Lisa Bifield Switches Sides

January 26, 2013

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The strange and sordid tragedy of Diamond Dan Bifield just got a little more cynical. According to multiple, independent, informed sources Lisa Ellen Bifield, Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield’s wife, has been cooperating with prosecutors since last July and will testify against the remaining defendants when they go on trial next month.

According to some of the same sources, Lisa Bifield has denied that she is cooperating. Her plea agreement is sealed. Much of the case remains sealed in order to frustrate public scrutiny of the case.

Hells Angels Threat

Officially, information about cooperating witnesses is sealed as a matter of safety. The judge in this case, the Honorable Cameron McGowan Currie, issued an order on December 10 to keep secret the names of the principal agents provocateur employed by the FBI during the investigation and three other informants who will not testify during the trial. Those principal informants are Joseph Dilulio and Marty DeLoach. Currie ordered the prosecution to release information about those defendants five business days before the start of trial.

In a motion filed on January 11, prosecutors asked Currie to keep secret “the identity and information about cooperating witnesses that are not co-defendants (until) five days prior to their testimony.” The government requested this secrecy because:

“Given the nature of the Hells Angels’ enterprise and potential threats against cooperating individuals, revealing the identity and details about these cooperating individuals at this time would fail to account for the substantial and serious threat to the safety of witnesses posed by defendants and their gang associates. Any benefits of disclosure at this stage do not come close to counterbalancing the substantial interests the Government and this Court have in protecting potential witnesses from violence and intimidation.”

“In addition to the practice of Hells Angels and their associates (both generally and with regard to members of this specific Chapter) intimidating and threatening witnesses, the Government has credible information that since the arrest of these defendants, members of the Hells Angels and their associates have threatened potential witnesses and at least one member of the prosecution team.”

Dan Bifield

Daniel Bifield pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy on January 3. Lisa Bifield pled guilty to a gun possession charge the same day. Dan Bifield understood his plea would be in exchange for better treatment and a lesser penalty for his wife. Dan Bifield understood that in return for pleading guilty he would probably serve the rest of his life in prison but his wife would be out in three years.

Before making his plea Dan Bifield wrote: “Anybody who knows me knows how I am. I always helped my wife at the bar and watched over her. We always travelled together. We were a happy family. I never had a woman love me like she has. It hurts deeply that she is suffering because of me….. Now I’m fighting for my wife, my club and my life. I am at the point where I don’t care what they do to me. I may spend the rest of my life in prison but I would never sell out the people I love and believe in. I will never turn my back on any of them.”

At his change of plea hearing Dan Bifield made this “Statement of Acceptance of Personal Responsibility.”

“Dan Bifield admits that he personally committed controlled substance and money-laundering offenses as part of the RICO conspiracy to which he pleads guilty. He wishes to emphasize his belief and experience that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (world-wide) and the South Carolina Nomads Chapter are not criminal enterprises, and that his crimes were not committed or in any way undertaken on behalf of or as a part of his participation in the activities of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club of which he is a member.

“Mr. Bifield also would like the record to reflect that he has not and will not under any circumstances cooperate with or testify for the government.”

If Dan Bifield was tricked into pleading guilty and making his statement about accepting responsibility, that trick did not violate the law or the standards of professional conduct for federal prosecutors or federal defenders.

The Bad Plea Deal

Even if Dan Bifield was romantically manipulated into his admission of guilt it seems likely that he is now stuck with the deal he made.

The agreement he signed contains the following provisions:

“…as part of this provision, the United States further agrees to permit Co-Defendant Lisa Ellen Bifield to plead guilty to Count 47, charging possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime or a crime of violence….”

“The Defendant agrees that all facts that determine his offense level under the Guidelines and pursuant to any mandatory minimum (including facts that support any specific offense characteristic or other enhancement or adjustment) can be found by the court at sentencing by a preponderance of the evidence standard and the court may consider any reliable evidence, including hearsay.”

“In the event that the Defendant fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, either expressed or implied, it is understood that the Government will have the right. at its sole election, to void all of its obligations under this Agreement and the Defendant will not have any right to withdraw his plea of guilty to the offense(s) enumerated herein.”

“The Defendant represents to the court that he has met with his attorney on a sufficient number of occasions and for a sufficient period of time to discuss the Defendant’s case and receive advice; that the Defendant has been truthful with his attorney and related all information of which the Defendant is aware pertaining to the case; that the Defendant and his attorney have discussed possible defenses, if any, to the charges in the Superseding Indictment including the existence of any exculpatory or favorable evidence or witness, discussed the Defendant’s right to a public trial by jury or by the Court, the right to the assistance of counsel throughout the proceedings. the right to confront and cross-examine the government’s witnesses, the Defendant’s right to testify in his own behalf, or to remain silent and have no adverse inferences drawn from his silence; and that the Defendant, with the advice of counsel, has weighed the relative benefits of a trial by jury or by the Court versus a plea of guilty pursuant to his Agreement, and has entered this Agreement as a matter of the Defendant’s free and voluntary choice, and not as a result of pressure or intimidation by any person.”

“The Defendant waives all rights, whether asserted directly or by a representative, to request or receive from any department or agency of the United States any records pertaining to the investigation or prosecution of this case, including without limitation any records that may be sought under the Freedom of Information Act,”


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186 Responses to “Lisa Bifield Switches Sides”

  1. swordfish Says:

    dan will help if ii can , your boss

  2. to @bi polar Says:

    The absolute ytter hypocrisy and chicken shit manner with which you call out Bipolar and Proud for being “disrepsctful” while YOU hide behind a cloak of anonimty tells me everything I need to know about “loyalty”.

    I don’t know if you are male or female, but if you are a man, you are a nutless punk.

    ““U.S vs. Dan Bifield” has now turned to “U.S vs Mark Baker”, putting
    you in a questionable position..”

    Cheap fucking shot. NO man’s wife ever has to answer for what he chooses to do, and from the postings I’ve seen here, there is nothing questionable about Bipolar and Proud.

    Personally I don’t think you know her, I think you are yet another pig (maybe the same pig over and over). But maybe not.

    You’re a fucking pussy…………

  3. Sieg Says:

    Wretched, it came straight out of Moscow Central, I saw copies of it in Spanish in South America many, many moons ago, modified to fit FARC’s situation. Just pointing out that it is written by masters, but was aimed at a relatively unsophisticated group, with a relatively unsophisticated enemy.

    5 to 1

  4. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Seig
    Sieg Says:
    February 12th, 2013 at 1:33 pm
    RLG, why don’t you go back and look up the source of that, see who is supposed to have written it.
    They weren’t very suntanned.

    You got that right. This was probably a “cold war era” manuscript translated/modified for use in the South African “arena”. Some of the points are inane & border on being obtuse. I only glanced over it & realised the “author” had no understanding of the situation he was giving “advice” on…
    A look at their current “manifesto” would be scary, but not entirely a huge surprise….”Grab the money & run”. Pretty straightforward & no degree in political science required.LOL>


  5. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    @ @bipolar

    You must not know me if you think I have something to be defensive about.

  6. @ bi polar Says:

    Awfully defensive. Trust me … I know you.

  7. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    First off, you really need to get your own screen name. So here we go with my response to your comment:

    1. I have never once said that Leisa was a rat, I stated that “Did I think she was going to testify, yes I do” That is not calling her a rat.

    2. I have never, not once,(I’ve gone back through all of my comments) shown disrespect towards any one in the Hell’s Angels, their families or anyone that is involved in this case that is a Hell’s Angel or Red Devil

    3. As far as my husband, he lives by the quote “Trust No One”, and he trust no one that does not have a Death Head or a Bottom Rocker on their back. If you do not have one of these 2 items then he nor I TRUST YOU. If you do not like it then you can kiss his ass.

    4. He and I both have stood by our brothers and sisters that are incarcerated, that includes Leisa so how you can say anything to us in your comment above is beyond me.

    5. So unless you know us, support us or have supported each and everyone of our brothers or sisters, then shut your cum dumpster.

    Much Love and Respect(not to YOU)

  8. @ Bipolar & Proud Says:

    @ Bi-Polar & Proud
    Your “loyalty” to your “club family” is questionable…You should not
    be “speculating”on any of this in a negative manner until the trial
    has come to an end or until you have actually seen or heard Mrs.
    Bifield testify.
    Say for instance, you’re wrong about her (along with alot of
    others)…..Do you honestly think that you will ever be able to stand
    in the same room with her again and have her respect?? I don’t….
    Mrs. Bifield is not one to easily forgive and I highly doubt that any
    apology from you would be accepted by Mrs. Bifield. I’ve watched your
    comments and you seem to have gotten quite defensive & bitter towards
    Mrs. Bifield since she and her husband have taken pleas and the once
    “U.S vs. Dan Bifield” has now turned to “U.S vs Mark Baker”, putting
    you in a questionable position..
    Is this an example of how you would show “disrespect” to other “club
    members/club members family”?
    You claim to have knowledge of the “MC” world, however, your actions
    show different.. I know of other club members wives that have kept
    gracefully quiet about this, probably under discretion of their
    husbands. So, until any ties have been severed between Mr. and Mrs.
    Bifield or his club, negative speculation towards Mrs. Bifield should
    be put aside out of “RESPECT”…(a valued term in the biker
    You also made a comment on another Rebel article stating that you live
    by your husbands words and “TRUST NO ONE”..No disrespect to your
    husband but its obvious that he didn’t even live by his own words,
    unless perhaps, this “quote” of his came after his alleged betrayel
    that he recently experienced from his own “cellmate/brother”..
    Just remember….
    It may sound mercenary & it smacks of rats leaving this sinking ship,
    however, the mystic bond of “brotherhood” makes all men one…and
    until this brotherhood is broken, all should remain as one..

  9. @rebel Says:

    No was not directed to you. Sorry if it came across that way.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear @lost in transition,

    If the comment is directed to me, I don’t know what you are talking about. I say lots of things.


  11. still to be seen Says:

    @lost in transition

    How would you know? Do you know her personally?
    Do you even know her children or grandchildren to speak on this?
    Not trying to be rude but just seems odd that you would make [email protected] bold and hurtful statements unless you have a personal conflict with her.

  12. @lost in transition Says:

    Why would you assume that? Just curious. Not saying if you are right or not but just curious as to why you would say that. Sounds like you know her personally.

  13. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    Who are you calling ignorant?

  14. Sieg Says:

    RLG, why don’t you go back and look up the source of that, see who is supposed to have written it.

    They weren’t very suntanned.

    5 to 1

  15. lostintransition Says:

    Ignorance is bliss. I would know Trust me. Giving birth does not make you a mother and she gives a shit less about her biological grandchildren. She was only a egg donor so don’t speak on what you don’t know. She is only about herself and always has been.

  16. ROCK HELL Says:

    I highly doubt that is Lynn posting. I for one, would know how to correctly spell my own sister’s name…..

  17. RLG Says:

    For anyone’s amusement:

    “African National Congress manual for covert actions, first published during 1988-90”

  18. RLG Says:

    This kinda stuff is stunning to me:

    “In the event that the Defendant fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, either expressed or implied, it is understood that the Government will have the right. at its sole election, to void all of its obligations under this Agreement and the Defendant will not have any right to withdraw his plea of guilty to the offense(s) enumerated herein.”

    “The Defendant waives all rights, whether asserted directly or by a representative, to request or receive from any department or agency of the United States any records pertaining to the investigation or prosecution of this case, including without limitation any records that may be sought under the Freedom of Information Act,”

    Waiving rights forever should be forbidden. I know, I know, I am being foolishly idealistic…

    What’s next, prisoners will have to sell themselves as slaves to pay for court costs?

  19. still to be seen Says:

    @ lost in transistion

    What assumptions were made?
    Do you even know her?

  20. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    Obviously you do not know Leisa as well as you think you do. She does have CHILDREN as well as GRANDCHILDREN, although there are not many people that know of that as she didnt ever mention them.

  21. LostInTransistion Says:

    Grandchildren, children, etc….. really??? Some of you are totally clueless so refrain from assumptions and stick to facts. Smfh.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Chrissie Hunter,

    I admire your loyalty to your friends. I am sure Lisa Bifield agonized over her decision to cooperate. I don’t doubt this federal prosecution has been terribly hard for her family as well as the families of everyone else caught up in this malicious, federal inquisition.

    And, I hope you understand that blatant mendacity and betrayal are always kind of ethically questionable. They tend to piss people off. Particularly the victims of that mendacity and betrayal.


  23. Bill Says:

    Chrissie is probably a pudgy dork with some kind of a badge, channeling his inner bimbo. Instead of playing with his sister’s Barbies, he’s all grown up now, trolling for the government, but still confused.

  24. Va.Bob Says:

    What an embarassing thread .The icing on the cake is this “Jerry Springer Show”-reject,Miss Chrissie.

  25. chrissie hunter Says:

    I hate to c the anger ic on this page. heck u know really its my friend lynn I’m concerned about really. she’s a sweetie . she just loves her sister and to c people trashing her is upseting to her. everyone. is powerless. n all this. but don’t kick a women when she’s down. what if u were n her shoes. she was unaware of all this until it went down. But she’s not on trial or aware of really what all went on. give a little respect to the ones who has had no choices n any of this. and to mrs bipolar . I’m sorry for what this has done to ur life. hang n there. B. a bit understanding how this has hurt lisas family. that’s all I’m gonna say. I’m done. u can bash me. my bad spellin whatever. I’m a friend defending my friend as u all r too. god bless. i have a thick skin. my feelings never get hurt w insults. I’m human w error . lmbbo

  26. Snow Says:

    @Bipolar and Proud
    Best wishes sent to all involved in this business.

  27. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    @Glenn S

    I was not implying that you or no one else cared, and I agree with you, unfortunately once something is printed its there forever, I was just agreeing with other people on here that we should just wait for the truth to come out cause people have already lost so much in this case, and I would hate to see people loose more. Thanks for the best wishes, those have been far and few between.

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    And I have the highest regard for Rebel’s journalistic ethics and standards.

  29. Glenn S. Says:

    Bipolar and Proud, I wish your husband and the rest of the accused the best. I was not suggesting that I don’t care, or that anybody else shouldn’t care, but only that the fat lady ain’t sung yet, she will soon, and that correct speculation doesn’t do any good on the internet, but incorrect speculation could do some harm. Law enforcement tries to manipulate emotions for their own purposes.

  30. Bipolar&Proud Says:


    I have a dog in this fight, my husband. So Im going to say this, if anyone of these people turn out not to be rats, I will be the first to publically apologize for my accusations, but Ive been around most of these people for years and believe whathas been printed here by Rebel is utterly and completeely true, Ive havent seen him wrong yet. But as other people have stated, the truth will be revealed very soon, so lets all just wait and see the truth revealed, and then we can say I TOLD YOU SO!!

    Love and Respect to those only that deserve it

  31. Thomas Says:

    I know that none of you know me, but last August I told you that Lisa had already wrote statements and agreed to testify along with big Ron and several others. You all said that I could’t have known such information and now you see that it is true. Big Ron is now in protective custody on a plea that is based on lessening his sentence based on each conviction he helps bring about. He was sentenced to ten years with time off for each conviction he helps in, looks like he will walk. I told you what it was about but none of you were willing to listen. They were fools for talking around nonmembers both Dan and Lisa. Now so many men are being convicted all because Dan could not keep his mouth and woman in check. Now he will do what will probably be the rest of his life in the joint and he is still just as guilty as her because he knew that she had already testified against someone before he married her and because he essentially sold everyone out by admitting to the crimes which will force his brothers into length pleas/sentences. In the end when I tried to warn people they never listen. The lesson is if you want this life, then all else comes second. Brothers first. If you disagree with that statement then I suggest you rethink the life you chose to lead. Dan chose a woman over his brothers and now they are going to prison because of his mistake. Sad sad angels

  32. Ronbo Says:

    Sieg says “Friends” that don’t know friends spoeses”…….

    Big difference in being “Friends” or “ACUANTANCE” PROBABLY spelled that wrong.


  33. Glenn S. Says:

    Chrissie, assuming for the sake of argument that you are who and what you claim, the truth of the matter will assuredly come out publicly soon enough. I’ve been in the life, and I’ve believed people to be rats when they weren’t and have believed people were not when they were, and paid the price. I’ve seen people promote rumors that “so-and-so is a rat” because they owed them money, because they were fucking somebody they themselves wanted to fuck, and because they were afraid of them. I’ve also seen obvious rats, people who were known to have ratted in the past, to get away with it because, for one reason or another, nobody wanted to think bad of them or were afraid to speak bad of them. And I’ve seen situations that, in hindsight, turned out to be disinformation tactics on the part of the cops. I’ve seen people who, when somebody gets arrested, claim the casual acquaintance was their bestest friend in the whole wide world, while others claim not to have known them at all, and then scramble to change positions when it turns out that the arrestee was either a rat or did the right thing. Human nature is a hell of a variable that is hard to predict sometimes. A friend of mine once said: “The grapevine is a wonderful thing, but when the vine sours, so do the grapes.”

    As has been said, most of us here don’t have a dog in this fight, except to the extent that we want to see “our side” win and people more like us than different from us prevail. Some of us are exactly who and what we claim to be, others are not. Probably the best thing we could all do is to withhold judgement, since what we think now won’t have any effect on the outcome. Might be that the only prudent thing to do would be to commit all of the faces of the accused rats to memory to minimize the chances that they’ll show up undercover four states away, if it turns out that they are, in fact, rats.

  34. Sieg Says:

    Fuck a pig and fuck their games. don’t feed the trolls. They just chum-up the waters around this shit till no one knows which end is up. “Friends” that don’t know friends spouses, sisters that hate on spouses, I doubt very much that ANY of em are who they say they are.

    5 to 1

  35. chrissie hunter Says:

    I enjoy the spellin jokes. but I’m sure u understand my point. the touch screen thing is a issue and spell ck is not nice. but i am glad someone beleives n friendship loyalties . t y for that. try to understand sister loyalty. On the note about lisas husband i honestly don’t know him. so i can’t give an honest opinion. i respect my friend lisa and so i will respect her husband. idk who did or didn’t do what so i don’t have an opinion . but what i do. know is lisa is no rat. iv known her and she’s a loyal friend. as well as i am. my understanding is she’s not gonna b free for a long time. but that’s just what i was told. i was sad to c lynn so upset about the words on this page. she’s a loyal sister and didn’t deserve the horrible things posted to her. I’m no angel. i know out of anger we all can say hurtful things. this gossip is awful without proof of what’s being posted. gossip is all i c. if u understand friendship loyalties . y not understand family loyalties. sorry if what i spell like offends . but this gossip is offensive. idk if some on here don’t just like. b part if drama , gossip , or just hurtful i will say their r some loyalties. just not lookin at hurtful comments made. just judging a very hurt ladies comments. look at possible facts and stop b a judge. In the end god judges.

  36. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:


    Spelling, punctuation and actual sentence structure are all considered indications of intellect, whether using a Kindle or chiseling letters into a stone. While it might be admirable to take up for your friend, you might also want to consider picking your friends more wisely.

    No whut eye meen?

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