Devils Ride Version 2.0

February 18, 2013

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This is a corrected version of a story that was published on February 18, 2013. The original story stated that the series character White Boi, or Whiteboi, was a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club. On April 13, 2013 the actor who portrayed White Boi, or Whiteboi, Christopher Boultinghouse, contacted The Aging Rebel and demanded, “Your story on me about being a green machine is fucking bogus Quit writing stupid shit about me thanks …And remove those articles or clean it up thanks.” The story has been corrected to state that the character and the actor both deny “being a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club.”  The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

The Devils Ride, the stupid and bogus reality series about a motorcycle club in San Diego, returns tonight after major offseason surgery.

Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn, the star of season one, is gone. Quinn purportedly founded the Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club, a once real, family club that was expelled from the Dago Confederation of Clubs last year. Last season Quinn trademarked the indicia for a completely fabricated motorcycle club called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC. He transferred ownership of the Sinister Mob marks to Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, the production company behind this soft, brown, steaming, stinking bowl of mass media entertainment. Quinn, whose wife is a cop, was also accused of child molestation last September. And, now Quinn has presumably been paid and shipped off.

The new President of the “Sin Mob,” as real biker insiders refer to this Survivor style tribe, is somebody named “Bubba.” No name says white trash better than Bubba – except of course Honey Boo Boo. Bubba, according to the website of a large and soulless corporation, “was born and raised in a hard-working, old-school American family. A hell-raiser early on, Bubba was prone to trouble and fighting, but 21 years in the military brought maturity to his instinct – and a love for the brotherhood of the MC. An ousted founding member of The Laffing Devils, he is a firm believer in an ‘Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth.’ Bubba plots his revenge by knowing that there is a time for watching and waiting – and then there is a time for decisive action.”


This season’s dominant motif is the quest for credibility and the producers pull out all the stops. Some of the members even ride Dynas with those little, baby fairings that are so popular with the Sons of Anarchy. There are several new characters including “White Boi,” pictured above, who denies being a former associate of the Green Machine Motorcycle Club and “Rockem,” who may or may not have had a bit of history with the Mesa charter of the Hells Angels.

According to his biography on the soulless corporation website, “Rockem learned to ride–and fight— at an early age. His never-say-die attitude pushed him through the Marine Corps, architecture school, and onward to become a professional pilot by day – and a hands-on master bike builder by night. A self-professed adrenaline junkie, Rockem can drive or fly almost any vehicle on the planet, but it is his love of barroom brawls that earned him the road name Rockem. Now at the core of Sin Mob, Rockem has plans for the club that could eclipse all the members, including his President, Bubba.” Possibly, in future seasons Rockem will go on to become Professor Doctor Rockem and turn his unlimited talents to finding the cause and a cure for the ancient scourge of stupid.

White Boi also has a couple of sharpened edges. The soulless corporation decrees that: “After serving a multi-year sentence in the California Prison System, White Boi is finally up for release. Having done his time ‘right’ and never ratting out a single person for the alleged crimes – he is being released back into the world with a reputation for being a straight-up soldier.” Viewers will see footage of White Boi actually walking out of some institution to be greeted by a half dozen or so Laffing Devils – so maybe his sojourn among the Green Machine was part of his work release, and then he got violated, or whatever…. Discovery explains that White Boi is, “An old-guard friend of Danny Boy” who “could have been one of the earliest Laffing Devil members had he not gotten arrested, but being back in society – and the politics of club life – are not easy for a man who spent so much time in the system. His bond with Danny Boy runs deep and as the Devils try to rebuild, this bond could be beneficial to both of them.”

Put Down The Knife Rob

The most cringe worthy scene of the new season, at least so far, is a kind of face to face, junior high confrontation between members of the two “clubs” in a closed alley used as a television stage. The pretend bikers stand just close enough to fit into one overhead shot and wolf at each other like adorable puppies. There is, viewers are informed, only room for one gray and white club in Dago. One of last season’s stars, Robert “Sandman” Johnston, declares that it is a “big…Bleep Bleep thing to me.”

The actors are immortalized on video as very bad actors through multiple camera angles for a very long time – at least in fight time. White Boi eventually knocks Sandman on his ass and Sandman bounces up off the ground with a knife in his right hand. The scene is tough to watch for two reasons.

First, the invented confrontation ends when a police car dramatically arrives at the end of the alley. The invisible driver even has a line to say. So apparently, some police department has agreed to participate in this season’s production. And, that raises the question of how involved police are in the preproduction, production and post production of this reality series and why. Are these simply off duty cops getting paid or is Bischoff-Hervey really determined to poison every jury pool in America?

In a reality TV “confessional interview” after the incident Johnston says, “It’s out of control right now. Between my family, the club, like mentally,” Johnston points at his temple before confessing, “it ain’t good. Uh, Bubba has got me in a bad spot right now. I’m getting ready to take this Bleep…Bleep out!” Johnston goes on to describe the timely arrival of the police cruiser as “My get out of jail. That was his get of the morgue.”

Johnston, who was arrested after breaking into his estranged wife’s home last December and stabbing her guest in the back may now regret these lines of theatrical dialogue. His attorney certainly regrets them.

The Devils Ride begins its new season tonight at ten.



111 Responses to “Devils Ride Version 2.0”

  1. Sal Says:

    I watch it every Monday, it’s funnier than “The Big Bang Theory”

  2. Scubadude Says:

    This show is not fake, it’s scripted. There is a difference, even if it’s a subtle one. Because of that subtle difference, I can watch it and laugh at what looks like a B-movie style black comedy.

    The guys on this show are not wannabe bikers, they are wannabe actors. And their lack of talent on the screen shows through for both those goals.

    I was a big fan of the WCW when my sons were young, and my memories of the storylines for that show remind me a lot of this show. It’s like reading a Stephen King book, then reading The Running Man short story he wrote under a pen name. The writing styles were too similar to be anything BUT the same guy. So I recognize silly bullshit when I see it, that being said doesn’t make it lose it’s ability to create an hour long diversion in my dreary winter.

    I live in a cold, cold place in winter. So the only chance for me to see motorcycles are on FX, Discovery, and occasionally on History Channel on the 5 “reality” shows they have on. So the scripts are silly nonsense, so what? At least I get to see a motorcycle doing what a motorcycle does, be a rolling art form.

    Soon, it will warm back up. When it does, my Victory Kingpin will be dusted off, fired up, and doing it’s best to take me on every run, ride, and weekend trip I can get away for. That’s when my TV will be doing what all TV’s should always do, lie dormant, gathering dust….

  3. Steve Says:

    Lactating devils which I read somewhere else is the best description on this “show”

    I would invite any of them to come fuck with a real crew. How about bringing your actor asses with your fake ink, fake MC, fake arrests, etc out to the east coast and see how far that gets you.

    Word to the wise. You want to play a punk ass on tv that’s fine. You want to roll like that in public you might want to rethink that shit. You might just run up on a real crew who will cut your dick off and stuff it down your throat then find your bitch and run a train on her ass before we dump her body in the river.

  4. Chris D Says:

    I think maybe the reason so many people hate this show is because it’s portrayed as real “reality show”. I find it very insulting that The Discovery Channel thinks so low of its viewers intelligence. So I’ve decided to forgo all of TDC’s programming until they admit to the perceived fact that this show, is indeed, just a show! What has happened to you, Discovery Channel? You used to have great programming. Is it possible that an entire network is capable of “jumping the shark”?

  5. Fuck2ducks Says:

    the guy who sings I am the Darkness is Mike P the Big Homie that was on one of the LD episodes. this is one of his songs i do not usually like this style of music but i think it sounds good.

  6. Markus Says:

    I can’t believe it this crab go in a second round. I have only one question what think the real MC’s in San Diego about this peace of shit? In Germany we see now the second season of ride with the devils. The situation for the mc’s in Germany are very difficult! The most of the 1% in Germany have strong problems with the state and police. 5 charters of HA in Germany are closed from the police 3-4 charters are closed from HA side. The bandidos a have the same problems. The biggest MC in Germany are the ” Gremium”! They lose a complete state in east Germany withe 2 charters and 2 support charters ! The problem what the big MC’s have are homemade because they accept many people as members with street gang background hooligans from the soccer scene and manny suspects with no bike backround . Now they have the violence not under control. So now have the middle and smal clubs the problem that manny people think al bikers and rockers are criminal persons. That sucks extremly! Sorry for my bad english and best greetings from Germany

  7. colby Says:

    @ bobcat . Im from Australia and we are not that stupid. Our bikies are in wars atm killing and all that. Government trying to stop members asscoating with each other. All that crap. So we know this show is complete crap lol.

  8. Jealous Says:

    Re WB, he was out of prison well before strolling out those gates and into a patch. Full story on the link below

    Chris was recently released from prison after serving a seven year sentence. He has learned a lot, and is in a much better place now. After coming out of prison, and being offered an opportunity to star in this budding reality TV show, Chris realized that this would be a great opportunity to use his personal experience to earn some money while making a transition into the “real world”; and his new life. While the producers wanted Chris to be the “muscle” of the show, he was only a soft 180 pounds before the show was about to start filming.

  9. Dago1%er Says:

    @ RLG
    No disrespect intended but you did not see SM patches flying around Dago in 2008-2009.
    I can tell you with certainty that SM did not exist then. Infact, SM is a made up club for this show. Go check it out. The patches and likeness is OWNED by Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment. Also, they were not filming back then either. I knew a few that were in the club back then and went to a few of their runs myself. Pure and simple, they sold out all us true bikers for the all mighty dollar. I truly wish those assholes from the show would come on here. I’d love a chance to hear what these tools have to say for themselves. I’m sure Rebel would be more then happy to give them a spot on here to do that, along with an extra amount of rope to hang themselves with. lol FTLDs

  10. RLG Says:

    I saw with mine own eyes men and club officers flying LD and SM patches in 2008 – 9. At the time I did not know a TV show was also being filmed. This was in Dago.

    Some of the bikes were very distinctive.

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    What a joke.
    “The punishment is three year’s probation, $390 in fines, three months first offender alcohol program, 80 hours of community service, and the one day in jail which he has already served.”


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