Rock Hell Trial Underway

February 12, 2013

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The Rock Hell Six dwindled to the Rock Hell Five yesterday as the trial in Columbia, South Carolina got underway. Defendant Kerry “Gowilla” Chitwood, a member of the Southern Gentlemen Motorcycle Club, pled guilty to narcotics conspiracy before the trial began.

The remaining defendants are Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long, Donald Boersma and Thomas McManus Plyler. All five are members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The case started with sealed indictments against 20 people, including three women, last May 17.

Reality Justice Theater

Yesterday’s proceeding had more theatrical contrivance than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julius N. “Jay” Richardson had the courthouse surrounded by armed Homeland Security guards. Richardson has alleged that Hells Angels have threatened the prosecution team and he has worked hard to give the impression that jurors in the case are in danger from members of the club. In general Richardson, who has an outstanding resume, acts as if Jay Dobyns is his life coach. The point of all this posturing and play acting seem to be to implant in the jurors’ minds the notion that they will be heroes if they convict the defendants who are, shout it over and over again, HELLS ANGELS.

According to Noelle Phillips of the Columbia State most of yesterday’s proceeding was occupied by Richardson’s opening oration. Richardson told the 14 jurors “They (the defendants) did this for greed. They did it for the money. They also did this because this group is a gang. It’s a criminal enterprise – the Hells Angels. They’re outlaws. They’re part of the one percent of society who do not follow the law.” Richardson also finally threw out the name of Joseph Dilulio who Phillips describes as “a former New York Mafia member.”

One battle in this trial, which is expected to continue for another six weeks, will be Dilulio’s credibility. Dilulio instigated the crimes with which the defendants are accused and he paid them to commit those crimes. Dilulio will be paid an unknown sum of at least $100,000 for his testimony. In opening statements today, Mark Baker’s attorney John Delgado began to attack Dilulio’s credibility. Delgado called the agent provocateur who manufactured the case a “scheming, scamming stealer.”

Ron Byrum

Phillips also wrote, “On Monday, (Judge Cameron McGowan) Currie had strong warnings for the defendants, their attorneys, family members and friends after Richardson said a blogger was posting information on the Internet about future witnesses, indicating someone had leaked a confidential document. Currie threatened the attorneys and their clients with contempt of court. She forbade the defense attorneys from emailing documents to their clients. Instead, the attorneys must make printed copies and sit with their clients as they are reviewed, she said.”

Currie was reacting to a story that appeared on The Aging Rebel Saturday. That article questioned the assumption that Lisa Bifield, one of the original defendants in the case and the wife of former lead defendant Daniel Bifield, will testify for the prosecution. Multiple sources, speaking anonymously, also described Richardson and FBI Agent Devon P. Mahoney as “pissed” that the same story contained the statement: “Ronald Dean Byrum Jr., who pled guilty to something as part of a sealed plea deal on January 17, probably will testify at the trial after it starts Monday. Byrum illustrates a basic axiom of motorcycle club cases, which is that the real investigation doesn’t start until after everybody is indicted.”

The Aging Rebel stands by the statements in that story. Byrum, a former member of the Southern Gentlemen Motorcycle Club was interviewed by Mahoney as recently as last Wednesday.

More Witnesses

Richardson also announced yesterday that a “full patch member” will testify at the trial but the identity of that witness and the club into which he was patched is still secret.

This page has identified four cooperating witnesses who may be called to testify in this trial. In addition to Lisa Bifield and Byrum it is likely that James Frederick “Big Fred” Keach, a member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club, and Trent Allen Brown who began talking to Richardson and Mahoney last June 14 will testify against their former friends.

The first prosecution witness will be Mahoney who will articulate a narrative of the case.

Class War In The New South

The debate in this trial will be over the good or evil nature of motorcycle clubs in general and of the Hells Angels in particular. Richardson was able to begin his demonization of the Angels by communicating to jurors that they were endangered in this case, by announcing that a member of the prosecution had been threatened, by keeping the jurors’ names secret and by arranging special, secure transportation for the jurors who were then led into a courthouse surrounded by armed guards.

Most motorcycle clubs describe themselves as “working men’s clubs.” Yesterday Richardson, who has been the beneficiary of both his own effort and an advantaged and lucky life, described these working men as a kind of Mafia, like the one to which Joe Dilulio supposedly belonged before the FBI started handing him checks.

“They did this for greed,” Richardson told the jury. “They did it for the money…. They also did this because this group is a gang. It’s a criminal enterprise – the Hells Angels. They’re outlaws. They’re part of the one percent of society who do not follow the law.”

Today Bruce Long’s attorney, Josh Kendrick, began the long process of separating the truth about the motorcycle outlaw frontier from the government propaganda. “They live by a different set of rules,” Kendrick said about the defendants. “There’s a little bit of outlaw in all of us. It doesn’t mean criminal.”

A Brief Philosophical Addendum

Motorcycle clubs are a uniquely American invention and they are mostly the product of the dominant American feature throughout all of our history: The wide, open spaces.

Today, the outlaw world is the last of the American frontier. It is the frontier reduced to an idea, divorced from geography, and so it has been exported to all of Latin America, all of Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Like all frontiers, it is crowded with misfits. It is violent, sexist, racist, chivalrous and sometimes brutal. Its tribes honor totems like Vikings, harpies, gunfighters, demons and Genghis Khan. In a certain light, it is the most romantic place on Earth.

Outsiders never see this frontier as it is. They see good versus evil. They never see Dick Cheney defied by Lord Byron. Mostly, police forbid outsiders to even look. News from this frontier is routinely censored by authorities or, at best, garbled beyond comprehension by ignorant and frightened reporters.

Motorcycle outlaws are undeniably the last, dramatic stand of a vanishing working class and they became what they are because of Vietnam. The Bandidos, Warlocks, Vagos, Sons of Silence and Mongols were all invented during Vietnam. This frontier was defined by highly disciplined, profoundly alienated, Vietnam Veterans who had been infected with violence, calloused against mere materialism and scorned by the nation for which they bled.

Men join motorcycle clubs out of longing and love. Motorcycle clubs are brotherhoods of men who have left themselves no choice but to stand apart from the world at large. The joy of joining a motorcycle club is the joy of crossing a wasteland to find one’s own tribe. Nine years after Daimler invented motorcycling, Stephen Crane wrote a black headline that describes this joy:

I stood upon a high place,
And saw, below, many devils
Running, leaping,
and carousing in sin.
One looked up, grinning,
And said, “Comrade! Brother!”


Men are saved by motorcycle clubs as they are saved by religion. Anyone who has ever ridden with a club immediately grasps the comparison. For some men a club patch is the first thing they have ever won in their lives and the experience of putting that symbol on their back is transformative. Those who were weak become strong. Those who were lost belong. The meek become bold, the reckless responsible. The older the prospective recruit the greater the accomplishment.

Outsiders, people who adore Sons of Anarchy for example, are attracted to motorcycle outlaws because they are the them that they bind in chains. They are the chaotic freedom to which disciplined and regimented civilization must never be allowed to descend. They are the show. They are the you that you wish you were when you are humiliated or overwhelmed or bullied or condescended to or made to admit that you are small and powerless.

Neither Jay Richardson nor Devon Mahoney can ever be expected to agree with these sentiments about the motorcycle club world. But over the next month and a half some of the jurors might find some common ground with the men they have been called to judge. And, therein will lie the story of this case.


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39 Responses to “Rock Hell Trial Underway”

  1. powerhunger Says:

    176 men, women and children sufferd and were murdered at the hands of an overzealous, power crazed Prosecutor in 1692 known as the Salem Wicth trials.. How many times as a society do we have to SUFFER through the same mistakes before we learn. Greed and desire for power and attention have always been “man’s” motivator, when the poor or working class do it its criminal, yet when the rich or connected do it, it’s the cost of doing buisness and rewarded with recognition from those getting kick “their share” Only the poeple can stop these atrosities, without the body the “HEAD OF THE SNAKE” is powerless.
    May groups like the HELLS ANGELS LIVE FOREVER. Most HELLS ANGELS are the men that would be awarded the MEDAL OF Honor in time of war…

  2. Frequent Flyer Says:

    This is a much better commentary:

    Please watch.

  3. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I remember after 911 happened— and it was revealed how fucking incompetent the FBI and the CIA was in letting it happen. And the Bush administrations responsde? Create yet another federal beauracracy, the “homeland security”. And oh, yeah, the TSA. LMAO

    This country went to hell a long time ago.

    For those not familiar with the Maine Prepper, let me introduce him:

  4. Va. Bob Says:

    I wonder from which state Andrew Dys hails.Referring to a Confederate flag(Battle Flag of Northern this instance)as a symbol of hatred could be a highly counter-productive act in the Palmetto State.That goes for his apparent pro-gun control attitude,as well.Take I-95 North,hoss,and don’t stop when you get to the Old Dominion,either.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel said: “Thank you for sharing this moron’s work with us. He makes more than I do, by the way.”

    That’s because the country in general and the media in particular has been dumbed down, Rebel. Josef Goebbles probably made more money than Klaus von Stauffenberg also, but which one of them is remembered for his balls?

  6. Glenn S. Says:

    Jim666 said: “Any jury anywhere would have to be deaf dumb & blind not to see that.”

    Either deaf, dumb and blind or baffled by the bullshit.

    Best wishes to the accused.

  7. swampy Says:

    Andrew Dys?….that guy must be the love child of Hunter Thompson and Minister of Propaganda Kerrie Droban. Of course the gun control issue would have to be used by this idiot(Dys).

    “It takes two hands to hold the rifle, it is so large and deadly.”

    All rifles require the use of “two hands”, unless shooting from a bipod or benchrest. I’d hate to think I had to rely on one hand only to safely and humanely put a deer on the ground from my .243 Win. The same goes for SPORTING rifles like the AK-47 and AR-15.

    Let’s not forget that hateful “tattered” Confederate battle flag or the dreaded and deadly chain wallet.

    Actually the club house, on the right, in the photo is a “tidy” looking little building. Hell, it looks better than my old farmhouse that I inhabit. The building on the left looks like it would house the typical things a club accumulates over the years, tables, chairs, tools, old motorcycle parts, overhead tarps, etc.

    At least one guy that left a comment on that rag got it right by calling it “pathetic journalism.”

  8. Jim666 Says:

    I agree completely the only possible conclusion to the outcome is entrapment.
    Any jury anywhere would have to be deaf dumb & blind not to see that.
    Ya think thats why the judge told the defense teams they couldnt use entrapment as a defense ?

    The main reason I posted this trash is, the way I read it,
    the article just proves entrapment beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    I just can not justify in my mind any logic that would prevent this judge from getting disbarred for not letting the defense use entrapment in their defense
    when this case is based soley on entrapment by the feds and their snitches.

    WTF ?

  9. old & stoned Says:

    “The trial is over what prosecutors call a climate of fear, intimidation and violence by the (insert randon 1% club here).”

    This ‘climate of fear’ is the biggest weapon ‘they’re’ using. It justifies CI’s info being withheld until 5 days prior to trial in some states, it stacks courthouses w/ armed Deputy Dawgs, & the skys above w/ helicopters to more impress this on the public, and more importantly the Jurors. It’s the excuse they use to deny due process.

    the whole state of California lost ‘Open Carry’ with a stroke of a pen because a select few citizens fueled by the ATF cried “we’re scared”

    to all the posters who’ve mentioned ‘Nazi tactics’,, you don’t know how right you are. History DOES repeat itself. The only real difference here is the number of letters on your ‘enemies’ uniform. All the feds have 3,, Hitler only needed 2.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    Thank you for sharing this moron’s work with us. He makes more than I do, by the way.


  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Shit, could a “news” story be more biased than the one Jim666 just posted? Its not a clear reporting of facts, its a persuasive essay written by a 9th grader. There is no balance, no opposing viewpoint, blatant playing of the race card (lots of all black organizations in this country, and when do we ever hear about that in the news?), and the story oozes utter contempt for men who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Just once, I’d like to read a newspaper that recognizes that, while 1%ers might be contemptuous of society’s rules, the law enforcement elements of the US government is totally contemptuous of the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, supposedly the highest law of the land.

    Jury pools have been brainwashed by such “news” reports. Judges prosecute from the bench. The persecution enjoys unlimited funding and the power to grant transactional immunity and a lot of money to rats, and then claim the rats are motivated by a desire to better the community. Defense attorneys are forbidden from similarly bribing witnesses. The persecution is allowed to orchestrate drama in the courtroom. Public defenders are neutered, underpaid, and encouraged to mount minimal defenses. Information that might help the defense is kept secret from the defendants until the last minute, and is totally withheld from the public that might hear of it and have something to add that would assist the defense. The prosecution is not hobbled in this manner. And they call this a fair trial.

    To digress a little, I work a 12-step program of recovery from drug addiction. The 9th step is: “We made amends to [people we have harmed] whenever possible…” When I started working this program, I had a problem working this step when it came to making amends to “society” because society got 11 years from me and I figured we were more than even. My sponsor in the program talked about this, and he suggested I find ways to make amends to society in a manner that I don’t find objectionable, like giving money to the down and out, or to those who might need it that I have no problem with. He suggested that I’d feel better about myself for it. One of the ways that I do this is that I put money in every Big House Crew donation jar that I come across.

  12. Sieg Says:

    The stinking rat bastard who sold us out got a free pass on a 15-year sentence for sale-weight heroin, plus all expenses paid for the full 18 months that they strung their “investigation” out, plus had his dope habit supported by the G, PLUS got a total of 30K CASH MONEY for his troubles.

    This is a guy who never made more than 15K in a GOOD year!!!

    What goes around comes around. Sooner or later, instant karma will catch up, and I’m sure someone will speak crossly to him.

    5 to 1

  13. Jim666 Says:

    Yes Rebel thank you.

  14. Tiger Says:

    Rebel it is sad what our country has become under the lies and deception that is put forth to the public as justice. I am apalled that entrapment by a known criminal for personal gain is even thought of as legal let alone an american way of justice. Oh what has become of our beloved “Land of the Free”. I thank God that I am almost done with my life and the crap that is done by our government to the people is sad, just fucking sad. FUCK THE F.B.I. ( FUCKED-UP BUTTHEAD IDIOTS ) When the people lose faith in they’re leaders what happens? I pray that someone that is honest could one day clean up the dirty lying fucks that are paid by the taxes of the citizens. Tiger

  15. Not Surprised Says:

    Talk about prospering, it is “usual and customary” for the lead CI to get, in addition to other monies. a minimum of 10% on any assert forfeiture.

    Here’s hoping he extinguishes long before he can reap the benefit of it.

  16. Dan L Says:

    And thanks Rebel for your update
    I agree with you Jim,and I have the same questions,surely the defense will be able to say that this entrapment case is technically legal but that it just barely doe’s make it in under the wire; and that it doe’s not pass for being ethical in any righteous persons mind. I can’t see any evidence that there was a drug ring before the feds came in and invented one!

    It galls me to no end to think that this bucket of shit Dillio could feasibly prosper from all this damage!

    Rebel beat me to this one,what about what the feds have done to these peoples “holy matrimony”? Whats the giberish about “let no man come between what god has brought together”. This is the bible belt hopefully the jury will respect the sacredness of these peoples marriage!

    peace out Dan L

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    Let me just start by repeating something one of the defense lawyers in the case told me Thursday night. “This is wild. We are working around the clock, despite the looming budget sequestration that may kill our pay for a while. We all agree that spending time with these folks – they aren’t criminals. Just outlaws.”

    I’m sure you read that correctly. Not only was there the usual crap with federal cases like overcharging and evidence dumps. Not only did the post-indictment, pre-superseding indictment phase of the investigation include government bullying that was intended to turn wives against husbands. Not only did the case exemplify actual and sentence entrapment. Not only was the case extraordinarily rushed for a “complex case” which gave the prosecution an unfair advantage. Now, because the Republican and Democratic tribes of sleep-walking zombies in Washington can’t stop trying to eat each other’s heads for about a minute and pass a fucking budget, the government is threatening to stop paying the defenders.

    Personally? I expect the defenders to rip the prosecution a new asshole. I think one sure fire way to piss off a lawyer is to threaten to fuck with his money. I expect any number of logical defenses will be raised. I will say a little more about them as each is about to arise. I would not be shocked to learn that the defenders have had Joe Dilulio under a microscope for the last six months or so.



  18. Jim666 Says:

    I read a couple of other articles here last nite I must have got something confused as I could have swore I seen Steve Cooks name in this article, sorry “My Bad”,,lol
    I guess I read his name in another article, now I gotta go look to see where I seen it ,


  19. Please write Dan Says:

    Thank ya’ll.It is very much appreciated.

  20. BigV Says:

    Jim6666: So far as I know, Steve Cook didn’t have any active involvement in this case.

    Cook did lead a pre-dawn raid in the KC area and arrested 3+ individuals who have ties to the Sons of Silence.


  21. Phuquehed Says:

    @Please write Dan – I just wrote a couple of small pages to him. I’ll send it out tomorrow.

    Dan and his brother Angels are getting fucked by our government as if our government is run by Hitler’s old regime, which it pretty much seems is the case anymore, since prostitutors everywhere wouldn’t know how to be truthful or honest if their lives depended on it. They’re in it for fame and greed only. There’s nothing else they care about…’doing good’ doesn’t mean shit to any of them, as they prove daily by their shithole tactics and malicious slanderings just to put someone away.

    Fuck the feds, fuck the government, fuck the whiny bitch prostitutors nationwide who wouldn’t know what having a set of balls, honor, or truthfulness in them was if it was an elephants dick in their mouth.

  22. IO Says:

    Just sent a letter a day ago!

  23. Please write Dan Says:

    If everyone could please take a few minutes and send DiamondDana card or a letter. He is not feeling well right and and could use some cheering up. He has not been receiving much mail lately. Even if it is just two short sentences please let him know that he does have people that care about him and support him.

    Daniel Bifield 140858-A103
    Lexington County Detention Center
    PO Box 2019
    Lexington SC 29071

  24. Jim666 Says:


    I really dont want to say alot here about this trial,as it is still in progress and we all know the Fed,s prostitutiors,you know the slimy fucks that try and destroy your and your friends ,familys, employer,s pets, lifes. are reading this.
    What Im wondering is, will the defense lawyers be able to show or try at least to prove the lack of cridetabilty of Dilulio ?
    I mean how fucking credable and honest is an ex mob flunky RAT goning to be knowing that if he forgets one lie he,ll get all his charges handed back to him that the fed gang bought him with, that and all of our “tax payers” money they are going to pay him for entraping these men.
    Is any of this going to be told to the jury, you know what im trying to say ?

    the feds used the “jurys ” tax money to pay a ex mafia capo to entrap some bikers so he can get a shit load of charges against him dropped, a big bag of tax money, a new house not to mention a complete new life including all his past credit wiped clean.
    and the freedom to start his new mafia some where else.

    are the defense lawyers going to be allowed by this communist court to tell the citizens all of this ?

    you know since in a clear case of entrapment she decided that word couldnt be used,

    I was always under the impression that it is illeagle to pay,trade,buy,of make deals for a witnesses testamony.
    If so everyone involved in the prosicution of this case should be locked up.

    also, I didnt know Steve Cook was part of this case.??

    Respects Jim


  25. Not Surprised Says:

    Sad, sad day when the Federal Fucking Bureau of Investigation decides to harass a lone internet blogger.

  26. IO Says:

    The damn feds will do everything and anything to make something seem out of sorts just so they can bring it up during trial in an attempt to further convince the judge and jury about the dangers and behind the scenes moves regarding the defense. When in reality the entire investigation and indictment process is dangerous and full of behind the scenes moves.

    I think it would be worth while for bikers and everyone else to really take a stand and try to create support for banning grand jury investigations or something. I have read that in England, they did away with grand jury investigations due to popular support to ban grand juries. In England lawyers and law makers made it a political matter and people were finally able to see that grand juries were in violation of peoples rights and open due process. Grand Juries seem to be the linchpin and an easy step for feds to build cases, it should be done away with.

    Its sad to see how many people are willing to flip and tell tales in order to save their own asses no matter the damage done to others.

    I hope the defense team reaches some jurors and paints a clear picture of what has transpired.

    Fight on!

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear zeb666,

    Well, first there is the slight matter that the fucking FBI is trying to find my sources so let me just take this opportunity to say fuck the FBI.

    In the opening statements one of the defenders said something to the effect that “the prosecution is not our country but a bureaucratic division called the Department of ‘Justice.'” I like that line and I didn’t report it before.

    Since I last wrote on the case prosecutor Julius N. Richardson has been making sweet, oral love on the witness stand to FBI Agent Devon P. Mahoney. There is no trial today or Monday. The cross-examination of Mahoney should start on Tuesday and I will have a pertinent, probably long, advance for that up on Monday.

    A little later the prosecution will call Special Agent T-Dogg, I believe the guy’s government name is John Ciccone, to the stand. I don’t know if T-Dogg will testify this week or next because he keeps ignoring my requests for his travel schedule (even after I set him up for a TV interview) but I think Ciccone will probably testify this week and “Mafioso” Joe Dilulio will begin his long, banal and over edited tale late this week or next. Mafia Joe, whither omerta?

    And, once more because it can’t be said too many times, fuck the FBI.

    Stay tuned,

  28. Mick Says:

    @Zeb666 of course there is nothing onthe mainstream media, as Rebel reported the defence was speaking, ain’t no way anyone but Rebel will report that element of the trial, it would undermine the Governments position that we are all baby eating monsters.

  29. zeb666 Says:

    So whats the latest on how the trial is progressing. I havent found anything in the Columbia papers on line in a few days.

  30. 00 81 Says:

    You will never experience the complete since of freedom like you feel when you ride your bike. Especially if you live your life in a cage looking out.

  31. IO Says:

    “Credible threats”, in reality most likely equate to some prosecution motion entered prior to opening arguments which quotes some past case somewhere in the US where someone with a motorcycle might have mentioned something about doing something to someone.

    Not to mention that the prosecution probably claims that the public and legally obtained information, unsealed documents, such as the indictments and deductive reasoning, surely cannot be the culprit, rather information must be secretly obtained through nefarious means. The Assistant US Attorney and federal goons will probably even go so far and attempt to keep people from coming to an open and public court for complete bogus reasons. The feds will be so threatened by family and friends and as the weeks go by will come up with excuses to turn this trial into a closed to the public session.

    The Feds have some many procedural and theatrical tricks up their sleeves, everyone must guard against and keep on fighting!

    Fight on!

  32. Rebel Says:


    I promise you I will do my best.


  33. LIVINGLIFE Says:

    @Thomas Uni and you can thank Red Oktober. Tell gravel Dave “I was here”
    I will make a point to tell Gravel today.
    Your information will be forwarded to the attorneys.
    Thank you for your insight..

    As for Fred Keach “Big Fred” he had left the club a couple of months before the arrests.

    REBEL, keep going strong. I know the things you speak are the truth (1st hand) and you are a God’s send.
    All of the guys love what you are doing.
    Bout time someone stood up for them and the injustice they are subject to being a club member.

  34. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m fairly certain the the USDOJ would pull out all stops were any credible threat made to a US Attorney.

    On the other hand, if some enterprising junior attorney *might* read some random internet blog and coupled with the judicious application of a combination of an overly active imagination and raw ambition, there you’d have your threat………

    All of this assumes that Columbia SC is a fairly slow crime area anyway and that Homeland Security had nothing better to do……

    Fucking grand standing egotistical bastard ain’t gonna ever pass up a chance to see his name in lights.

  35. Glenn S. Says:

    Or, from the immortal words of the martyred Christopher Dorner, they are lying when they begin their sentences with “based on my experience and training”.

  36. Sieg Says:

    An AUSA lying?!?!?!?!? Surely you jest…they NEVER lie, do they?

    Oh yeah…only when their mouths are moving.

    5 to 1

  37. Not Surprised Says:

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Julius N. “Jay” Richardson had the courthouse surrounded by armed Homeland Security guards. Richardson has alleged that Hells Angels have threatened the prosecution team

    So how was this “threat” conveyed? Overheard jail house conversation from the standard snitch? E mail? Billboard on I 26?

    Mr Richardson, I believe you are a liar…………….

  38. Thomas Says:

    This is my last message for awhile. In both the articles of Lisa testifies and what will she say I have told all of these facts back in July. I was ridiculed and I was hoping that the word would get out about the veracity of my claims. Where I get my information from does not matter, only know it to be the truth. The government is pissed that I have stated these facts. But they were and are the truth. Listen to me very carefully, I have helped other clubs in the past about there rat infestation. Now I am going to tell those defendants what they really need to know. The reason for smoking answering charges dropped was because when Lisa was being debriefed, smoking was elsewhere. Look at the phone records and tower locations of the defendants and ci’s many do not match up. This will discredit many of the witnesses. If you are really the friends of HA’s then contact their attorneys. As for who I am and what my motives are, there are members here that I have personal obligations to and this is a show of loyalty. I neither hate the government nor am for it right now, but I am for one of these defendants. The dates and phone and credit cards do not all line up. Get this to those who need it the most.

    Sincerely, Thomas Uni and you can thank Red Oktober. Tell gravel Dave “I was here”

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