Swat Raid Suit In Dago

January 8, 2013

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Swat raids are performances like pole dancing, magic tricks or that lady and her favorite donkey down in old Tijuana. The government approved script says Swat victims are bad guys who must be crushed and the police are heroes who protect our nation from terrorist threats. So that’s the message the morons of television repeatedly shove down people’s throats.

But there is another, more skeptical way to describe these raids and a federal civil case filed January 2 in San Diego lights the way. It is not an important story because, by the commonly accepted definition of important, it hasn’t yet been on television. But it does provide some insight into who the police are and what they do as well as the evil and antidemocratic alliance between cops and the rotting corpse of America’s fourth estate.

The Eunice Suit

A fairly prominent Hells Angel named Maurice Peter “Pete” Eunice (photo above) is suing the United States of America; four Drug Enforcement Administration Agents named Patrick Ryan, Patrick Kelly, Mike Mervos and Bethany Watrous; a DEA Tactical Field Officer named Steve M. Kingkade; and up to 50 unnamed federal and local police over a shock and awe raid on the Hells Angels clubhouse in El Cajon, California on August 2, 2011.

Eunice owns the clubhouse building and he has rented it to his club since 1996. The day of the raid, police led reporters to believe they were looking for suspects. DEA Special Agent Amy Roderick made a statement outside the clubhouse in which she said, “Everybody that we’re targeting today – we have several arrest warrants along with search warrants – they all have violent criminal histories as well as what we’re looking to arrest them for today…. It’s hard for me to say a lot more because we’re still in the middle of a criminal investigation.” Later that day a spokeswoman for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office revealed that no arrests had been made as a result of the Swat raid.

The only occupant of the building when the raid occurred was a dog named Molly. The raid was a made for television event that was calculated to maliciously punish club members without due process. And, the Eunice lawsuit reveals some of the details of the raid that television has ignored so far.

Let’s Play Swat

The Eunice suit alleges:

“At the time that the agents blew up the doors and windows to his property, they knew that Mr. Eunice owned these properties. These agents knew Mr. Eunice’s contact information and they knew how to obtain the keys to the properties. Agents knew that there were no tenants inside the building. They did not contact Mr. Eunice. They instead contacted members of the media and multiple media outlets came to the properties.”

“Instead of contacting Mr. Eunice, they blew up the doors and windows using multiple explosives. These agents knew that there was no reason to blow up Mr. Eunice’s property. They acted out of malice in order to intimidate Mr. Eunice. These agents held animus and ill will toward members of the Hells Angels. They wanted to punish, deter and intimidate Mr. Eunice who leased his properties to the Hells Angels to use as their club house. Mr. Eunice had a due process right to be free from the arbitrary exercise of the powers of government. These agents including Doe defendants made a deliberate decision to deprive Mr. Eunice of his property.”

“After they caused explosions and a fire at the property, causing extensive damage to the frame and foundation of the buildings, Patrick Ryan called Mr. Eunice to let him know that he should come out to the property. The explosion was of such magnitude that the City had to shut off the main pipes that run deep beneath the properties due to the damage to the pipes and water leaks. Agents Ryan, Kelly, Mervos, Watrous, Kingkade and DOE defendants knew that three-year old dog Molly, was in the courtyard of the properties. They knew that using explosives would frighten the dog and cause physical harm to her. After the explosions, these agents let Molly out of the property and out into traffic on El Cajon Boulevard.”

“After agents gained entry into the properties, they continued their destruction by smashing windows and throwing the photographs off of the walls and stepping on the faces of the people depicted in the photographs.”

“When Mr. Eunice arrived on his properties, he was met with six to nine law enforcement officers around the perimeter. Two officers carrying AR-15s and other law enforcement officials kept him outside for approximately thirty to forty minutes as they continued their destruction inside the properties. Patrick Ryan handed Mr. Eunice a copy of the warrant. Agents told Mr. Eunice that they were turning the building over to him to deal with the destruction.”

The suit seeks “general and special damages according to proof at the time of trial” and “injunctive or declaratory relief this Court deems just and proper, including an injunction requiring the institution of appropriate supervision and prohibition of unnecessary destruction of property.”

You can view the Swat entry in the video below.


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  1. GHOATZ666 Says:


  2. Gina Carano Says:

    Unbelievable!! Getum baby… I’ll be sending good vibes your way love!! I miss you terribly !!

  3. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Any person attempting to steal, damage, or otherwise illegally manipulate my property, and/ or threaten/harm my family will get the same response. Period. The law of this land is the Constitution and no one is outside or above it.

  4. Ronbo Says:

    I believe the quote from Mark Twain was

    “The only truely criminal element in our country is our government.”


  5. Glenn S. Says:

    If guns are outlawed, only the cops will have guns. That should scare the shit out of people a lot more than the other version of that cliche.

  6. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Glenn S
    I only read as far as the first paragraph & realised only a moron would think that was a good idea.
    Sadly though loud mouths & empty heads often gather together & well we see the results all around us….
    Coming from another (war torn) continent I have my own proposals, but I would really encourage each “legal fire-arm owner” to get your collective act together, & quickly, I’ve seen where this all ends up…


  7. WARTHOG Says:

    @Glenn S.

    You’re right…dumbest gun control idea ever. The last line was quite telling as to the true nature of gun control: ” Guns used by the police would be exempt from such controls.” Why? If no other guns are around they would not have a need to discharge theirs. I guess they would like to retain their option for excessive use of force.




  8. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    As usual, good article.

    When they come for my six-shooter, they had better send seven men.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Here is the dumbest, worst gun control idea ever:


    Haven’t had a drink in over 15 years, Big V, but the second glass of buck and cigarettes to go with it will be on me. Then, before we get too drunk, let’s kill the guards, escape, and go after the politicians.

  10. Va.Bob Says:

    So it’s a divided country.Looking forward to the future,for existential meaning.Hail!

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @BigV – I won’t meet a one of you there. I intend to fight back in whatever way I have to and will literally have my gun taken from my dead fingers…preferably those taking it will have to climb over at least a couple of their widdle scumbag pussy fucktard friends that tried to enforce an anti-America law. (I know you were just fucking around, in a half-hearted way, but I just can’t joke about this coming problem for some reason. The gun is the one and only thing that will keep this nation from becoming Nazi Germany in 1940, or Stalin’s Russia, or Mao’s China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or Cuba or Rwanda or all the other fucktard nations that allowed their government to disarm them and eventually became turd-world dictatorships)

  12. SingSing Says:

    Fuck it…Im moving to Mexico where at least the cops font fuck with you!! Se habla Espanol?

  13. BigV Says:

    Well boys, it was good to know you.


    I figure we’ll all get to meet in person in another 5 to 10 years, inside a federal gulag.

    First glass of buck is on me.

  14. Jim666 Says:

    Great read, thanks for posting that,

    Everyone read the link Sieg posted.

    Respects Jim

  15. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    I don’t know if I picked it up here, or in reading elsewhere, but the term “extrajudicial punishment” comes to mind every time I hear of one of these situations. It’s an easy (efficient, and even unchallenged) way for angry pigs to really stick it to someone without the need for a judge and/or a jury. Hell, they can even fudge on the warrant as it won’t matter as the warrant won’t need to be upheld as it’s just the foot in the door to mete out the extrajudicial punishment.

  16. Sieg Says:

    Same old same old.

    Prosecution by warrant. The fucks don’t need to charge anyone, they don’t need to arrest anyone, that’s all gravy. All they need is a warrant saying that they can look for a scrap of paper, and your property, freedom, job, friends, family, everything you hold dear can be destroyed in a few short minutes.

    There is no rule of law left in this country, only the rule of the gun. Getting close to the time to decide who gets to hold the gun.

    FTF / FTP

  17. terry fabricant Says:

    Poor dog. He did not have a choice in the matter.

  18. WWB Says:

    Nice article Reb.

    just another gold carat piece of evidence that the pigs are worse than us.

    can we please have a RICO case against the Cali Police force as the biggest and most criminal gang in the state?



  19. Pigpen Says:

    It has been said everytime the doors have been blown off the hinges.
    All you gotta do, is ring the door bell on the gate. There is actually a sign out there that says that. Gates get expensive,

  20. Snow Says:

    Damn auto correct spell check; Sue their fucking asses…

  21. Snow Says:

    What bullshit, blowing a building just cause you can? If things were so dangerous why were people dining right next door? Hell yea sue their sucking asses.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    The fucking stupid cunt Roderick had not one single answer that was solid. They were all “uh, I would say…”, “uh…between this and this”, “uh…”. Fucking lying cunt. And telling the news crew that “it was heavily fortified”. Well yeah, you fucked up cunt moron, I bet the fucking house next to that building is probably ‘heavily fortified’ too, like most of the neighborhood – against theft and intrusion, you stupid fucking cunt!

    Not a one of those cock sucking pussy pigs would *ever* dare fight like a man one-on-one a club member. I garanfuckingtee it. Little beard boy was sure strutting around like he was someone too. Little pansy-assed faggot.

    I hope beyond hope that Pete wins this case and those fucking faggot punk pigs have to pay out the ass. There’s no more deserving bunch of criminals who need to get fucked than the feds and state pigs over this travesty of supposed ‘justice’. The piece of shit judge should have his ass handed to him also for signing off on this bullshit – as in losing his ability to be a judge anymore. Useless fucking turd.

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