Cop Club Menace Claims Victim

December 28, 2012

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The growing menace of cop motorcycle clubs claimed another victim last Saturday night. The victim, a 23-year-old man from Glendale, Arizona, was attacked in a Prescott, Arizona bar by multiple assailants. He told police at the Yavapai Regional Medical Center that he had been attacked by members of a “motorcycle gang.”

Prescott police immediately imposed a news blackout on the incident except to say that they were turning the investigation over to the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Special Investigations Unit. Prescott police admitted that they had “gathered evidence” at the crime scene.

A Department of Public Safety spokesman named Carrick Cook said, “There was an incident involving members of the Prescott Valley Police Department. No arrests have been made and the investigation continues. There is limited information that is available during an active criminal investigation.”

The Iron Brotherhood

The assailants were members of the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. The IBMC describes itself as “a no bullshit, non political Law Enforcement MC.” The club was founded in Southern California in 2006.

On its national website the IBMC states: “Members of the Iron Brotherhood respect all clubs and the colors they wear. However members of this club do not associate with members of one percenter clubs. We also do not attend events sanctioned by one percenter clubs.” The club accepts current and former male cops as hang arounds and prospects.

In a display of their “respect” for “all clubs and the colors they wear” the national website states, “The Iron Brotherhood MC wears three piece colors because we can. We are a Law Enforcement club and will not seek permission from any organization to fly our colors.”

Blind Squirrel

The patch holders involved in the assault included members from Prescott’s Whiskey Row Chapter. The club has twenty chapters from coast to coast in the United States. Whiskey Row is a block on South Montezuma Street in downtown Prescott that was once home to 40 saloons. The assault occurred during The Whiskey Row chapter’s annual Christmas Party.

The phenomena of cop clubs is virtually invisible to non-biker civilians. But, people who do know about these clubs are often infuriated by them.

One cop who reported his contempt for clubs like the Iron Brotherhood is celebrity ATF agent Jay Dobyns. Dobyns wrote about his attempted infiltration and entrapment of Hells Angels in Arizona in a book called No Angel. According to Dobyns, he encountered a cop club called the Wild Pigs in the parking lot of Harley dealership in Bellemont, Arizona about 70 miles north of Prescott. Dobyns categorizes cop clubs as an “abomination” and he claims to have said the following to a Wild Pigs patch holder: “You can’t have it both ways, asshole. You can’t pretend to look and act like us until the shit gets nasty and then pull a badge and gun and sit us down on the side of the road. Fuck you. Pick a side.”

Dobyns’ book is so full of inaccuracies that the conversation may be completely invented. And Dobyns is hardly a friend of bikers in general. But the quote probably reveals his true feelings about cop clubs. And, it is reprinted here because even a blind squirrel comes up with a nut from time to time.


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144 Responses to “Cop Club Menace Claims Victim”

  1. 1% Says:

    All I have to say is the patch should be a big target. That way some real 3 piece patched member from any number of 3 piecers don’t miss when these fucking want to be tough guys is riding along….and boom! Dead! If you think it’s your territory to do such things don’t hide behind the law and go to war with real deal guys. Just like they do. Any cop wearing a 3 piece deserves what will come to them eventually. And above that, it.could be any person, not local even. Our boys aren’t that dumb but your day will come if you wear a 3 piece patch and are in any type of law enforcement. Enforce that shit now pigs!

  2. RG Rider Says:

    “It takes A thief to catch a thief.” All COPS are not obligated in any way to protect or serve anyone. Law Enforcement is a farce!! They are lying, cheating, murderous assholes protected by a badge. 3/4’s of them can’t even pass their firearm certification without someone looking the other way. Heaven forbid your firearm should have an external safety, because my experience has been if it is not a Glock, a cop won’t know how to operate your firearm, and then break actual steel parts internally trying to open your firearm up, instead of asking the owner to do it for him. I HATE THEM ALL!! ALL PIGS MUST DIE. -Fuckin’ ignorant pussies!!!!!!

  3. FU Says:

    So many responses from all you dumbasses. The only reason FTP exists is due to your own personal stupidity of being outsmarted by that FAT COP. Grow up Retards.

  4. tiger Says:

    @ BS ..That crap you spewed is just that. I can see you like swallowing the puss filled drippings off these supposed bikers you know huh?? They are the biggest load of hypocritic leaches around living off OUR MONEY that we Have to pay in taxes so they can act like asswipes, oh wait! I use asswipe that is more useful than they are so strike that one. Make that the shit left by earthworms. They flash they’re badge and think it’s ok for them to act out they’re immature, benial, low I.Q.’ed, bully tactics on the public. How many citizens have been sentenced unjustly to death by you’re fucking heros? How many by real bikers? So STFU and go suck a cop’s dick.
    @ JJ
    Right on the money. That was a complex tirade that I laughed a fucking soda through my nose when I first read it. Respects Tiger

  5. jj solari Says:

    thank you dr sard, very generous of you. i wanted to ensure that no cop could ever wade through it without becoming disoriented.

  6. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    The noise you hear is Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Cassidy, Corso, Ferlinghetti and maybe even Bukowski flipping and rolling in their graves or urns or wherever the hell they were laid to rest after that stream of consciousness you laid out..

    I wish I could write like that.

  7. Shyster Says:


    I read your post 3 times laughing harder each time. “And not in a good way, like Sideshow Bob is weird.” Too funny.


  8. jj solari Says:

    re: long paragraphs; i purposely made the item above first grade level so that cops couldnt read it.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear jj solari,

    Hi. I see you are a fan of long paragraphs. I once wrote a sentence that was 1200 words long so I can relate.


  10. jj solari Says:

    Just when you are convinced American cops are the stupidest most ridiculous most useless amalgams of squalid bacteria oozing from the asses of of AIDS-afflicted homosexual imps from the bottom rung of a runt and midget infested hell, they decide to form biker gangs. And these cop-clumps of assfucking hijinx meisters actually are gangs. They are not “clubs” they are not “groups” they are not “associations” they are not “franchises” they are not boarding houses filled with wheel-chaired granmas, they are gangs: feral, prowling, tiny-cocked societies of unintelligent rogue packs of Pleistocene baboons with no purpose other than mutual ejaculation adventures onto each others’ naked skins in body soaking semen squirt sessions and the afternoon Buttless Chaps photo extravaganzas held annually on Fire Island. Since the job of cop requires volunteers from only the most deranged and sociopathic members of the sub human population of brachiating tree-swingers who have not successfully bred themselves into the ranks of the sentient anthropoid called “human beings” it is no surprise that they would want to, on some level, imitate actual people. The problem with cops trying to be people is they dont know how to do that. You need human dna to be a human, not just a dildo up the ass and a penis in your mouth; you also need to know right from wrong to be a human being – or even to be a bat or an earthworm to some extent; two levels of life form that a cop can only imagine or look at in pictures. If cops had IQ’s or any ability to reason you could train grackels to teach them how to live civilized lives within sane parameters, since these birds are smarter than cops and more disciplined and resourceful, and well, there is basically nothing that a grackel doesn’t surpass a cop at. Eventually at some point in the training the cops would learn how to move about with actual human beings without accosting them or jailing them or intimidating them or bullying them or taking their things or hauling them away from their screaming shrieking families in order to place them into concrete rooms for decades at a time. A grackel could teach a cop all of this. Unfortunately cops are so stupid they could not learn it. The grackels would all throw up their feathers in frustration after a few minutes because grackels, unlike cops, have productive things to do and cant waste a lot of time trying to teach something as stupid as a cop how to be a part of human society. Cops are already clowns when they are in their workday uniforms: donning the uniforms of bike clubs in their off hours, though… even a professional clown would think that was a bit peculiar. And of course it is peculiar: cops cannot be anything but peculiar. Otherwise they would be soldiers fighting our nation’s enemies rather than sociopathic fuckheads fighting our nation’s citizens. Why cops have chosen to be in imitation of the very things they claim to loathe – bike club denizens – is not at all mysterious if you have ever crawled into the mental workings of an idiotic sado-masochist. Which is what all cops are. They are also stupid. They are not intelligent sado-masochists, so not only is everything they decide to do WRONG it is also very weird. And not in a good way, like Sideshow Bob is weird. It’s weird like Baghdad Bob was weird: at odds with all things holy, in other words. Weird like the possessed are weird. Weird like something that needs to be put in chains and left in a dungeon to die is weird. Weird like plankton that can speak and make noises is weird. Weird like nothing at all remotely similar to normal human existence. And then….on top of all this fucked up weirdness and unholy and unnatural madness and frothing disgustingness….to be convinced that you are actually NECESSARY?….which cops are convinced they are…..that takes things to almost non-terrestrial levels of nuts. And NOW what are cops doing?…..they are becoming bike gangs!! Well, good for you!….isn’t mommy proud!!…..won’t daddy be delighted when you tell him all this during your next shower session together!!

  11. BS Says:

    Cops who wear a cut with a three piece patch shouldn’t be a big deal. The cops that do this and conduct criminal activity are the problems. Just because a “biker” wears a three piece patch does not make them a criminal. The guys that wear the 1% patch can be assumed criminals, even though the members who wear the 1% patch will tell you they are just a bunch of motorcycle loving guys, in a club, and not a gang, blah, blah, blah. All of the LE clubs I have run into don’t wear the 1% patch and don’t claim to be 1%ers….so I don’t know what all the hype is about with the three piece patch. If a cop was wearing a 1% patch then I would question that. Cops who are part of a motorcycle club and are involved in criminal activity are hypocrites and should be dealt with in the proper manner. The Cops that are a part of a motorcycle club that is law-abiding, support good causes, fundraise, and associate with each other because they have a lot in common, should not be called hypocrites. Just because a person wears a three piece patch does not make them a criminal, it’s the criminal activity they do while wearing the three piece patch that makes them a criminal. So called 1%ers that wear the 1% patch but claim they are not criminals are hypocrites, posers, or maybe both.

    I have seen firefighters, rescue personal, military personal, religious groups, etc…, wearing three piece patches, so does that make them criminals? I doubt it. Just because someone drives a Cadillac doesn’t make them a drug dealer, just because a person wears a red or blue bandana doesn’t make them a gang member, just because someone wears a pin stripe suit doesn’t make them a mobster, just because someone’s religion is Islam doesn’t make them a terrorist….So why is it that wearing a three piece patch makes you a criminal and if you are a cop it makes you a hypocrite? Don’t give me an answer of “When the outlaw clubs were formed they worn three piece patches so that’s the standard.” The Sons of Silence wore a one piece patch and they were involved in criminal activity more so than some of the so called outlaw clubs that wear three piece patches. With the theory of persons wearing a three piece patch are criminals, then persons that wear a one piece patch are criminals too because the Sons of Silence did. So now HOG members are criminals? This whole idea is idiotic. There are plenty of people out there that are not part of a club, ride a bike, and conduct criminal activity, well that must mean everyone that rides a bike is a criminal….that is also idiotic to think.

    You 1%ers are just upset because cops are wearing something you thought only you could have….well your wrong. Being part of a motorcycle club and wearing a three patch does not make you a criminal. What makes you a criminal is the criminal activity you conduct while wearing the three piece patch. I said this above and will say it again….if a cop is a part of a MC and conducts criminal activity they are a hypocrite and their department should be taking action but the cops that are part of a MC and are law abiding should not be given sh!t about what they are wearing. That also goes with the other types of clubs that wear three piece patches but do not conduct criminal activity. We all choose the people we hang around with and most of the time we choose people who have the same interests as we do. Cops hang out with cops, criminals hang out with criminals, fire fighters hang out with fire fighters, pilots hang out with pilots, and the list goes on.

    I am a “biker”, I dress like a “biker”, I have friends that are “bikers”, I am not a cop, I am not a criminal, and I am not part of a MC. I know folks in LE MCs, so called Outlaw MCs, Military MCs, and so on. They have three piece patches and seem to be all good people. You have to remember cops are just humans with badges. Cops chose to be cops, criminals chose to be criminals. Wearing a three piece patch does not make you a criminal nor does it make you a [email protected]$$.

    Great website by the way.

  12. Jim666 Says:

    Hold or have held the power of arest ?
    fuck the puke fucks right up the ass,fuckin pig scum

  13. britbiker Says:

    Thanks for the link looked at their website,im speechless need to get my head round this may post later when I’ve had think(drink)

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Another bunch of wannabe LE and ex-LE faggots playing dress-up so they can impress the 7th grade girls. Guaranfuckinteed that every one of them still has ties to an active pig or twenty and wouldn’t stand up as a man and fight for his colors without calling them in.

  15. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Check out their requirements for membership:

    YYZ Skinhead


    britbiker: Hi, here’s one…

  17. britbiker Says:

    New to this forum,from england,we dont have any cop m/c clubs over here and our cops wouldnt dress like 1%ers even if there were clubs for them,they hate us we hate them it seems to work ok,most hassle over here is vendettas between 1%er clubs

  18. WARTHOG Says:


    And they handle “that shit” with a cell phone and a badge.


    warthog (not to be confused with that pig club)


  19. Rahlow Says:

    @ SUPES,,,lmao, I know a couple warthogs in the NE USA….and believe me, no 1%’er respects you or your club,,,don’t get it twisted!

  20. SUPES Says:


  21. AJ Says:

    Sounds like if you’re a cop you can’t own and ride a Harley and be a biker. Since when do HARD CORE BIKERS control this free country. As far as I see it, as long as there are cops riding Harleys, the BIKERS have a better chance of getting out of a ticket. FYI, there are many cop clubs who are not violent and do NOT consider themselves in the same category as OMG’s. The only thing in common is the Harley and the road we share.

  22. Jim666 Says:

    I could post one of these a day, who,s the bad guys ?


  23. Grumbler Says:

    @Red&Gold – Gracias … didn’t scroll up far enuff yesterday afternoon nor this morning. Incidently, the Sheriff in Paso Robles, CA disbanded the Iron Posse MC (cop club) in 2003:

  24. Sieg Says:

    “When they’re not smart enough to be regular cops, they become correctional officers.”

    Pig-farmers in green boiler-suits…nothing lower than a hack!

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  25. Red&Gold Says:

    No Worries Grumbler… folks should read in at least twice anyway…

  26. Grumbler Says:

    @Red&Gold – My bad. Didn’t know you had already copied/pasted both articles a couple of days ago until after I refreshed my cache. Have asked Rebel to delete my post. I’ll go sit in the corner with a dunce cap:

  27. Grumbler Says:

    UPDATE … Prescott PD releases some details on alleged bar fight involving police motorcycle club and Bar fight victim claims biker punched him after he asked what motorcycle he rode dated 1/20/13 from Prescott Valley Tribune:

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    Good one, Jim. But after 11 years in prison, the stupidity of people wearing badges no longer surprises me. When they’re not smart enough to be regular cops, they become correctional officers. I used to tell them: “I was gonna be a correctional officer once, but I passed the intelligence test”, and see how long it too them to get pissed.

    They had one that was assigned to take a couple of prisoners/maintenance workers outside the fences to repair something, gave him a shotgun to keep them from escaping. Apparently, the shotgun got too heavy for him, so he propped it against the fence. Then it started to rain, so he took the prisoners back inside. But he forgot the shotgun. At some point, they inventoried the armory and the number of shotguns didn’t match, so they locked the place down until they found the shotgun, still propped against the fence outside the old penitentiary in downtown Columbia, SC (I wonder how many people driving by saw it and thought: Those assholes must be real stupid.).

    So they promoted the correctional officer to “inmate relations coordinator”.

  29. Grumbler Says:

    @BadMagic – I was lookin’ forward to ordering a snortburger in Montana. I kill myself.

  30. BadMagic Says:



    The worst part was they took the cow to the dump siting Federal road kill laws. What a waste.


  31. Jim666 Says:

    heres the real intelligence of most cops, How again are they allowed to carry weapons and or even operate automobiles ?

  32. Jim666 Says:

    And they call in the sniper for a cow that threatens them with a “snort”.
    Something like this BadMagic ?

  33. BadMagic Says:


    Here the cops shoot at people in custody when they steal the cop car in an attempt to run away. And it is justified because the officer “believed they were in imminent danger of the guy turning the car around and trying to run over the cop”.

    Worse than the situation itself is all the citizen comments commending the cop for shooting the guy dead behind the wheel, saving everyone. Because surely a dead guy behind the wheel is less dangerous than someone actually in control.

    And they call in the sniper for a cow that threatens them with a “snort”.

    Fucked Up.


  34. Sieg Says:

    The piggers a few towns over from here blew away an 18 y.o. beaner kid IN THE HOSPITAL yesterday. They took the kid there in custody, he gets rowdy, they taser him, and he”attacked his guard with a chair” so he was shot and killed. 18 years old, may a buck-thirty dripping wet, handcuffed and in a secure examining room. The deputy is traumatized, according to the local 5-0.

    FTF / FTP / ACAB
    5 to 1

  35. Glenn S. Says:

    Red and Gold quoted some fucking cop: ““We’re very thorough; we take our time – we’re never in a rush,” Graves said.”

    When they can lock anybody else up, they DO get in a rush, they’re NOT very thorough, and they DON’T take they’re time.

    I’ve about come to the conclusion that, when cops investigate one another, they do so with the express purpose of keeping the investigation going for a long time just so the cops can get away with “no comment until the investigation is over” until the public and news media has moved on to something else.

    Presently, there are two recent instances of cops killing a citizen in my home town, where there is reason to disbelieve the cops’ version of events, being “investigated” by S.L.E.D. (state law enforcement division). In one instance, the cops said they thought the guy had a gun when he “approached them in a threatening manner” and they shot him. The victim fell, then got up, again in a “threatening manner”, and the cops shot him dead. The cops will not even comment as to whether or not the guy really had a weapon (although their silence speaks volumes), citing the “investigation”. In the other instance, there was a fight between several men and a 19-year-old with a baseball bat, in the yuppie bar district downtown. The cops shot and killed the kid with the bat. The cops said they warned him and he “advanced” on them. The only witnesses, that were not with either combatant and who spoke to reporters said the cops just ran up and shot the kid, without warning. That witness also said that an acquaintance got a video of the whole thing on his cell phone camera and the cops detained him and took the cell phone. That, too, is “under investigation”, although the media was informed that the “investigation” has uncovered the fact that the kid attempted to buy alcoholic drinks in several bars earlier that night.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuckin’ pussies gotta show their badges so they can get away with playing bad boy in front of their stinking cunt useless wives. How can anyone *not* feel like a pussy by trying to get out of trouble by showing a badge? How can their women stand to look at such cowardly pussies? I mean, what do the women do, go to cocktail parties and tell each other how their ol’ man flashed a badge and stayed out of getting his ass beat after starting shit with someone?

  37. Red&Gold Says:

    The Associated Press

    The victim in a Whiskey Row bar fight on Dec. 22 acknowledged he was drunk when he started a conversation with a biker wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with a patch that said “president” on the front.
    Justin Stafford, 23, who was at the bar with a friend, said he asked what kinds of motorcycles the man and his buddies rode, at which point the biker grabbed him by the throat and pushed him toward the bar. Stafford said he looked back to make sure he wasn’t going to fall and, when he turned around again, someone punched him in the nose.

    “Apparently one of them didn’t like the fact that I was talking to them, or something like that,” said Stafford, who grew up in Chino Valley and now lives in Colorado.

    Stafford said his friend didn’t see who hit him and immediately whisked him out of the bar and took him to a hospital to treat his bloodied and swollen nose.

    Stafford has been interviewed by authorities but didn’t learn until last week that police officers could have been involved.

    “I never saw the guy who did it,” Stafford said. “I couldn’t even begin to tell you what he looks like.”

    That wouldn’t stop the investigation, Arizona Department of Public Safety Spokesman Bart Graves said.

    “We have a lot of witnesses – people at the bar at the time – that saw everything,” Graves said.

    Graves wouldn’t say which officers, if any, were directly involved in the fight.

    A full report should be ready in 30 to 45 days and will be turned over to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, he said.

    “We’re very thorough; we take our time – we’re never in a rush,” Graves said.


    Lisa Irish
    The Daily Courier

    Incident reports from the Prescott Police Department paint a picture of an unruly scene inside a Whiskey Row bar where a fight allegedly occurred Dec. 22, 2012, between members of a police motorcycle club and a bar patron.

    The reports were released Thursday evening by the Arizona Department of Public Safety to The Daily Courier as part of a public records request.

    The Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club is a men’s group made up of active and retired law enforcement officers from Prescott and Prescott Valley police departments, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, DPS and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

    Witnesses told police that after Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club members entered Moctezuma’s Bar on Dec. 22, some members fought with a bar patron, then swung at bar employees trying to break it up.

    One witness told investigating officers she jumped behind the bar because men wearing black vests “were coming up to the bar” and “everybody was swinging at everybody.”

    Another witness said “he did not know what to do, because he knew the group of bikers to be police officers,” according to PPD reports.

    Earlier that evening, about 20 Iron Brotherhood members wearing black vests displaying their club’s name held a party with wives and girlfriends in a back room at Hooligan’s Pub.

    Witnesses told officers “they were a rowdy group,” the bar “cut off about 90 percent of them from alcohol by the time the party ended,” and “the whole group was acting like some outlaw motorcycle gaxxx,” the police reports state.

    A bar employee, needing to get past a woman in the bar, said when he put his hand on her to get her attention and ask her to move, a man identified as an Iron Brotherhood member yelled at him and “got in his face,” according to the reports.

    One witness told investigating officers he didn’t feel police officers should act that way, noting that previous encounters with Iron Brotherhood were usually polite and pleasant.

    After leaving Hooligan’s, some Iron Brotherhood members wearing their vests flashed badges and “tried to bully their way inside Matt’s Saloon,” which has a “no colors” (gaxxx-related clothes) policy, but failed, according to police reports.

    Several Iron Brotherhood members went on to Moctezuma’s, which also has a “no colors” policy, but the members showed bar security their badges and were let in with their motorcycle club vests on.

    At 10:59 p.m., a Prescott Police officer went to Yavapai Regional Medical Center west campus and spoke with an injured man – Justin Stafford, 23 – who said he was punched by bikers earlier that night at Moctezuma’s, according to the report. Stafford said the bikers wore black vests with patches on them reading “Iron something.”

    Much of Stafford’s statement, as well as that of his friend, concerning what happened was redacted from the report, including how many times Stafford was punched and who punched him.

    Names of all witnesses, victims, Iron Brotherhood members, and large portions of their statements were removed from PPD reports released to the Courier.

    When the investigating officers arrived at Hooligan’s, one saw several policemen he knew wearing Iron Brotherhood vests. The investigating officers were approached by a man in a black vest who showed a badge and asked what was going on, the report states. The officer told the man flashing the badge they were investigating an incident at Moctezuma’s, at which point the man pulled both officers to the emergency exit.

    Soon after, the officers called a sergeant saying the people they spoke with did not appear to provide them with all the information they knew. While waiting for the sergeant to arrive, an Iron Brotherhood member whose name was redacted said, “We knew you guys were going to show up. They told me you were coming, so I told (name redacted) to go home,” according to the police report.

    The officers returned to Moctezuma’s to view surveillance videos of the fight, then placed them into evidence. Police reports were so heavily redacted it’s not clear what the officers saw in the footage.

    No one from the Iron Brotherhood returned an officer’s request to provide the legal name of the man involved in the assault by the next day, according to a police report turned in on Dec. 23.

    On Monday, Dec. 24, a Prescott Police detective was told by command staff that officers may have been involved in an assault at Moctezuma’s two days earlier and asked detectives to obtain more video from the three bars, which was placed into evidence, according to police reports.

    After the PPD’s initial investigation, Prescott Police Chief Mike Kabbel, who has since retired, requested that the DPS Special Investigations Unit take over the case to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest.

    DPS spokesman Bart Graves said Friday morning the agency’s investigation into the incident should be completed in 30 to 45 days and surveillance videos will be released at that time.

    The Courier is continuing its efforts to obtain the video as well as unredacted reports.

  38. Sieg Says:

    @Goldsboro Williams, the article about Rocker AOA is pretty straight. The Milwakky pigs that killed him are still on the loose, but the inquest was real clear. He was beaten to death while in pig custody. No doubts, no other findings.

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  39. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Thanks for the link about “Rocker.” That was an interesting read. Pretty cut and dry if the article is accurate.


  40. Streets Says:

    @John, really if youre looking for some kind of understanding, empathy, sympathy, or respect, youre not going to get it here. You and every other LE voluntered to do the job, you were not forced, or drafted. You made the decision on your own. So to cry about pay, or the danger that goes with the job, wah-wah…….most cops that get shot by people is because of the treatment of people by cops and the justice system. Far to many people railroaded by dishonest cops testi-lying in court and falsifying evidence and reports. Boo-hoo mother -fucker……

  41. Jim666 Says:

    I really think there will be a time to come when any any all future politicians future lawmen of all kinds will realize that we have way too many laws that do not work, have locked up and or killed way too many innocent people, and come to agree that no one wants the job of law enforcement,and or the making of more and new laws. And abolish most of the laws on the books.

    “Yea right !”

    I honestly believe that every person in this country is guilty of breaking one law or another every day if they leave their beds, and possibly even in bed.

    I would lay my life against a million bucks that no one anywhere in this country has`nt broken a law of some kind in their lives anyone over the age of 10 that is.
    This country is plagued with unnecessary laws that only serve to make the states, counties, towns, and country money,AND PUNISH FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS.
    And every year on January 1st there are more laws put into place.
    Do we really need all these bullshit laws ? When will it stop ?
    After everyone in this country is in jail ?
    Logic is people are human,humans make mistakes and always will so according to the Govt. of this country , people that make mistakes should be punished, who decides the punishment ? someone that is perfect ? No, someone that is above the laws that punish people for mistakes.

    So how about lets just lock up everyone in the country over the age of 10.
    Does that sound good ? Would that work ? I actually think the 10 yr old`s could run this country better than the ones that are running it now.

    Can you imagine 10 yr old kids running this country ? why not ? they,d probably fix all the shit the politicians have fucked up over the years.
    I have a 10 yr old other than her having all the Barbies that are made their clothes and accessories , She would do a better job at running this country than the one that are.

    How about this ? every cop,fed agent,lawyer,judge,
    meter maid,prosecutor ,has to pull 1 year in jail or prison before they can have the job of law enforcement .
    I dont know but the American leagle system is way beyond repair.
    Are laws made to protect people and serve humanity ? Or are they put in place to punish freedom ?

    Actually the only reality I know is America is broken, and has been broken by the people put in office to protect her.This country needs to wipe the slate clean,get rid of everyone that has any power over anyone else.and start over. time for another American Revolution.

    Of course this is only my openion,and everyone has one and still has the freedom to express it,,,,at least for now

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    Thomas Jefferson


    Respects to all the real bikers and patriots here.


  42. Sieg Says:

    A better sytstem?

    Shit, right now, I’d say any South American country, most S.E. Asian countries, Russia, and most Oceania states.

    Yeah, John, I’ve been in all of them. At the very least, at least with them you get what my pops always told me was an honest cop…one who swtays bought.

    The Constitution is dead, the Bill of Rights is honored in it’s absentia, Amerika is now ruled by the gun, and guess what, the pigs are holding it.

    FTF / FTP

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    John’s last post is typical pig bullshit. Example:

    John before: “Makes me sick to watch that but name a better system. I mean that. Name a better, more free system with less abuses.”

    John after: “Hey just for the record, my mention of a better system includes better and aggressive prosecuting law breakers especially cops.”

    John before: “You have a society that wants certain laws in place and enforced and is willing to pay people small amounts of money to risk their lives.”

    John after: “My mention of low pay referred to the quality of people that you are getting to do the job and have the tremendous power and responsibility.”

    Seems contradictory. Pick a position and stick with it, John. I’ll still hate your badge, either way, but you might gain a little self respect.

    And you asked to name a better system? Okay, how about the one we’d have if the Bill of Rights was enforced with the same zeal as RICO?


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