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December 4, 2012

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Federal justice is an oxymoron. That might be most obvious in the federal war against motorcycle clubs – which is really a war on the American working class and a war on social dissent.

“I have no use for the government nor do I respect them,” the Hells Angel prisoner Daniel Bifield writes from his cell. “For real, they are the organized crime in this world! They don’t care if you are guilty or not. They just want the win and they don’t care how they get it, who they hurt or use or the families and lives they ruin and destroy! They would sell out their own if they had to. It reminds me of the movie Braveheart. I’m sure if they could they would cut me up in pieces and spread me all over the place. It’s all about the power and money.”

Guantanamo South Carolina

If Bifield exaggerates, he does so only slightly. For months, the lead defendant in the racketeering case U.S. v. Bifield et al. has been begging United States Marshalls for contact with his fellow defendants including his wife Lisa Bifield. Bifield has had to beg Marshals to be granted access to the massive library of evidence prosecutors say will prove him and the other defendants guilty of racketeering. He has had to beg to use a telephone. He has had to file formal requests to shave, shower and change clothes.

The defendants in this case, including the female defendants, have been singled out for the sort of punitive cell searches that anybody who has ever seen a bad prison movie would recognize.

Much of the discovery in the case, the terabytes of documents, reports and electronic surveillance through which defendants and their attorneys must search to find the actual evidence against them, is unintelligible and mislabeled.

The ongoing pettiness is epitomized in the response to a grievance Bifield filed on November 14. Bifield asked “For an extra blanket according to South Carolina rules and regulations: Chapter 5, Article I, General Provisions § 25-5-80 Blankets for Winter Season. Please provide blanket as soon as possible. Thank you. Daniel Bifield.”

The next day a jailor named Taylor scrawled on the bottom of the request, “This is not a grievance. Winter does not begin until December 21.”

Bill Of Particulars

The day before Thanksgiving, Bifield’s lawyers filed a Motion for a Bill of Particulars for two of the broader and more jeopardous charges in the indictment that led to the imprisonment of the presumably innocent defendants.

One count accuses Dan Bifield, his wife Lisa and Bruce Long of attempting and conspiring “to take controlled substances from individuals they believed to be engaged in narcotics trafficking by means of actual and threatened force, violence and fear of injury to said Individuals…. In and around July 2011 through November 2011.” The accusation neglects to name who was threatened, what they were selling, whether the defendants are being charged with attempting to steal or conspiring to steal and when specifically this alleged crime occurred. The motion also states: “The defendant submits that the evidence will show that the government informant is the only individual to propose a robbery and it is not legally possible to conspire with a government agent.”

Another count in the indictment alleges that Bifield and his wife, Long and Robert David Pryor “knowingly did carry a firearm during, and in relation to, and did possess the firearm in furtherance of, a drug trafficking crime and a crime of violence.” Or in other words, sometime during the nine months “between July 2011 through March 2012,” these four defendants carried some gun somewhere and committed either an unspecified drug trafficking crime or a crime of violence.

At the end of the motion defense attorney Allen Burnside puts forth the radical argument that, “An indictment should provide sufficient specificity to allow a defendant to know what charge he is being called on to defend. If the charge is not specific, it will be impossible for the court to consider any future challenge based on double jeopardy. Lastly, ambiguous charges give the government an unfair advantage at trial because they can constantly change their theory of prosecution to fit whatever facts come out at trial.”

In other words Burnside wants the government to play fair. The judge will probably not rule on the motion for another ten days.


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10 Responses to “Samizdat From The Gulag”

  1. irene Says:

    To Dan and the rest just wanted to say we love and miss yall and God is looking after y’all ….

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    There is no more such thing as a good pig. It’s a shame there’s no such thing as a god, because if there were, he’d be a just god and would pound the shit out of every pig, persecutor, judge and lawmaker who lost sight of what it means to be honest and fair…then he’d shove a redwood pine – bark still on and nary a branch missing – up their asses with no lube just so they know what it’s like to have been fucked by a persons own government and those who were voted into places of power with no regard toward the rights we were given by all our forefathers.

    Any pig, persecutor, judge or lawmaker who reads these comments and just sit back and snicker, are nothing but cowards and scum. Cowards and scum!

  3. Viking 1%er Says:

    damn right Glenn thanks for pointing that out that didn’t make it thru the fog

  4. 10guage Says:

    Another great article….It is just really sad you are the only one reporting on these tragedies of justice. Throw the book to see what sticks….ohhh the times theeey are a chaaanginggg!

    Now that they all jerk each other off at biker task force seminars, so they can collude and ensure the snitch entrapment is broad enough to ensure many levels of attack and opportunities of prosecution by the pigs..and god forbid you are represented by a public defender who shares lunch and the same social circles as these pricks (yes I know there are good I have had one, but there are also those who will eventually work as prosecutor or DA)…then you are doomed for certain…and if you are lucky enough to have money available to you so you dont lose EVERYTHING WHILE WAITING TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE.

    Actually you often must make a very careful choice…Either a retainer for a private attorney and sit in jail and loose your job and house and car and anything else you have on credit OR you can pay your bond and get out ..hopefully you have not already lost your job or don’t soon due to the WAR WAGED IN THE NOT SO FREE PRESS. Once your out you no longer have money to pay for an attorney and must deal with a public Defender….Or work to keep a private attorney and lose everything on credit…And that is if you are lucky

    P cuts and start wars…They would sneak around and shoot brothers off their scoots…now they do it at your house in front of your family and your neighbors. Apparently throwing a grenade through your window, shooting your dogs and destroying and stealing your property is not punishment enough. Or perading you and your family through the street in front of your neighbors doing the perp walk.

    Used to be they would conduct illegal searches under “probable cause” or illegal surveillance to magically catch you after receiving an “anonomous call or tip”. To make sure and catch you being a ” bad” guy smoking a joint, doin a couple of lines, or shooting a few pistols. The same shit EVERYBODY did in the seventis and eighties. Now they manufacture entire fake crimes and ensure you are there to bust you for conspiracy. Or have CIs and UCs commit crimes to lay a foundation for RICO.

    Used to be they would turn misdemeanors into felonies with creative writing…Then they used RICO…Then gang enhancements and double jeopardy…Now the fucking domestic terrorist Patriot Act.

    The crazy trumped up charges with potential hundred year times so you cop
    to 24..the lies…the lies…the lies…the evidence dumps,,

    But now it is something even more sinister…The golden snitch gets 14 years. Others don’t get trials….THE WAR WAGES ON FTF FTFCC FCIA

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    Viking 1%er said: “If Dan was black and a member of say the Black Panthers the rainbow coalition, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and a fucking bus load of ACLU, NAACP and whatever other groups are out there would be raising hell on the capital steps.”

    And if he was a member of the Shriners or the Loyal Order of Moose, his organizational affiliations wouldn’t even be mentioned in the indictment.

  6. Viking 1%er Says:

    If Dan was black and a member of say the Black Panthers the rainbow coalition, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and a fucking bus load of ACLU, NAACP and whatever other groups are out there would be raising hell on the capital steps. The fact that we are, have been, and will be targets aside where are all these human and civil rights motherfuckers when it’s Bikers rights being trampled. I leave out that he is a member of the HA because the above mentioned groups would be screaming that belonging to the above mentioned group shouldn’t matter. Yeah I know my morning routine probably has my thinking clouded by the cloud around my head but I think there is a point in that rambling somewhere. Hope justice for Dan comes soon. We need to stand together regardless of affiliation or the fuckers will win by attrition

    L&R to all who have earned it

  7. Glenn S. Says:

    “The very concept of government is in itself an abstraction. It is an artificial social edifice that seems to give weaker men a sense of security (or false security), even when it is at bottom a threat to them.”

  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    This is truely a deplorable situation no matter what camp your in. Like this is a surprise, another witch hunt at the peoples expense it will go nowhere other than ruinimg lives of those charged and their families.

    All clubs should be collecting funding for the best federal attorneys available to counter this type of attack.Who is really robbing and pillaging our communities? Fuck the feds each branch is a nasty tick sucking us all dry.

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. Tooj Says:

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would relate Rebel. well titled.

  10. SingSing Says:

    Hoping for the best for this man lost in the system….the America of Norman Rockwell is long past gone. Lost away far far away into the good night….

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