Let’s Meet Rockem And White Boi

February 19, 2013

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As loyal fans know, Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment added two prominent, new characters for the second season of The Devils Ride. The new guys are a little edgier, although not necessarily smarter, than the old guys and the casting aims to enhance the show’s credibility and broaden its audience. Last season’s finale was watched by 1.55 million viewers, for example, which is about a third of the viewers Sons of Anarchy draws.

It probably doesn’t matter to the producers that their television show sincerely offends many members of real motorcycle clubs or that most bikers in San Diego have never seen either a Laffing Devil or a Sinister Mobster. Loyal fans reply, “So what? We have a fake President, a fake Congress and an economy based on Twitter? What’s your point.”

So, ready or not, here comes the new reality of the outlaw world. Here comes Rockem and White Boi!


Rockem is a guy named Ralph Randolph. His homwtown is Fort Sumner, New Mexico. He graduated from the University Of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and enlisted in the Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm. He lives in Chandler, Arizona and he has been widely reported to be a former pilot with US Airways and a former member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. His mother owns Randolph & Company Bail Bonds in Mesa, Arizona and he is married to a former stewardess named Lisa.

He used to work with television veteran Lorenzo Lamas and a man named Chad Greulach. Together those two own Lorenzo Lamas Cycles in Santa Monica. Greulach has been described by Caypen Magazine as “a renegade innovator in reality television and brand consulting” and the “producer mastermind behind American Chopper and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Lorenzo and Chad first met on the set of the CMT reality series Gone Country. That relationship soon led to the creation of a new motorcycle lifestyle brand based on the Lorenzo Lamas brand – the man, The Renegade.”

Randolph started his own custom motorcycle business named Rockem and Sockem Motorcycles in Mesa in 2009. He later changed the name of the company to Knockout Motorcycles. The shop brands itself as “We build bikes for guys who still have their balls.” He has previously appeared on television on a show named Chopper Challenge on CMT, Steel Dreams TV and the National Geographic Channel. His bikes have appeared on the Easyriders Tour.

White Boi

White Boi, who is also known as Christopher Michael Boultinghouse, plays the edgy ex-con in this season’s episodes. And he actually has been inside for an extended stay.

According to his appeal, “On March 21, 2002, federal agents searched Boultinghouse’s apartment and found 54 bottles of GBL, 4 types of steroids and $34,500 in cash.” GBL, or gamma-butyrolactone, is a GHB analog that Boultinghouse believed was legal. The steroids were for personal use. He was found guilty in a state jury trial and, in what was a fairly obvious miscarriage of justice, sentenced to eight years in prison. He had previous convictions in 1998 for battery with serious bodily injury and for assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury.

Boultinghouse is represented by 123Talent, Inc., a full-service management and public relations firm in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The company’s other clients include Paris Hilton, Mo Collins, Morris Chestnut, Flavor Fav and Antonio Sabato Jr.

He tweets frequently and amusingly at Chris Boultinghouse @OGWhiteBoi.


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48 Responses to “Let’s Meet Rockem And White Boi”

  1. http://theactiveindian.com Says:

    Very interesting what I’ve seen so far. From what I’ve read so far I have some respect for these dudes since they been making pretty good motorcycles.

  2. best shoes Says:

    I can’t believe there are that many people out there with no respect that this show could even exist.

  3. Base Says:


    Some people never learn patience or figure it out. Stealerships with bikes stacked wall to wall proves it.

    Keep that check book & tow truck # handy!

  4. Latigo Morgan Says:


    You’ve got that right.

    In fact, the one time I felt flush, I had a “reputable” independent bike shop work on my scoot, and this past weekend I had to undo everything they “fixed” to make my bike run right – including putting the correct spark plugs in.

  5. Jim666 Says:

    ya know I really thought I had posted this in this thread before but I dont see it. anyway me not seeing it I feel obligated to repost this,
    as by reading his words they all hit home, very hard, fast, and deep, and I hope he comes back to this thread just if for no other reason than him to know I for one really enjoyed reading his comment or entry to this blog or thread
    Witchdoctor man thank you for posting that it says a hell of a lot
    hang around and post more often if ya dont mind that is.
    thanks again
    Respects Jim

  6. Oldskewl Says:

    Most scooter tramps I’ve come across in my life grew up with bikes in the garage and very little money on hand to keep them running.

    Some of us had to learn how to work on our scoots if we wanted to ride, making custom parts with whatever we found laying around the garage floor or in a junk pile.
    The dealership back log means shit on the scheme of things.. I would bet most the guys in here never took their scoot to a “dealership”.. that’s a fact.
    Just because you’ve been riding 29 years and 20k miles in the “northeast” doesn’t make you a biker.. that’s the fact.


  7. FF Says:


    You want some cheese with your whine?

  8. BostonDan Says:

    I wonder the same thing how the hell do these guys not get arrested !!! Example you got high school kids getting in trouble for recording fights and then posting to u tube and the combatants + the camera guy get in trouble… Then you got these guys running around commiting all kinds of crimes and nothing seems very sketchy!!! Thank You Witchdr for your words so true

  9. Dogtown Says:

    I’ve been riding for 29 yrs and hate working on my bikes, just don’t have the patience for it. I ride more than most in the northeast riding 20k miles a year. So if I can pay for someone to work my bike great. Tired of listing to every body talk shit about all the work they do on there bikes. A lot of lying riders cuz the dearler is wall to wall with bikes getting fixed. So if you like working on your bike great, spend your days in your garage I’ll be on the road enjoying my ride. Ps the devils ride is a comedy just like most of the bull shit on TV. As soon as the biker fade is out of style they’re going to be a lot of good bikes for sale for the real bikers.

    Biker Not mechanic


    I have just 1 question. HOW could anyone “in the know” not realize that
    this BS is just that?! NOTHING on the “boob-tube” is real these days. What
    makes anyone think “reality” slipped through the cracks?

  11. chromedome Says:

    Its a shame a man can go to war, own his own shop, fly planes and an assortment of other shit and still only be a .25%er at best. Lmao at these powderpuffs. They just dont make em like they used to.


  12. da1nottoofuckwit Says:

    my moneys on Rockem and he’s crew…Bubba did da rightthing.
    lets go sin mob..

  13. old & stoned Says:

    @Jim666: nail on the fuckin head. lets not forget 4 – the assorted conspiracy charges for the production crew et al.

    “yea,, I was bored,,” too right

    nothing more than preemptive jury tampering

  14. Base Says:

    Having a peaceful Sunday at home doing some reading, web surfing, flipped on the brain sucker for a short. There upon the screen was the encore of season 2,episode 1 of the devils ride.

    All I can say is holy shit!

    OK, scratch that I have a couple more things to say like,

    You gottabe fucking kidding!

    Getdafuck outta here!


    Last season was in the crapper. This season is down the pipe!

  15. Jim666 Says:

    hummmm Well I just wached the rerun of this abortion, and witnessed at least 3 felonies committed by these two tv clubs on natl tv.
    My question is to the members of these two so called “clubs”
    that read here as we all know they do read here,
    Heres my questions, please answer
    1 Why do you idiots take your anger at each other out on a motorcycle
    = dragging a bike by a van down the road ? 2 why meet in an ally in daylight to have a so called fight ?
    3 why if your such a well respected mc dont you wear a California or San Diego patch this question is manily to the sin mob idiots, you put on a 3 pc . patch why not go all out ?
    and the 2nd part of all these questions, you showed damage to private property/making explosives / b&e/ feloy assault/ and probably a shit load of other infractions all on natl. tv.
    So I guess If any of you dumb fucks answer these questions your still gonna try and tell us and everyone else this bull shit is real ?.
    say it is howw do you all get away w// shit like this and not end up in jail ?

    Please enlighten me.

    What a total wast of time .

    yea ,I was bored the kids are w/ their mom,,,

  16. Bill Says:

    WitchDoctor: Meant to say thanks for this little gem in particular, poetic genius imho: “two-wheeled putrescence.” Thanks

  17. Bill Says:

    WitchDoctor: That’s quite a post. Among the longest here ever, there was no “filler”, and it’s a real contribution to this extraordinary site. Many contributors here have more wisdom just in the grease under their fingernails than most folk in all their lives. I’m sure you’ve got more to say. Hopefully you will.

  18. Metal Dave Says:

    WitchDoctor, you sure typed a lot of words but they were righteous. Cheers.

  19. Seattle GRIZ Says:

    In the season 2 opener, it was very revealing to hear several of their members lament how “their club USED TO BE really well respected” in San Diego’s 3 patch m/c community . . . but now they are down to “JUST 10 MEMBERS”.
    The decimation of their membership is most probably because they watched themselves on television and became embarrassed about what they saw – OR – riding anywhere other bikers were at became unbearable, because everyone is LAUGHING at the DEVILS!

  20. Vince Says:

    In all Honesty & Common Sense – *Stretch* said it all.
    What a laugh & a half…!!!
    That ficticious club and each and every person affiliated with it are such a bunch of phoney baloney FAGGOTS & Poseurs that I’m surprised they have permission,or the balls to produce,portray & enact(Yes *ACT*) like they are a real club especially in the topographical area in which they PRETEND to exist in,live in and expect the Myopic and narrow minded TV Viewers to Believe In.
    This is such a Bullshit Blow Job show ( I must honestly admit to having NEVER Watched-but read about them alot & what they portray, and this show & all it represents in such a dramatic FALSE & BULLSHIT Arena) and all I can say is:ANYONE Who Watches,Believes In or respects & supports OF this BULLSHIT Drivel is an Ignorant Asshole deserving of a Lobotomy or worse…! Or an Axe handle upside their ignorant & Myopic head.

  21. Austin Says:

    @Erudite Hillbilly – Thanks for “Lorenzo Lamas European Casual Pouch” best laugh I had all week.
    @WitchDoctor – Thank you for your perspective. Please write more.

  22. Woodstock Says:

    My understanding is that this show is a source of income for a certain 1%er corporation. That would explain why it is allowed to take place.

    As far as clubs not being what they used to be and not being what they should be… bullshit. Everything changes and every club is somewhat different. Ain’t nobody in my Club living a fucking lifestyle.

  23. Jim666 Says:

    good words man,

  24. 10guage Says:

    Stretch that is very well said…..I think however as much has changed…much is still the same.

  25. The Creep Says:


    I apologize in advance for what may not make sense, I have a bad head cold right now haha.
    You are damn near 100% correct. I mostly agree with you. There are still a FEW guys who get into a club with the right idea of brotherhood, fuck being a tough guy unless I have to, lets just ride and mind our own fuckin business. The old timers on the clubs obviously lived it and know the score. But, like Stretch said, it deffinately aint what it should be. But, alas, it’s really none of my business anymore. All I can do is send positive thoughts to my friends that stayed and their chapters and keep my damn nose clean. Some of these youngsters are making it fuckin hard though.

  26. Stretch Says:

    The issue here is change. Just like the earlier posts concerning West Side Story, you can see the evolution of street gangs from a tight knit group of kids who grew up in poverty together to a more loosely knit group of street soldiers who fight to the death over corners.

    The MC world is changing now too. Back in the days, you banded together in a club and rode because of common ideals, and the things that happened were a by product of being a social outcast. A lot of clubs, and their members, had nothing but their bikes and their brothers, and their clubhouse was more than a meeting place; for some, it was home. It was all they had, and they had to fight, simply to survive.

    Now, the attraction of clubs is the lifestyle, a life that no one would envy if they knew the true nature of the humble beginnings. The appreciation of the core ideals is gone. What was once a by product of the life has now become the focus for so many. It’s because of this that the clubs have seen so much turbulence in their existence. What was once from the inside out, is now from the outside in. From the top down, to the bottom up.

    Clubs at one time, were necessary for the survival of the members. Now, members are necessary for the survival of the club. It’s a different mindset.

  27. WitchDoctor Says:

    Much respect to you and your site, and to all those in the MC world and the motorcycle community to whom are deserving. This is my first post on your site, though I have been coming here for quite some time now. I find your journalism and reporting second-to-none in affairs concerning the motorcycle community in and out of club life. I really enjoy this site and come here often.

    I have only been made aware of this show, “The Devil’s Ride,” recently really having dismissed the first season clips as an SOA rip-off and never really gave it much thought until I started to read about it here. Then I became really, really interested in what this entire hubbub was about. So last night I saw the first episode of the second season, which I had recorded the night before to sate my curiosity and see for myself what everyone was talking about.

    Holy shit! Where do I even begin?

    I would have to say that the first thing that came to mind was where this fictitious club was located, which I see is based in San Diego, California, I place I have always wanted to visit. But in all honesty I became at first a little confused. Isn’t there an already established 1%er club that claims that area as their own? I think everyone here knows the answer to that question but my confusion lies in if this MC (The Laffing Devil’s or whatever) was at one time a “real” club (as has been mentioned on previous threads) and claims to still be a “real” club, then how does the dominant 1%er club in the area feel about this? This is what makes me believe this show is fake beyond reason.

    I was under the impression that if a group of guys wanted to form their own MC, and ESPECIALLY if they wanted to wear a 3-piece cut AND an MC cube, that they had to clear it through the “proper channels” first. The proper channels being the dominant 1%er club in the area. I thought that it was they who decided who wore what, where and why and that it was not up to the “lesser club” to arbitrarily decide on the fly that they were going to do what they want oblivious of any repercussion. I know in MY area, if a group of guys wanted to form an MC of their own, they had to go through the rigors of clearing it with the diamond wearing club who claims this area and even then, IF they were allowed to exist at all in a 3-piece cut with an MC cube they had to wear a patch supporting the “big boys.”

    I came to understand this as accepted MC protocol. At least in my region anyway. I don’t know if that is standard for everybody but I thought it was. I don’t know, I may be wrong.

    So if this group of comedians trying to pass themselves off as a “real MC” was in fact a “real” MC, where are their support patches? After all the shit they have done on national TV bringing shame to clubs everywhere, how is it that the dominant 1%er club in that area hasn’t shown up mob-deep and shut this shit down? Either the creators of this show have paid them to allow this farce to ensue or the show is absolutely full of shit and nothing we see in it is real.

    The smart money is on choice number two I think.

    And if this club was at one time a real MC, why are all their patches so shiny and new? LOL. In all the time I was a patch holder I NEVER saw so many brand new patches that were not whether worn through time after countless miles in the unforgiving elements. As I sit on my couch watching this train wreck of a show, we got to the scene where the Laffing Devil’s squared off with the Sin City guys for a “rumble” over who got to wear their colors in San Diego, and I got to witness this joke on TV and saw everything from how a club that has only 4 guys seemed to be able to have 3 of them fighting one rival, leaving the other (a prospect I think) to deal with the other 9 of the opposing party, to the ridiculous “saved by the bell” moment of a cop just showing up out of the blue to stop the festivities. How convenient!
    Nobody was sent to the hospital, nobody bled, all were able to ride their bikes and leave on their own accord to settle their respective differences on another season of two-wheeled putrescence.

    Everyone here knows for sure that if these were real MC’s battling over turf it would have been real, real ugly real, real fast and one or more would have been seriously injured or worse and this would have made headlines everywhere. I have seen more realistic confrontations watching professional wrestling on TV. Hulk Hogan puts on a better show than these scripted “bad asses.” It was like watching a fight between two Girl Scout troops with all the pushing and slapping that was going on. As they stared each other down, I was expecting for a suited referee to pop out of a garbage can holding a microphone shouting:

    “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

    I didn’t know whether to piss myself laughing or vomit in disgust. A little of both I think. But in all honesty there was a moment or two that I thought were re-enacted pretty well. When Sandman comes home at 11am the next day to be greeted by a wall of attitude from his Ol’ Lady with the same old questions and complaints of where has he been, well I found myself being able to relate to that as I experienced the same thing when I wore a patch. That he is seemingly experiencing marital strain because of his involvement with an MC I thought was fairly accurate. Only what this show doesn’t get into is that if you want to sport a cut, especially if it has a diamond on it, your marriage is not the only thing that is strained.

    I know from my experience that it will put a hurting on you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, (especially when probating or prospecting for a club) and will really, really cut into your “free time,” and just to name a few. Also it doesn’t get into the other dynamics of “club life” that all amounts to the incredible price one has to pay for wearing that cut. Let’s face it and lets be real about it, the minute you earn that patch-you have placed a “bulls-eye” on your back, as I was told by a grey-beard when I got it.

    You now have entered a world where you (in a very short period of time) will be on the federal radar, and anything and everything you do wrong can and does carry with it more severe consequences by virtue of your new found association with the club. You also now run the risk of being shot off your bike or the like by a rival patch-holder or any whacko wanting to test his mettle, just to mention a few dangers here.

    But the brotherhood is like no other I have ever experienced before or since, and at times I truly miss it. Another thing the show doesn’t cover is when the alphabet gang executes its indictments and search warrants. It is a brutal, devastating affair that impacts all those targeted in one form or fashion. If they showed that, the world would get to see that like a nuclear explosion, the most damage is not as a result of the detonation itself.

    Most of the damage happens with the fallout.

    It’s AFTER the feds have gone and arrested all those they want, and then leave your life and house in shambles, where the REAL damage is done.

    Women are left without husbands, children without fathers, jobs are lost, property is seized that took a lifetime to accrue, rights are violated, and the remaining members of the club have now been poisoned with 120cc’s of fear and paranoia and men who used to be brothers now eye each other with suspicion and distrust, wondering if there are any feds or rats left behind…

    We will likely never see any of that.

    I don’t want to inundate anyone with my ranting and diatribe, but those were a few of the things I noticed first watching this show. I am still reeling at what I saw. What happened to the Good Old Days when we used to roam free, TCB and just be left the fuck alone?? Has the vileness of the society we tried so hard to not be a part of finally grown to infect our way of life? WTF is going on???

    I have seen many of my brothers fall into federal hands in this invasion on our rights and freedom, casualties of a war we did not start. Since the ATF visited my home with a search warrant years ago, I have seen my old club get invaded by these pukes at least 5 more times on a national level with different clubhouses raided, seized or destroyed and people put in jail that I either knew well or on a friendly basis or even just once. I am also seeing that their replacements in my old club are members of this “new generation” of patch holders, the byproducts of shows like TDR or SOA.

    They like to cause trouble, start fights with civilians and act like imbeciles in public both young and middle aged alike. They get what we used to call “patch-itis” really fast now. They have either forgotten or were never told that it is not the patch that makes the man.

    It’s the man that makes the patch.

    They are emulating what they see on TV and have no concept of honor, dignity, pride, honesty and especially RESPECT. After the last RICO case thrown against us, there was a severe shortage of able bodied brothers and our rivals knew this before they in turn were hit two years later. The membership was then filled by the aforementioned people, folks who had no concept of what real club life was about, and nobody left to teach them except a very small number of guys, and most of them retired.

    After the indictments is when the shitstorm hit, patches were getting pulled at a totally insane rate and those old dogs that were left behind gave up their cuts in disgust because of what the club had become. I doubt TV will ever give a shit about the “human” dynamics of “The Life.” Real club life is more dramatic than any fiction, more intense, more…REAL.

    Real laughter, real joy, real tears, real love, real loss and real pain.

    TV will never be able to capture this and I am not sure any self-respecting scooter tramp will want them to. It has never been any of their fucking business anyway and they will never “get it” even if you spoon feed it to them, so why even try?

    Money I suppose.

    Now I get to watch as our sacred way of life becomes fodder for the many hungry and ignorant masses to feed off of, like animals in a feeding frenzy voraciously consuming whatever garbage they are fed whether it be truth or fiction. I get to watch as one of the rats who infiltrated our club gets rich detailing deceitfully how he and his cohorts “brought justice” to my brothers who are now doing time guilty of no more than what they wore and who they were, casualties in this war on our freedom in his new book co-written by a well-known cunt who would rather see us burn then free.

    I find myself now a little sad and nostalgic as I come to the end of my sordid tale. In closing I feel that these yo-yo’s (The LD) should have heeded the advice of those who saw the writing on the wall and warned them not to do this show. Now it’s too late and the virus is now upon us. There is no way to vaccinate against it and no way to unravel the damage that has already been done. For now I am content just being me. A civilian. Just another Joe who loves to ride in the wind and blessed is the day when I can ride with others like me in a pack to recapture that feeling again, trying desperately and in vain to reclaim my lost Brotherhood.

    It’s not the same. It never will be. But such is life. I count myself fortunate enough to have seen and experience all I have and come out of it relatively physically unscathed and free.

    The real scars are on the inside. And that can never be communicated to anyone through television. Just ask anyone who has ever been to war how many ignorant and stupid questions they get asked like:

    “How many people did you kill?”

    Being an ex-1%er in this new day and age of TV bikers is like that for me now. People who would not have pissed on me if I was on fire now want to know “what was it like? Did you shoot anybody? Did you sell a lot of drugs? See anyone die? Did you carry a gun? Get into any fights? Etc,.etc ad nauseaum.

    TV will never be reality. No matter how hard it tries. You will never know the experience of war by watching it on TV no matter HOW many helmet-cams captured the ensuing battle. It just doesn’t work that way. I heard it said once that “for those who know, no explanation is necessary. For those that don’t no explanation is possible…”

    I believe that with all my heart.

    Take care Rebel and all those reading this entry. God bless you all and stay in the wind.

    Much love and respect. I am outta here.


  28. TW Crash Says:

    I must admit that I laughed a lot with all the stupid stuff being said & done, but the part I laughed the most at was when 2 of the Laughing Gerbils showed up in the alley wearing pairs of those gutter trash drug slinger shorts, no one but payed gerbils would do something so laughingly stupid!!!!!

  29. Phuquehed Says:

    When I found out that sitting a bike was so extremely much easier on my back than sitting in a pickup truck or car, I tried like hell to get an older model bike, was hoping for a hardtail (glad I didn’t get one of those though, heh) so I *could* do my own wrenching, or whatever my back would let me do. Unfortunately when your disabled and living on that pittance the gov gives you, banks tend to think the gov isn’t worth a shit and don’t give out loans (I don’t suppose it helped any that I was a dirty, stinky biker-type walking in there and sitting in their chairs anyway, heh heh). So, I got stuck with the ’09 FXD I have now. About the only things I can’t work on are changing tires and any of the computer shit…luckily the computer stuff seems to be pretty much trouble-free. Hell, I’ve got two fork bags, one for tools and one for other stuff. The tool bag probably weighs 10 pounds, lol. I got everything but a torque wrench and breaker bar in that bag and only because those won’t fit lol. I’m at least prepared for if something does happen and I have to pull to the side. The other bag usually has my cell phone which I use strictly for emergencies only and my pain pills and a few rags for whatever and anything else I might need.

    I’ve seen fucking full dress hogs and jap crap that had enough room to carry a house and didn’t have tools and when I pulled over to help they didn’t know what tool fit what or which should be used and I ended up doing the work (I made them get me all the cokes I wanted, mostly to help me take a pain pill if I needed it while working on their shit).

    I do dread breaking down on the side of the road though with something I can’t fix. When you ain’t got many friends and never have money and are a fucked up gimp, it’s a shit situation lol. That’s when all this patience I’ve learned to have from the years of having only dialup internet comes in handy, mwahaha…sit and wait and hope someone stops that can help…and stare at the problem and try to will it to get better.

  30. Phuquehed Says:

    @Bill – Hot damn! That’s a tire changer I could get into…if she didn’t kick my ass first! LOL

  31. Sieg Says:

    Shit, I wouldn’t give-up my 70 FLH on a bet, and no one touches that but me. Only time I’ve ever had anyone else work on it was when Lakeshore blueprinted n balanced it back in the 70’s. Don’t wrench? Don’t ride.

    5 to 1

  32. PigPen Says:

    shit. with a name like PigPen, you can bet my bike aint shiny. hell, the paint on the fenders don’t even match.

  33. cerati Says:

    Terry F, funnier version:


  34. Glenn S. Says:

    Hmmm. Gettin outta prison and what to do for a living? McDonald’s won’t hire felons, nor will NASA. Everybody’s a fucking rat these days, so moving product is problematic. The government’s cornered the market on guns. Don’t want to steal. Corporate America’s already gotten all of the low hanging fruit. Hey! There’s this fake motorcycle club on television that’s hiring!

    Don’t hold it against White Boi too much (boi? I thought that was a term for submissive men in the kinky sex lifestyle, but I could be wrong). He’s just playing the hand he’s been dealt.

  35. Bob Says:

    Great comment. I always thought I had to work on my own because I was too
    damn poor to take it to a shop. Plus the moco always tells me my bikes and the parts I need are obsolete so I end up at a swap meet or aftermarket dealer.
    @sherides I do like some chrome up front. The bugs come off easier when the twice a year wash job comes around.

  36. IronZulu Says:

    I had to watch this mess twice to figure out what happened to that ‘gypsy’ guy. So let me make sure I have this correct, you found 2 different clubs and then manage to get voted out of both of them???!!?!?
    You haven’t seen your Prez in 3 months!!! and you just now figure this might be a problem. Huh?
    They should just go ahead and hire better actors to read and play act this poorly scripted insult to everyone who has ever swung a leg over a bike or put on a cut and wore it anywhere but a soundstage.

  37. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Touche ;)

  38. Phuquehed Says:

    Like I said, the logo should be ‘We build bikes for guys who have more money than sense…we build fair-day-only bikes’.

    I agree 100% with Jim666 and sherides. I mean fuck, I’m disabled and *I* work on my own bike for the most part (gotta take it to the shop ’cause I just don’t have the back anymore to change tires).

  39. sherides Says:


    Good one.

    Does anyone even ride “rat bikes” anymore?

    Chrome is highly over rated anyway……

  40. Jim666 Says:

    “The shop brands itself as “We build bikes for guys who still have their balls.”

    Sorry ,but guys that still have their balls, build and work on their own bikes.

  41. Terry F Says:

    Today I looked at Youtube Westside Story the fight scene Jets and Sharks. You gotta see this.

  42. Frequent Flyer Says:

    OK, I’m gonna be honest, as much as this show is a joke, Rockem makes some decent bikes:


  43. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Great job, Rebel! The only remaining question is if Rockem socks ’em away in a Lorenzo Lamas European Casual Pouch… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV4V8FcOZ0o.

    BTW… I actually enjoy the Joe Schmo Show as they admit to being actors and clown the whole reality show biz (which is kind of ironic since you tied ol’ Ralphy Boi to Lorenzo Lamas.)

  44. Paladin Says:

    These guys must live in some sort of witness protection program, when not playing “dress up”. Their mortality would be way to high if any of them actually tried living a biker’s life.

    After what’s been posted on another thread, by one of their club’s so called “members”, they gotta know, or should know that some of their fans aren’t gonna be seekin’ autographs. It’s gonna really suck, to be them.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  45. Whitepride Says:

    I’m embarassed I even wasted an hour out of my life to watch the Laffing Dildos! They are about as much of a real MC as the Sons of Ignorance. I can’t believe there are that many people out there with no respect that this show could even exist.

  46. Budweiser Says:

    What about the big dude with the huge black and mostly gray goat beard? Diesel I think…

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