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November 29, 2012

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The Boulder City, Nevada City Council voted Tuesday night to ask the Nevada Division of Investigation to investigate the city’s top cop, Thomas Finn. Finn has been loudly accused of several crimes by Las Vegas biker rights attorney Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs (photo above). Stubbs’ charges are related to a federal civil rights lawsuit brought against several Southern Nevada police departments and alleged police misconduct during the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s national run last June.

The civil rights suit brought by the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs alleges dozens of “claims of relief” that could eventually amount to damages in excess of $5 million. Finn stumbled into that mess when he distributed an email before the Mongols run that advised Boulder City employees: “Lieutenant Albowicz made an excellent suggestion to have all emails related to the preparations we are making for the Mongols event deleted from our computers. If they submit a records request for them it would obviously show our hand and divulge the strategies and staffing levels we need to keep confidential. Therefore please delete any and all emails related to the event immediately.”

Zero Tolerance

Destroying public records is a crime in Nevada and Stubbs believes the emails Finn ordered destroyed could be important to the civil rights suit. The suit argues that the complainants “were willfully, maliciously, and intentionally prevented from associating and/or assembling without justification or compelling state interest as a result of their status as a motorcycle club or motorcycle club member.”

Admittedly, Finn intended to give the Mongols a hard time for choosing Boulder City as their destination. After the last Mongol was chased out of town the chief told the Las Vegas Review-Journal “They came and they went and good riddance. I hope they never come back.” Following contemporary police terminology, Finn called the official harassment “zero tolerance.”

Stubbs has been urging the council to ask the state attorney general to investigate email gate for more than a month. Obviously Finn is annoyed when he thinks he is being harassed so he sued Stubbs and four other people for defamation on November 21. The other defendants in that suit are City Attorney Dave Olsen, Councilman Cam Walker, police sergeant John Chase and retired police sergeant Dan Jennings. At the meeting Tuesday night Olson said deleting the email might have been a felony.

The Tape Recording

In his defamation suit, Finn states under penalty of perjury that; “on October 22, 2012, Stubbs called Olsen. Unbeknownst to Stubbs, Olsen was meeting with Finn about the prosecution rate of DUIs and allowed Finn to listen to the conversation utilizing Olsen’s cell phone ‘speaker’ feature. During that conversation Stubbs asked Olsen about his investigation of Finn as Stubbs had been assured…that an investigation into Finn was ongoing. Stubbs also inquired of Olsen if Olsen could find an officer in Reno, Nevada to file a complaint against Finn to get the investigation to proceed…. Following the telephone conversation with Stubbs, Olsen and Finn continued their face-to-face meeting, which was recorded by Finn.”

Stubbs said earlier this week that Finn was guilty of another felony if he did in fact record Stubbs conversation with Olsen without Stubbs consent.


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9 Responses to “Boulder City Slapstick”

  1. RLG Says:

    You guys have seen these videos right?

  2. NoShyAngel Says:

    You go, Stephen. This case will go a long way, with regards to biker discrimination. You’re fighting the good fight and paving a new road for all of us who ride. I haven’t been harassed yet but you know who I’ll call if they ever do. :)

  3. Tim Says:

    You Get them Stubbs,You did the right thing emailing Boulder city about the Mongols up comming event,If I read that right, then that cop “FINN” Harrasses the Mongols and trys to ruin their national event, as well as Harrasses other MC clubs while they are their,Its a Good thing that all mc clubs have the COC,so the can put things like this into a civil Law suit. what that Cop did violated every bikers rights, 1%er or not, the sad part it they will never learn, it doesnt matter how many law suits they have to pay out using their citizens Tax dollars, they will continue their constant harrassment on 1%er MC clubs, or any MC Club .
    I like what this person said who is a True 1%er and I agree with Him, I think this is what He said, ” Law enforcement is spending alot of Tax dollars wasteing everybodys tax dollars watching and harrassing us and so on, ” ” why dont they just give us the money and we will be Good” and all of you probley know who said that, and I bet all of you agree also, this is suppose to be America, for everyone,Not to only a select few in America,anyways I hope that so called “TOP COP” loses his Job, and has charges filed on Him, anyways I hope you all win in your Law suits, and no Offence But I wish “ALL 1%er Clubs and all MC Clubs would UNITE!!!!! and become very very strong, Love and respect to all of you. Tim D.

  4. Austin Says:

    @Sam – Dude – You rock! Logic is so easy after a nice double on the rocks.

  5. RLG Says:

    ” Therefore please delete any and all emails related to the event immediately.”

    Fucking mental midgets. Data gets backed up, users can not destroy data. I hope Bowtie subpoenas them.

    Any old timers remember ’email-gate’ at the Pentagon when they tried to delete a bunch of email to cover up Iran-Contra? The data was recovered with much embarrassment.

  6. Philo Says:

    I’d be curious to see a list of how many crimes Mongols were charged with during this run. it would be fun to put that list next to a list of the crimes this idiot cop committed. Wonder which list would be longer, and of a more serious nature? hmmmm lol


  7. Sam Says:

    Fire fighters put out fires? And cops should arrest people who commit crimes, right? I mean If I was a cop I would arrest people who commit crimes because basically that’s what I’d be getting paid to do, the whole preventing crime is a bit redundant because if I was incredibly successful I’d have no job or retirement or 25 year clock on the mantle. So what’s with all this Kafkaesque third reich zero tolerance crap – stick to arresting people for speeding and putting people in drunk tanks but don’t turn it into this big moral crusade agains ‘evil doers’ and then go around pissing on other laws just because they get in the way of your jihad against bikers… i really shouldnt read this blog when drinking! Go Stubbs! Bowties are in!

  8. Paladin Says:

    The Keystone cops were funny and originated in a time when the spirit of the law was what most cops enforced. The letter of the law was pretty much used as a last resort.

    As kids and young adults, we got yelled at a lot by the local cops ( they acted more like Drill Segerants than cops) and on more than one occasion, we got unceremoniously turned over to our parents (which was worse than going to jail), but we never got arrested.

    Finn is pathetic and like all bullies, is the worst kind of coward, as are the officers and anyone else that followed Finn’s edict. It also speaks volumes, when the Chief of Police feels he has to sue the people that would normally support a person in his position.

    It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I don’t think this incident is going to get swept. I think Finn has pissed off too many people and I’d like to think that Stubbs and the people Finn has sued will not allow that to happen.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    C’mooooon, Stubbs!! Kick the ever lovin’ shit out of their lame, pussy asses! Keep up the good work!

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