Government’s Rock Hell Case Imploding

February 28, 2013

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The end is near. The remaining defendants in the Rock Hell Nomads racketeering trial in Columbia, South Carolina could walk free as early as next Thursday.

The first shoe dropped today when Judge Cameron McGowan Currie dismissed all charges against Donald “Brooklyn Donnie” Boersma. Currie granted a “Rule 29 Motion” filed by Boersma’s lawyer, Herb Louthian. Rule 29 is one of 61 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Rule 29 states:

“After the government closes its evidence or after the close of all the evidence, the court on the defendant’s motion must enter a judgment of acquittal of any offense for which the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction. The court may on its own consider whether the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction. If the court denies a motion for a judgment of acquittal at the close of the government’s evidence, the defendant may offer evidence without having reserved the right to do so.”

Currie ruled, in other words, that Boersma didn’t need to present a defense because the prosecution had failed to prove him guilty.

Shortened Trial

The prosecutors, two men named James Hunter May and Julius N. “Jay” Richardson, have embarrassed themselves with this case. If there is any justice, neither of them will ever again be welcome in any lawyer bar in the south. The government, after almost ten months of wrecking homes, families and lives, appears about to throw in the towel.

The Department of Justice has tried to prove that, as one South Carolina journalist put it, the 20 defendants indicted last June and then again last September constituted a “red neck Mafia” because most of them were affiliated in some way, sometimes by marriage, with members of the Southern Gentlemen, Red Devils and Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs.

The trial was supposed to last six weeks. The prosecution’s star witness, a grifter named Joe Dillulio, was supposed to regale the jury with his inventive tales for two weeks. Dillulio, along with an apparently sociopathic FBI Agent named Devon P. Mahoney, cooked up a wild scheme to glorify and enrich themselves by framing a score of bikers in the Carolinas. Provably, Dillulio is already about four hundred grand ahead on this travesty. Mahoney, interestingly, pops up in another whodunit this page has been investigating for more than four years, the framing of Dave Burgess. If Mahoney wanted to be looked at, his wish has now come true.

Dillulio was virtually tarred and feathered on the witness stand by a couple of advocates named John Delgado and Joshua Kendrick. That was about the time Richardson and May began to softly weep. Their tears erased half their witness list. ATF super agent John Ciccone and professional parasite Jorge Gil-Blanco, who were to demonize the Hells Angels, have now been told to stay home. So sometime college professor William Dulaney, a biker expert with a different point of view, won’t be called to rebut them.

An informed source in Columbia explained Thursday afternoon, “the government’s case imploded.”


The defense of Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long and Thomas McManus Plyler should begin next week. So far Richardson and May have shown the jury a big pile of drugs and a big pile of guns and has wrapped that alleged contraband in a narrative the government spent years and millions polishing.

Given the devastating effect Mahoney and Dillulio have had on the jury so far it is possible that all four defendants will walk out of court as free men.

That will leave unresolved the fates of two of the more interesting defendants, Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield and his wife Lisa Bifield. The Bifield’s, who genuinely love one another, were heartlessly manipulated by the scoundrels who imagined this case and its mostly imaginary crimes. Both pled guilty soon after Christmas.

Dan Bifield withdrew his plea ten days ago. Lisa Bifield is now attempting to withdraw her plea and hire a new lawyer. It is possible that the two of them might go on trial together – a handsome, likable couple with their own harrowing tales to tell. Dan Bifield insisted a month ago that his wife would never testify. He was right. He has insisted since last June that he was framed.

Richardson, May and Mahoney might be stupid and arrogant enough to actually let him tell a jury that. And, tell a jury what those three men have done to him and his family and his friends.



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26 Responses to “Government’s Rock Hell Case Imploding”

  1. Glenn S. Says:

    Junior said: ” Those I converse & work with etc.- about 90% of these folks agree that something is really fucked up about our current federal government.”

    Me too. But their priorities are fucked up. They (citizen co-workers, casual acquaintances, etc.) express the opinion that law enforcement is overzealous and overfunded, rights have gone the way of the dinosaur, and prison sentences are too long. But, for some reason, they don’t think this is important enough to do anything about. Then they (most of them working class) are up in arms at the thought that the rich might have to pay higher taxes, or that the school board can’t begin its meetings with a religious prayer. And they act like who won the ball game is more consequential than their nephew going down for 50 years for petty bullshit.

    I’ve expressed opposition to the death penalty because I don’t believe the present system is wise enough to determine guilt or innocence, been agreed with, and later overheard somebody saying that I must have killed somebody at some point in time because I don’t believe in the death penalty.

    The country has been dumbed down to shit. I’ll never understand citizens.

  2. Buddy Says:

    Congratulations Donnie! I hope it works out for everyone else! ACAB

  3. old & stoned Says:

    what the locals can find if they poke around a bit:

  4. Junior Says:

    Mule: I think you may be correct. Those I converse & work with etc.- about 90% of these folks agree that something is really fucked up about our current federal government. Even young people (college age) seem to be fed up with federal bullshit. JMHO. Obama may be a blessing in disguise that actually turns the tide of complacency/apathy into a tide of disgust directed toward the bloated, wasteful and ignorant federal arm of government. -Junior

  5. mule Says:

    It’s a fact that jurors are sick of the feds shit! I will go a step further and say americans in general are sick of the lying, backstabbing, ruthless shit that these agency’s do over and over… And these fucking rats get free rein to do it all. Where’s the fucking accountabilty in that? Where’s the fucking justice in that?

    The opposite of Love isn’t hate, it’s fucking betrayal!
    A hunted man never rests… Hahaha

  6. Not Surprised Says:

    In my life, I’ve met a few cops who had a “belief” in what they do. They “wanted to make a difference” according to them, and their emphasis was less about getting any “bad guys” than being in a position to help ordinary people. I don’t agree with them, but I am unwilling to say all cops are pieces of shit.

    I will say that the LEO involved in THIS fucked up case who pinned their case on Joe The Motherfucking Cock Sucking Back Stabbing Lying Shit Bag, care absolutley not about “ordinary” people. It isn’t about good vs. bad for pigs like this FBI fucker.

    In the old days, the cops had a job and you had a job. There were two sides of the street and each stayed on their side. Sometimes you’d hit a homerun, other times they’d nail you righteous, because they had a job to do and nothing more. I could live with that. It wasn’t anything personal on either side really. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with them and after court, no matter which side won, it was 100% over and done with.

    When you see an FBI agent back a fuckbag like Joe The Rat, authorize payments to this worthless motherfucker, create or fabricate federal crimes, there is now only a one sided street. When the protectors and defenders stoop to illegal tactics to win, the world becomes a very dangerous place. It becomes that way because no one wears a white hat anymore.

    These two federal prosecutors and their fucking ‘deals”- it’s like playing poker with a blind opponent. There is no honor in winning and it takes no unusual skill set. Who these motherfuckers think they are? When you have to commit crimes as heinous as those you seek to prosecute, you don’t represent anything good. Fuck you in the head to both of them.

    I’ve done shit in my life that I knew was illegal, but I personally did NOT consider it as “doing wrong”. These motherfuckers do stuff that is dead wrong, but do not consider it illegal. The only difference between them and me is some vague vested authority and a higher degree of education.They are corporate sociopaths.

    And Joe. People like Joe are the lowest life forms on the planet. they suit up against people they don’t even know, have no connection with, and for money, will do whatever it takes to try and put them in jail. That’s the most fucked up thing in the world. Joe is a fucking whore and he’s owned. Joe is not free nor will he ever BE free, and if statistics prevail, he’ll end up in prison within the next few years or face down in a ditch. Joe has to know that even his handlers want to puke when they think of him. I don’t care what culture or country you live in, the “Joe’s” of this earth bear the mark of Cain and no society seems to be able to stomach them for long.

    Joe. I wish you a very, very short life.

  7. 11c_infantry Says:

    As a member of a South Carolina MC I can tell you we had a couple of donut smelling MFers coming around our clubhouse. They were asking some dumbass questions.


  8. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I hope this nightmare ends for all those incarcerated, and may they be free soon. I’ll pray to St. Anthony who has performed a miracle for me. Peace.

  9. Jim666 Says:

    I may be wrong but the way I read it the jury seems
    “fed up w/ the feds”

  10. swampy Says:

    Rebel, more good news! Thanks for the description of Rule 29 also. I believe this should be an incentive for everyone to become familiar with all 61 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Respects

    @ Old&Stoned, thanks for providing the link, to that story, from The Herald. I noticed it was written by the same guy, Andrew Dys, who has been covering this case for that fish wrap. He even seems to have changed his tune just a little. I hope this means that there may actually be a competent jury that’s paying attention too. Respects, swampy

  11. madman Says:

    great news,hoping for the best for all of them

  12. HOTROD Says:


  13. HOTROD Says:


  14. Rebel son Says:

    Hell yeah uncle don I wish I could be there with ya, lets get that bike back now. I told you it was gonna be alright.

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    Makes me proud to be from South Carolina. There’s still a little justice here. Hopefully, there will be more soon.

  16. IO Says:

    This is great to hear, see, and read! The case is weak and again the fed’s own lack of understanding RICO is biting them in the ass. I dream of not guilty verdicts for everyone and hopefully some new precedent will be set!

    Fight on!


  17. mule Says:

    Hell ya! Good on ya Donny! The feds will not let up! How many rats, cs, ci, same shitbag different name. Cops, feds, and marshalls are in SC right now for this case? A shitload! All trying to get close or get in… Think they just go chill at a motel after court? I think not. They are out “gang stalking”

  18. Jim666 Says:

    looking better, great news, thanks Rebel

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Hopefully those guys will be set free soon.

    As for Diamond Dan…got a reply to my mail from him today. He’s hanging tough and fighting the good fight. He isn’t going to give up for nothing or nobody and can’t be happier that people are writing and helping him keep his head up. Not sure what else I can or should say about the letter. I’ll try to write him again and ask this time (I don’t know how he was able to read it, I write freehand for shit but typing out a letter seems so impersonal, heh).

  20. Squirts Says:

    Great news! Thanks for the reporting, Rebel! Unfortunately, “extrajudicial” prosecution has already turned the defendant’s lives upside down. The Alphabet Police layer on mighty thick bullshit. Thankfully, it seems like those charged with looking through it all have done their job (at least this time). It will be interesting to watch what happens with Mr. & Mrs. Bifield. I wish them the best. Respects

  21. Va.Bob Says:

    This would be comparing apples and oranges,but I am reminded of the “Duke University Lacrosse Case”,with the prosecutorial misconduct and incompetence,and the thoroughly discredited star witness.Maybe these two dipshits can team up with Michael Nifong and deliver fuckin’ pizza,and shit.It pays to see something through,eh?

  22. Base Says:

    James Hunter May and Julius N. “Jay” Richardson ,Joe Dillulio, Devon P. Mahoney,John Ciccone, Jorge Gil-Blanco…….

    May they find thier corner of hell reserved for the worst of humanity.

  23. BB Says:


    Did the court grant the Bifields’ motion to withdraw their guilty pleas yet?

  24. old & stoned Says:

    one of the few things alphabet soup can’t manipulate is Karma.

    the local blurb:

    Thanks Rebel.

  25. Friend Of Diamond Says:

    Finally!!! SOME Justice! Happy for you, Donnie! Hoping and praying for the rest and hoping Dan will have his day with all those DAs! Thanks for a GREAT write-up, Rebel, and all your dedication!

  26. Bob Says:

    Rebel, Thanks for keeping everyone updated and informed on this federal mockery of justice. You are one of the few who truthfully reports what is happening, calling a rat a rat, an imbecile an imbecile. Again, thanks for your great work.

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