What Will Lisa Say

February 9, 2013

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Lisa Bifield, one of the prosecution’s most important witnesses in the Rock Hell Angels case in Columbia, South Carolina might not testify after all.

The larger than life Bifield, who is married to the larger than life Diamond Dan Bifield, has been described by numerous persons with knowledge of the case as a “loose cannon” but prosecutors seem to have discovered this facet of her personality only recently. Two days ago government attorneys were virtually forced to dismiss charges against one of the original defendants in the case, Somying Anderson, after Lisa Bifield changed her recollection of a cocaine deal with a paid informant named Joe Dilulio.

Around the same time, Dan Bifield was telling anyone who would listen that he didn’t think his wife would testify.

Attention HBO

The most remarkable thing about the case in Columbia, now called United States versus Mark Baker et al., is that HBO Films hasn’t sent a camera crew and a field producer to cover the trial. This has been an extraordinary case so far: Astoundingly corrupt; its course warped by a tall, supernaturally dark-haired, witch of a judge; exemplifying class warfare in the new south; glamorized by good-old-boy Hells Angels; and at its heart a compelling and constantly surprising love story featuring an old outlaw and an aging club dancer.

Lisa Bifield convinced Diamond Dan Bifield to spend the rest of his life in prison for her. The implications of who this woman might be seem to just now be dawning on Julius N. “Jay” Richardson – the perfect, University of Chicago Law School Grad and Supreme Court of the United States clerk who has spent too much of his life polishing his career to have time to meet a woman as interesting as Lisa. Even from a continent away it is obvious that this is Lisa Bifield’s world and she will find a way to do what she wants with it.

There is, of course, a clause in Mrs. Bifield’s super secret plea deal that compels her to testify in a cheerful and cooperative manner or stand trial herself. Apparently Richardson never anticipated how much wiggle room that might allow a woman like Lisa and what power she might exert over a jury. The golden Assistant United States Attorney might put Lisa Bifield on the stand. He might threaten her with decades in prison if she doesn’t parrot what he wants her to say. But he has no more idea what Lisa is going to say or do next than anybody else in the Carolinas. The one exception to that is her husband who knows her better than anyone else. He thinks she will not testify which is why Richardson, unless he really is as arrogant as he seems, might not even put her on the stand.


Meanwhile Ronald Dean Byrum Jr., who pled guilty to something or other as part of a sealed plea deal on January 17, probably will testify at the trial after it starts Monday. Byrum illustrates a basic axiom of motorcycle club cases, which is that the real investigation doesn’t start until after everybody is indicted.

Byrum has known lead defendant Mark Baker since Baker rode with the God’s Few Motorcycle Club.

Byrum may have come to an agreement with prosecutors before Labor day. Shortly after that, Baker and his old friend Byrum became cell mates. They talked about the case for hours, looked over discovery together and almost immediately Baker began to share information with Byrum.

Byrum has briefed investigators about his version of his conversations with Baker. Byrum has also told investigators about possible criminal activity by acquaintances of Baker’s who have not yet been indicted.


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13 Responses to “What Will Lisa Say”

  1. Karma Says:

    I sat in at the trial last week for about 5 hours. What a crock! I was told months ago by one of the defendents that the discovery material was such a mess is was unuseable. And boy was he right. Even the Prosecutor couldn’t figure out which exhibit went where. They have hours of audio/wire tapping tapes that they give 3 lines out of context so it makes no sense. The whole CI “Joe” is obviously attempting to entrap the defendents over and over. How can you charge a person for selling a legal weapon to someone who identifies himself as a purchaser of guns when he is not? I don’t know what this trial is costing, but CI Joe was paid $100,000 to assist the FBI with setting up this “sting”. It’s not funny when somebody you care about is on trial like this – but if you have a few hours to kill and want to see a government SNAFU first hand – drop by the courthouse.

  2. old & stoned Says:

    @ Rock Hell

    all they need is a ‘CI’ to ‘imagine’ a crime, and a handler to take it to a Grand Jury.

    fear not the lies being told; fear the tellers.

  3. ROCK HELL Says:

    How can there be any charges related to selling guns to Joe the Jeweler? How can you be a convicted felon and be a Pawn Store Owner? Just saying….

  4. IO Says:

    I think speculating is fine and people can have their opinions and I am glad to see that people are now airing their disagreements and opinions on the matter a little bit more cautiously due to the uncertainty. Either way those directly involved know who is who and we will soon enough once trial begins.

    Stand, support, and hope for the best for those who are true to their brothers and especially to those who are taking this case head on!

  5. Jim666 Says:

    Dan L

    That article reads a hell of a lot like the article here, RE: Feds starting drug and gun deals and pinning it on someone else.

    A Retorical question

    I wonder what they “FEDS” would come up w/ to arrest someone that would back out of A federal entrapment scam ?
    Im sure they would try to Jail them on something for not falling into their trap.


  6. Dan L Says:

    Dear Chrissie
    Thanks for taking the time to write out a nice comment, this one is much easier to read. Lets hope you are right about Lisa, this whole thing is a big ugly mess and peoples rage should be directed towards the feds and the three scummy snitch’es that have brought on so much destruction. Please read this short article you will see how horrible these entrappment case’s can be!

    peace out Dan L

  7. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    I was not stating that You were speculating, I haven’t seen anything that you have printed be untrue. I am talking about everyone else on here that does not have a personal stake in this. I personally think that Leisa is going to testify, and as I have stated on here before, if I am wrong and she does not testify then I will be the first one to personally apologize. But until trial starts, we really won’t know what is going to happen. Thanks

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bipolar&Proud,

    It is not speculation. Lisa Bifield was “prepped” for testimony about a week ago. (You understand I am intentionally vague because I don’t want to tell the FBI what I know and how I know it.) It looks to me like she is looking for a way not to testify. Dan Bifield thinks she will not testify.

    Good luck,

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear 00 81,

    You think she’s going to testify then? I’m not sure. Diamond Dan thinks she won’t. I think she’s an interesting woman. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything she does.


  10. chrissie hunter Says:

    Wow. Speculate ???? that’s my girl lisa. she’s no rat. not a lot of comments i see now. again wow. if i speculated i would ask why is she the only wife in jail along with her husband. but that would. again be speculating. you know right? Lmbbo. I’m thrilled this is cleared up. this is all i needed to say. i pray for all the families hurt in all this. well one more thing. lisa has children and grandchildren and siblings she loves. if you’re not close to her she doesn’t talk about them with you. Lisa is loved dearly by her true friends and family. thank u all for allowing me to share and defend these speculations. have a blessed day and god bless .

  11. 00 81 Says:

    I think the Disney, or Cartoon channel would be more appropriate for this fantasy.

  12. Paladin Says:

    Right about the time my “old friend” became my cell mate, is right about the time I’d discuss NOTHING but the weather.

    As I believe HA Durham Heavy 1%er (Not My Road Name) said “Even A Fish Wouldn’t Get Caught, if He Kept His Mouth Shut.” That’s real good advice, since it seems there are times when a brother’s “brothers” aren’t always his brothers.

    There’s nothing to be lost and everything to be gained, by practicing good jail/prison fieldcraft.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    Like I said, when the trial starts the truth of everything will finally come to light. Until then all we can do is speculate.

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