Brammo Ships Motorcycle

December 15, 2012

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Brammo, the Ashland, Oregon electric motorcycle company shipped its first sport bike this week. We only really have Brammo’s word for this. The name of the new owner is given simply “Ain” and you can see him beaming over his new motorcycle on the company website.

The company says Ain picked up his new electric motorcycle at Scuderia West and that he is “elated.” Ain sent the company a fan letter which reads “This bike is great!!! Definitely feels/handles more toward the sport bike side of things, and it’s a kick running with only the slight electromechanical whir, tire noise, and sound of the wind. You guys hit a home run!”

In the United States, you can buy Brammo Motorcycles at Scuderia in San Francisco, Bartels Harley-Davidson in Marina del Rey, Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay in Florida and at Suburban Motors, a Harley dealership in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

Our Bright Electric Future

Brammo sells two motorcycle models called the Empulse and the Enertia. Both bikes are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs.

The Enertia which the company is widely rumored to have been shipping since July 2010, is a “commuter vehicle.” For what Brammo calls “High Speed Commuting” in which the rider is likely to travel at speeds up to 65 miles per hour, the Enertia has a range of about 20 miles. While they last, an Enertia costs $7,995.

The Empulse, like the one Ain bought, is a sport bike. The Empulse weighs about 470 pounds. It has a six speed transmission. The manufacturer says the bike will go 100 miles per hour and 100 miles between charges. A reviewer for Cycle World took the Empulse up to 85 miles per hour at 9000 rpm. The top end Empulse costs $18,995.


The Empulse was originally scheduled to ship about 18 months ago. It appears to be shipping now. An upgraded version of the Enertia, called the Enertia Plus will allow “High Speed Commuting” for up to 40 miles and may even be capable of achieving average freeway speeds in Los Angeles. The Enertia Plus may begin shipping early in 2013. The new model Enertia will cost $10,995.

Congress enthusiastically supports electric motorcycles. Until January 2012, Brammo buyers qualified for a tax credit equal to ten percent of the bike’s purchase price. According to the motorcycle manufacturer, “The advocacy group Plug-In America has fought to retain the credits, and has indicated that it’s possible they will be reinstated at a later date as part of further payroll-tax extension legislation. Although a renewal of this tax credit is likely to be retrospective in nature, neither the renewal nor the retrospective effect is guaranteed. As with all tax matters, this information does not constitute tax advice, please consult your tax advisor, attorney, or accountant for specific details.”

Or you can just buy a brand new, 72-inch Harley Sportster for slightly less than an Enertia Plus.



11 Responses to “Brammo Ships Motorcycle”

  1. troyez Says:

    Yeah, what Phuquehed said goes for me too! They’ll never perfect the electric engine! With all the billions they’ve thrown into all this “green” bullshit, the money could have been much more well spent improving the internal combustion engine! Think about it, the Wankel (rotary) engine was conceived in the 1920s and in many ways was better than conventional combustion engines, but didn’t go far because all the money was behind the conventionals (Henry Ford). I know that there were a few foreign bike producers that built rotary engined bikes, but it petered out by the 80s. Imagine billions of dollars put toward research and development of the rotary engine, or other technologies that have actual potential – look at what they’re doing in the European auto industry with diesel engines today! I’d love to see a turbo diesel cruiser in production in the next decade here in the US, but no, we’re getting these shitty electric turds. This used to be a nation of innovators and builders, what have we become?!

  2. Tim Says:

    Phuquehed…….. I agree and say the same thing they bitch up here those fucken tree huggers, anyways,I Liked ur post LAMO!!!! LOL!!! U said the facts, only if they knew that.

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    Think I’ll stick with my 96in. Harley Super Glide with the 6 speed gearbox, Vance and Hines Big Shots, free breathing air filter, and overpriced race tuner download. I get approx. 200 miles, highway, with a 5 gallon tank full. Refueling is almost instantaneous, so how far I can go is limited to how much money I have and how long before I need sleep.


  4. BigV Says:

    Silence my ass. Come hear the 5hp motor and Reeves Drive on my lathe, which is how I gather this is going to work, and silence ? Silence my ass.

    With the gearing of a 6speed and the huge instant torque of an electric motor, it’s interesting, but 40 miles isn’t one whole hell of a lot even in comparison to what hobbyists have done.

  5. BrianF Says:

    A 20 mile range? And I thought my cruise range was lacking.
    And noiseless too.People pull out in front of an uncorked Harley, how many of these electric bikes will “not be seen”?

  6. Paladin Says:

    I must admit, after almost fifty years of riding a conventional bike, it would be interesting to ride a motorcycle, where the only noise you heard was the sound of the wind.

    Long May You Ride,


  7. Tim Says:

    Rebel, I get this weird thind when I write a comment on your site??? so far its happen 2 times,It says WARNING: missing argument 2 for wpdb:: prepare(), called in/home/donniesouthphilly/ and so on, what is that??? then it goes away??? about mabe 20 min after I check back to see if my comment is on their? is that something I should worrie about?

  8. Tim Says:

    I live in Oregon, about 1 mile I can go for miles on roads like what is in the video, I dont like electric cars ect, That bike to me is cool, and I do like those sport bikes but with a motor, thats amazeing that an elect bike can go that fast, the down side is the max on miles before a charge, Hell I ride a minimum of 100 miles a day, sometimes 170 miles, portland is 50 miles from my house one way, then the time I spend out there with friends and the miles I ride out there, there is nothing like rideing my harleys, If i were rich, I would buy one of those elect bikes just to go max 35 miles on the roads in my area,I hope the EPA doesnt outlaw Gas operated motorcycles,It looks like their headed in that direction in the U.S.A. and Im not looking foward to that.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucktarded electric vehicles. What a waste of space, time and my air. Where the fuck do the morons think the electricity comes from to ‘charge up’ these fucking monstrosities? Coal and gas has to produce that electricity!

    Where the fuck do the morons think all that lead and other stuff comes from to make all those fucking batteries? LAND! More land/earth needs to be dug up/mined for all that shit! Yet you don’t hear the tree-huggers or the simpleton senators and congresscritters say anything about that. Why? Because they’re too fucking stOOpid to think that far!

    Electric vehicles are the biggest fucking scam to hit the market and all because most folk are too fucking retarded to think further than the tips of their shoes. These new LED bulbs…supposed to make the electric bills go down, yet the fucking things cost 15 times a normal bulb and the electric companies still raise the price of electricity anyway so that the bulbs make no difference except for the first one or two months!

    Fucking tree huggers are screaming and ranting and dribbling all over themselves in their ignorance and imbecility over the *wrong* things! If they’d keep to saving the trees, which are what clean the fucking air and, if they’d pay fucking attention, bring the rains (why is it places with lots and lots of trees have lots and lots of rains? Why is it that places that trees are being clear cut and even select cut heavily are *losing* more and more rain? Because it’s all connected!!).

    Bah! Fuck the morons, fuck ’em all. They’re shitting where they eat and don’t have the sense to know better.

  10. Paladin Says:

    At the present time, price, range, and charging times are non-starters, but I do wish them success.

    Long May You Ride,


  11. Jim666 Says:

    For real ?

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