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December 20, 2012

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An eleven-person company in San Francisco called Lit Motors has built a working prototype of a self balancing, fully enclosed electric motorcycle.

According to company founder Daniel Kim, this motorcycle of the future will have a top speed of 125 miles per hour, reach 60 from a standing start in 6 seconds and will have a range of 200 miles between charges. Kim says the vehicle “takes the romance and the efficiency of a motorcycle and we integrate that with the safety and the comfort of a car.” The prototype is called C-1. The name “will change as we near production.”


The C-1 will be 112 inches long, 40 inches wide, 55 inches tall and will weigh 800 pounds. Kim expects the bike to sell for about $24,000 “for the first production run.” He hopes to build enough of the vehicles to lower the cost to $12,500. “We are really doing our best to get an affordable vehicle to a mass market,” Kim said. “We’re not really trying to rock the boat too much, but it is definitely disruptive technology.”

In a press release the company said, “Since the C-1 is classified as a motorcycle, it allows you to lane split, ride two abreast in one lane, use the HOV lane, use motorcycle parking, and all the myriad other advantages motorcycles have. We estimate it will cut most commute times by up to 50 percent. If you live in the city, this could be your primary vehicle: easy to park and slip through traffic, with services like Zipcar, Getaround, or traditional car rentals available when you need a larger vehicle or an extended road trip. If you live outside the city, this could be your primary commuting vehicle, with a larger ‘family car’ at home. This allows the commuter in the family to commute easily and efficiently, saving money and time every day.”

More Hype

The company also hopes to find a market with police departments. According to a CNN story about the motorcycle, “Anything that is safer than a standard cop bike, and keeps the driver out of wind, rain, and sun is a major selling point in the law enforcement community.”

Kim claims owners with access to a quick charge station will be able to get an 80 percent charge in about 30 minutes. The bike uses aircraft style landing gear when the motor shuts off.

The company has preorders for about 500 of the machines and hopes to start production in 2014.


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9 Responses to “Motorcycle Of The Future”

  1. sleddog Says:

    LMFAO! Why even bother with this shit?

  2. Tim Says:

    Phuquehed, Thanks, I’ll check that book out on the net,

    Dirty Dingus McGEE LOL, I can visually see it now, LOL, after yer gone, the spectators will hear 1 adam 12…. 1 Adam 12…. we have a roll over here, and the bike keeps spinning, with a guy in the bike yelling FUCKEN GYROS STOPED WORKING, LOL!!!

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Well la dee fukin da, isn’t that special.

    Wonder how fast that gyro can react? ‘Cause if I see one, and the ‘tard riding it gives me a wave, I’m gonna boot that sumbitch over.

  4. 10GUAGE Says:

    LMFAO ….that’s a good one….you get that in the onion?

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s only 40 inches wide inside? Shit, I’d have to jump in a vat of oil and be sardined in the damn PoS.

    If one is gonna ‘cover’ a bike from the elements, why not just have a fucking car?

    It’s also apparent that the fucktards who built the thing haven’t been around much on a bike on freeways or traffic in cities where none of the fucking cage drivers seem to know how to drive.

    @Tim – That question about the gyroscope is a good one. I read a book by, IIRR, Piers Anthony called Ring. He seems to have put some good research into the form of transportation at the time period in the book (far future) and how dangerous it can be if the gyroscope happened to get unbalanced or something like that.

  6. Tim Says:

    Grumpy, quick release windshield….. LOL!!!

    Slice, buy the convertable model, I bet you can put apes on then, thats what I would do, I cant do without my apes, LOL.

    I wonder what happens when those gyroscopes screw up, HUH, OH shit, will it be like Henry Gibson in Laugh – in, on his tricycle, cool invention though, I just hope the EPA doesnt find something wrong with it.LOL.

  7. Slice Says:

    How am I supposed to run apes on that?!

  8. Grumpy Says:

    Does it have A/C ? LOL

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