Officials Obstructing Cop Club Case

January 24, 2013

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Arizona public safety officials are stalling an investigation into an assault last December 22 by members of the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. Officials have also attempted, with less success, to stonewall press inquiries about the incident.

The Iron Brotherhood describes itself as “a no bullshit, non political Law Enforcement MC.” The Prescott Daily Courier has been doing most of the heavy lifting on behalf of the people’s right to know.

The Daily Courier

The Prescott paper reported two weeks ago: “Despite repeated public records requests by The Daily Courier to the Prescott Police Department, DPS, Yavapai County Attorney’s Office and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to obtain the initial police report, supplementary reports and surveillance video, nothing has been released regarding the incident that happened 23 days ago.

“Prescott Police interim chief Andy Reinhardt said Thursday he would not be releasing the report. ‘We don’t usually release reports when the incident is still under investigation,’ he said.

“But Dan Barr, an attorney with the First Amendment Coalition, said, ‘There’s no exception under Arizona law for preventing access to a police report for an ongoing investigation.’”

The Arizona Department of Public Safety finally released censored versions of police reports pertinent to the incident on January 18. The Prescott paper continues to seek unredacted versions of those reports as well as surveillance video of the brawl.

Multiple news outlets have reported that Chief Reinhardt is an Iron Brotherhood patch holder and that he was in the bar at the time of the assault. If the reports are true, two area police chiefs witnessed the unprovoked attack.

The Assault

On December 22, members of the Iron Brotherhood’s Prescott Whiskey Row chapter (chapter photo above) entered a bar called Moctezuma’s Bar on South Montezuma Street in downtown Prescott. Moctezuma’s has a “no colors policy,” but the men were allowed in after flashing their police badges. In the redacted reports the men are described as rowdy and drunk. One witness told investigators “he did not know what to do, because he knew the group of bikers to be police officers.”

The Associated Press reported that an intoxicated, 23-year-old man named Justin Stafford asked an Iron Brotherhood patch holder wearing a “President” tab what kind of motorcycles the bikers rode. Someone grabbed Stafford by the throat and pushed him. When he turned back he was punched in the face. Among the redactions in the released reports are the number of Stafford’s assailants and how many times he was punched. Stafford’s injuries were significant enough to require his hospitalization. Stafford did not find out his attackers were cops until last week.

The Cover Up

In one of the police reports released to the Daily Courier an IBMC patch holder – his name was also redacted – told a Prescott officer investigating the assault “We knew you guys were going to show up. They told me you were coming, so I told (name redacted) to go home.”

Bill Fessler, Chief of Police in nearby Prescott Valley, has admitted to being in the bar at the time of the assault. “One would never expect that you would be plastered on the headlines over something you didn’t do, several days later,” Fessler told the Daily Courier days after the incident. “I have been told that I have been implicated in a bar fight, had actually thrown blows, and did so for no apparent reason. The accusations, I assure you, when the truth is revealed, will be (proven false).”

Apparently, “the truth” has not yet been “revealed” because the police have not yet gotten around to inventing it. Two days ago, Bart Graves of the Arizona Department of Public Safety told the AP that the investigation into the assault was continuing and might be completed in another four to six weeks. “We’re very thorough,” Graves said. “We take our time – we’re never in a rush.”


46 Responses to “Officials Obstructing Cop Club Case”

  1. Robert l Says:

    So I’m wondering if these douchebags will be flying their colors this year at Sturgis wouldn’t you love to see them trying to throw their weight around there

  2. Robert l Says:

    Cops in 3-piece cuts acting like badasses that’s actually lower than a child molester and they wonder why they get shot

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    I love when a camera that can’t be edited by the cops, comes back to bite them in the ass.

    Hate your luck, sucks to be you.

  4. whitefxrp Says:

    Nice one Cajun,jus shows what a bunch of fucktards these guys are,pushin there weight around a bunch of young guys havin a drink,maybe it be different if they were in a bar full of Patch holders or seasoned drinkers who would’nt let such dickheads push em around

  5. Cajun Says:


    Don’t know if you’ve seen this or not. It’s about these guys.

  6. Vince Says:

    FUCK The Cowards who are police/PIGS

  7. Vince Says:

    FUCK THE Police/PIGS…They are ALL Cowards

  8. Tim Says:

    I dont trust any pig,there was a friend of mine who passed,knew him for years, charter member of his club, I miss him alot, he told me this about a month after we met, he said, cops are dick lickin commie pigs!~!, sooooooo true!!

  9. Red&Gold Says:

    @anon… Good Find…

  10. Philo Says:

    We’ve got one of these pork-patch clubs up here in Michigan, the wartlogs? Wartflogs? Some such shit. We used to laugh at them when we crossed their paths. And the posters above are correct. They get all chest puffy and squinty. Pick a fucking side faggots.
    I like to share stories like this with my buddy’s when engaged in the now endless discussions over gun grabs/ confiscations. Too many good honest firearm owners suffer from the delusion that those in law enforcement are moral and honorable people who would rally to the side of the good guys if the shit hits the fan. Stories like this have gone a long way towards opening the eyes of many.


  11. eljuano28 Says:

    Dear Arizona Law Enforcement,

    Your “brothers” are not above the law. You swore an oath. Take it seriously or turn in your badge.


    Concerned Citizen

  12. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Vince D.,
    That’s all you got? After all the dribble thats it? And WTF does “I use my name and tell where I ride.” have to do with shit? Are you trying to imply something with that comment? Are you asking someone for date?

    Some advice stop your making yourself look like a troll.

    Viva Los Vagos

  13. Vince D. Says:

    The day is very close that 7-11 will be selling big patches that say motorcycle club for $9.99. Very sad and dissapointing in some ways. I use my name and tell where I ride.

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    @Vince D. – All you’re doing with that useless attitude is showing the pigs they *can* do what they want and get away with it. If you call yourself a ‘friend’ to the guy that’s in the slam and still have the attitude you do towards pigs like those in the IB, then he doesn’t need friends like you. You and people like you with that pussy attitude are the *EXACT* reason this was said many, many years ago:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin

  15. Paladin Says:

    For me, the patch and the badge have some commonalities. They’re both supposed to be symbols of honor and for them to have any meaning; the right to possess and wear either must be earned each day.

    When you use the patch or badge for personal gain or use either as a tool of intimidation, you diminish them to nothing more than a meaningless piece of metal or cloth. If an individual can’t or won’t honor the commitment that the patch or badge requires, then that individual should be stripped of them.

    The members of these cop clubs are not only posers in the MC community, but posers in the law enforcement community as well. Using your patch or badge as a tool for personal gain and intimidation, marks you as a bully. It is common knowledge that bullies are nothing more than cowards. Neither of which should be tolerated in either community.

    Long May You Ride,


  16. Jim666 Says:

    Glenn A better way to see if your brain bucket holds up to meet certain criteria would be to hit the bitch ass cop in his face w/ so called head protection, if it shatters i guess it wouldnt hold up hitting the road at 70 mph, If the pigs face shatters I guess he wouldnt either and should probably stay home,


    ACAC note* ” I just couldnt resist ” lmao



  17. Sieg Says:

    Say it loud, Vago. It’s kinda like kinfolk…we might bitch and fight betwixt ourselves, but best not to have any outisders mess into family bidness.

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  18. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Vince D.,
    Fuck these double standard badge pulling bitches and those that support them and their “right” to fly their patch they did not earn. There is more to it then the patch think of it kind of like a long journey or a earned rite of passage, got it? Let me help you grasp it better. There are Clubs that may not agree or may even have a strong dislike for one another but there is still respect shown and given because they know what was sacrificed to be come a patchholder in their Club.

    Now back to your pig bitches.

    These pricks do clandestine investigations on patch holders some lasting years and roll around Arizona in their patrol vehicles fucking with patch holders and citizen riders cruising the desert including in your precious Kingman. Oh and come Friday night they slide into their unearned patch to play dress up just like the guys they say they’re protecting the community from all while they shit on sheeple just like you.

    So again fuck them and those that back their bullshit.

    Viva Los Vagos

  19. Jim666 Says:

    @ Sieg and Red&Gold.

    I have quite a few choice words for cops.any of the above works and fits just fine.
    I do like the ACAC one though,,lol

  20. 11c_infantry Says:

    If this was a real MC I wonder how many names would be redacted before sending the report to the local rags…oh wait, I already know the answer…none.

  21. Vince D. Says:

    I don’t agree with some of the alleged extreme behavior of some of the members of this club or at least the little I know of it. I support their right to ride. I support their right to exercise their beliefs and to fly their colors. As long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone. I prefer to have nothing to do with them. I live and ride in Kingman Arizona. No IB member has ever disrespected me personally although someone very dear to me is doing a sentence in another state as a result of an alleged confrontation with one of their members.I will treat them the same way they have treated me. Perhaps they treat me with an attitude of indifference as I currently ride alone and fly no colors. In my world leaving independent riders alone is a sign of respect. Respect given freely until one loses it! Enough Said!!

  22. madman Says:

    pigs investigating pigs,i wonder how that’ll turn out,,,some of em think with that badge that they cant bleed

  23. D Says:

    I hope these motherfuckers all get gang enhancements. Everyone else is now a days.

  24. Base Says:

    “Apparently, “the truth” has not yet been “revealed” because the police have not yet gotten around to inventing it.”

    That sentence pretty much sums it up….

    Low-lives one & all….


  25. WARTHOG Says:

    @Glenn S.

    Russia? Submissive? Tell your friend he’s going to the wrong side of the world for that kind of woman.

    There’s a member of the City Heat that attends the ABATE chapter meetings that I go to. For a while he was always wanting to chat and have my acceptance, I guess. After a couple times of that I got up and sat at the other side of the room. Not as stoopid as he looked because he stayed away from me after that.

    I went to a veteran’s event in Cantigny Park this summer to make sure I was getting all the benefits I earned and ran into a MC called Justified with an Illinois rocker. I walked up to one of them and said, “Justified? I’m sure you feel that way about wearing those colors being a pig and all.” He puffs out his chest and asks, “What’s it to you?” I just looked at him and said, “Honestly? Doesn’t mean shit to me. Matter of fact, that coiled snake on brown LOOKS like a pile of steaming shit.” Walked away to get my free beer with him staring me down the whole way. Fuck ’em.





  26. Red&Gold Says:

    I have a shirt that says ACAC not sure what the “C” is actually suppose to stand for but I use “Cocksuckers” or “Cunts” interchangeably…

  27. Red&Gold Says:

    @ Sieg Says:
    Jim, I think we change ACAB from ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS to ALL COPS ARE BITCHES.

    I’d be with ya on that if it weren’t such an insult to my female dog…

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    I’ve gone from pissed to just plain disgusted over this sort of shit. Disgusted with the pigs, disgusted with the so-called Americans that enable them by treating them as heroes that get to live by a different set of standards than the rest of us.

    Stopped at the local dealership to buy a battery yesterday. Chick working there asked me and my friend if we were coming to their “event” tonight. I asked what it was and she told me it was “in honor of heroes night” and handed me a flyer. The “heroes” included firemen (OK, I agree), the military (ditto), paramedics (uh huh) and…cops? What the fuck? cops? So I kinda wonder, out loud, why the troops and the firemen would want to be in the same room with a bunch of the fucking po-lice and offer the opinion that I’m picky about who I socialize with and to let me know next time the guy with the oil can guitar is going to be playing there and they won’t be honoring cops, but I’ll pass on hanging out with the pigs, they do better as barbecue. I got some funny looks from the chick, and my friend just shook his head (he wanted to fuck the chick, I guess I fucked that up for him, but he was doing a good enough job of that himself when he told her that he wanted to go to Russia and buy him a submissive woman).

    Last time I encountered a “cop/biker” I was at a local flea market, and I asked the guy at the booth that sells biker stuff if he had any of those thin, low profile, DOT approved half-helmets. He did not, he (self rightously) told me, and then went on to advise me not to wear such a thing in Georgia because a “police officer” there carried around a set of micrometers and a scale to insure that helmets were thick and heavy enough to really be DOT approved. I offered the opinion that We The Taxpayers must be funding way too many cops if they had time for that petty shit and he turned around to show me his “patch” (Defenders “MC”, a cop club).

    ACAB, indeed, Sieg. Either variety.

  29. Snow Says:

    No respect for the gang of pussies going by the name Iron Brotherhood MB . Fuck the Motorcycle Bitches.

  30. Chef Says:

    I ran into these Mo’s a couple years ago. I pulled in for a gas stop and there were about a dozen bikes parked, so I parked next to the last bike, in the adjacent empty parking spot and went in to get a drink and pay for my gas.

    They were all milling around in their do-rags and nose picker gloves, and I strolled past the group and went into the store. Apparently my strolling past the group without any recognition of them was some kind of “dis” to the group. I didn’t know then who they were and frankly didn’t care.

    So I went to get back on my bike and some 5′-8″ “Bad-ass” came up and mumbled something about parking next to them. I wasn’t really paying attention, because I was getting back on the road and figured he was gonna give me the usual, “nice Bike” comment or something generic like that.

    So after realizing he was posturing for his “gang”, I simply responded, “No problem, Napoleon”. I can only guess that he thought I said, “No problem, Friend” , because he took a couple steps before he jerked to a stop, turned around to give me a real hard stare.

    We didn’t have anymore interaction, cause I had rolled up to the pump and was doing my business. But every Mo’ there, was giving me hard stares, LITERALLY puffing their chests out, while I gassed up. I guess I was supposed to be intimidated or something but I actually thought it was hilarious. It was like a scene from a movie.

    It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t know who they were, cause I would’ve run my mouth and voiced my jaded, cynical opinion of LEO’s.

    Now that I know who they are, I still don’t care.

  31. Chief Says:

    So there was this old farmer that lived out in the country. One day a man showed up on his doorstep and said, “Sir, I’m from the DEA and we understand that there have been reports of marijuana fields in the area. I would like to have a look around your property if you don’t mind.” The old fella looked at him and said, ” I s’pose that’d be all right. Just stay out of the fenced-off area in the back.”
    Well, Ol’ alphabet soupnuts gets all high-n-mighty and fairly screams at the farmer, “Do you see this badge? This badge says I can do whatever the fuck I want and go wherever the fuck I want to! You’re lucky I don’t haul you ass in for obstruction, you old fart!!” The old man replied, ” I don’t want no trouble, Mister, do what you gotta do.” So mr. fuckyouverymuch goes straight to the fenced off area opens tha gate and proceeds to storm in. The farmer went behind him and closed the gate and about a minute later the old man hears shots. Well, here the fed comes running over the hill screaming with a two-thousand pound pissed off bull hot on his heels. The old man yells at him,”QUICK, SHOW HIM YOUR BADGE!!”

    Had to try and lighten the mood but still keep it on topic.

    Much Respect,

  32. Sieg Says:

    Jim, I think we change ACAB from ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS to ALL COPS ARE BITCHES.

  33. Ronbo Says:

    Now I would like to see RICO used here. Fuck those punks.


  34. Jim666 Says:

    Again Fuck em !


  35. Bobp Says:

    What pieces of shit. And listen to the C.O.P Fessler whining and bitching:

    Bill Fessler, Chief of Police in nearby Prescott Valley, has admitted to being in the bar at the time of the assault. “One would never expect that you would be plastered on the headlines over something you didn’t do, several days later,” Fessler told the Daily Courier days after the incident. “I have been told that I have been implicated in a bar fight, had actually thrown blows, and did so for no apparent reason. The accusations, I assure you, when the truth is revealed, will be (proven false).”

    Many of the fuckin’ pigs like to use the “guilty by association” bull shit to harass others. How does it feel dumb shit? Hope they all have to find jobs flipping burgers.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s all they have, their badge. They *have* to hide behind it because there isn’t enough pigs with true honor or courage. They can’t even show they have a set of balls in front of their wives and *still* have to use the badge instead of courage, which makes the women of these pussies the low-lifes of the planet. The pigs have to scour the muddy end of the gene pool to find the women they have to think that bravery is flashing a badge to keep from getting one’s ass whooped.

  37. RVN69 Says:

    “Bart Graves of the Arizona Department of Public Safety told the AP that the investigation into the assault was continuing and might be completed in another four to six weeks. “We’re very thorough,” Graves said. “We take our time – we’re never in a rush.”

    Yeah, never in a rush, unless it is real patchholders who are being investigated. Does anyone doubt that had this incident involved any outlaw club, that early in the morning SWAT would have been knocking down doors, shooting pets and any one else who confronted them. Bail would either have been denied or set at some ridiculously high figure and the “accused” would have been marched in front of cameras while they were charged with everything from attempted murder to smoking in a no smoking area. Meanwhile the Feds would be putting together a RICO case on the whole club.

    Fucking cops Master badge saves them from nearly everything.


    Potius Mori Quam Foedari

  38. PigPen Says:

    Paladin, exactly. when you have to state something, it just means your actions are not worth a nickel.

  39. Johnny Says:

    A couple of weeks ago the Glendale,AZ PD raided a house and siezed a computer full of child porn.The owner of the house, a retired Phoenix PD seargent, lived alone there. They left him at home because they needed to complete a “thorough” investigation. The next day he killed himself while on the phone with a 911 operator. Last night the news said that a man had been arrested and his computer siezed because it was full of child porn, he wasn’t a cop.

  40. Paladin Says:

    The fact that the Iron Brotherhood MC needs to state that they’re “a no bullshit, non political Law Enforcement MC”, tells me that that’s exactly what they are.

    Long May You Ride,


  41. Sieg Says:

    Ya kno, over the years-n there have been a lot of them-I have had occasion to talk to PH from many, many clubs. Bars, runs, jails. clubhouses, strange parties, you name it. Everyone from the Big Five to smaller local 1% Patches, and I have NEVER been treated with disrespect for doing so. Never. I’ve even stopped and offered assistance to PH far from their home-base and in “enemy” territory…gotten some intensely paranoid vibes from that, but the help was offered-and accepted-with respect.

    Something these porkunts will never understand, no matter how hard they pose.

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  42. WARTHOG Says:

    Hey Bart,

    I like my bacon extra crispy.




  43. sherides Says:

    All because a 23 year old guy had the audacity to ask what kind of bikes they rode?

    Hope he gets a good lawyer sues their asses off an they lose everything.

    Freaking asshole cops.


  44. Sieg Says:

    Be nice if anyone rides in that area would take a look n try to lay names on the posers in that pic.

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    Iron brotherhood (LMAO) pussies are goin’ down! Burn, you piece of shit cunts, burn.

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