Ongoing Biker War

February 4, 2013

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Arizona, the police state that claims to be anti-government, is ramping up its war on bikers. At the forefront of this war is a ridiculous police force with a ridiculous name: The Gang And Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission State Gang Task Force, or as they would prefer to be called GIITEM.

GIITEM is supposed to be pronounced “Git ‘em,” like “Sic ‘em Bowser.” In 2009 GIITEM rolled into the previously friendly, Colorado River town of Kingman and started harassing every biker it could find. The harassment was in response to a nasty, grown man fist fight in nearby Bullhead City.

In Kingman civilian, weekend riders were surveilled and photographed. Patriot Guard Riders were harassed and ticketed at a funeral. Restaurants were pressured into adopting “no colors” policies. “Colors” was defined as a leather or denim vest with decoration. So, a middle-aged man named Sam Kormos was thrown out of a drag race because he was wearing a vest that had “Harley-Davidson” on the back.

Melissa Summerson

Last December, a Kingman city personnel “technician” named Melissa Summerson was fired after eleven years because her husband William is a member of a motorcycle club called the Desert Roadriders. Her dismissal notice stated “Your association with an OMG (which is police-speak for Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) coupled with your access to sensitive employee information has our law enforcement, legal, dispatch and judicial system employees very concerned with regard to their personal information.” Summerson hired a lawyer named David Kresin to try to get her job back.

About a month ago Kresin told the Kingman Standard, “She was terminated for the stated reason of her husband’s membership in a family motorcycle club – the Desert Roadriders. There’s no allegation that Mrs. Summerson personally did anything wrong in her job or engaged in any conduct personally that violated any of the city’s rules and we believe there’s no cause for termination as she’s been an outstanding employee with a great record for her entire employment.”

Kresin went on to say that the dismissal violated Summerson’s “Constitutional right to freedom of association.”

In a public hearing on the matter last week, Kingman cited a 2009 search warrant affidavit that stated, “The Desert Road Riders are being utilized by the Hells Angels as a ‘reserve force’ for the ongoing ‘biker war’ in Mohave County.”

More Cops

Apparently, there is no shortage of money to fund GIITEM for the ongoing “biker war.” Last month the Town Council of Clarkdale, Arizona voted to accept GIITEM’s generous offer of $10,000, a car, and 75 percent of one officer’s salary so that a new officer could join the GIITEM gang office in nearby Cottonwood. Clarkdale has a population of 3,836. Cottonwood has a population of 11,171.

Clarkdale Police Chief Randy Taylor told the Council, “There are currently adequate resources available in Clarkdale’s RICO funds to cover the town’s matching cost (25 percent of a patrolman’s salary) for participation on the task force.”

Taylor said he decided to hire a new cop to work for GIITEM after learning that Clarkdale would be “excluded from (GIITEM) intelligence about gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs until the town has an officer involved in the task force.”

According to Philip Wright of the Verde Independent the partnership between Clarkdale and GIITEM is already paying off. Wright reported that Chief Taylor now has “information about a shootout several years ago between two outlaw motorcycle gangs in Laughlin, Nevada. He also learned that five members of one of the outlaw gangs lives in the Verde Valley and one member lives in Clarkdale.”


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40 Responses to “Ongoing Biker War”

  1. Oilslick Says:

    A small victory for patch wearing bikers was realized yesterday when the Senate Sub-Commitee passed SB1086. The bill will now move onto the House and full Senate for lgislative review and approval. Thank you to all that showed up. An estimated 200 bikers were there representing most of the top clubs from AZ.

    Ride on,

  2. JMack Says:

    Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t extend the same offer to any of y’all (did I say that right?) if you decided to come up to Alberta. The riding season is only 6 months, but there are all sorts of beautiful and scenic roads and the Rocky Mountains from here to the West Coast are nothing short of amazing. Gas and beer costs twice as much, but the beers stronger and the gas…well it’s gas. But if you are a strong advocate for the use of herbal remedies, theres none finer than BC (so I’m told)



  3. JMack Says:


    Thanks man, I appreciate that. That is an offer I’d love to take up sometime.


  4. Va Bob Says:

    For the last three years ,I’ve been around the Ormond Beach area for about 3 weeks during the winter.Boring roads,but good deals.BTW,at the ass-end of Bike Week(Sunday),D.A.C. does a show at the Iron Horse which is cool to be at,because most folks are gone by then.

  5. PigPen Says:

    Jmack. If you ever hit Georgia, hit me up, I will put you in contact with some good People to ride with, show you hospitality, and give you a good tour of Atlanta. Hit the local places, avoid the yuppie trash.

  6. JMacK Says:

    Thanks a bunch for the input. Of course up here, everyone has their favorite place, but I’d rather hear it from locals. It’s something I will check out often because I hope to buy in the next few years. Heading down to Palm Springs for 10 days or so next month so I guess I will start with the Southwest first. Always stuck with a lid up here, so it doesn’t become as big of a deal. I’m pretty happy to find somewhere that has less than a foot of snow haha.

    Thanks again for the help.


  7. BHCity Aztransplant Says:

    Well scooter tramps aren’t the only ones harrassed by the feds and Az shitheadsMy wife. works in a wellness center in Ft. Mohave and the fucking feds and cops did a swat raid on the place. It was fukin rediculous as there were 6 ladies from 68 years old to about 30 working there. The stupid fucks could have walked thru the front door but decided to do a swat raid. They were crawling thru the nursery next door with guns at the readylike a bunch of fukin comandos.When it was over I laughed my ass off as they didn’t get shit in the raid. Stupid bastards could ahve shot one of the ladies tho and thats not too funny.Supposedly the place was deaaling drugs. Idiots could plainly see that was BS as there are local cops that get treated there but they decided to try and put this fine Dr.out of business.Fortunately he is smarter than them and still open.What a waste of tax dollars.There were about 30 Feds and Mohave County Cops involved.I sure hope that the ladies there didin’t scare them too bad.Bullhead City Cops are no good either. If you aren’t drunk or a violater of domestic violence they can’t do anything. Fuk that place and the cops there and I am glad to be back in Hawaii away from those fuks. Arizona sure isn’t bike freindly like they used to be.

  8. Bob Says:

    I have worked, and rode, from coast to coast. Mostly below I-70. I love the southwest. Arizona and New Mexico kicks ass. Great scenery, friendly people and some of the best damn mechanics I have come across in the Phoenix area. Also I enjoyed the Carolina’s and Virginia. Tennessee is beautiful but those damn helmets suck. Florida is nice but there are too many old people that are so feeble they can’t operate the turn signals or make up their minds (if they still have one) on when or where to turn. I hope you find a place that meets or exceeds all your expectations.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Lots of advantages to SC: Short, mild winters, no helmet law (and a governor who promised to veto any helmet law that passes the legislature), small town Americana via secondary roads, mountains, the coast, medium sized cities.

  10. Red&Gold Says:

    RE : New Mexico…I Lived there for years and it is true that there is some great riding, fantastic food…I miss New Mexico often.., BUT remember, it gets REAL cold in many parts of the state in winter…If you decide New Mexico, pick your spot wisely…

  11. Jim666 Says:

    OC Vago Im in a little Mayberry fuckers brought the feds in last year,just because two differnt patches were seen,Id say yes to your question from the way it,s looking, seems they local popo will get more tax money to fund shit they,ll never use.
    Just my .02

  12. OC VAGO Says:

    So every Mayberry on the map is soon going to have a Barney Fife “motorcycle gang expert”

  13. 11c_infantry Says:

    I agree with Warthog. New Mexico is great. However, South Carolina is also a good option. Fun mountain roads in the Upstate and no helmet laws. A lot of the cops in the Upstate are fairly biker friendly, but that changes a lot in the lower part of the state near the coast.

  14. Ronbo Says:

    Goldsboro Williams, Says,
    “Every town of 3,836 people needs “at least one “motorcycle gang expert”
    THATS why I live in a town of less than 3,000!! Still they are small town cops with Big city ideas how our little town could be “BETTER”



  15. WARTHOG Says:


    I’ve always been partial to the desert southwest. (Although after reading this article you may want to avoid Arizona.) New Mexico is relatively cheap and has some fantastic riding. I love the open spaces compared to the flat congested highways of Florida. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.




  16. Grumbler Says:

    @JMacK – According to my biker bud in FL, best bet is outside the Daytona area … DeLand, New Smyrna, Orange City, and Flagler Beach. Also, Bunnell which is north of Daytona … a 15- 20 min ride.

    Orlando and Daytona Beach are genuine tourist traps … lots of places to ride to, lots of watering holes from first class to dives … Biketoberfest happens usually the 2nd week of Oct. Then there is Bike Week in March. Lots of events in between.

    My BIL lives in Port St John, FL which has very affordable housing, but have no clue about the rental rates. I could pump him for info so LMK.

  17. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    JMack: Once you get south of the Ohio River, you can actually smoke in the bars and tip the dancing girls. On the down side, most places below the Mason-Dixon line also have helmet laws. That being said, I rode from Ohio to southern Georgia before I was stopped. The GSP guy who stopped me thought my ignorance was amusing, plus the fact that no one had stopped me all the way down 71/75. He let me off with a warning.

  18. JMacK Says:

    I have a question related to this topic. If a good ol Canadian boy was looking for a biker friendly but semi-affordable place to spend some cold months, but not a tourist trap, where should he go?

    I’ve visited a lot of places but haven’t ridden a lot in the south. Any help would be appreciated.



  19. mo co ryder Says:

    Good story rebel!

  20. BB Says:

    I wonder if they realize how much money bikers pump into the verde valley every year? I have relatives who live in Cornville, AZ which is adjacent to Cottonwood, AZ. I ride when I’m down there and there are literally thousands of bikers, club and independent, in that region every year. Last year, I met a nice couple from Ontario who make a trip every year to ride in the Arizona sunshine. They a members of a family club and proudly fly their colors. They are also very wealthy and they spend money – food, lodging, gifts etc. The guy even told me that he bought a trike for his ‘ol lady a few years back. He loves Arizona, but I’ll bet he rethinks that after being harassed by AZ’s finest a couple of times. I’ve never been fucked with riding down there and I hope this isn’t an indication of what’s to come. I love riding in the valley and would hate to have that fucked up.

    All I can say is Arizona lawmakers better do a significant cost benefit analysis on this one. If they don’t, and the bikers move to, say, New Mexico, they’ll be sorry.


  21. Jim666 Says:

    Sieg & RVN69,
    Is rite on the money,

    FTG & their bullshit

  22. stroker Says:

    Rebel quotes:

    “Wright reported that Chief Taylor now has “information about a shootout several years ago between two outlaw motorcycle gangs in Laughlin, Nevada. He also learned that five members of one of the outlaw gangs lives in the Verde Valley and one member lives in Clarkdale.”

    WTF? Chief taylor has just learned about Laughlin? ?? And he now knows members live close by and in Clarkdale? What the hell can we infer from that??!!
    Rebel……thank you for the story, and for that final posting.
    We need to see the trees in this forest, and it looks like the erstwhile chief now has his (Rico) sights set on people that may have been in Laughlin, and may have done nothing wrong, but he’s a-watchin’ em boy….he’s a-watchin’em! Good Gawd!
    Watch for this jerk-off to invent something to use his new funding on!

    Really discouraging what this country is coming to!

  23. RVN69 Says:

    I could smoke an OZ of green and take 4 tabs of acid and not even imagine the fucked up shit the government does routinely.

    When injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty.

  24. Sieg Says:

    The Homeland Security angle is right on. Watch and see, it’s coming to a clubhouse near you soon. The fed Beast has a vested interest in creating a visible enemy, and clubs fit that bill nicely.

    HSA recently purchased something like one and a half BILLION rounds of .40 cal SJHP, and they damn sure didn’t buy it to go after the Gangster Disciples.

    5 to 1

  25. 11c_infantry Says:

    Yup, the maggots get rid of the dog shit by eating it. These gang squad fucks spew shit like a jacked up crap machine…

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    I can hear it now [enter some whiny, lispy-voiced pig from somewhere] “Hi chief Wandy. Thay fella…can I be the first giddyupem poleeth-man you have? Pwetty pwease?

    [chief Wandy]”Why you sure can you widdle devil you! We’ll even show you where we have our widdle circle jerks. You have to be pivot man though sinth you’ll be the new fella. teehee”

    Bunch of useless fucking pigs. Maggots crawling in a steamy pile of dog shit are more useful on this planet.

  27. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    But you do, and we thank you for it. As far as hiring the cop goes, every town of 3,836 people needs at least one “motorcycle gang expert,” don’t you think? Gosh, maybe two.

    I wonder what they will use Homeland Security funds for if the public ever decides that riding a motorcycle does not make one a domestic terrorist?


  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Goldsboro,

    Well, hiring a new cop so Clarkdale can gather intelligence doesn’t cost Clarkdale anything. The car, 75 percent of the fledgling “motorcycle gang expert” and $10,000 for donuts comes from GIITEM who gets it, probably, from Homeland Security. The other quarter of the cop comes from Clarkdale’s “RICO funds.” Some days, I can’t believe I am the only guy in America who covers this bullshit.


  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear Springerman,

    Yeah. It is just a little story. What I thought was most interesting was that Clarkdale has “RICO funds.”

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  30. Oilslick Says:

    There is a big rally at the Arizona State Capitol tomorrow February 6th starting at noon. Legislation similar to what was passed by the State of Washington is being introduced as SB1086. In short it is a Motorcyclist Anti-Profiling bill. It is imperative for patch holders to show up so our voice will heard. A local television station is rumored to be planning on covering the rally.

    It was supposed to happen last Wednesday but the key speaker for AZ DPS was unable to attend so they postponed it till tomorrow. Very convenient for them. There were not as many patch holders in attendance as was hoped. So we have to take another day off of work to go support this. Hopefully the extra week of stalling will backfire in their faces and we get hundreds this week. Now is the time. If you’re in AZ please take time to attend and be heard!

    Keep up the great work Rebel.


  31. springerman Says:

    From the article —– Taylor said he decided to hire a new cop to work for GIITEM after learning that Clarkdale would be “excluded from (GIITEM) intelligence about gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs until the town has an officer involved in the task force.” Isn’t that a form of extortion? Reading this website is like the first time I did acid—very enlightening!

  32. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Instead of hiring another cop, couldn’t the police chief just have used the Arizona public records law, and requested the information they were threatening to withhold from him? Might have saved the taxpayers a few bucks.

  33. Woodstock Says:

    I don’t know how serious JJ is about what he writes ( I THINK he is very serious) but he is funny as hell and I don’t think he is far off base at all about the nature of the purpose of documents that governments draft or for that matter the actual purpose of governments in general. Believe the two of you (three of us… all of us?) are right there on the same page about the lock and load thing too.


  34. Sieg Says:

    JJ has written some amusing shit in his time, but somehow I can’t take his critique of the Constitution too seriously.

    5 to 1

  35. Woodstock Says:

    JJ Solari’s take on the constitution and where its all heading.

    What you are about to read is new knowledge. I dispense these things from time to time because I have been instructed to.
    The American Constitution is the first instance in history of codifying socialism and tribalism and monarchy into an instruction sheet. This is considered to be and is called “liberty” by most Americans who still call themselves Americans. The people who are living here “illegally” don’t really give a shit about politics so they sort of have a leg up on the Americans, cause the latter still think that America is Something Actual. But it isn’t. It’s just some people within a political border who may or may not wind up in jail in five minutes.
    Calling the Constitution a guarantor of freedom is basically a lie. It does not guarantee freedom or liberty, it does not guarantee anything because for one thing it is only half a contract. No Americans under it have signed it. So what good is the guarantee. However in the Sacred Realm of Government where godlike wonders are put into play at the signing of a “bill” or by proclamation if things need to move along more quickly, saying something guarantees something is to actually make the guarantee good. Even when it’s actually worthless. Because that is what “faith” is: belief in something supernatural. Even though there is no evidence that the supernatural in any arena actually exists, forget about proof, there is no evidence, even.
    The Constitution is a blueprint for socialism. All of human history before the Constitution just put socialism into operation on a hit or miss basis, or a war and conquest basis, followed by struggles for power and intrigue and more warring and it was all – from the dirt piles of Kenya to Queen Elizabeth’s Court – it was all a kind of haphazard affair and no one was ever on the same page.
    The American Constitution changed all that. Taxation, incarceration, conscription, and confiscation of private property – the four essential tasks of government: any government; of any kind; of the 20 or so allegedly different kinds – these four Considered Essential atrocities were for the first time spelled out as to the particulars of the method for the 4 atrocities to be doled out. In fact it’s the Constitution’s immediate order of business after the Preamble, which I call “the throwing down of the gauntlet.” After the “We the people” commie nonsense – which alone should give a clue to anyone smarter than a fucking Apache – after the preamble, the Constitution starts its day with the words “All legislative power herein granted…..”
    I didn’t grant anyone any power. What’s this “power” bullshit. How does someone grant someone else “power.” And why is the power legislative power. Why isn’t it reading power. Or writing power. Well I’ll tell you why, because reading power and writing power is not ruling power.
    So the opening line of the Constitution should read “All ruling power herein granted…..” yada yada yada.
    What this looks like to me is a bunch of guys decided there would be a pack of people separate from the people the first pack of people decided they were separate from; and that this first pack of people would rule the second pack of people.
    Apparently the second pack of people decided that this was a really good idea.
    I am not in that pack. And I am not in the first pack either. All this regal majesty and powers and congress and legislation and senators and presidents and the morass of shit that has mutated from these things, committees, departments, agencies, commissions, regulatorians…all this shit has come out of the ass of the Constitution. It did not come out of me and I was not consulted.
    No one who proclaims the amazing wondrousness and majesty of the Constitution has ever actually read it, much less contemplated its existence at all. I mean if you haven’t read it, why are you defending it? And the answer would be “Because!!!”
    Most people back off from criticizing the constitution – (which no one actually does, except me) – because the “because” is so furious and blue-faced that the discussion, or whatever it is that is occurring, usually ends at that point, with one guy blue in the face and the other guy running away.
    I don’t run away though, I just stay there and watch the guy get blue in the face cause, i dunno, it’s kinda bitchin’, seein’ that happen.
    Socialism is the tribal arrangement in which all private property belongs to someone else, not the owner.
    Capitalism is the system, social or otherwise, in which all private property belongs to the rightful owner.
    All human societies in recorded history have been socialistic.
    No human society in recorded history has been capitalistic.
    American was capitalistic between defeating England and the day the Constitution went into effect. then it became socialistic.
    The American Socialistic Society was the first human socialistic society to be written down on paper before being kicked into action.
    THIS is the only definitive aspect and “advanced” nature of the Constitution; that it was the first time a socialistic society had been itemized in detail as to its operation prior to it becoming the actual “governing body.” Throughout history this had always come about by kicking and screaming and ripping and tearing and assassinations and treachery and double crossing and butchery and cunning and violence.
    The American Constitution changed all that. People actually sat down quietly or debated civilly and with polite restraint the exact operation of a socialist government and how best to preserve and safeguard and maintain its lock on power until it sucked-up all the property of all the citizens and then forced all the now propertyless citizens into either forced labor or a mass grave.
    The American Constitution showed everyone a clean, clear, safe and delightfully easy path for everyone to follow to make this all happen as efficiently and in as orderly a manner as possible.
    So: how’s that Constitution working out for you personally these days? Pretty good? Got yourself a pretty good lock on the future for your 300 mexican kids and 10,000 mexican inlaws where you will all be rocket scientists and explorers of the universe? Probably not, because if you’re a Mexican, America has a long way more to fall before it comes close to the shithole of socialism that you left in Meheeko. That’s because Pancho Villa didn’t write a solid constitution. Things collapsed quickly in Mexico once the Spanish left and the Aztecs took over. Lots of running-blood is all an Aztec needs to feel fulfilled and Civilized.
    But what if you’re not a mexican. What if you are a white Christian who salutes the flag and recites the pledge of allegiance and hugs the flag and defends the Constitution: how’s your future looking right now under that Constitution you are defending so strongly that you never fucking actually read and prattle-on about how glorious it fucking is, that thing you never read and probably would not understand if you did.
    Hey, serves you right for being so intellectually lazy and for believing a piece of paper composed by “enlightened servants of the Architect of the Masonic Universe” who wore powdered wigs and incredibly ugly pants was going to be your salvation. It’s not your salvation, your eternal handcuffs, dude. They don’t even have locks and you still won’t take them off. You could be kinda fucked up. Have a joint. Maybe that will help. Hey, the shit worked for Mexico. Could work for you.

  36. Sieg Says:

    Yes, it will end. Whether or not we still have a Republic, that’s a different story, and how it comes out remains to be seen.

    It’s about time for it to start, kids, lock and load.

    5 to 1

  37. Paladin Says:

    Well, if memory serves, the only MC in AZ causing any problems is the Iron Brotherhood. So, when Yavapai County gets their GIITEM task force up and running, they can then go and GIITEM.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  38. Base Says:

    It’s getting worst for certain.

    The big business of crime fighting!!

  39. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    Will it ever end??????? This is starting to get so ridiculous

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