Devils Diciples Murder Hearing

December 14, 2012

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Six suspects police believe are connected to the murder of a Devils Diciple named Samuel Henry Dixson (above) last September had a preliminary hearing yesterday in Bay Minette, Alabama. Dixson disappeared September 7 after telling his wife he was going to a party at the Devils Diciples clubhouse in Tuscaloosa.

The clubhouse burned down in the early morning hours of September 10. Dixson’s wife reported him missing later that day.

Two brothers in the chapter, Adam “Sandman” Mayton and Fred “Shooter” Weiss, tried to turn themselves in for homicide in Robertsdale, Alabama on September 11, then changed their minds after talking to a lawyer. Mayton and Weiss were arrested after Dixson’s body was discovered on September 12. The two have been incarcerated at the Baldwin County Corrections Center under $1 million bond ever since.

Four others, Ruth Boyles, Mary Hockett, Bruce Talbot and Charles Ozier were arrested for “hindering prosecution” in the case. Ozier made his $100,000 bail on November 7. Boyles, Hockett and Talbot are all still locked up.

Sex Offender

Dixson was a registered sex offender. He was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior on a child under 16 years of age in Orange, Florida in 2004 and registered as a sex offender in 2005. At the time of his death Dixson lived in Milton, Florida. A Baldwin County Sheriff’s detective named Eric Winberg testified yesterday that Dixson checked in with his Florida sexual compliance officer before going to the party. Winberg is the lead investigator in the case.

“While he was there,” Winberg told District Court Judge Jody Bishop, “he foreshadowed his own death in saying there were problems with the Devils Diciples club, and that he was going to rectify the problem so to speak. He stated something to the effect that he either was going to leave on top or leave six feet under.”

According to the detective, something stopped the party after Dixson arrived. Women, prospects and some members were told to go outside. A loud noise was heard from inside the clubhouse and Weiss came out to announce the party had been cancelled. Winberg believes Weiss shot Dixson in the face with a 9mm pistol. The handgun has never been found.

According to Winberg, Adam Mayton told him in an interview on September 13 that he saw Fred Weiss shoot Dixson while he was at the clubhouse bar.

Baldwin County Biker Menace

Winberg also told Judge Bishop, “We have heard several theories on why he was killed. One theory that we’ve heard is this was an organized hit that was sent down, and he was executed.”

Outside court Winberg told Pensacola television station WPMI “We are actively combating these motorcycle gangs. Baldwin County is not a place for these motorcycle gangs to be….The whole dynamic has made the investigation very difficult. It’s added a different level as well as geographically there’s Tuscaloosa but you are talking people from Michigan and people from all over the country.”

The six suspects have been charged but not yet indicted. Judge Bishop decided yesterday that the evidence against the accused should be heard by a local grand jury.


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25 Responses to “Devils Diciples Murder Hearing”

  1. Nobody Says:

    Hey Fred, do you trust me brother?

  2. Nobody Says:

    Hey Fred, I got one thing to say
    Do you trust me brother?

  3. Fred Weiss Says:

    For those of you who did support me in this nightmare, thank you.

  4. FF Says:


    Seriously, you should write that book.


  5. TGFLA Says:

    Billy WADD Smith took the money and ran.LMFAO

  6. Va Bob Says:

    I recently found out from some news articles on the internet that Addie Crouch killed himself earlier this year,after mercy-killing his wife and step-son.He was frustrated by his inability to come up with proof of identity required for Medicare,a witness protection-caused paperwork snafu.

  7. Mike Says:

    I was in jail in ’99-’00 and always remember Houston being there across the hall in PC in Pinellas County Jail (where Federal Inmates are Housed till bein brought over to the court house in Tampa). This dude would always be taken out of his cell, come back days later, and seemed to have some real privileges that no others would have. I’d always thought his name was ‘Husted Murphy’ and had looked him up to see what had happened to him and had found nothing on him until I just saw this show on AEBIO and realized his name was ‘Houston’. Just read another article where apparently he was set up with his own boat charter??? What the hell’s up with this?? From my understanding, while locked up in PCJ he was flying out to PA and some other states talking about a murder he participated in, and he gets set up with his own charter boat and he’s the captain?? Hell, where do I sign up for this plan ?? Sure as hell seems like a great deal !!

  8. RVN69 Says:

    Excellent piece, and no one here is going to consider that much good and true information as hijacking a thread. It pays to know your enemy and what they are doing. That is why I read all the snitch books ( I buy them used so the snitch doesn’t profit) and every article I can on police infiltrations. I am my brothers keeper.

    Potius Mori Quam Foedari

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear BigV,

    Very bright. Most of the people who post here are pleasantly bright. One of my favorite things about this site.

    Merry Christmas,

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    Very well written and researched, Big V.

  11. BigV Says:

    Not Surprised: I did once have a life where I tried to write about our world from the slant of an economist.

    There’s a concept in economics called rent seeking, where if individuals are given an incentive to seek non-market clearing- exploitative- wages, or results or benefits- they will until they can exhaust the system(or society).

    One of my ideas was that the government and law enforcement are basically just rent seekers- they create boogeymen and they spread around the rents to ensure that their available pool of rents will continue to grow at the expense of society. They get more rents from more tax dollars, and so long as they can manufacture a threat, then

    I had done some research on Witsec, with biker snitches in particular, to show how well they were treated. If you snitched as a biker, it was so rare, that you were basically treated as a king, and the government gave you just about anything you could never have in order to secure your cooperation(that’s distribution of rents). That in turn is an incentive mechanism for snitches to tell more grandiose tales in order to receive more and better accommodations. Criminologists saw and documented this in form of the confessions of men like Henry Lee Lucas, but law enforcement denies it and economists are too thick to recognize it. After all, if you wear a patch and ride a motorcycle- you’re a fucking criminal and we fucking criminals are beneath economists.

    A Brief Run Down for Anyone Who Isn’t Familiar With the Subject:

    Ralph Yanotta basically went from a couple life sentences without any possibility of parole to shaving years by pointing his finger at anyone he could. Same for William Edson. Evidence existed which showed a member of Yanotta’s (final) club was not present at the time in which the government theorized said member issued a set of death warrants. The evidence was witness testimony as well as gas and other receipts and tickets which showed the member was not in Fort Lauderdale at the time Yanotta and Edson shotgunned three men to death. After two acquittals in murder trials, the government basically suborned perjury during the RICO trial- as Yanotta and Edson and another person claimed they had forged the receipts. However, the government had verified the provenance of the receipts during the murder trials.

    Anthony Tait got multiple payments from the government, and new lives in Canada and Thailand, Malaysia, and elsewhere. He also had a dishonorable discharge and AWOL wiped from his record via act of Congress. I’ve always believe that he was going down for something big, and sold his club out to save his neck. And with Tait ? It could have been anything.

    James Degregorio was going to prison for life for manufacturing and distribution, as well as multiple counts of extortion, kidnapping, and attempted murder. His story that Philadelphia cops were just so corrupt that they overlooked his kidnapping and shooting of three nice Italian gentlemen was bullshit- if you align the dates of when he was doing controlled sales of bunk narcotics with his cowboy shit- he was already a snitch. The government paid to have his tattoos blended in, and despite being a convicted felon, he admitted in an interview with Philadelphia magazine and Gangland that he has firearms, and he comes and goes as he pleases to Pennsylvania and Philly.

    Several members of a club in Columbus GA were known to be ex-Special Forces, ex- Rangers. A guy who got bounced before ever patching in or really prospecting lied his way out of stolen automatic weapons charges(stolen from Benning and Uncle Sam) by siccing ATF on that club, which was one of Jay Dobyns first biker investigations. The guy’s story was basically one huge lie that lead to nothing at all, but he managed to come out scott free and with a new life.

    That guy I mentioned, Houston Murphy ? He’s confident enough he used to advertise his business of ship movement(he captains them) and boat services on his own Facebook site.

    Addie Crouch left his own family high and dry in Witsec. When he fizzled on the stand accusing a member of his former club of having killed a man in Toledo as part of an initiation, his value was unbelievably low. He eventually got comfortable enough that before everyone got rid of their land lines, you could find his “new name” in Montana cross referenced with Clarence Crouch, formerly of Cleveland OH. Worse, was his own wife, and daughter couldn’t even get Social Security cards or identification or secure decent employment as their histories had been wiped and they had no legit way of getting employment beyond things like cash waitressing. Ironically, Crouch’s daughter reported that after she told her story to a small newspaper, she received more assistance from people the Government was hiding her from than she did from the government.

    I believe Gorilla Harwood was given a spread in Oklahoma or Texas, ala the sizeable farm George Wethern eventually received.

    It doesn’t matter to the government that they continually reward the most despicable and dangerous men in any situation, instead fabricating and suborning the fabrication of crimes against men who are innocent.

    The point is to feed the piggie- law enforcement and corrections gets a progressively bigger piece of the pie, and the government protects itself by silencing any dissident voices that pose a potential threat.

    It’s why it wouldn’t matter if we weren’t bikers and it’s why it doesn’t matter and the harassment doesn’t cease when people retire from the life: the fact we exist as dissidents, that we aren’t the Iphone 17 loving, BMW 3 Series worshipping, asslicking, cubical dwellers is enough to make us targets.

    And there is a hell of a lot of money in the investigation, prosecution, detention, warehousing, and post-incarceration-supervision.

    The worst part of it is, there is only one person I know of who is talking about these issues, and that is Rebel. The rest of the media is too fucking cowardly.

    FREE TATU. BEST WISHES TO THE DDMC of Alabama, and Apologies for highjacking this thread.

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    Big V:

    I am impressed by your knowledge of this topic.

  13. BigV Says:


    All it can do is get you more traffic, and introduce more people to the truth.

    Shit, tell them you want to be on your A-game and ask for a copy of the questions ahead of time. Rehearse your answers so they can’t edit a supporting soundbite for any of their shit.

    The one thing they did which was interesting, was they portrayed the cops who went after George Wegers in ’04-’06 as being little more than opportunistic voyeurs and the snitch who tried to get next to Glenn Merritt as pond scum.

    It would make a hell of a set of articles on how they turn out an episode.

    Besides, it may even be case that Asylum has bought the 8 to 10 months of footage from the Doc Cavazos documentary that Doc was convinced was going to be on HBO or Showtime. There used to be a teaser for it on Youtube, and then it was taken down around the time Black Rain wrapped up. There is still a shit ton of footage from that out there somewhere, and I bet it would be very interesting to know who was actually filming, who they worked for, and what was done with the footage and who has the shit now.

    Merry Christmas, sir.

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear BigV,

    Yeah, well obviously I look like a cheap whore because Asylum keeps offering to pimp me.

    “Your…expertise is integral for our program. Would you be interested in an on-camera interview with us? We would be thrilled to hear all about your book and blog.”

    That from a female producer and she didn’t even offer me a blow job. Gangland refuses to die. It just mutates.

    Merry Christmas,

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    Let me check.


  16. Philo Says:

    Sorry, DD’s as in Devils Disciples, not “Dad’s”…fucking Droid [email protected]#%$#!!!

  17. Philo Says:


    Anything new on the Dad’s Rico case up here in Michigan? I haven’t heard jackshit.


  18. BigV Says:

    Rebel: From what I have been told(can provide more info via backchannel) there are now several of the former “Gangland” team that are either at Asylum or using small, “quick & dirty” Z-grade studios to put out more content.

    It airs first on Biography channel in Canada- sometimes as part of it’s “Outlaw Bikers” brand and now as a new show called “American Gangsters” which saw some controversy over it’s name and is now probably just going to be “Gangsters”. Once aired in Canada, around 6 months goes by, and then the show gets a new narration and then is aired in the United States either under the National Geographic “Inside” brand or something similar in syndication. History Channel bought much of the same “stock footage” for Gangland, and there is evidence it is done by the same team of people, and produced using the type of studios that produce Z-grade “Mockbusters”.

    The last couple of these productions which concerned United States clubs were about the Bandidos, the Warlocks, and the Outlaws. They began doing a series of 4 or 5 episodes on the Canadian chapters of the 81.

    They manage to take the worst parts of Gangland and then take it lower.

    Two- and now a third- of their episodes took a long time to air in the United States. The first episode they did on the Outlaws used a “fictional” informant on the Outlaws named Mike Lynn, who may have been Houston Murphy. There were also rumors that the production’s air date may have been moved back in US, due to the presence of either Ron Talmadge or Carl Warneke who initially appeared without their voices altered. How much did something about this production roil the ATF and DOJ ? The first airing copy of it was taken off of Youtube and continues to be taken off of Youtube. The copy of this episode on Youtube has a different voice actor for one the snitches, and also I believe they hired someone else to perform the “Mike Lynn” voice.

    The episode on the Bandidos was also delayed numerous times, and National Geographic recut it to take out some material that was blatantly slanderous.

    Most recently they did an episode intended for the Outlaw Bikers show, about Harold “Taco” Bowman. It was repackaged as an episode of America’s Gangsters, instead of Outlaw Bikers.

    It was thrown together late in 2011 and early 2012. They tried to solicit any sort of juicy comment they could from the club in question, but the club wisely only responded by posting a statement on National’s webpage stating they refused any sort of involvement.

    The episode on Harry Bowman was about the worst thing I’ve seen done on Bikers. It was playing on a Canadian TV channel when I was in North Ohio in a motel, and they stop short of accusing Taco of being the Anti-Christ and Osama Bin Laden in disguise, but not by much. Anything short of that ? Taco did it, and he also hated babies and cute woodland creatures as well.

    And we should all feel safer now that men like Ralph Yanotta, David Wolf, Houston Murphy, and Dwayne Hicks are free and in WITSEC. Yanotta was last in his dotage out west in Wyoming, Wolf was rumored to be in Texas, Houston Murphy had been set up by the ATF as a Charter Boat Captain(complete with his own webpage and Facebook page), and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a clean cut, slightly slimmer version of Hicks skulking around West Virginia and Ohio.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    Winberg said that, yeah. Next he will be a gang expert on reality TV.

    Speaking of reality TV, a production company named Asylum Entertainment is producing a show about Doc Cavazos for a series called Gangsters.

    And, the beat goes on.


  20. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel reported: “Winberg also told Judge Bishop, “We have heard several theories on why he was killed. One theory that we’ve heard is this was an organized hit that was sent down, and he was executed.”

    Uh, really? A planned hit at a party?

  21. Va.Bob Says:

    did anybody read yesterday’s (Dec. 14,2012)USA Today front-page story on jailhouse snitches selling their services?

  22. Snow Says:

    Baldwin Co. Al. is for the most part very rural, except for the gulf coast area of Foley and Gulf Shores so it’s mostly sheriff deputies patrolling. The area has Bandidos, Outlaws, Warlocks( warbird) as well as several smaller clubs in the area, it borders the Fla. panhandle, redneck and cracker country, lots of good people.

  23. Abraham Iker Says:

    Seems odd and somewhat doubtful that a registered sex offender would discuss his association, at any level, with a club that cops consider a criminal organization, unless he thought it would benefit him. Maybe BigV is right and Dixson was a CI.

  24. BigV Says:

    Quote below from Rebel’s story, condensed by me:
    Dixson checked in with his Florida sexual compliance officer before going to the party.

    “While he was there,” “he foreshadowed his own death in saying there were problems with the Devils Diciples club, and that he was going to rectify the problem so to speak. He stated something to the effect that he either was going to leave on top or leave six feet under.”

    Why is it I have the strangest feeling that Dixson didn’t tell that to his Sexual Compliance Officer, but instead his handler with the Feds or Baldwin County ?

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    That pig sounds like just another buffoon in a claptrap buttload of buffoons. All these ‘gangs’ these pussy pigs keep screaming and whining about and yet the ‘problems’ they *actually* have with them are almost kids play compared to the drug cartel problems and the illegals with their sex slave shops right here in our country.

    Fuck you Winberg, you douche-drinking faggot.

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