Australia Bans Brothers Behind Bars

February 14, 2013

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Since last November 19, the Australian State of Queensland in Northeastern Australia, has banned the distribution of the monthly newsletter Brother Behind Bars in its prisons.

Brothers Behind Bars is a digest of biker club and motorcycle news edited by retired Sons of Silence patch holder Iron Mike Davis. Davis is the burly man in the photo above. BBB is specifically aimed at motorcycle club members and is stubbornly non-partisan. The first page of the February issue includes the following announcements.

“In memory of BPM Corky from Minnesota who passed away on February 2nd… R.I.P. Corky.” Congratulations were offered to “Damned Deacons Torch on your Release,” “Mongol Dirty on your release on Feb 22nd,” “Mongol Man Dog on your release to ½ way house,” “El Forastero Mike on your release to ½ way house,” “El Forastero Robert on your release to ½ way house,” “Galloping Goose Don on your release to ½ way house,” “El Forastero New Yorker on your release to ½ way house,” and “Forsaken Few Supporter Jason on your upcoming release to a ½ way house on March 26th.” A welcome was extended to new subscribers including Vago Casey, Pagan Bluto, Hells Angel Pat, Banshee Sancho, Devils Diciple Victor, Legion of Doom Bullet, Pagan Dirty Red and Pagan Creed.

In all, the newsletter is distributed to imprisoned members of 71 motorcycle clubs.

Anti-Bikie Laws

Queensland has been trying to outlaw motorcycle clubs since 2009 when the state passed the “Anti-Bikie Laws.” The legislation was formally called the Criminal Organisation Act of 2009. The spelling is Australian.

The laws give police the power to declare which organizations are criminal and which are not. The laws also permit the demolition of fortifications that are part of property owned by police identified criminal organizations. Similar sets of laws have been passed in the Australian states of New South Wales and South Australia. The laws have been challenged in the courts by the Hells Angels, Finks and Rebels Motorcycle Clubs.

The laws are a component of the global war on motorcycle clubs which is a subset of the much better known Global War on Terror. Australia’s strategy has been difficult to implement in the United States because the United States Constitution specifically guarantees citizens’ and visitors’ rights to move freely, assemble peaceably, to keep and bear arms and to express themselves freely in numerous ways including the right to wear a patch on your back. Various federal police forces in America including the FBI, the ATF and increasingly the Department of Homeland Security have attempted to subvert these Constitutional guarantees using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and in several recent cases trademark law.

Iron Mike

Mike Davis was notified that the words he publishes were illegal in Oz with a peremptory, unsigned form letter from the Government of Queensland that read in full:

“On 7th of November 2012 Queensland Corrective Services issued a directive from head office that all correspondence between prisoners who are members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) and OMCG members and associates was to cease immediately.

“As a result the author of this letter has been identified to be either a member or associate of an OMCG as such your mail has been returned to you.”

Mike Davis told The Aging Rebel, “Something I’ve said for years: ‘Australia today, Canada tomorrow, and the U.S.A. the day after.’ I truly believe countries like Canada, Germany, U.S.A., and others are watching and seeing what works in Australia to outlaw motorcycle clubs – starting with the 1%er ones.”


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10 Responses to “Australia Bans Brothers Behind Bars”

  1. I.J Says:

    In Australia it is getting crazier by the day. If you ride in a Club organised event as a non member you are deemed as supporting a criminal organisation and will get bullshit traffic infringments tickets for a wide range of things, mainly noise. This constant harrasment makes people stay at home because to get an excessive noise ticket lifted costs about Aust#800.00.

  2. Tim Says:

    I see it, fucken one world order, and the “PC” ie “POLITICALLY CORRECT” way of life,they are jiveing us on the sandy hook shooting, and the latest thing with the “BAD COP” in calif,which I think is a total FAKE!!! a live show, to take our GUNS!!! do away with the 2nd amendment, then the total distruction of all of the constitution of the U.S.,and if we dont comply, they will use the UN,and drones,I have been rideing for for 40 years,and perfer the 1%er bike friends I have, they are more loyal of a bike friend then these yuppie bike assholes I run across,Iron mike is right, Austrailia today, canada tomorrow, then the U.S.A., I have been saying that also for years,BUT, I know the “LOYALITY” of MC clubs, and what ever they try to do, it will not work, what will happen “I HOPE” is unity, complete Unity of all 1%er clubs,My hope is for that,all governments thru the world have been trying for years to stop the unity of 1%er clubs, and causeing trouble between each other mc clubs on purpose, well I think there will be unity,someday,the government thrughout the world might get patches if they succeed in their agenda, but they will never separate any brotherhood of the 1%er Mc’s,and all will return,Togather, in strength!! Like they “THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD” never seen before, “STRENGTH IN UNITY OF ALL 1%ER MC CLUBS” Thats bullshit that the Brother’s behind bars cant recieve their monthly news letter,in Austrailia,just another thing to take away from from a biker,in order to break him,anyways Love and respect to all the 1%er’s that are behind bars, and hang in there, and respects to all 1%er clubs in the world and the U.S.A. respect to you rebel and to Iron mike Davis….. Tim D.

  3. Road Rage Says:


    Thank you, once again, for your fine journalism. I understand that you are just a “guy with a keyboard” but I would like to you to speak more on the global issues. I think that maybe you could get some conversation going.

    The fascistic shit and state-generated propaganda that has been going on down-under in the last few years is a signpost to what’s to come. IMHO this is a global war on our freedom and thankfully there are some strong and honorable Australian bikers on-point. The way they have responded to the threat has been inspiring. It takes a lot to put shit aside.

    Our government’s storm-troopers will come for us a handful at a time. Will we stand together or fall apart?

    With respects to Rebel and all those who ride free

    Road Rage

  4. Sieg Says:

    Not to misdirect, but closer to home, does anyone know if the PMB is still up and running, or if not, what happened with it?

    5 to 1

  5. JAMES Says:

    MIKE1%er (RET) does a fantastic service and all who I know that receive his BBB NEWSLETTER have nothing but praise for him and his effort to keep those who are locked down up to speed with the outside world, hopefully they would change their minds on this and let those who enjoy it have it, BLESS YOU MIKE1%er (RET)

  6. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    @ Grumbler

    Only some have access to the web, and most are limited to Corlinks(Fed e-mail service for inmates, kinda pricey). Letters, which often take a couple weeks to reach the inmate, are about the only option for the majority. Good looking out tho.

    BTW; the current archives have moved, and are now at

  7. Sieg Says:

    Regs are different state-to-state here, but pretty much, if you’ve got a sheet, your mail will get kicked if they catch it. I do know that even before I got convicted, my mail to brothers inside was routinely being returned, and monies I sent “lost” in transit. Give a pig-farmer a green boiler-suit and a stick, and he gets all swelled up.

    5 to 1

  8. Grumbler Says:

    If they’re not allowed to have club mail then maybe they could read it online. Here’s the link to most recent BBB newsletter from the AIMNCOM archives:

  9. Stevo Says:

    German cities are banning MC clubs outright at an alarming rate, it’s bascically illegal to be a 1%er in Australia, we know, coutesy of Rebel, the situation in the USA, a new Biker Task Force has just been set up in England and the list goes on. The future for 1% mc clubs worldwide is looking bleaker by the day. And all we do is fight EACHOTHER!

  10. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Pretty sorry state of affairs. Mike puts a lot of effort into that BBB newsletter and I know a lot of patch holders look forward to it.

    Sadly, there is a start on the same shit here in the US. Quite often there is a stipulation during sentencing that a convicted person is not allowed to have “club mail”. That will even kick back a letter from a family member, if ANYTHING is mentioned about ANY motorcycle club.

    Anybody else hear the thudding of the jackboots getting closer?

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