Trying George Christie

January 22, 2013

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George Christie, arguably the second best known of all the Hells Angels, goes on trial next week. If he wins, Christie who is now 65 will have earned the right to spend the rest of his days watching his youngest son grow into manhood and enjoying the company of his devoted wife in his spacious but not extravagant, middle class home in Ventura. If he loses he will probably die alone in a cage.

The government of the United States has brought this case against George Christie now because it has been trying to convict him of something for 30 years. And now that he has retired from his old motorcycle club this may be the federal government’s final opportunity to punish him – and also punish the people who love, like or admire him.

“He’s fair. He’s truthful. He’s kind. Law enforcement has it completely wrong. How could he be so evil? He’s such a nice guy,” Nikki Christie, the old outlaw’s pretty and articulate wife said months ago. ““I’m not his bitch. He doesn’t call me his old lady…. I get this horrible overwhelming feeling of him being gone forever so I’m not coping with that part very well…. I know he didn’t do anything wrong and I believe in him. We’re gonna win…. I didn’t know what indictment meant. I didn’t know anything. I thought the cops told the truth. I thought the newspaper told the truth. I had no idea how corrupt everything could be.”

For people who are not in the punishment business, this Christie case can seem shocking, mindlessly cruel and disillusioning. It may in fact epitomize what a young lawyer named Andrew Carlon called “The Sadistic State:” “a state run amok. It is a state that has decided that, since its unique function is the power to punish, it must pursue punishment as an intrinsic good, independent of desert (or, indeed, of the other, more consequentialist aims of punishment), transforming itself into a ‘punishment machine.’ But as we have seen, punishment without desert reduces to sadism. We get the “sadistic state,” which wields power, most fully realized through the infliction of pain, as an end in itself, the human beings in its power merely means to that awful end.”

The Crime Of Seeming Reasonable

Because he is a bright and reasonable man, Christie became a spokesman for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club more than three decades ago. Because he was a Hells Angel, policemen who never met him decided that his intelligent reasonableness must be a criminal trick to avoid punishment.

“He’s so clean,” a law enforcement analyst complained to the Los Angeles Times. “He keeps himself removed. He’s not supposed to be doing the dirty business.”

Christie has been in serious legal trouble twice before. In 1987, a heroin addict recruited by police accused Christie and another man of soliciting the murder of a drug dealer. After a year in jail a jury found him innocent. After the trial, one of the jurors told a reporter her opinion of the charge against Christie. “He was set up.”

In 1998, Christie was charged with 59 separate counts for masterminding a perceived conspiracy in which he was alleged to have sold hundreds of thousands of prescription pills. He spent a year in jail before he pled guilty to conspiracy to sell prescription drugs and no contest to a charge of filing a false tax return. As is usual in federal cases, he was released as soon as he signed his government drafted confession.


Christie’s current prosecution is reminiscent of his earlier adventures with federal cops. He is not charged with actually performing an illegal act but rather of conspiring to perform illegal acts. Simply stated the government has told the judge it intends to prove that Christie conspired “to interfere with (interstate) commerce by extortion;” attempted “to interfere with commerce by extortion;” conspired “to use fire or an explosive to damage property;” and was part of a conspiracy that used “ fire or an explosive to damage property.”

The actual events that underlie these charges are the fire bombings of two Ventura, California tattoo shops called Scratch the Surface and Twisted Ink. Christie owns a tattoo shop in the same city called The Ink House so he had a plausible motive for putting his competitors out of business. Implicit in the government’s case is the idea that the Hells Angels is a for profit business and that club members engage in various conspiracies to enrich and benefit one another. To buttress this conspiracy theory the prosecution will call the reptilian Jorge Gil-Blanco – a “motorcycle gang expert” who is available to testify for the prosecution virtually anywhere and anytime.

In this trial, according to court documents, Gil Blanco will testify about” the “general history of the Hells Angels; breadth as an International organization; the Hells Angel’s reputation for violence; process for membership; actions required of a prospect; how criminal activities and acts of violence affect a member’s status; the role of a president of a Hells Angel chapter and his influence upon members; the organization of the Hells Angel’s Ventura chapter;” and his “ultimate opinion that only a Hell’s Angel member of significant status such as defendant Christie, could have authorized the shutting down of tattoo shops within the City of Ventura.”

The prosecution also intends to prove that Christie has instigated and led conspiracies to drive his competitors out of business before. Although he has never been charged, prosecutors will allege that Christie was responsible for an arson at another Ventura tattoo parlor named Slingers a dozen years ago. Prosecutors also will allege that Christie extorted payments from other tattoo shops in Ventura County.

Who Says

All of these accusations are based on statements made by two men named James David Ivans, Jr. and Jared Ostrum “Crash” Plomell.

The official narrative of the prosecution’s case goes:

“On an unknown date prior to July 6, 2007, George Christie, a high-ranking member of the Ventura Chapter of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club, contacted a known co-conspirator (Ivans) about damaging or completely destroying Twisted Ink and Scratch the Surface, each a tattoo parlor in direct competition with The Ink House a tattoo parlor owned and operated by Christie. (Ivans) then met with another known co-conspirator (Plomell) and told him that Ivans would pay Plomell to burn down Twisted Ink and Scratch the Surface. Plomell then met with another known co-conspirator (“co-conspirator #3”), and together on July 6, 2007, they drove to Twisted Ink and Scratch the Surface, where they threw a lit Molotov cocktail into each business with the intent of burning down or causing damage to each business. Plomell and co-conspirator #3 then met with Ivans to receive payment for their work in attempting to burn down Twisted Ink and Scratch the Surface. For this conduct, the government charged George Christie….”

Christie’s lawyer, W. Michael Mayock, has already raised a couple of interesting objections to the government’s case against his client.

Interstate Proof

In a motion filed last week Mayock noted that “prior to their arrests in the case” Ivans and Plomell exonerated themselves “and implicated Mr. Christie. (Ivans and Plomell) also implicated Mr. Christie as the leader in these events. (Ivans and Plomell) prior to their arrests were cooperating with the government, as informants, conducting undercover recordings and calling in reports of purported ‘incidents’ to various governmental agencies and continue to be cooperating with the government against Mr. Christie, and others. In exchange for having incriminated Mr. Christie, cooperators have all received compensation from the government in the form of financial compensation, as well as charging and sentencing considerations.”

Mayock reiterates a long standing rumor that has befouled the government’s case, “that if Mr. Christie is convicted, the cooperators sentences will be further reduced. In view of the compensation…. It has also been reported, should the cooperators fail to testify against Mr. Christie as instructed, the cooperators have been threatened with long term federal charges and life sentences.”

Mayock has also raised the most obvious question about this case which is: Even if he “directed” the firebombing of his competitors, why is George Christie being tried in federal rather than state court? The learned council phrases the question differently: As “whether an arson committed against a small business, namely a tattoo parlor, that operates as a stand-alone business servicing a local community falls within the scope of the interstate commerce element of the arson statute charged in this Indictment…. Mr. Christie contends that the two tattoo parlors, which are the alleged victims of the charged arsons, do not qualify as property ‘used in’ interstate commerce or interstate commerce-affecting activity, as required (under the law….) Accordingly, the application of (the statute under which Christie is charged) to the tattoo parlors in this case exceeds the authority vested in Congress under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution…. On this basis, an arson committed against the tattoo parlors in this case is not subject to federal prosecution.”

George Christie’s trial begins January 29.


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30 Responses to “Trying George Christie”

  1. Dasein Says:

    Dear Ed: Now that you’re retired, you should have enough spare time to enroll in an English class.

  2. ed Says:

    I am a retired chief of police my career lasted for 35 years I have one main question where is the reco statute ill tell you no where they are groping at ban old straw how can a man re held for what others have done without any proof I have spent thirty five years putting the bad guys away and here is George Christie did he run and hide no did he go underground no I truly feel someone left the fox in the hen house hoping to come out with some slin piece of what ever against him if I was on his jury my vote would be to aquit and to stop wasting taxpayers money sure he is no saint but who is we all have secrets within ourselves some good and then some not so good he made his mistake and has payed for it should we not be more worried about terrorist attacks on our soil instead of trying to get headlines I think so how about you.

  3. willytellson Says:

    Theres nothing different between John Gotti and G christie. Anyone underneath him that did anything could be pinned on him. Actually anyone in his org.So my question is.
    How has this guy survived sooo long without gettin buried? By RICO
    I smell a Fox in the henhouse.

    BTW roundabout rat/drop a hint rat/is still a rat.
    How do you go on national TV and air all that dirty laundry?And lets not forget to TELL about where biker Bros hide their Stashes.

    Im sure old bombings fall under current terrorist laws no time limit statute

  4. Archangel Says:

    I’ve followed George’s career for many years he’s a standup guy

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear TL,

    Thank you very much. I give it a shot.


  6. TL Says:

    @ Rebel … You do a very fine job at reporting the facts, unlike mainstream biased media. Keep up the good work.

  7. neverwaz Says:

    Mayock has it right – stand alone businesses don’t do interstate commerce and all charges stemming from “interstate commerce” were clearly bogus in this case.
    Interesting to see exactly which charges are in the deal Christie signed, and which ones are being thrown out…

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear TL,

    Yeah, I understand George Christie signed the deal yesterday afternoon about 4:30, about three hours after the second day of the trial recessed for the weekend. He will be sentenced to time served. I will probably run the story on Monday after I get a chance to talk to him. He has been legally forbidden to talk to me for most of the case.


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @The Voluntaryist, the fucktard – You do realize it’s still ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in this country, right, you fucking imbecile pussy?

  10. TL Says:

    Congratulations on the end of the fed hassles for George. Sentenced to “time-served”, which means these last 2 years on house arrest counted for the time he was sentenced.

    Happy days are here again!!

  11. Frawg Says:

    When will they leave us all alone so we can do what we love to do? Ride Motorcycles and be left the fuck alone!

  12. The Voluntaryist Says:

    I could careless who Christie is or what he is associated with. What right does he or those idiot kids who performed the act have to use coercion and force to get what they want? In this case, demanding competition to pay up or shut down to increase their own business. What is this, the dark ages? Fucking absurd in modern times, and it didn’t even work. How many tattoo shops are there in Ventura, now?

    The vast majority of people don’t use coercion and force to accomplish their goals, and anyone that does is clearly a coward narcissist that thrives on self-centeredness. If Christie wanted to maintain a monopoly or large market share of the tattoo industry in Ventura, then he should have been a better business man and competed like everyone else.

    Paying someone to commit an aggresive act and destroy someone else’ property should be unacceptable in 2007 and this modern day in age. And it’s cowardly to use the people he is supposedly in charge of [hang arounds and club members] for his personal gain. How ridiculous does one have to be support someone that would do such a thing?

    Every individual has a right to their life, liberty and property. No other individual or group of individuals has the right to destroy anothers. Treat other as you would have them treat you. Very simple.

    All interpersonal relationships and transactions should be voluntary. Fuck the government -and anyone else- that infringes on the natural rights of any individual that walks the planet.

    Had Christie adhered to the NAP [Non Aggression Principle], he would not be in the predicament he finds himself in.

  13. vickie stocks joshua Says:


  14. Cap'n Bill Says:

    ““I’m not his bitch. He doesn’t call me his old lady….” I like that!
    All the best to the Christie family.

  15. deathsquadmc81 Says:

    Fuck that sucks bro.. free Christie..

  16. Adele Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting George Christie in the San Fernando Valley a few times in the 70’s. I am praying that Mr. Christie will find favor and that he will get the justice that he so deserves. Much respect to George and his wife.

  17. Nicole Moliné Says:

    I will hold you and your family in my prayers, Nikki & George.

  18. eddy burgin Says:

    I feel for you brother,i hope to god and pray you get a little justice what i dont get is if these are so damn smart why cant they realize how stupid they really look George Christy president of the ventura chapter of the Hells Angels hmmmmmmmmm all you really would of had to do is have your CLUB sit out in front of those places without saying a word nobody would of went into those shops that doesnt even sound right there Tattoo shops there not multi million dollar drug or prostitution their tattoo parlors oh my go that all just sounds so stupid Im sorry sir about your dilema this whole thing sounds like a made up completly set up bunch of hog wash i have mad respect for you your a good man may god be with you! Eddy Burgin

  19. charlie Ingram Says:

    It’s just more of the same, the Govt. has tried to come down on Mr. Christie for a number of years all to no avail, because he’s done nothing wrong to be convicted of, it all hinged on the fact that he was the Pres. of the Ventura Hell’s Angels, that was his only offense. I can’t imagine how much money has been wasted on trying to put a decent human being into jail, leave the man alone, let him raise him son and family. Let him enjoy the Love of his Wife, whom I may add is also an outstanding Woman in her own right. Drop the whole mess and set George Free.

  20. Uncle Don Says:

    Lots of luck with the jury. Ventura county is full of liberals.

    uncle don

  21. whitefxrp Says:

    Good wishes to Mr.Christie,never met him,but “arguably the second best known of all the Hells Angels” I remember seeing his bikes in Easyriders mag,seems like “the man” been trying to get him for a looong time,just because he’s clean but a member of an MC

  22. Sieg Says:

    The truly beautiful thing about “conspiracy” charges is that if you are a member of an org, and you are in the same room as two other members, one or both of whom happen to be working in some capacity for “law enforcement”, and they discuss an illegal act, by not denouncing them, you become party to a conspiracy to commit said illegal act, and can be tried for it.

    Welcome to Amerika, Tovarich!

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  23. 10GUAGE Says:

    They should just leave him alone and let him raise is kids and grand kids ….For fuck sake spending all this money, time, and resources….Terrible all the way around

    “I preached for The Lord a mighty long time,
    Preached about the rich and poor
    Us workin folkses all get together
    Cause we ain’t got a chance anymore
    We ain’t got a chance anymore.”


  24. Hermis Says:

    I wish George Christie & his family the very best.

    Some personal experience with the “Interference with interstate commerce by extortion” thing at the hands of the feds:

    I was charged by the asswipe feds with, and imprisoned for, “Interfering with interstate commerce by means of extortion”.

    The “victim” in the case owned a construction company, which was not involved in any work at the time he supposedly became a “victim”. During a “line-up” he said he’d never seen me in his life, he was the recipient of some physical violence and said he could identify those responsible since no one wore masks, he said.

    The asswipe feds argued that since the construction company’s LAST job involved the use of steel shipped from out of state the “interference with interstate commerce” could be applied since there was a history the company was involved in the use of materials from out of state and the company would in all probability have been using materials from out of state if they in fact were building any thing at the time(something like that, not sure of the legal bullshit language used). They suggested, but never introduced or put on evidence to support their claim the “conspiracy” was hatched around the time of the company’s LAST job.

    Oh, and I also ate the violence charges even though the “victim” said he’d never set eyes on me before, or during his unfortunate encounter with violent people. Yeah, I can hear the chorus now, must have had lousy attorney. Reality is: when the asswipe feds want you, jesus christ could represent you and you are still fucked! Didn’t they nail that defendant to the cross?

    After losing the appeal, I was released just over 5 years later.

    The feds took the case from the state purposely, the feds know its a bullshit case and a state jury pool would see right through it. Not so with the fed pool. And there’s something to be said of the “United States of America vs (insert any name)”, sounds like its 300 million people against one!

    I truly wish George Christie the very best, I will throw a party in his honor should he come out victorious-and I’ve never met the man.

    I have my own opinion on how to handle Rats & Informants who sell the souls & lives of others for their own petty gains, same opinion on feds!

    They suck, all of them! Always have, always will.

    Hopefully, the jurors in Mr. Christie’s case wake up to who the real bad guys are in time to send him home to his loving family.

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Squirts,

    Training Day is an ATF training film.


  26. scraphound Says:

    Good luck George!!

  27. Glenn S. Says:

    They’ll probably argue that somebody from Tampa, Florida might have been visiting the city and might have wanted tattoos, or that the ink for the tattoos was made in Vermont or something. Still, that’s grounds for appeal if the judge co-signs it. Sounds like the professional rat defense has the best chance of succeeding. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Christie the best.

    Rebel, you do like a love story don’t you?

  28. IO Says:

    The feds will try to use the smallest bullshit excuse of “interstate commerce” in order to make Christie fight against federal charges. Depending on districts and the will of the judge the feds will either be allowed to use the maximum or minimum effect on interstate commerce. In one case a fight, using guns, between two groups, who are without profit motive, that resulted in a used tire store, that buys its used tires across state lines, having to close for the day due to the fight in front of it store became a effect on interstate commerce case, RICO.

    At the end of the day anybody living inside the US could be guilty and tried on federal conspiracy charges. Have you ever gotten made at anyone and in the heat of the moment yelled some not so nice things at that person, have you ever taken home a pen home from work, and have you ever taken a penny from the take a penny tray at the gas station? All normal little events, but to the feds that’s: attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, and having a pattern of criminal activity that effects interstate commerce.

    I hope that the district Christie is being tried in has a history of going with the maximum effect on interstate commerce and the attorneys rail against the feds overstepping their grounds. If the jury have half decent brains something positive will come of it.

    Fight on! ACAB!

  29. Squirts Says:

    Why Federal and not State? I’m reminded of a couple of snippets from the movie “Training Day”. The first is, “You’re FEDERALLY, fucked now”, alluding to the uphill battle one faces when charged with a Federal crime as opposed to a State crime and the phrase, “Its not what you know, its what you can prove.” (with “proof” serving as whatever testimony and documentation which can be compiled– truthfully or not– to “prove” the Fed’s case). Is Mr. Christie guilty? I dunno… I DO know that American gulags continue to fill, corporations are making money on the backs of the incarcerated, the Feds have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted, and that all things being equal, I’d rather entertain someone with Mr. Christie’s rep ANYDAY over whatever the Feds can cough up. Respects

  30. Jim666 Says:

    Fed #1
    somebody somewhere supposidly did something to somebody else, and we need to pin something on somebody.
    Fed #2
    Well lets get these other guys that supposidly did something to somebody somewhere to pin something on a man we`ve been trying to get something on for a long time,
    Fed #1
    sounds good lets do it.

    fuckin fucks,
    Good luck Mr. Christie.


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