Devils Ride Version 2.0

Mon, Feb 18, 2013

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Devils Ride Version 2.0

This is a corrected version of a story that was published on February 18, 2013. The original story stated that the series character White Boi, or Whiteboi, was a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club. On April 13, 2013 the actor who portrayed White Boi, or Whiteboi, Christopher Boultinghouse, contacted The Aging Rebel and demanded, “Your story on me about being a green machine is fucking bogus Quit writing stupid shit about me thanks …And remove those articles or clean it up thanks.” The story has been corrected to state that the character and the actor both deny “being a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club.”  The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

The Devils Ride, the stupid and bogus reality series about a motorcycle club in San Diego, returns tonight after major offseason surgery.

Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn, the star of season one, is gone. Quinn purportedly founded the Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club, a once real, family club that was expelled from the Dago Confederation of Clubs last year. Last season Quinn trademarked the indicia for a completely fabricated motorcycle club called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC. He transferred ownership of the Sinister Mob marks to Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, the production company behind this soft, brown, steaming, stinking bowl of mass media entertainment. Quinn, whose wife is a cop, was also accused of child molestation last September. And, now Quinn has presumably been paid and shipped off.

The new President of the “Sin Mob,” as real biker insiders refer to this Survivor style tribe, is somebody named “Bubba.” No name says white trash better than Bubba – except of course Honey Boo Boo. Bubba, according to the website of a large and soulless corporation, “was born and raised in a hard-working, old-school American family. A hell-raiser early on, Bubba was prone to trouble and fighting, but 21 years in the military brought maturity to his instinct – and a love for the brotherhood of the MC. An ousted founding member of The Laffing Devils, he is a firm believer in an ‘Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth.’ Bubba plots his revenge by knowing that there is a time for watching and waiting – and then there is a time for decisive action.”


This season’s dominant motif is the quest for credibility and the producers pull out all the stops. Some of the members even ride Dynas with those little, baby fairings that are so popular with the Sons of Anarchy. There are several new characters including “White Boi,” pictured above, who denies being a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club and “Rockem,” who may or may not have had a bit of history with the Mesa charter of the Hells Angels.

According to his biography on the soulless corporation website, “Rockem learned to ride–and fight— at an early age. His never-say-die attitude pushed him through the Marine Corps, architecture school, and onward to become a professional pilot by day – and a hands-on master bike builder by night. A self-professed adrenaline junkie, Rockem can drive or fly almost any vehicle on the planet, but it is his love of barroom brawls that earned him the road name Rockem. Now at the core of Sin Mob, Rockem has plans for the club that could eclipse all the members, including his President, Bubba.” Possibly, in future seasons Rockem will go on to become Professor Doctor Rockem and turn his unlimited talents to finding the cause and a cure for the ancient scourge of stupid.

White Boi also has a couple of sharpened edges. The soulless corporation decrees that: “After serving a multi-year sentence in the California Prison System, White Boi is finally up for release. Having done his time ‘right’ and never ratting out a single person for the alleged crimes – he is being released back into the world with a reputation for being a straight-up soldier.” Viewers will see footage of White Boi actually walking out of some institution to be greeted by a half dozen or so Laffing Devils – so maybe his sojourn among the Green Machine was part of his work release, and then he got violated, or whatever…. Discovery explains that White Boi is, “An old-guard friend of Danny Boy” who “could have been one of the earliest Laffing Devil members had he not gotten arrested, but being back in society – and the politics of club life – are not easy for a man who spent so much time in the system. His bond with Danny Boy runs deep and as the Devils try to rebuild, this bond could be beneficial to both of them.”

Put Down The Knife Rob

The most cringe worthy scene of the new season, at least so far, is a kind of face to face, junior high confrontation between members of the two “clubs” in a closed alley used as a television stage. The pretend bikers stand just close enough to fit into one overhead shot and wolf at each other like adorable puppies. There is, viewers are informed, only room for one gray and white club in Dago. One of last season’s stars, Robert “Sandman” Johnston, declares that it is a “big…Bleep Bleep thing to me.”

The actors are immortalized on video as very bad actors through multiple camera angles for a very long time – at least in fight time. White Boi eventually knocks Sandman on his ass and Sandman bounces up off the ground with a knife in his right hand. The scene is tough to watch for two reasons.

First, the invented confrontation ends when a police car dramatically arrives at the end of the alley. The invisible driver even has a line to say. So apparently, some police department has agreed to participate in this season’s production. And, that raises the question of how involved police are in the preproduction, production and post production of this reality series and why. Are these simply off duty cops getting paid or is Bischoff-Hervey really determined to poison every jury pool in America?

In a reality TV “confessional interview” after the incident Johnston says, “It’s out of control right now. Between my family, the club, like mentally,” Johnston points at his temple before confessing, “it ain’t good. Uh, Bubba has got me in a bad spot right now. I’m getting ready to take this Bleep…Bleep out!” Johnston goes on to describe the timely arrival of the police cruiser as “My get out of jail. That was his get of the morgue.”

Johnston, who was arrested after breaking into his estranged wife’s home last December and stabbing her guest in the back may now regret these lines of theatrical dialogue. His attorney certainly regrets them.

The Devils Ride begins its new season tonight at ten.


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  1. Sieg Says:

    Now, if people would simply turn off their electric brain-sucker when this shit came on…

    5 to 1

  2. old & stoned Says:

    Maybe I can find enough Seconal to knock me out before then,,,

    oh, re: po-po; they ‘magically’ rolled by lit up as the ‘club house war(!?)’ fizzled to a gonorrhea drizzle.

    Maybe it’s just me,, but the Mythology & Symbolism & History of a Club’s ‘patch’ is more than just ‘merchandise-able’, or what kind of support gear can we sell. sin mob’s gray & red billy-goat will forever be the brainchild of chomo (albeit alleged). As if the community these guys are ‘a part of’ could forget.

    I almost feel bad for the few genuine guys that got suckered into this crap, but ‘one more time,,,’ goes to show what not vetting friends & aquaintances can get ya into.

  3. Bill Says:

    Sooner or later we’ll see a skinny black male prostitute, surrounded by secret service ‘brothers’, on a shiny new bike sporting a POTUS patch with a “Hawaii” bottom rocker, probably after the next ‘(s)election’, when he’s all free and stuff.

  4. Paladin Says:

    If I remember correctly, The Discovery Channel started out with an educational media format that was somewhat more polished than PBS.

    It seems that Discovery Channel has put a lot of time and effort into insuring that its credibility is no greater than that of the tabloid rags seen at the supermarket checkout stations.

    The above trailer for “I Am The Darkness/The Devil’s Ride” sets a new benchmark for embarrassment.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  5. old & stoned Says:

    I remember those days too, Paladin. DC was like Scientific American for dummies, and PBS was for Sesame Street. Now PBS is a liberal gay mouthpiece and DC sees guaranteed profits as part of the “Fear This” campaign being spirited by those we know & loathe so dearly.
    the true legend of sis-mobs ‘embroidery’

  6. Kraut Says:

    If any of this actually had a thread of realism, they probably wouldn’t let a camera guy follow them around. Since we all know it’s fake, or downright ridiculous, why not sit back and laugh. I find the show hilarious, due in part that so many folks probably think that it’s real. (probably the same folks that think Moonshiners is for real)

  7. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I don’t have cable so fortunately I missed it. The two minute trailer “I am the darkness” LMAO is cringe-worthy enough.

    I’m getting alot of amusement out of bashing it with all of y0u, though. Ha ha! Thanks again, Rebel.

  8. BigV Says:

    Frequent Flyer: The rapper who did that I am the darkness shit is a white guy from the HA’s.

  9. PigPen Says:


    that shit just rattles my brain.

  10. charlie Says:

    At least one redeeming feature is it’s set in Sunny San Diego. So the scenery should be picture post card perfect.

  11. Grumpy Says:

    Damn,don’t be so hard on Cutie-Pie,LOL.

  12. Tiger Says:

    Guess I’ll have to wait until filming for next season to take my dump on the front stoop if I can still get around. Fucking sad shit now-a-days. Of course that would make for a good episode the big mouth do nothing fucks talkin’ about what they are going to do to me. Maybe Sandcrabs can brag about how lucky I am the cameras are there. Then it will be how lucky I am that there are other members. then.. Ya know these fucks are a joke and nothing else. Respects Tiger

  13. anon Says:

    Same Rockem from Dobyns’ book? Really? I wonder how Sockem feels about this decision.

    I’m not even going to touch the issue of an alleged former “Green Machine” PH ending up as a Laffing Dildo.

    How great would it be if the LD infiltrator was that same rat who turned on the Vagos that Rebel wrote about recently?

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear anon,

    The LD character was not a Green Machine patch holder or prospect. He was a hang around. And, he may only have been hanging around with some guys in the club, not the whole chapter. But, he got cast for some reason, and as I said, the theme this year for this show is “CREDIBILITY!!!! WE AIN’T FOOLS. YOU FOOLS! REBEL BE A FOOL!”

    Peace out,

  15. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Does this mean the laffing cows officially have legit street cred? LMAO

    Get a load of this one:

  16. Diocletian Says:

    Hopefully this trend will result in a lot of used dynas and Simpson bandit helmets on the market

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @Frequent Flyer – What the fuck was that all about? Is he saying he wants to be black? They’re gay and coming out? I mean, the pretty little hip bag thing he wore was funny, and the fancy fair-day-only bikes that were shown made me sick to my stomach.

    Looking at the website, I see they even stole a part of a David Mann picture and put ’77’ in where it was Route ’66’. Who the fuck are these guys? A pig club?

    BTW…back before I fucked my back up, one day I showed up on the job and I had written in big black bold writing on my hard hat ‘Rap is crap’. The boss man comes over and says I can’t wear that and I tell him to shove it up his ass it’s freedom of speech and nothing about it is racist. He looked at me for a minute and just shook his head and walked away, lol. I really, really hate rap music, it’s talentless garbage done by fucktards who can’t think for themselves and have to follow the ‘trend’ of it.

    As for the Laughing Cow’s…again, it makes me fucking proud that I’m now going on two years+ with no teevee. I’d see 35 seconds of the shit show and those pussy members of a pussy ake club and something big and heavy would be going through the screen of the teevee and I’d be out good money.

  18. confused Says:

    My little pea size brains rattling too…a white “rapper” is an HA PH .!?

    What is this world coming to!? JFC. …thoroughly CONFUSED.

    What’s next an outlaws PH becomes a drunken circus monkey that jumps through government hoops for tips?

  19. One Eye Says:

    Wow, what do you say about that? Orchestrated spontaneity. It reminds me of when Bob Hope would have those television specials and he’d dress up as the Fonz, and you’d chuckle and think,”Dude, you’re just trying too hard,” but you knew he was TRYING to be self deprecating.

  20. Paladin Says:

    @Frequent Flyer,

    I think it’s only a matter of time before the “committee” has a charter is the U.S.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  21. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Phuquehed Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    @Frequent Flyer – What the fuck was that all about?

    ha ha dunno I just find crazy shit on youtube all the time. I love youtube. ha ha

    Paladin Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    @Frequent Flyer,

    I think it’s only a matter of time before the “committee” has a charter is the U.S.

    I just love the German language. They could be saying “I love you and I want to water your grass and light candles and sing kumbaya” and it always sounds like “We are invading Poland and we will rape and pillage your land” ha ha

    I love Rammstein. Those guys are sick in the head. As for Gremium, I’m not sure how that’s gonna work with Janet from another Planet and Homeland Security. Are they on the ‘terrorist watchlist’? LMAO


    Yeah I’m looking to buy some smashed up bikes from 3 or 4 RUB’s and then rebuild one kick ass bike. Or find some Yuppie who bought an expensive Harley and then lost his job at the bank. I’ll make his desperate ass an offer he can’t refuse. Especially if he has a Booger Sugar problem and needs the cash quick.

    One Eye Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Wow, what do you say about that? Orchestrated spontaneity.

    Yup, it’s a played out template of mindless garbage and corporate fraud.

  22. Paladin Says:

    @Frequent Flyer,

    Well, the Red Devils ssemed to have landed in the U.S. without too much trouble. So, who knows who’s gonna be next?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  23. old & stoned Says:

    Gremium is a legit Euro hardball club. Interpol fears ‘em.

  24. Jim666 Says:

    old & stoned is right
    Gremium mc is a real club “legit”
    and the music “I am the darkness”from the video above, Is by Mike P. HAMC At least Maby Mike might make some scratch off the song,
    as far as rap goes I dont care much for it just not my thing.

  25. lmfao!!! Says:

    most of their bikes are loaners from a local victory dealer the bike that gets dragged tonite has a dealer plate on it too.the real clubs tried to shut them down this year but the producers came to some agreement with them.

  26. Down&Dirty Says:

    You mean the shit on that show isn’t real? I’m glad I read up on this site, I was beginning to think that San Diego was full of fake biker plusses! LMAO

  27. GMMC SHAGGY Says:

    I dont like to post on this site I read it almost daily for years. I have been a member of the GREEN MACHINE for over 10 years I know anyone that has ever been around my club. this WHITE BOI has never been any stage within our club at all period. if anyone knows him please get a hold of any of our membership you can reach me through rebel I would like to have a friendly chat with him and see if he is mistaken

  28. Stevo Says:

    Gremium MC are absolutely MASSIVE. They are the biggest club in Germany, and Germany pretty much has more 1%ers than the rest of the world put together…


  29. Bammer Says:

    Devils what??? Last night I watched about 20 or 30 minutes of this bullshit, how dumb do they think people are, I have been riding for over 33 years; all this does is make bikers look like nut-cases. The one guy with all the hair on his chin who is he enforcer or saa?
    Also, do these guy running around dago, flying these ohony colors? If these rubes are actors, how about a throw down between them, and Soa??? This show is going to nothing but start a bunch of bullshit!

  30. WWB Says:

    oh……..its this shit again………still havent decided if its worth watching just to bash it with you guys afterwards……hard to get the taste of sick out of your mouth though…

  31. blacksmith Says:

    Remember “Roller Derby”? Chicks on skates, different teams trying to beat each other up as they skated around the rink?
    I think I just watched the watered down 2013 version on motorcycles.

  32. Sieg Says:

    Gremium M.C. isn’t what it used to was.

    They are the last of the decent-sized independent clubs in Germany, most all of the others have either disbanded or patched-over to one of the American clubs.

    They claim a lot of chapters, in places like, for instance, Pattaya, but a lot of them consist of one or two members.

    German culture is so massively different than ours that you really have to take that into account. There may be a hella lot of people rocking diamonds there, but the meaning, and how it’s backed-up, can be radically different than it is here. Remember, this is a country where you can go to prison for flipping someone off in traffic!

    5 to 1

  33. T-Shirt Seller Says:

    How many of you guys were actually excited about this show coming back on? C’mon, be honest.

    There exacty two (2) shows about MC’s on TV. Both of which afford real bikers the opportunity to bask in a little bit of public attention whilst also providing you the chance to talk incessantly about how “lame” and “fake” and “totally unrealistic” it is.

    Havn’t you guys heard “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”?

  34. chirp Says:

    this is the rockem guy check it out

  35. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Ok, I admit. I watched it (Hands on face and head down in shame).

    Just how does one make a 1% 3-patch club made for TV and expect to ride through SD and have no trouble? Provided they aren’t a pig club?

    A 3-patch?


  36. Kraut Says:

    HAHA….I watched it too. Hilarious.
    So, between these two MCs, it looks like their is a total of 10 members…..really?

  37. Lmfao Says:

    They don’t ride around San Diego with there colors on unless their filming then they take them off I watched some of the filming and they would pull up and the producers would pass out their vests and when they left they put them in a box

  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shaggy,

    White Boi, in a different reality, is a fellow named Chris Boultinghouse. I don’t have a phone number or address for him but he is represented by 123Talent, Inc., a company with corporate headquarters at 205 Millstone Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278. The main phone number at corporate is 646-483-3151. Maybe they can give you Chris’ home phone number or address.


  39. OC VAGO Says:

    Watched this show for the first time last night. The entire family laughed our asses off. Funniest shit I have seen in a long time. Waiting for the Kardashians to guest in an episode.

  40. Salty Says:

    I liked the scene when Sin Mob instantaneously, without premeditation, decides to burn their 2PP . . . then one of them immediately rips out a 3PP… hilarious… douche chills

  41. calexpat Says:

    Ok, so I checked the pile of steaming excrement out last night just to be informed mind you. And it occurs to me that maybe someone could use it as a criminal defense strategy. Bear with me here, if video games and twinkies cause someone to commit violent crime then surely this”REALITY” show must also. I mean its
    “Reality”, right?! I mean these guys stole and destroyed a vehicle, plotted violence, commit both assault and battery not to mention they are evidently going to commit B&E, and use a moltov (an IED) to blow up a fifth wheel trailer and “Are going to get REAL” in up coming episodes. All without the usual response from various Alphabet Soup Agencies.

    I’m just sayin…. Ok sarcasm off now. Jeebus, if I would have let anything happen to my patch’s bike while I was on duty, all I can say, is it would have left a mark! Not to mention the dot I would have received for leaving my assigned post with out making sure it was covered… Again, ow… Ok rant ended for now.


  42. Phuquehed Says:

    @chirp – That shit motto at that site should be ‘We build bikes for guys that have more money than sense’.

    Most of the bikes I could see there were fair-day only bikes and even then there better not be too much of even a breeze so not too much dust gets on them. Stretched out pieces of crap with steam-roller-wide rear tires. Why doesn’t the builder just put together jap crap and put car tires on the rear…at least then it’d be honest.

  43. RVN69 Says:

    The Devils Ride is a steaming pile of shit, let me count the ways.

    1. I’m planning to commit a felony,or initiate an action that may lead to a felony, I got a good idea, lets plan it and initiate it in front of a camera to be broadcast on national TV!!

    2. White Boi has allegedly been in jail for 7yrs, club has allegedly been in existance for I believe 4 or 5 years, but he gets greeted like a full member and gets a patch as soon as he gets out.

    3. Diesel and Rockem are recruited to join the “Sin Mob” because they are both hardcore bikers who have “Been around the scene for a long time and both previously belonged to “hardcore” bike clubs, but they have no problem just throwing on a patch without any attempt to earn it.

    4. Lets have a fight in a alley to get things straight once and for all, but instead of fighting lets first to some hardcore staring, then sell some wolf tickets, then finally have a poorly coreagraphed
    wrestling match till a suspiciously convienent cop shows up to send every one packing

    5. Suspiciously convienent cop who stops “Fight” doesn’t run any ID’s, doesn’t call for backup and run everyone for warrants and check everyone’s VIN while illegally searching their bikes.

    I just gotta call bullshit on this one.

    Violence may not be the best solution, but it is still a solution.

  44. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Paladin Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    @Frequent Flyer,

    Well, the Red Devils ssemed to have landed in the U.S. without too much trouble. So, who knows who’s gonna be next?


    I hear ya. The US has been exporting it’s clubs to Europe and all other points, I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Not really sure though where they could set up shop.

    (I love this place, look at all the interesting conversations started because of the Laughing Cow ha ha)

  45. calexpat Says:

    @ RVN69 ;

    Thank you, I forgot about point #2…that bugged me too.


  46. old & stoned Says:

    chirp; Thnx for the link. ‘est. 1966′ ? Bet the date on the DBA says different. looks like the guy went ‘hollywood’ a while back. check the videos, the Jay Leno one. the last few seconds says it all: ‘who is THIS guy,,? oh, i dunno,, sons of anarchy,,”

    most memorable quote: “I was 16 when we met”

  47. mario2joints Says:

    White Boi is chris boultinghouse, Heis from the lake elsinore/ temecula area. He claims Green machine but also trys to buddy up to HA’s. major meth head and his most recent parole violation was for under the influence of meth, His girlfriend Tiffany dances at the library gentlemans club in OC. Ralphie aka rockem was booted form the HA’s fro lying to a brother and stealing. His brother was also a member of the mesa HA”s. This is all scripted and they are already storyboarding seasaon 3….sad to say

  48. PigPen Says:

    what chaps me balls about this, is that to the uneducated, they see this circus, then they see all patches, 3 pc, 2 pc, ministry, H.O.G. the patriot gaurd as the same. They look at us and lock their doors, hide their purses and store the children in the crawl space because they think the huns are coming and are going to drag a bike or a person down the block. I know it sounds retarded, because we know better, but the public does not. it’s all the same crap to them.
    An an old gray beard once told me, you don’t have to be the toughest, or the biggest or the baddest, just be real. and this dribble just blows that out of the water for everyone. it really is a shame.

  49. Sieg Says:

    The lighter the weight, the heavier the act. Pretty standard equation.

    5 to 1

  50. sherides Says:

    I was expecting a disclaimer to roll during the credits that stated “no actual 1% patch holders were used in the filming this episode”

    I did notice that Hawk was absent.
    I wonder if the knife Sandman pulled last night is the sme one he used ihis “incident”

    I think this show is prime for a drinking game. Drink a shot every time something fake happens. Just don’t expect to drive later


  51. Frequent Flyer Says:

    sherides Says:

    I think this show is prime for a drinking game. Drink a shot every time something fake happens. Just don’t expect to drive later




  52. Jim666 Says:

    Am I the only one here that didnt watch it ?
    lmao I admit I had planned to watch it just to see what b/s they were gonna try and pull I just forgot it was on, lol
    What PigPin said, or that could go the other rout, People could watch this shit and think all clubs are a bunch of idiot dumbasses like these clowns and might have to get an education, Im not sure which would be worse, either way this show is not a good idea.
    For instance some rub watches this show weekly so he decides he,ll hit the big local 1% party this spring and shows on his nice new shiney fxr , and after watching these clowns on tv he thinks that these 1% he,s around are the same way, after a few cold ones his mouth runnith over and he wakes up with it wired shut.
    See this show is not good for anyone.

    maybe they will learn from their mistakes

  53. Sieg Says:

    No fear, Jim, I didn’t watch it. That damn electric brain-sucker just don’t get it for me!

    5 to 1

  54. Jim666 Says:

    Now I dont feel so alone Sieg,,lol

  55. Rashomon Says:

    Deadwood made for a better drinking game. We had some fun with that one (not to mention some hangovers).

  56. FULLERTON 1%ER Says:

    What a fuckin lame ass show just like the other one that airs on fx…and as for the song that guys a fuckin lame also…MFFM

  57. RVN69 Says:

    Yep I watched it, I considered it taking one for the team. Will never again waste an hour of my life like that. I’d rather just fasten electrodes to my testicles and play with a field phone.

    “Sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the same side.”

  58. Va.Bob Says:

    “New” FXR’s?Where,man?

  59. beamwalker Says:

    I’m wondering since this is a Bischoff production do any of the performers break kayfabe when they’re not selling heat in their shoots? Did they sign a contract that forces them to maintain kayfabe even when off set? Judging by this site,an outstanding and important one imho, i’d say their pure heat gold as Heels with the anger and scorn they draw from actual bikers which seems to me like they are part of some odd postmodern prank/performance art that also makes money.

  60. Phuquehed Says:

    @beamwalker – Now…what the hell does all that mean in English?

  61. old & stoned Says:

    @ Phuquehed: basically, Hulk Hogan & Rick Flair on their Hoverounds.

  62. Samurai Says:

    thank you for asking because i sat there scratching my head wondering what the fuck this guy was going on about and feeling vaguely stupid because i was afraid it made sense to everyone but me and i would look like a retard for asking

  63. old & stoned Says:

    He had me scratching my skull with that one too.

  64. WARTHOG Says:

    Hey, all, I’m back. Nearly $21,000 raised for the Shriner’s this year to help families to get their children to hospitals they normally could not afford to get to. Oh, us bikers are evil people for sure.

    While I was out, we watched this farce of a show at our friends clubhouse and laughed and laughed and laughed. From Sandman declaring himself president without a vote, answering his door with a baseball bat but just pushing the guy with his free hand, the ally “fight”, and the prospect leaving the bikes unattended and getting his bike chained and dragged by a pickup truck. OMG…you can only make that shit up! The annoying part was the 15 minutes of new footage and 45 minutes of commercials and recaps. I’ll be using the dvr the rest of the season and only waste 15 minutes an episode from here on out.




  65. Sieg Says:

    “I’m wondering since this is a Bischoff production do any of the performers break kayfabe when they’re not selling heat in their shoots? Did they sign a contract that forces them to maintain kayfabe even when off set? Judging by this site,an outstanding and important one imho, i’d say their pure heat gold as Heels with the anger and scorn they draw from actual bikers which seems to me like they are part of some odd postmodern prank/performance art that also makes money”


    I wonder of the performers on this Bischoff production ever break character when they are not promoting a Bischoff product during filming. Do they sign a contract that requires them to stay in-character even when not filming? Judging by this outstanding and important site, I’d say they are pure advertising gold as villians. The anger and scorn they elicit from their actual target audience-bikers-seems to prove that they are part of some odd postmodern prank/performance art that also makes money”

    How’s that work for ya?

    Even simpler;

    “Buncha moke actors getting over on anyone crazy enough to rot their brain for an hour in front a the boob-tube.”

    5 to 1

  66. WARTHOG Says:

    Thanks, Sieg! Makes perfect sense when you put it that way. You must be a linguist for a day job!




  67. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – Heh heh…that works better.

    @old & stoned – I have heard of Hulk Hogan. No idea who that Rick Flair is or what a “Hoverounds” is. With luck I’m not really missing much not knowing these things and people, lol.

  68. Phuquehed Says:

    @WARTHOG – You devil brute, raper of villages and pillager of women! How dare you accept money given freely to help others! You make those who society thinks are the ‘good guys’ look bad for *NOT* doing what you did! You should be ashamed…that you didn’t have a chance to spit in the face of those assholes who are so fucking high on their white horses and do nothing near what most clubs do for others.

    Good to see you back, heh.

  69. Grumbler Says:

    I’d need a few hits before I could watch that deadpan comedy show. It’d be even funnier with Cheech & Chong playing White Boi & Rockem. B-)

  70. rollinnorth Says:

    “Even simpler;” is always best. Thanks!

    old & stoned,
    Thanks to you, too.

    Where do these people come from?

    I think what Jim666 meant was a MOCOF(ully)L(oaded)POSG(arbage)W(agon.)

    Well said, why “this show is not good for anyone.”


  71. 626VAGO Says:

    Awww Hell its not REAL ???

  72. RLG Says:

    If anyone cares, S02E01 torrents are on the Net now.

  73. EIDE Says:

    This show is no different than watching the WWE its all predetirmed.. but it makes for decent ratings and for decent T.V. but lets be real would the H.A. and Mongols meet in an alley and “talk”

  74. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eide,

    I don’t have any idea what you are trying to say by, “let’s be real would the HA and Mongols meet in an alley and ‘talk.'”

    I suspect you are a fan of the show and that’s great. Welcome. And, I appreciate you reading and commenting. I just don’t quite get what you are trying to tell me with that line I quoted that you think I also don’t get. What set of brain cells are supposed to fire? What happens for me is a little glimpse of Westside Story flashes behind my eyelids.


  75. 10guage Says:

    Yup ol white Boi’s twitter box says it all…..the Devils ride the only REAL 1% mc……The steroids have left him drain bramaged for sure….I have never even heard of that cat….I don’t know what is funnier a camer crew and sin mob probate leaving SAndman’s house unscathed….. Or a story line where all these ” REAL DEAL HARD CORE” sin mobberz are being recruited by that pussy Billybob bubba to settle his personal score of getting kicked out of the LDs for being too powerful….LMFAO…. You talk to me like that again I will knock your teeth down your throat….. Too much….”yeah I guess you could say I got me a skull infatuation man I got like three of em on my bagger… Did you see my aggressive sissy bar?” ….it actually would be funny if they didn’t try to pretend this shit is real!! Kurt is going to have a motherfucking caniption fit for sure….

  76. Rashomon Says:

    That’s actually a good point – an escalating war of bullshit between SOA and the LD’s … In a pathetic effort to attract viewers, we’ll no doubt see the first openly gay biker club president (other than dykes on bikes). WTF is the world comming to?

  77. RLG Says:

    San Diego wants to be Hollywood…

    Get paid while you can!

  78. mo co ryder Says:

    Hard to believe its the same network that has combat rescue. Thoughts for new shows…laughing tuna ? Rescue devils? Just a thought ? Respect to you rebel.

  79. neverwaz Says:

    @10guage – yes the sin mob prez that’s proud of his aggressive sissy bar is classic. Also notice how the lighting and camera angle change when they’re featuring him talking – always in black and white with a dark ‘sinister’ background.
    He’s the heel and the LD’s are the face just like in wrestling.
    I watched this show on DVR and aside from the shitty portrayal of mc’s in general it’s really a lame and poorly done production with rambling storylines and unconvincing actors. I don’t see how it will hold viewers or sponsors. Hopefully the guys who may or may not be affiliated with real clubs that may be involved in this get there moolah up front while they can.

  80. Metal Dave Says:

    I watched this embarrassing bullshit and douchechills barely covers the awkwardness. I tuned in for laughs–knew it’d be hilarious–but these ‘nozzles were beyond funny.
    Also, for even greater ‘chills, imagine how many “clubs” are gonna spout out of this steamin’ pile, haha

  81. Hugh G Rection Says:

    I’m surprised the Mongols allow these bullshit clubs to exist

  82. Jim666 Says:

    Wonder how long before it is till while sitting at a red light 2 or 3 rubs pull up on brand new bikes wearing Sin mob and or ld cuts groweling at little kids in the back of station wagons, and attending IO poker runs ?

  83. WARTHOG Says:


    More importantly, is Blackturbo getting more for SMSMC patches than the 81 patches? $3500 for a LDMC patch seems like a bargain to me. {Sarcasm now turned off}




  84. bobcat Says:

    Okay, I’m embarassed to admit I watch this shit weekly, but it’s like midget porn or a car wreck. It is so ridiculous, but I find myself watching it just so I can rag on it. A few observations;

    – there are what, 8 total members in the two “clubs”?

    – their “war” is embarassing. What kind of pussies damage property back and forth? Not to mention the repeated “it’s gonna get serious now”. What’s next? Wrapping the Presidents house or throwing some eggs? I have seen more intensity between high school marching bands.

    – Snubz. Oh my God, really? Setting aside him being the biggest pussy I have ever seen wearing a patch, how is he the V.P. and doesn’t assert leadership when the other fag serving as President “goes MIA”

    – Sandman. I would think calling a club’s founding father a bitch would result in an ass whipping and having his patch pulled. (I know, I know, the Laffing Dildoes are not a real club). Mr. Underbite is likely about to do a stint in the hoosegow anyway.

    – Whiteboi. Isn’t that some gay\lesbian term? And as mentioned the numbers don’t add up for his stint vs. the clubs existence.

    – the whole bogus meeting with “the big club”. It looked like some bad movie…they get him in the rear of an SUV and drive around to talk about the impending “war”. And no one notices the asshole on the roof with the walkie talkie, or the guy in the truck haning out at the entrance to the alley. They looked like freaking cops! And not very sneaky ones.

    What a complete load of crap this show is. And the worst part is it’s being shown overseas. People in Australia and Europe think this shit is real and are laughing at us. It’s an atrocity.

  85. chromedome Says:

    I am the darkness?????…….fucking goofball shit i swear… the laughed at devils are gonna have their own comic book. Complete with sin mob trading cards

  86. Numbers Clater Says:

    Douglas thank you for opening our eyes to the TRUE side of history. So often, we are bombarded with what our families, our teachers and even at times our government wants us to “learn.” We aren’t always given the unvarnished truth even when it comes to the history of our country. Being half Cherokee, I cried as I learned and began to understand so much more than I ever have in my 41 years.

  87. bobl Says:

    I guess it’s a hair better than soap operas, but soap operas have much better acting. I wonder how pissed off real clubs are. I like the “fighting” scenes. Hilarious.

  88. Bigmikey Says:

    Hey everyone. I am not a biker nor have I ever aspired to be one. A man should know his place and mine is NOT on a bike or in an MC. However, that doesnt mean that things like honor, truth and character aren’t importnat to me. I served my country for well over a decade, standing to post when so many others were simply content to abuse their freedoms rather than defend them. If nothing else, that gives me a right to speak my mind.

    The men on Devils Ride claim loyalty and that they would die for their club and yet I’m challenged to recall more than two instances of anything more than high school level shoving matches. I call attention to the recent episode where three LDs confront prospect Rob and, after a rather pathetic high school wrestling match, walk away with his cut while Rob smacks the garage door. 1) this could not be MORE staged. Rob had been instructed to batten the hatches and hunker down. Yet, he’s outside with the doors open. When Billie attacks, he throws his hat? Thats it? Thats all ya got? 2) He should have run after Billie and died trying to get that cut back. Even I know that. If someone came to rip the infantry cord off my Dress Uniform back in the day, I’d have given them every ounce of fight I had in me to get away from them. You never surrender your colors.

    Truth be told, these men have a chance to do so much good. They can sponsor rides for charity, bring awareness to local issues, and use the show as a platform to stand apart and be the men of honor they claim to be since they’re obviously NOT a proper MC. But where’s the money in that? I’m not so idealistic to think that a show produced by wrestling Alumni would do anything worthwhile in the slightest way. I just wish they’d reach down deep, find what little character they have left, and admit it. Own the fact that they’re really just actors. At least then we could resepct them for what they are, not choke on the lie they try to feed us. I know, its TV… what am I doing hoping for something to be true on the Discovery Channel. Silly rabbit.

    The show illustrates how far our expectations have fallen. I’ve seen episdoes of Judging Amy that have had more integrity, heart, and genuine feeling than this show.

    Again, I’m not a biker, and I apologize to anyone who feels I’ve spoken out of turn. I have a tremendous respect for members of REAL MC clubs. I have a great disdain for anyone who pretends to be something they aren’t at the expense of those who are. To me thats like pretending you were a combat soldier when you actually spent all your time in service at your NG Armory in Podunk Iowa.

    I don’t understand why the MC community hasn’t banded together to stomp the stuffing out of this mockery of their lives. Now THAT would be an episode WORTH watching!

    Thanks everyone. Much respect. Thanks for reading.


  89. Frank Says:

    If you don’t like don’t watch dumb fucks

  90. E-baid Says:

    It’s a tv show! It’s supposed to be entertainment. Sure I can see where bikers are claiming bullshit, but seriously no real mc-gang could or in their right mind would show what really goes on! The general public is against illicit drug deals, misogyny, & real violence as in how most bikers really handle business. Everyone wants to glorify bikers & make the whole scene seem like some justified right as a citizen. But the truth is there’s nothing nice or easy about being a biker. I’m not a biker but I know a few & all of them have lived very hard lives! Prison time, loss of rights due to felonies, & or death is often the result of this lifestyle. Sure there are “clubs” where people don’t do these things but these folks aren’t ” real bikers” either, kinda like this show!

  91. Bigvig Says:

    This farce hurts the biker image. MCs should be offended that these Jerry Springer rejects portray the lifestyle…they are so full of s**t.
    WTF, someone tell these guys that emulating Sons of Anarchy is fantasy!!These overwieght, balding, aging skateboarders, wanna be Hells Angels, felons….Take the production $$ spent on this trash and do something good with it, like donate it to the homeless shelter they all will land at after the series runs its’ course.

  92. just sayinv Says:

    White and Andaman are in the Sam club.The fight at the alley was between the laughing devils and sin mob.Whiteboy and sandaman fights at the club.Sounds like you should know about it if your going to write about it.

  93. the doctor Says:

    given that former(?) wrestling promoter Eric Bischof is behind this production and owns the sin mob name, its real easy to see the scripting. rockem was in a previous series and there are a few others I recognize. another season would be embarrassing.

  94. 10guage Says:

    Big Mikey,

    Good words… long as your not commenting on what a REAL RESPECTED club has done than nothing is ” out of turn “…. It’s good to hear comments from a mfer with his head on strait, Respect.

    Thank You For Your Service
    Most sincerely

  95. Rebel Says:

    Dear the doctor,

    I’m on the outside looking in but I think the one guy to single out to blame for this pees oh chit is Steve Stockman.


  96. Base Says:

    Christopher Boultinghouse

    Well glad you cleared that up. I mean really heaven forbid someone mistake you for actually belonging to a legit Mc. Because the fake Mc thing is working out so well for you and the rest of the cast

  97. Shaggy Says:

    Thanks for updating that for my Club I’m glad he finally spoke up about the truth wonder if anyone had a face to face conversation with him ;)

  98. Phuquehed Says:

    @Frank – Stupidity is a family trait in your line, right? You, like most of the others who fly in and say pretty much the same stupid shit you did, always seem to miss the point, but if you look hard enough you’ll find it on the top of your head.

    Who opened the ‘Zippy clone machine’!?

  99. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shaggy,

    Yeah, as you know I have known for months that this guy was never a formal hang around with the Green Machine. I thought he found his way into this series because he was at some point an informal hang around. I thought that was one of the reasons he got the part. I didn’t mean to insult him. Maybe some of your brothers ran into White Boi and had a chat. Maybe White Boi just decided to try to push his weight around and thought I seemed easy. Personally, the guy reminds me of when the actor Larry Hagman started to believe he really was an imagainary person named J.R. Ewing.

    Any problems, please let me know.


  100. Dago1%er Says:

    I think it would be much easier to enjoy this POS show if they just made it clear that they are just made up clubs for TV. We obviously know SOA is all fake because we see it actually has actors in it. To hear Rockem say the SinMob is a legit club is ridiculous. There are people like Rockem and WhiteBoi who were brought in by the producers because the ones who were already on the show are very bad actors to say the least. What the show needs is an obvious actor we all know. Then….maybe then everyone would realize it’s all fake. But don’t tell us this shit is real. I invite Rockem or WhiteBoi or any of the other money hungry fools (“MadMax”,”Billy The Kid”,”Bubba” and so on)to debate me on this. Please start a thread and let us know that we are all wrong and your dumbass boss Hervey/Bischoff Entertainment is right.
    I truly hope season 3 goes down in flames and for all you DR supporters, don’t even try to wear any of that stupid support rag around Dago. That was a nickles worth of free advice.

  101. rollinnorth Says:

    What a joke.
    “The punishment is three year’s probation, $390 in fines, three months first offender alcohol program, 80 hours of community service, and the one day in jail which he has already served.”


  102. RLG Says:

    I saw with mine own eyes men and club officers flying LD and SM patches in 2008 – 9. At the time I did not know a TV show was also being filmed. This was in Dago.

    Some of the bikes were very distinctive.

  103. Dago1%er Says:

    @ RLG
    No disrespect intended but you did not see SM patches flying around Dago in 2008-2009.
    I can tell you with certainty that SM did not exist then. Infact, SM is a made up club for this show. Go check it out. The patches and likeness is OWNED by Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment. Also, they were not filming back then either. I knew a few that were in the club back then and went to a few of their runs myself. Pure and simple, they sold out all us true bikers for the all mighty dollar. I truly wish those assholes from the show would come on here. I’d love a chance to hear what these tools have to say for themselves. I’m sure Rebel would be more then happy to give them a spot on here to do that, along with an extra amount of rope to hang themselves with. lol FTLDs

  104. Jealous Says:

    Re WB, he was out of prison well before strolling out those gates and into a patch. Full story on the link below

    Chris was recently released from prison after serving a seven year sentence. He has learned a lot, and is in a much better place now. After coming out of prison, and being offered an opportunity to star in this budding reality TV show, Chris realized that this would be a great opportunity to use his personal experience to earn some money while making a transition into the “real world”; and his new life. While the producers wanted Chris to be the “muscle” of the show, he was only a soft 180 pounds before the show was about to start filming.

  105. colby Says:

    @ bobcat . Im from Australia and we are not that stupid. Our bikies are in wars atm killing and all that. Government trying to stop members asscoating with each other. All that crap. So we know this show is complete crap lol.

  106. Markus Says:

    I can’t believe it this crab go in a second round. I have only one question what think the real MC’s in San Diego about this peace of shit? In Germany we see now the second season of ride with the devils. The situation for the mc’s in Germany are very difficult! The most of the 1% in Germany have strong problems with the state and police. 5 charters of HA in Germany are closed from the police 3-4 charters are closed from HA side. The bandidos a have the same problems. The biggest MC in Germany are the ” Gremium”! They lose a complete state in east Germany withe 2 charters and 2 support charters ! The problem what the big MC’s have are homemade because they accept many people as members with street gang background hooligans from the soccer scene and manny suspects with no bike backround . Now they have the violence not under control. So now have the middle and smal clubs the problem that manny people think al bikers and rockers are criminal persons. That sucks extremly! Sorry for my bad english and best greetings from Germany

  107. Fuck2ducks Says:

    the guy who sings I am the Darkness is Mike P the Big Homie that was on one of the LD episodes. this is one of his songs i do not usually like this style of music but i think it sounds good.

  108. Chris D Says:

    I think maybe the reason so many people hate this show is because it’s portrayed as real “reality show”. I find it very insulting that The Discovery Channel thinks so low of its viewers intelligence. So I’ve decided to forgo all of TDC’s programming until they admit to the perceived fact that this show, is indeed, just a show! What has happened to you, Discovery Channel? You used to have great programming. Is it possible that an entire network is capable of “jumping the shark”?

  109. Steve Says:

    Lactating devils which I read somewhere else is the best description on this “show”

    I would invite any of them to come fuck with a real crew. How about bringing your actor asses with your fake ink, fake MC, fake arrests, etc out to the east coast and see how far that gets you.

    Word to the wise. You want to play a punk ass on tv that’s fine. You want to roll like that in public you might want to rethink that shit. You might just run up on a real crew who will cut your dick off and stuff it down your throat then find your bitch and run a train on her ass before we dump her body in the river.

  110. Scubadude Says:

    This show is not fake, it’s scripted. There is a difference, even if it’s a subtle one. Because of that subtle difference, I can watch it and laugh at what looks like a B-movie style black comedy.

    The guys on this show are not wannabe bikers, they are wannabe actors. And their lack of talent on the screen shows through for both those goals.

    I was a big fan of the WCW when my sons were young, and my memories of the storylines for that show remind me a lot of this show. It’s like reading a Stephen King book, then reading The Running Man short story he wrote under a pen name. The writing styles were too similar to be anything BUT the same guy. So I recognize silly bullshit when I see it, that being said doesn’t make it lose it’s ability to create an hour long diversion in my dreary winter.

    I live in a cold, cold place in winter. So the only chance for me to see motorcycles are on FX, Discovery, and occasionally on History Channel on the 5 “reality” shows they have on. So the scripts are silly nonsense, so what? At least I get to see a motorcycle doing what a motorcycle does, be a rolling art form.

    Soon, it will warm back up. When it does, my Victory Kingpin will be dusted off, fired up, and doing it’s best to take me on every run, ride, and weekend trip I can get away for. That’s when my TV will be doing what all TV’s should always do, lie dormant, gathering dust….

  111. Sal Says:

    I watch it every Monday, it’s funnier than “The Big Bang Theory”

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