Cop Club Victim Talked “Crap”

February 22, 2013

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The Prescott, Arizona Daily Courier continues to beat Arizona police over the head with the Iron Brotherhood cop club story. The Daily Courier broke the story last December that drunken, local cops, in costume and playing outlaw, gratuitously beat up a 23-year-old civilian named Justin Stafford.

Those cops have been lying and hiding behind official police speak ever since. This week the Arizona paper acquired and published the official police reports written after the incident and video surveillance of the assault. You can read the Courier’s latest story on the incident here. You can read the police reports here.  You can view the video at the bottom of this story or on the Daily Courier website.

The Iron Brotherhood

The Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club is one of the new breed of cop clubs whose members want to simultaneously live free, keep their home and security, bully people around, break the law and enjoy official immunity. They are not the Blue Knights. They have invaded the conservative, evolved, generally peaceful motorcycle outlaw world and they are demanding preeminence because they are the police. The FBI, ATF and Homeland Security have declined so far to file a RICO case against these guys but they are clearly more of a criminal racket and a greater threat to the general public than the Indianapolis Outlaws, the Georgia Outlaws, the Arizona Vagos, the Mongol Nation, the Pennsylvania Pagans or the Rock Hell Nomads charter.

The IBMC was founded in January 2006 by disgruntled members of a more traditional police club. They brag that “members of this club do not associate with members of one percenter clubs. We also do not attend events sanction by one percenter clubs. The Iron Brotherhood respects all clubs right to exist and expects the same in return.”

The club also asserts, that they “wear three piece colors because we can. We are a Law Enforcement club and will not seek permission from any organization to fly our colors.” In other words, they are party crashers and if you don’t like it they have the power to frame you and arrest you.

Rowdy Group

The drunken thugs rolling through Prescott last December were mostly members of the IBMC’s Whiskey Row chapter and they included Prescott Valley Police Chief Bill Fessler, Prescott Police Deputy Chief Andy Reinhardt and a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Sergeant named Bill Suttle. Suttle wastes taxpayers’ money as the commander of a little bureaucracy called “Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking.”

In the official accounts of that night, witnesses describe the cops as “a rowdy group.” A bar owner said “he had to cut off about ninety percent of them from alcohol by the time the party had ended.” The bar owner said “one of his sound crew men had to get into a business office to adjust the sound system during the party. He had to ask a female to move from in front of the door and put his hand on her to get her attention. The male subject that was with her started yelling at him and getting in his face…. The whole group was acting like they were some outlaw motorcycle gang.”

The owner of Moctezuma’s, the bar where the assault occurred, told police, “a big group of bikers who he was told ‘were all cops either from Prescott or Prescott Valley’ started a fight in his bar.” The investigating officer asked the owner “how he knew they were cops.” The owner “stated that his security staff told him that several of them showed their badges, which is why he let them in with their cuts on. …while he was standing at the bar, one of the subjects in a black vest started punching another patron for no reason…as he was attempting to break the fight up, two more male suspects in black vests began swinging at him and his bartender…during the incident knives started falling on the ground.”

At a nearby hospital, the victim told investigating officers “he walked up to one of the bikers and asked him what was the name of his club because he didn’t understand what the writing on the back said. Stafford then stated that the guy gave him attitude and asked him why did he want to know. Stafford stated after the guy asked him why did he want to know another male that was wearing the same type of vest grabbed him by the neck, pushed him toward the bar counter and then punched him in the face.”

The assailant, an as yet unnamed Homeland Security officer was wearing a skull ring. The guy who gave the victim attitude was Prescott Valley Police Chief Bill Fessler.”

Talking Crap

Police interviewed Sheriff’s Sergeant Bill “Mongo” Suttle who is Vice-President of the Whiskey Row chapter. Suttle said, “some kid went up to one of their guys, grabbed him and started talking crap at which time another one of their guys grabbed the kid and got him away. Suttle stated that they got into a little tussle. Suttle stated that he broke it up and then immediately sent their guy home…. Suttle then stated that their guy who was grabbed was the Prescott Valley PD Chief, Bill Fessler.”

A short time later, according to the incident reports, “Fessler was advised that we were there investigating an incident that occurred at Moctezuma’s. Fessler asked ‘What happened at Moctezuma’s?’ Officer Shapiro advised Fessler of the allegations made by the victim. Fessler stated that a kid came up to him and started grabbing his vest talking crap asking him about his patches. Fessler then stated that he told the kid, ‘Why are you asking?’ Fessler then stated that someone grabbed the kid and took him away. Fessler then stated that he left.”

No charges have yet been filed against any of the Iron Brotherhood patch holders involved in the assault.



68 Responses to “Cop Club Victim Talked “Crap””

  1. 22troubles Says:

    Do what i say .not what i do.

  2. Tetonmoon Says:

    Disgusting. All should be fired, some should be arrested and all should be put on file as gang affiliates. Wearing colors is considered gang activity. Period. Ask any gang enforcement officer.. And for this group of thugs who are not only bad cops but obviously bad people, weld their power we the people allow these thugs to bully their way into a bar that would not allow other more peaceful, way less dangerous ( since the rest of us are not protected by a bunch of incestuous law enforcement and judicial sociopaths, nor can we plant evidence, lie and have our backs covered by tax payed liars and thieves. Nor can we weld guns and use them and be given paid vacations as they try to figure out a cover story, and get let go without charges)
    If nothing happens to these thugs I will make it my mission they see arse rape in prison, if its the last thing I do. I will demand DOJ investigation, I will write the story for the NY Times, I will fricking do a documentary and name names.. whatever it takes. I am so sick of one set of laws for them ( none) and 2.2 million in prison for less.
    Its election time. Maybe you all have been too brainwashed or asleep to do what is right this time around. But may I suggest next time you register to vote you go independent and vote in the fricking plumber next door if you have too. We either make change or suffer from our ignorance.

  3. Steve H Says:

    Reb: Sorry about double post but something fuked up. Anyway got the stories from 2 different papers online. Flagstaff and Prescott news papers.The fuks couldn’t stand the heat I guess and saved the retirement as they knew they were going to get their ass kicked with public pressure. Lo keyed stories tho and not much info. Just thought you might have overlooked the stories being busy like you are. Keep up the good work as I enjoy the output from your site.

  4. madman Says:

    sounds like the story of the three little pigs…that got fucked,,good on ya pig fuckers,cause ya full of shit just like any pig

  5. whitefxrp Says:

    In my country, a high ranking cop,who,after a government enquiry which lasted like 20 years,just took early retirement after it found him negligent in a huge sport stadium disaster,he cited ill health as the reason for retiring but the real reason is he may lose his very lucrative pension,(millions) if charges are brought while still employed in the job.The chance of charges being brought by the government legal system are now almost nil,its up to the families of the deceased from the tragedy to pursue the prosecution,but they have been stout in the insistence of the initial enquiry and I wish them justice for their lost family members

  6. Paladin Says:

    @KK & Phuquehed

    Yeah, unfortunately that’s true. A number of States have recently passed laws that revoke a public servents pension (including their own contributions), if they’re convicted of a crime. A good example of this would be Boulder AZ’s ex Chief of Police.

    Finn has allegedly commited a number of crimes, Finn’s hedging his bet by taking an early retirement, in order to keep from losing his pension, if charges are brought against him and he’s found guilty.

    Personally, I’d like to see Finn charged and found guilty. However, I’d be pleasantly suprised if this came to pass.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    I was wondering the same kinda thing. They get to fucking retire and no charges?! If it had been *ANY* one of us we’d still have been labeled ‘scum’ by the newspapers, the pigs would be still fucking with us as we ride or in our homes and we’d be lucky to *NOT* have done some time.

    Yeah, the justice system here in America is the best (note that was sarcasm)…I actually used to say this to everyone, citing experience in Israel and reading and talking to persons in foreign country jails. One does *NOT* want to get stuck in the justice system in 99.9% of foreign countries from the USA, but now…I don’t think I can honestly say I believe they’re any worse any more. It’s fucking sad that we have shit-stain people who want to be pigs simply because they have no intelligence or are on power trips or want to be on power trips, and our government is run by nothing but money-hungry greedy rich assholes who could care less anymore about ‘The People’.

  8. KK Says:

    I’ve heard that if any cops retire before they are charged or convicted they will still receive their pensions. Any truth in that?


  9. Steve H. Says:

    Yo Rebel: Surprised you haven’t posted the most recent events about this. The Chief of Prescott Valley Police has resigned and 2 Sheriffs officers have also resigned and taken early retirement.Guess the 3 piece patch wasn’t so good for em was it. Now they can wear it as they stated because they could.Good fukin riddance to 3 assholes who needed to be fired.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Steve H.,

    Yeah, I thought I would let the story unwind for a little while longer then follow it again. I want to know when the gang task force is going to go after these cop punks.


  11. Steve H. Says:

    Yo Rebel: Surprised you haven’t posted the most recent events about this. The Chief of Prescott Valleey Police has resigned and 2 Shriffs officers have also resigned and taken early retirement.Guess the 3 pice patch wasn’t so good for em was it. Now they can wear it as they stated because they could.Good fukin riddance to 3 assholes who needed to be fired.

  12. Paladin Says:

    Slick Rick,

    At least the two clowns that were forced to retire, won’t be able to hide behind their badges anymore.

    I think this incident is a long way from being over, criminally as well as civilly. I’m sure Stafford will file suite against the owner of the Bar (for not enforcing his own “no colors” policy), the individual officers involved, as well as the Department they worked for.

    Because the cops involved were off duty and acting outside of there Department’s policy, the County won’t protect them financially, especially since it can be shown that the officers acted with malicious intent.

    Long May You Ride, (to those that deserve to),


  13. Slick Rick Says:

    The latest news about the sorry state of Arizona. No pun intended.

    I’m disgusted but not surprised. Hopefully it’s not over.

    Slick Rick

  14. VINCE 1%er Says:

    ALL cops are COWARDS that hide behind a stinking shit piece of tin ( a Badge) and when the shit hits the fan due to their LACK of Courage,Intestinal Fortitude,Spine or Strength in numbers(which they depend upon despite the scenario) – they rally the law enforcement community & fellow PIGS to help them out. They ARE ALL Liars,COWARDS,BULLIES and Spineless Faggot SCUMBAGS.I WOULD’NT PISS IN A COPS MOUTH IF THEIR TEETH WERE ON FIRE !

  15. bobcat Says:

    I must say that altercation looked far more dangerous and real than the ridiculous “war” on the Devil’s Ride.

  16. mad matt Says:

    Fuck the Police, Fuck the Feds (every last alphabet soup motherfucker), Fuck the Iron Order (My Brother Blows Me). Pigs can’t have it both ways. I have it on good authority that those pole-smokers in the Iron Order wear a specific patch if they’re LEO. I think it’s an iron cross with a skull or something, never seen it first hand. But that’s why they’re not afraid to wear a state rocker because “we have legal guns with us, what would you rather have?” That’s a quote from the Sergeant at Arms of the Rhode Island “chapter”.

  17. WARTHOG Says:

    Phuquehed Says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if later they tried to get Bob to stick around and watch Village People videos all night.”

    Now that is fuckin’ funny! Thanks for the laugh.




  18. Va.Bob Says:

    Saget made a mistake.But hey,he can always take credit for appearing in a good movie”The Aristocrats”.

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