapter a thousand bucks for the charity of their choice if they are willing to come pick it up in person.

Public Challenge

Mike Koepke, the Vice-President of the local Hells Angels sent an open letter to the local Iron Brotherhood today and passed along a copy to this page. Koepke wrote:

“I am very concerned with the recent events pertaining to the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang. I am very displeased with the ‘bully’ nature of said law enforcement officers. I belong to a real motorcycle club that holds events in Yavapai County periodically. Most notably, the ‘Chino Valley Shootout Boxing Smoker.’

“We (as a motorcycle club) are hosting another boxing event on March 31st 2013. I am issuing a public challenge to the members of the Iron Brotherhood Gang, to fight me, Michael Trevor Koepke at our event. I am aware that it is unlikely that they will accept my offer, due to our opposing standpoints. My motorcycle club is willing to entice them to participate by offering a friendly wager. If a fighter of their choice (a member of their gang) wins a 3-3 minute boxing match against me, we will donate $1,000.00 to a charity of their choosing. If I win, the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang will officially disband in the state of Arizona.

“We will organize the event with safety our utmost priority. We are offering this opportunity for these bullies to prove that they are actual tough guys, who stand for something. We also would like to emphasize that good sportsmanship is our standard, and we ensure a safe environment to all attendees and fighters. Thank you for your time.”

Attempts by this page to reach members of the Iron Brotherhood in Prescott were unsuccessful.



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  1. Dan Thompson Says:

    Out law cops the most dangerous thing yet because there buddies will let them get away with alot of shit.

  2. Sam murray Says:

    Lmao fucking FAGGOTS… Cop outlaws…. That’s as gay as it gets.

  3. jj solari Says:

    i am not surprised that efforts to reach the iron brotherhood for comments were unsuccessful. cops have a habit of putting anything handed to them up their asses. these would include phones. also cops spend most of their time off duty in gay bath houses getting fucked up the ass by gay men who are not afraid to admit they are gay. unlike cops. also cops cannot read. so any communication made via the alphabet likely never got communicated to them. also cops are cowards. they would never fight a fair fight under any circumstances. so there ya have it!

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    @jj – Right on the money!

  5. jj solari Says:

    leave it to cops, the most useless species of life on the planet except for muslims, to decide to try and summon some dignity for themselves by pretending to be the exact opposite of what they are and making believe they are 1%ers. they are not content being simply as stupid as God made them, no, they need to try and exceed the Creator and create their own varieties of stupidity. And I have to say, they seem to have outdone God in this effort: they are becoming even stupider than God made them.

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