Behind Dan Bifield’s Plea

January 9, 2013

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Daniel Eugene “Diamond Dan” Bifield, who pled guilty to racketeering in federal court in Columbia, South Carolina last Thursday, wrote these words on December 30. He has asked The Aging Rebel to publish them now.

“I’m taking a plea deal. I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing it for my wife Lisa.

“My lawyers have given up on me and they think I’m guilty and that I don’t have a chance of winning! They gave up on me! I wanted to fight this and go to trial but a lot of people and several lawyers said I won’t win. Also, several of the other lawyers feel it would be better if I didn’t go to trial with their guys and that they would have a better chance of winning since I’m the main target.

“I talked to several of my brothers and they and the lawyers talked to our club lawyers and they say I can plead guilty to the RICO Act. I’m pleading that I’m the one who did the crimes and it wasn’t the club. I will not say any names or that I did anything wrong with anybody else. And, of course I would never testify except to help the people going to trial.

“My brothers, friends and lawyers are saying it is very honorable what I am doing. And, they understand.

“They have offered my wife 14 years to plead guilty and if she goes to trial and gets found guilty they’ll ask for the 20 years. Her lawyer, family and friends are telling her to take the deal and not go to trial. Lisa is so afraid and worried about not seeing or being with her 14-year-old daughter! I feel so bad for her and I am so worried about her. Being the man I am and her husband I have no choice but to help her.

“So I am pleading guilty to conspiracy to RICO and I will receive 20 years. They will drop all charges against my wife except for one gun charge which she will plead guilty to and be sentenced to five years. But, she should be home in about three years or maybe less if the judge decides! I really didn’t like the deal because I wanted her to go home with no more time or very little time. But this is a one time deal only and they gave me a week to decide. It’s more like extortion than a plea deal!

“I told the lawyers I wanted to see and talk to my wife before I did anything so they set up a visit for us on Thursday (December 27, 2012). My lawyers were there, the prosecutors, my wife and her lawyer. I asked everybody to leave the room so I could talk to Lisa. They left one person to watch us.

“I asked Lisa what she wanted to do. She said ‘Please take the deal so I can go home to my daughter again.’ She said, ‘I am so scared to go to trial and that we’ll lose!’ She said, ‘I’ll always love you and when I come home I’ll come see you and take care of you.’

“So I kissed her and I signed the plea agreement. I go to court on Wednesday January 2, 2013. (After Bifield wrote these words the hearing was continued until January 3.) I can’t take the pain of her suffering anymore because of me! And, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that because of me she would be in prison a long time. She does not deserve that. The government has taken everything we had. I won’t let them have her life.

“The problem is all these tape recordings they have. Plus there seems to be so many of them missing and messed up that would have helped us. Also, I know in my heart that they erased and tampered with the tapes. I know this because I was there and I know what was said! But my lawyer says I can’t prove it. I just read all these things that Joe (agent provocateur Joseph Dillulio) said and told them in the beginning and they were all lies and stories to get me. You can tell because of what was said and how they worked it into the case. It was all one, big setup!

“I really wanted to fight this case and expose that piece of shit Joe for what he was but I had to choose Joe or my wife, The hardest part is I’ll never be able to love my wife like I want to or be with her again

“My wife found this taped conversation between the cops and the feds and I heard it just last night: Folder 362 02152-012-004.

“’It’s kind of like we did in the beginning with Dan, there, when I went in with my cane. We always said we need to make it look like he’s doing this business and Joe always says…well, we never really got him doing that because everything turned into something else – everything spun off in a different way.’”

From Court Document 08551:

“’In March 2011, CHS-3 (Confidential Human Source Joseph Dillulio) was interviewed. CHS-3 knows Bifield and other HAs (Hells Angels) because he did business at his jewelry store.’”

“’CHS-3 advised that Dan Bifield, Long and Fogle were selling what CHS-3 believed was stolen property (gold) to him during the previous two or three months.’”

“’Joe borrowed $10,000 through Bifield and Long. Bifield demanded that Joe pay $500 in interest every week. Joe said the $500 was only for interest. Joe was required to pay the $500 until he could pay off the loan in full. Joe obtained the loan to pay debtors and knew that a bank would not loan Joe the money.’”

‘”Joe advised that Bifield would meet various people at Joe’s store and pass out envelopes with money in them. Bifield told Joe that he was selling eight balls (of cocaine) and Bifield has told Joe that he purchases guns from various pawn shops. CHS-3 began working as a confidential source for the FBI in March 2011. CHS-3’s motivations have been financial gain and the betterment of the community. CHS-3 has agreed to testify. CHS-3 was convicted of interstate threats in 1993 and of making false statements to a financial institution in 1994.’”

From Court Document 08552:

“’In March 2011 CHS-2 (Marty “Cowboy” Deloach) began working as a confidential source for the FBI. CHS-2’s motivations have been financial gain and the betterment of the community. CHS-2 has agreed to testify.’”

“All that stuff Joe Dillulio said is lies. They have no tapes on any of that and that is because it never happened. And, the loan was on his terms and he paid $500 until the loan was paid off. When he missed payments he paid $500. That was his deal and his decision. Not mine!

“My lawyers told me they received a disk on Joe and he worked as a confidential source before against some people but he turned around and told them what he was doing….All his stories are lies!”

Diamond Dan


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13 Responses to “Behind Dan Bifield’s Plea”

  1. Marty Cowboy is in Houston Tx Says:

    Marty the Cowboy Deloach is an FB!!$cumbag aka now Matthew Lloyd Shelton. Relocated to Sugarland Stafford or Missouri City Tx . He stole my jewelry and money FBI said not their problem. They used him and put the real $cumbag back on the street. So he is here and the FBI used him and left him to continue his misery on this earth. The Houston PD and The FBI don’t care so… if you want to locate him

  2. Cap'n Bill Says:

    This is a difficult story to read but it does a heart good to know that these sort
    of values still exist. All the best to Dan & his family

  3. Wretched Man Says:

    I may be 8 000 miles away but I gotta tell you this story really cuts me deep.
    Honour & respect often walk with great men, & this is MOST CERTAINLY the case.
    Bob Dylan wrote a song about the heavy weight contender who was framed, & even a movie was made about it.
    My wish is that Dan’s story could be told, by the most reliable source (Dan himself, as a free man) & scripted & produced into a movie that would wake the “sheeple” up…
    This whole story is tragic & quite surreal!

    Thanks Rebel for your faithful & truthful reporting.
    Dan my thoughts & prayers for you & your family

    much L&R

  4. 11c_infantry Says:

    I can’t say things any better than what others here have already said. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I hope one day this nation will return to its founding principles, and you’ll be released. Until then, know that there are a lot of people out here who send you much love and respect.
    Richard T.
    Greer, SC

  5. stock56 Says:

    Dan I never had the privilege of meeting you but have met your wife when she tended bar at a place I go to. However, I won’t mention his name, my stepson was very close to you and your wife and told me all about you. He was right !! Your an honorable man Dan and I wish you and your wife along with your brothers the best !!

  6. RVN69 Says:

    The absolute unfairness of the treatment of bikers by the government has been well documented so I’m not gonna go there.

    STRENGTH,HONOR,BROTHERHOOD,LOYALTY&LOVE. Not just hollow words when spoken and lived by a man of honor. It matters not what patch you wear you can respect someone like this.

  7. Jim666 Says:

    It is Dan, plane and simple “extortion” .


  8. scraphound Says:

    Another Honorable man taken down by a ruthless and corrupt government. Good luck Dan and Thanks for keeping us informed rebel.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Its a goddamn shame. Wishing you an open window and another trip to the Bahamas, Dan. Wishing the rats short lives filled with pain. (I guess its still legal to wish.) Wishing your loved ones freedom soon.

    Glenn S.
    Greenville, SC

  10. Tim Says:

    Thats fucked up, they screwed Him, you are a very Honorable Man Dan, I hope that there is some way soon, that you get out,theres gotta be a way, Im sorry they screwed you, thats bullshit!!! I hope your wife gets out soon and if not I pray her time goes fast, so she can get home to her daughter and be united, this justice system is really fucken corrupt, son of ah bitch,this fucken goverment can fuck anyone they want to fuck, your a good Man Dan, Love and respect to you and your wife and to your club HAMC!!! Tim D.

  11. Snow Says:

    We’re living in a prison society, tow the line or be prepared to be locked down. Stand tall Dan, you did what you had to for your family. Welcome to the USSA.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s amazing the cunts that work on the persecutors side can actually sleep at night, including the judge and persecutor(s) themselves. Makes one wonder what kind of childhood they were raised under and what kind of sick, demented pieces of shit their parents were.

    I wish I was closer so I could visit Dan and/or any of his friends and kin and say, instead of typing, how sad this makes me and how proud I am just knowing what he did and to shake his hand.

    Dan, you’ve got more guts, pride and honor than all those shit-stains who fabricated this mockery of justice against you and yours. It all reads like something one should expect from some turd-world country courtroom than here in America. Just goes to show that it’s money and fame that gets things done anymore in our justice system (they, the judges and persecutors).

    Fuck you pigs, fuck you lying punk bitches Deloach and Dillulio. Rats spread disease and corruption, shit and piss where they eat, stink and are on the bottom of the food chain, and they’re still above both of you. Hopefully a big dog or cat will end your miserable existances and get you both to stop wasting good air.

  13. rollinnorth Says:

    This saga gets sadder, and more outrageous, every day.
    Thank you Rebel.

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