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January 10, 2013

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A small flame war has been smoldering in the comments section of a story published February 21, 2012. The story is titled “The New York Mongol” and you can read it here.

The commenters are wives or friends of men involved in this particularly corrupt and nasty case and the issue is over whether a former member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club named Tracy Lahey is or is not cooperating with the ATF and prosecutors in this case.

Some Lowlights

Last February, a commenter identifying herself as “bitch” told a commenter who identifies herself as “Greeneyez:”

“Hey greenezes if you want you can come visit Tracy Lahey with me in PRISON not protective custody Get your story straight before you call someone a rat bitch,” and “Hey greeeneyzes do you even know Tracy Lahey personally because i do and i aften visit him in THE BIG HOUSE not protective custody how about get your facts straight before you open you stupid pie hole n spread bullshit Tracey Lahey is not a rat.”

As recently as yesterday a commenter identifying herself as “ButterflyBitch” wrote:

“Now Hear This Greeneyez…The one you accuse of being a rat personally says to post your paper proof online. If you can’t post it here make a page on FaceBook and upload it under documents. Hope that’s not to complicated for your little narrow mind. I can’t believe people are falling for the devide and conquer the feds use so well. Obviously YOU have. So put your paper where your big piehole is and post it for everyone to see.The Feds are very good at playing the BS card to get what they want and the first step is to get people at each others throats. Sorry you are so simple-minded that you fell for it. Now POST WHAT YOU PREACH and then we will see. Remember in the Alphabet World things can be arranged and you have eating some bull that has made me turn vegatarien. Have a Day.Post the page or group you create for us to see.We can’t go by your word alone. You understand don’t you? ButterflyBitch from Hell.”

Answer Is

Women will start World War Three.

The Aging Rebel believes that Tracy Lahey is cooperating with the ATF. This page has a legally obtained Report of Investigation in this case that is signed and dated by ATF Agents Bryan DiGirolamo, Thomas P. Kelly and Ronald B. Turk. The report reads in part:

“On November 17, 2010, at approximately 1940 hours (redacted name) positively identified a photo of Gilbert V. Villegas as the individual known to him as “K** O*****.” SA DiGirolamo showed (name redacted) a copy of Gilbert V. Villegas’ New Jersey Drivers License Photo and asked him if he knew this person. (Name redacted) stated “That’s K** O*****.” (Name redacted) signed and dated the photo. (Italics added by The Aging Rebel.) This is the K** O***** (name redacted) was referring to, who was selling cocaine with Robert Santiago (redacted) on May 22, 2010.

“Attachment: A copy of Gilbert V. Villegas’ New Jersey State Drivers License Photo, signed and dated by Tracy Lahey.”

The Aging Rebel protects sources and will not post the ROI online because doing so might tend to betray the sources, methods and means this page uses to verify statements published here.

Now let there be peace.


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20 Responses to “Tracy Lahey”

  1. nobody important Says: Just a local friend of Tracy’s not involved in anything. Found this article online and thought it only fair to share. Can’t believe everything you hear. This article was published in a newspaper as well.

  2. nobody important Says:

    Just a concerned friend of the accused wanting to share something I found online. Can’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Not involved in club at all. Tracy is a local friend and I heard about this. Only fair if everyone gets to read this article from Bikers Know Your Rights

  3. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Just for the record: I don’t know shit and I don’t want to. I have enough to do just being supportive. Any ol’ lady who thinks differently ain’t doing it right, IMHO.

  4. trappedonrr Says:

    I always defend a railroad job. It just makes me mad that a man who chose any life is willing to go against it and throw people under the bus to save his ass when all he has to do is gamble, take the chance, and let the feds prove their formulated allegations.

    Whether I like a club, or hate a club. I would rather hate a club and take my licks than turn them out to the feds for shit that never affects me.

  5. The Who!!!!! Says:

    You’re Welcome Greeneye’s!!!!!! MFFM

  6. GREENEYEZ Says:

    The who

    Also just speaking for myself…i apologize if I made any of readers upset. I just follow up on the case and how the system is really fucking people,some whom have families and whom are innocent ,,,,i have seen comments saying something about staying out of clubs business. I personally know nothing about that. I dont get involved in anything. I just simply follow up on a case because my loved one is involved.

    Dear Rebel
    Ill stay in touch. Hoping all of this will come to an end soon so I could live a much peaceful life…
    ill keep in contact via email,not here…

  7. PigPen Says:

    Thank y’all.

    I appreciate the words. Respect to the ones that understand.

  8. sherides Says:


    I think you stated quite well the foundation that a good relationship can be built upon.

    I especially liked your comments about how you expect your brothers to behave around her and “she can honestly say, she doesn’t know shit”

    Like all good relationships – mutual respect is involved.

    Some people, male or female, just never grasped the concept of “keep your mouth shut”.

    Did anyone else happen to watch Grey’s Anatomy last night? (yeah, I know – it’s a “chick drama”.) Anyway, one of the plot lines involved a 1 pc patch MC. The “leader” of which was a woman with the Roadname “Gasoline.” The club members were all male. She scared the doctors.

  9. The Who!!!!! Says:

    You go Greeneyes!!!!!! You know, who has your back…… L & R

  10. Mad Matt Says:

    All of these comments ring true. It seems today brothers have really lost sight of some of the loyalty and brotherhood that we came together for. If you don’t have a patch, you don’t need to know shit.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    women, and others, should stay out of club business.

    AMEN !

  12. One Eye Says:

    @Erudite Hillbilly: You mean, it’s not “total disclosure” like Jax and Tara?!?! I suppose you’re going to tell me there’s no Santa Claus or The Great Pumpkin doesn’t show up on Hallowe’en!

  13. Glenn S. Says:

    Most every woman who has ever betrayed any man was able to do so because that man once shared confidences with her. And some of them do it for the drama.

  14. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    rollinnorth Says:
    “Yet another reason women, and others, should stay out of club business.”

    A-men! Just my thoughts based on local observations (not necessarily this particular issue as I wasn’t following it), but thanks to Sons of Anarchy it seems there is an epidemic of ol’ ladies thinking that they can wield some sort of club power through their men. I’ve seen bitches pushing their men for office and acting like the world ended when their ambitions failed, and other women affecting policy and decision through sneaky manipulation of their men. Seems every Johnny-come-lately wants to be Jax and every ol’ lady wants to be biker Peg Bundy.

  15. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Exactly… Amen

    Viva Los Vagos

  16. PigPen Says:

    Rollinnorth beat me to it.
    I love my old bird, been with her 19 years. we fight, we argue, sometimes we get serious. but, i have never called her a cunt, she is the mother of my kids, she has bailed me out of jail at 3 am, she has held shit down when i wasnt around. i do not let Brothers act stupid around her or to her.
    But even after all that. I do not care what when or who asks her a thing about me, my Club or my Brothers. She can honestly say, she don’t know shit. she knows where the house is, as does anyone in the neighborhood, and she knows my Club Brothers, most of them, just by road names. Sometimes, there just has to be a division of things.
    Club shit is Club shit. No on else needs to talk for me, stand up for me, or answer for my actions.

  17. rollinnorth Says:

    “Women will start World War Three.” Good one, Rebel. Yet another reason women, and others, should stay out of club business.

  18. GREENEYEZ Says:

    They are falsely accusing people of crimes they did not commit. Period.And theu always get a fool to sign shit
    I Pray these guys will all go home to their families soon.

    All of these fabricated lies, these guys dont belong behind bars.
    I Pray this comes to an end soon….

  19. BadMagic Says:



  20. GREENEYEZ Says:

    Now let there be peace….

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