Joe The Liar

February 26, 2013

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It is common to scorn defense attorneys in biker RICO cases. The opposite should be true in the drama now unfolding in the federal courtroom of Judge Cameron McGowan Currie in Columbia, South Carolina. It might not be obvious to Noelle Phillips of the State, the only newspaper that has bothered to cover this trial, but the defense is winning,

The defense is winning because the defenders, especially Joshua Kendrick who represents defendant Bruce James Long and John Delgado who is speaking up on behalf of Mark William Baker, are more interested in justice than in their own precious careers. As someone very close to the case said last week, “Delgado will probably never get another federal appointment because of how hard he has defended this case.”

“These guys need some love,” another informed observer said Tuesday morning.

The Fringes Of The Case

The prosecution has more leaks than the Titanic. Not only is former defendant Lisa Bifield unlikely to testify in this trial but she is likely to withdraw her guilty plea. Her husband, Daniel “Diamond Dan” Bifield, was tricked into pleading guilty at the end of December and submitted a handwritten motion a month later to withdraw his plea. There will be a hearing on Dan Bifield’s motion on April 11. Whether Judge Currie grants his request or not is likely to hinge on the fate of the five defendants now on trial. If a jury finds the current defendants not guilty the prosecution should probably just cut its losses and move on.

The prosecutors are two young men named James Hunter May and Julius N. “Jay” Richardson and they are both in over their heads. Throughout the course of the prosecution they have demonstrated the ethics of a couple of twenty dollar lot lizards. Both of them have lied, cheated, dramatized, concealed and shown a general inability to even spell justice. Richardson has a particularly swell resume. He graduated from Chicago Law and clerked for Supreme Court Justice William H. Rehnquist. May is kind of the Yin to Richardson’s Yang. May seems to be actually stupid.

For example, May put a former Hells Angel named Fred Jimmy Condrey, Jr. on the stand yesterday in a lame attempt to discredit the defendants because of the patch they all earned. Condrey made the mistake of pleading guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and marijuana and for saving the court a trial he was rewarded with a 240 month sentence. His appeal was dismissed in November 2011 so presumably the only way he could get some of his life back was by agreeing to testify.

Judge Currie refused to allow more than half the questions May tried to ask Condrey. May is so incompetent that at one point Judge Currie waved May into silence and took over questioning the witness for him. Condrey, clearly still cares about his old club and what lingered of his testimony was his assertion that police don’t harass Hells Angels because they are criminals but “because they are Hells Angels.”

Midas Joe The Mafioso

The star witness in this prosecution is a con man named Joseph Dillulio (photo above). Dullulio styles himself as a former Mafia guy. Apparently he is the only wise guy in America who never heard Tony Soprano’s famous dictum, “There is no Mafia!” Also, Dillulio is from New York. And, this trial is being held in mostly rural South Carolina where many residents routinely talk of carpetbaggers and scalawags as if Scarlett O’Hara was a dear family friend. The results of the confluence of all this prosecutorial ineptitude, especially Dillulio’s cross examination by the ferocious Delgado, have been much funnier than Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars – literally.

“The FBI does not lie,” Midas (the FBI code name for Dillulio) told Delgado self-righteously and two jurors had to cover their faces to stifle their laughs.

Dillulio may have as many as three unresolved federal charges riding on his testimony in this case. He was convicted of bank fraud and he still owes at least $316,000 in court ordered restitution. Delgado revealed that Dillulio was given $50,000 for moving expenses by the FBI and that Midas used the money to buy a beach house. Delgado asked him about it. “I’m not the one on trial about debt,” the star witness replied.

“Mr. Midas, if a lawyer in this courtroom described you as a man with a checkered past, would you agree with that,” Delgado wanted to know.

“You can call me my proper name or I’m not going to answer your questions,” the con man replied. He spent most of the day talking down to Delgado. It was a strange way to buttress his credibility.

Midas Joe might not be any smarter than May. Out of one side of his mouth the witness claimed the FBI doesn’t lie. Out of the other side of his mouth he agreed that FBI Case Agent Devon P. Mahoney told him what to say and do. And, the prosecution has already played the tape recordings that prove that practically every word that passes over Dillulio’s forked tongue is untrue.

Kendrick supplied the coup de grace. As Dillulio finished his testimony the defense attorney played a tape recording of the New York con man and the unprincipled FBI agent laughing about Bruce James Long’s dead mother. “If Bruce’s Mama wasn’t already dead we could charge her, too,” the con man laughed. As Kendrick let the recording play the dead woman’s sister, there to support her nephew, quickly rose and left the courtroom in tears.

The jury saw that, too. And, that time none of them laughed.



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32 Responses to “Joe The Liar”

  1. VinoBoogie Says:

    This joe the rat is no mobster…first of all I’m Italian n half my family is from the tri state area…and mobster from the 70’s and 80’sare my great uncle ( Phillip lucky giaccone) …and no old time mobsters or ITALIANS would conduct them selfs in that matter…also being from Greenville South Carolina I’ve always known bikers from hells angels, peckerwoods, and warlocks…and it’s as simple as this…if your a group of men who have strong minds and free will…the government targets you…sad shit…God bless 81 support

  2. juju Says:

    Congratulations once again Donny!!! Hopefully by the time this is over we can all throw a big celebration because all of our guys will be free!!!! Good luck to you….

  3. Snow Says:

    Congrats, good to know there’s still a chance to win, our legal system is so screwed up. Unfortunately the old term ” snitches get stitches ” seems to no longer apply. To the rest, stay strong, we’re behind all of you, Snow.

  4. Jim666 Says:


    Hopefully the others can join you real soon.

  5. old & stoned Says:

    @BRKLYN: Congrats, and good luck for many more.

  6. Brain Fart Says:

    Outstanding news!

  7. BRKLYN Says:

    Would like to say thank rebel for this awesome site,I found out more about my case then anywhere else because of this website.i was just acquitted of all charges today,I wish the best of luck to the remaining 4 brothers I know they will be found not guilty.thanks again rebel keep up the good work BRKLYN Donnie

  8. IO Says:

    To the Family and friends of the defendants,

    Keep going to court! Show the judge, the feds, the jury, and especially the defendants they are not alone! Having you there reminds everyone that they are people, human beings, and that no one is a monster. Never mind those marshals who love to stare at you the whole day, they ain’t shit!

  9. Jay Says:

    good read Rebel!

  10. Cal Says:

    Rebel thank you for being the “Voice” for all involved in this tangled web! A web that has been spun and continues to be spun. While other so called journalist are biased and use their elementary skills of copy and paste, You Rebel report it to its entirety! My “HEART” is among those involved and I will continue to be by his side and walk every step of the way with him.

    Forever Grateful

  11. juju Says:

    I have been in the courtroom everyday of this trial but one and I have also been keeping up with your articles. I just want to say thank you, I truly appreciate the way you wrote this up. Keep up the good work!!! I am gonna agree with all the others and say that I think the prosecution has hung itself. MLH&R

  12. shovelNY Says:

    great job as always,best wishes for a good outcome to all the defendants.
    thanks for the Tommy Makem
    as long as we’re getting Irish:
    this is a great song

  13. Rob Kendrick Says:

    Great article – Makes a father proud!!

  14. swampy Says:

    Wow! This is a great story and journalism too, Rebel. Kudos to the defense team also. I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical about Judge Currie, although, I’m yet to sing praises to her. So the Federal Bullies of Intimidation code named their pet RAT “Midas.” I wonder what this 24 carat rat will be worth after Delgado gets through melting him down? Respects, swampy

  15. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Joe the liar and Sammy the bullshitter Gravano and the FBI are peas of a pod.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Elizabeth Lankford,

    Drop me a line.


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dan L.,

    Good dream. It might be prophetic.


  18. CN Says:

    I got a letter yesterday from Dan. He’s had the flu but he’s getting over it. His outlook is positive and he continues to remain strong. He enjoys receiving copies of this blog (comments and all) which are sent without fail. He asks for nothing and always asks if we are alright. He is far from throwing in the towel. If interested in sending cards and/or letters: DANIEL BIFIELD
    140858 1-A-03
    LCDC PO BOX 2019
    LEXINGTON, SC 29071
    Rebel, thanks for all you continue to do to keep the light of day on this case. L&R -CN

  19. scraphound Says:

    Good picture of Joe the fuckin Rat.

  20. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel, you outdid yourself. Great article.

    Back in my day, Delgado (and a lawyer named Jack Swerling) were known as the better criminal defense lawyers in Columbia. Winning this one will have clients lining up at his door, he won’t need to be thrown any bones from the system.

  21. lynn Says:

    I love you Lisa Bifield. Thank you Dan for never losing faith in Lisa. I hope both of you get to come home soon!!
    Love, Sis
    PS..Rebel, this is a great article..Thank you.

  22. old & stoned Says:

    flipped the script – now the Judge has the punchlines.

    I can’t help but recall I’ve read 2 different versions of ‘midas’ invitation into this. one version it’s his idea, the other it’s the feds.

    So, he bought a beach house. Should have bought a new ID & 1 way ticket.
    or a clue.

  23. Dan L Says:

    Koodos Reb
    Thanks for all your work especially the last two articles.
    So the F.B.I. thinks it’s a good idea to hitch their cart to Lying Joe Dillulio! Guess they will find out soon enough why you should’nt conspire with a pathological liar;hint it’s because they are pathological liars!
    I see in my crystal ball 5 guys,no there’s 2 more,now theres another bike with a real tall guy and he’s got a blond ol lady on back their all wearing a lot of red and they seem to all be flipping off the state S.C. as they head west in early spring!They are all smileing and you can tell they have long happy lives ahead!

    peace out Dan L

  24. Elizabeth Lankford Says:

    Thanks for the update Rebel. The days I have spent in the court room during this trial have convinced me that justice, as least on the Federal level, is a joke. I did miss the show today – but I can tell you I have seen jury members asleep, witnesses who can’t keep their story straight long enough to tell it and enough craziness to last a lifetime. I have predicteed from the second day of trial that this will end with a hung jury – and even could tell you which members will not vote to convict – but now I believe the defense isn’t gonna have to worry about that. The Feds have killed their own case.

  25. Jim666 Says:

    Great article Rebel,
    sounds like things might go right,
    love the pic of Joe too,,lol

  26. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Rebel, I nominate this as a “best of” as you hit this one out of the park. But, while I’m extremely pleased with the writing, I’m even more pleased by the possibility that maybe there is a glint of a hope that justice may actually prevail. I pray the jury sees what is really going on.

  27. 00 81 Says:

    This is journalism, and investigative reporting. Thank you Rebel for the hard work, and integrity you show. If we had more reporters with your ethics, integrity, and work ethic to get the facts, not the rumors and propaganda our country would be better informed and a much better place to live. Keep up the good work.

    00 81

  28. SOVA Jim Says:

    “The star witness in this prosecution is a con man named Joseph Dillulio (photo above).”
    That made me laugh out loud. Thanks Rebel.

  29. JMacK Says:

    Thanks Rebel. I love to hear that justice is able to sort of lean the right way. It’s a shame that this trial had to happen in the first place, but it’s nice to hear it traveling down the right path. Thanks for the top-shelf reporting, as usual. And fucking funny, I gotta say.


  30. Frequent Flyer Says:

    The prosecutors are two young men named James Hunter May and Julius N. “Jay” Richardson and they are both in over their heads. Throughout the course of the prosecution they have demonstrated the ethics of a couple of twenty dollar lot lizards.

    ha ha! Love you, Rebel!

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