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November 15, 2012

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David “Tin Man” Maloney was almost in court in Sanford, Florida again today trying to win his freedom.

Maloney and three other men are charged with three counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in the aftermath of a gun battle in the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30. The other men are Robert William “Willy” Eckert, Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro and Paul Wayne Smith. They are accused of killing Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela and of wounding Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell.

The fight was between men who belonged to two separate and distinct motorcycle clubs that share a common name. The only mainstream news outlet that has covered the shootout and its aftermath in any detail is the Orlando Sentinel. The Sentinel’s coverage appears to be based mostly on police sources and has been, at times, infuriatingly inane.

The Two Clubs

The men in jail are all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that was founded in West Philadelphia in 1967. Members of that club wear a patch that portrays a highly stylized harpy. The harpy is a mythological creature that is half woman and half bird. The Harpy Warlocks are a comparatively small club that has established two chapters in Florida. The Sentinel has repeatedly told readers that the two clubs are the same because they share the same name

The casualties were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club which was founded on an aircraft carrier in 1967. Members of that club wear a stylized, mythological bird on their backs. Members of that club refer to their patch as both a “Warbird” and a “Phoenix.” The Warbird Warlocks consider themselves to be the preeminent motorcycle club in Florida. The club also has members as far west as Louisiana and as far north as Virginia. The mother chapter for this Warlocks Motorcycle Club is in Orlando.

The two clubs have generally gotten along over the last 45 years. There is some lingering resentment among some Harpy Warlocks that the Warbird Warlocks stole the Philadelphia club’s name but that had nothing to do with the gun battle. In the last few years, individual members of the Harpy Warlocks have attended Warbird Warlocks parties. Although the Harpy Warlocks do have a standing rule that reads: “Don’t party with other one percenter clubs.”

The Gun Fight

The VFW parking lot was the staging area for a charity poker run sponsored by the Harpy Warlocks. Three of the accused are former members of the Warbird Warlocks who became Harpy Warlocks after they were voted out bad from their original club. Maloney has claimed that he was the target of death threats and harassment by members of his old club. He shot and wounded a member of his old club outside Jonny Rotton’s Bar Out Back in Sanford last year. He told police he acted in self defense and he was not charged. During the last month and a half, Florida police and the Sentinel have portrayed Maloney as a violent and dangerous loose cannon.

The fight erupted when the five casualties rode into the Harpy Warlock event. According to police, the five were victims of a premeditated “ambush.” At a hearing last week a prosecutor named Stewart Stone told Debra S. Nelson, the judge who has been assigned the case, “These five men were ambushed. They didn’t have a chance. They were there for a charity event…. Two were shot before they were able to get off their motorcycles.”

The Sentinel reported that one of the wounded men, Ronnie Mitchell, “told police his group arrived to donate money to support wounded veterans – and didn’t know the event was hosted by the Philly Warlocks.”

“If I was coming here to do something that would not be the crew I would bring,” Mitchell allegedly told police. “And I would not bring five people, man.”

Warbird Warlocks National President John “Big John” Boudreau also told the Florida paper that members of his club “were warned not to go” to the poker run.

The truth of what happened that Sunday morning is more ambiguous than the simple drama described by police and reported by the Sentinel. There is now reason to believe that important details of what happened might be substantiated or disproven by undercover police who anticipated trouble, surveilled the event and may have actually video-recorded the beginning of the fight.

Self Defense

Since they were arrested, the four accused men have stated that they acted in self defense. The hearing today was a probable cause hearing at which the government would have had to prove that Maloney probably did not act in self-defense or let him walk. The disclosure of the rumored surveillance tape could be vital to the defense.

At the last minute Maloney’s lawyer, Michael LaFay, cancelled the hearing because he had not yet seen all the evidence the prosecution holds. “I don’t want to go off half-cocked,” he explained.

Maloney has not yet testified but he is likely to tell his version of the shootout before the case is over. So far his only relevant statement made to police and reported by the Sentinel is that he had been hiding under a car and had aimed his .380 caliber pistol at a brick wall. Two of the victims were standing between Maloney and that wall. Police have also eagerly leaked the facts that Maloney was carrying a total of three pistols when he was arrested and that he had “two Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns, a .38-caliber revolver and a.357-magnum revolver along with a bullet-proof vest and an undisclosed amount of ammunition” in his car.

The fate of all four accused men is tied together. And Maloney’s defense depends on what Judge Nelson or a jury thinks was running through the four men’s minds when the shooting began.

Maloney’s Version

If and when he testifies, Maloney will state that the Warbird Warlocks were aware of the poker run for at least two months before the date of the event. He will also testify that he received a phone call from a Warbird Warlock the night before the event advising him that members of the big club would be attending. He will also testify that he believed that all members of the big club had been notified by email of the event and who was sponsoring it the previous day.

Maloney will testify that he believed that at least 40 Warbird Warlocks had assembled at that club’s nearby, Orlando clubhouse and that he feared they would descend on the VFW Post after most of the riders had left on the poker run. Maloney believed that a woman at the event was the girlfriend of a Warbird Warlock and that she was in near constant contact with the Orlando clubhouse as participants in the run arrived.

Maloney will also testify that because of the animosity that existed between him and his old club he advised three of the seven other Harpy Warlocks present at the event to secure the entrance and prevent any Warbird Warlocks from attending.

He may substantiate the police version of events that when the five victims arrived one of the three Harpy Warlocks at the entrance shouted, “Get the fuck out. We don’t want you here.” Maloney will testify, as his attorney has already stated, that he was inside the VFW Post when the shooting began and came under fire when he walked outside.

All four of the accused will testify that the shooting began after the five Warbird Warlocks refused to stop and one of the riders actually ran his motorcycle into one of the guards.

Undercover police probably witnessed all of this.



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35 Responses to “Maloney’s Version”

  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Seen it coming,
    Again I have no dog in this fight I don’t know anyone personally on either team.

    I don’t give two shits about what you have to say about your rights you may want to remember the responsibilities that come with said rights. I do care that your running your mouth about things that are under investigation not a completed trial. Hellooooo the feds monitor this site freqently.

    My sugestion is slow your roll, play nice and show some respect and then just go about your business. You have nothing to prove about anything including where your loyalty is and the best thing you could do for your favorite team is say nothing.

    Have a great evening

    Viva Los Vagos

  2. Grumpy Says:

    Seen it comin’,you’re more informed than anything I’ve read elsewhere.All I know is what has been in the paper or on the news,I’m all ears.

  3. IrishDragon Says:


    Agree with both of you. Can anyone else smell bacon?


  4. Snow Says:

    Seen it coming
    Just cause you can say it doesn’t mean you should….

  5. Seen It Coming Says:

    It’s not speculation. It’s straight off the legal document. I don’t see where there was any disrespect to the deceased only to the living and lying idiots I previously mention. So since nothing vested take your own advice and STFU . It’s my constitutional right to voice my opinion and to state the facts. If you or anyone else don’t like it, turn the page. When the legal papers go public you will see. You will also realize what a chump you were for believing them and their lying BS. I feel bad for the men who lost their lives. It didn’t and shouldn’t have to be that way but they knew where they were going and the possibilities of what may happen and chose to go regardless. I personally feel tat the men who required they go should be the ones put in trial. So until yo get your “facts” straight I would shut it. Oh and the beauty of these internet blogs is you can say whatever the hell you want to and stay safe and cozy in your armchair. Bahahaha.

  6. OC VAGO Says:

    Well stated Brother.

  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Seen it coming,
    I have no stake in this thread or the situation that happened, its not my business. I should just ignore you but because of your lack of respect to all involved including the deceased I’ll say what I need.

    Your comments regarding people involved or ol ladies talking to the cops is speculation the only person yapping here is you and your cheerleading is not helping. So why don’t you just swing by either clubhouse and let them know your posting this shit during a murder investigation.

    Somtimes a little bit of STFU is required.

    Viva Los Vagos

  8. Seen It Coming Says:

    Oh and I LOVE the photo taken at the VFW that morning, prior to the shootout. The one of Contender’s ol’ lady sitting at the table with Maloney… she was like a deer in headlights. Man, you never involve a bitch… They ALWAYS talk. Damn..

  9. Seen It Coming Says:

    Funny that Grumpy says that Maloney will “testify”. According to police reports Whiteboy wouldn’t shut the f**k up. He had more versions to his story then Dr. Suess has books. Oh and I love how the pigs conveniently “did not record and don’t know why” the fireman’s “interview”. Speaking of which… aren’t firemen one phone call removed from being police officers?? Worst of all.. Police made a big NO NO by keeping Dyess & Mitchell together as they had the 4 Philly WMC seperated while interviewed. Why is that? I think, out of everybody who flapped their gums that day… The only one who made sense to me was the guy from he Christian MC who stated that he was there to preach the word of God and that he PLEADS THE 5th. Smart man.

  10. SingSing Says:

    God bless and hold you, 10 G. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season….

    1 Romans 25

  11. One Eye Says:

    @Pig: a movie was shot this year based on Sonny’s book, Dead In Five Heartbeats, however, I’m not sure when it will be released. He also has another one titled Six Chambers, One Bullet that was released after Dead in Five Heartbeats.

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    Chesty said: “Ben Nichols and Lucero is damn fine music, modern day poets for sure.”

    The War
    I got drafted at 19
    Me and a bunch of boys from home
    January ’43, drove out to Pine Bluff and signed on
    Went to basic south of Birmingham
    Put me on west coast bound train
    Spent three days out in San Diego
    And they shipped me back east again
    Left a port out of New York
    Slept for months in British rain
    Tore it up down in London town
    And they shipped me back out again
    The preacher said “Boys he who is killed tonight will dine with the Lord in Paradise”
    One boy spoke up, said “preacher come on, eat your supper with us
    Never talk about those first days
    Lots of friends left behind
    But I made it all the way across France
    And I fought at the Maginot line
    Road a tank into Belgium
    Like them better than the French
    Like my daddy, thirty years before
    I did my time in a trench
    Lots of days there’s no water
    But the liquor kept me warm
    The cellars were stocked to the ceiling with booze
    So I carried a bottle with my gun
    The preacher said “Boys he who is killed tonight will dine with the Lord in Paradise”
    One boy spoke up, said “preacher come on, eat your supper with us”
    Three times I made sergeant
    I’m not that kind of man
    And pretty much just as quick as I could
    I get busted back to private again
    Cause taken’ orders never suited me
    Giving them out was much worse
    I could not stand to get my friends killed
    So I took care of myself first
    Now I know that don’t sound right
    Don’t think too bad of me
    Now it keeps me up nights
    What I could have done differently
    The preacher said “Boys he who is killed tonight will dine with the Lord in Paradise.”
    One boy spoke up, said “preacher come on, eat your supper with us”
    I’d be no guest at the table of the Lord
    His food was not to be mine
    ‘Cause I cursed His name every chance that I could
    And I recon that’s why I’m still alive

  13. Bill Says:

    Rebel: You should be doing psychic arm wrestling with the N.Koreans at the Armistice table. Been observing here for a year or so now and your ‘diplomatic’ skills are beyond prodigious. Sometimes these little skirmishes get a bit heated and I’m like, “Whoa, what can he possibly say to THAT?” Then, I’m, “Wow, I can’t believe he actually DID that.” This stuff just above isn’t really so much what I’m talking about, but it did remind me of the many instances of successfully conjoined seriously disparate realities I’ve seen you manage. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more here than any year I ever spent in school, and it’s no doubt I’ve remembered more of it. Thanks, and well, Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Pig Says:

    Glenn S. – I’m about a third of the way through Sonny Barger’s book “Dead in 5 Heartbeats”. It’s been a pretty damn good read so far.

  15. Grumpy Says:

    Rebel,very important to follow this story,and am glad that someone is doing it in a respectful way,an that is you.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Grumpy,

    No offense taken.

    How to put this? Every story has a couple of sides. And, just about every club I know has a “DON’T TALK TO REPORTERS EVER” rule. And, as astounding as it might be, to like The Wall Street Journal or the Orlando Sentinel, some innocent souls in the MC world think I’m a reporter. Personally, I don’t know where guys get that shit. But since some do, let me just say for the record that neither Maloney nor anybody else in either of the Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs has said shit to me. Nobody talks to me. I use a psychic in Dubai. As far as I know, Maloney hasn’t said a word to anybody except his lawyer and I haven’t talked to his lawyer. I understand what happened in Florida was a senseless tragedy. But I still think it is important to follow this story. Somebody should. So I continue to. And, if at some point Maloney does testify, this is essentially what he will say.

    Okay? I protect sources.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving,

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    I’ll get to it. I promise.


  18. Glenn S. Says:

    Was looking for a new book to read, having just finished The Probate, by W.T. Harrell. Rebel, I wish you’d review The Probate. I couldn’t put it down.

  19. 10guage Says:


    The Last Pale Light In The West is one of the best albums out of my generation of singer song writers….and in my opinion Blood Meridian is the best modern fiction books of our time…have you read it? I know that many feel Cormick McCarthy is too influenced by Faulkner…but to me it is a fresh take. I always have wondered what a contemporary of his, and an author I respect thinks.

    Strength, Respect, Honor,

  20. Grumpy Says:

    Rebel,by no means talking about your writing.Talkin’ about Maloney,sounds like hes doin’ a whole lot of talkin’ to somebody.I know the Warlocks M.C. well (Phoenix)

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear Grumpy,

    Why does it make you go “hmmmmm?”

    I stand by the story, by the way.


  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Chesty,

    Well let’s put up one of their videos and see if people like it.


  23. Grumpy Says:

    Maloney sure is going to “testify” to quite a bit.Things that make ya go hmmmm.

  24. Chesty Says:


    Ben Nichols and Lucero is damn fine music, modern day poets for sure.

  25. 10guage Says:

    Sing sing,

    I have no ill will towards you at all. I simply think you lack decorum. I would not look sideways at you…just as you would not talk about baser angels or how righteous your club is at a wake, memorial run, or defense fundraiser run for either of these two clubs…Dig?

    ” I wont disrespect this man by using this privilege he allows us as a soapbox.”

    My point is using a horrible situation like this as a soapbox is disrespectful period….nothing more…nothing less.

    Thank you for your well wishes,thoughts, and prayers…

    But I sleep we’ll at night knowing I am living my life being the man I always wanted to be…

    I done some preachin’ back in Texas before the war
    Now I hunt heathens ’cause it pays better than the Lord
    I ride with Demons, The Devil at my side
    Be it us or the heathens, we must all pay a heavy price

  26. SingSing Says:

    Just wanted to add one last thing before I shut my thread down on this thread..First and formost i want to thank Rebel for allowing the free exchange of ideas across this board. I wont disrespect this man by using this privilege he allows us as a soapbox. WHY is it that so many of you all seem so darn angry and bitter at others amongst us who happen to voice a differing world view? Why are we our own worst enemies? The senseless and VERY SAD deaths of these family men calls for us to CELEBRATE their memories and their lives with ideas and thoughts worthy of their contributions and memories. The nature of this recent back n forth is akin to angry nudges and bitter hateful looks at a wake or gathering. Lets not do this,people. Im sorry if i offended anyone here with my views. I choose to pray and wish health happiness and peace of mind for these families and their respective nations. Thank you Rebel for allowing me to contribute to this thread. Ive nothing more to add.

  27. SingSing Says:

    ( Sigh )..well, cant say that i wasnt expecting at least someone to come at me guns blazin wild west style. I dont want to detract from the focus here on hand which is the unfortunate loss of life, a NEEDLESS loss of life, so i wont entertain this back n forth any longer. Sure hope you find some degree of serenity n peace inside of you, 10 Guage. Life is way too short to let festering aggression towards people who’ve never done u wrong ruin any potential for meaningful dialogue. hate me all ya want i got nuthin but love for you brot..ahem..i mean “Sir”
    Go in peace.


  28. 10guage Says:

    Sing sing

    There are many…I will not discuss any of them here. We are not brothers.


  29. SingSing Says:

    Wow 10 Gauge…sorry if my words upset you, brother. I will absorb your point of view. No need to jump at me with the claws, though. peace n love to you and your family…..Ride in grace and peace. God with you, man. For real..
    Is there a reason that Im not aware of WHY we cant actually ACTUALIZE this “tree huggin” concept and actually make it a reality…Or are we too brow beaten to have faith in the overall goodness in each of us and directness of Original Vision which first pulled us towards motorsicles and THIS lifestyle. once again, sorry that you had such an alergic reaction to a simple thought that im sure festers deep in the gut of every one of us. Peace to you. God hold you.
    Rev 3:20

  30. SYL23 Says:

    Sing Sing-

    Why don’t you stop leaving comments like this and go lock yourself in a room and pray about it? Quit trying to make this tragedy a moral crusade, it’s not a good look.

  31. 10guage Says:

    Sing sing
    We get it!!!peace, love, brotherhood …one love….we heard you…NOBODY THINKS THIS SHIT IS GOOD…NOBODY ENJOYS IT…unfortunately these things happen. Enjoy your club and enjoy your life…but don’t disrespect the men who lost their lives here with your holier than thou shit!!! And remember their are plenty of Christian clubs and sober clubs for that matter that have had their fair share of drama.

    Small wheel turn by the firing rod
    Big wheel turns by the grace of God…
    You can’t go back and you can’t stand still
    If the thunder don’t get you, than the lightning will…

  32. Sin cal Says:

    @sing sing

    if only it was that easy.

  33. SingSing Says:

    sad. Trajic. SO sad and especially for the residue lingering in the aftermath after the dust settles and the families of all involved are left to hammer out the funeral home details, expenses etc…Somehow ..after a pause or two, i return to this recurring theme of WHY does this stuff happen? There are thousands of miles of blacktop..enough for each and every one of us to ride off into the sunset and return a million times over…Why have we “forgotten” the REASON why we chose to live this lifestyle? Imagine, just IMAGINE, the solidarity and power and “BROTHERHOOD” we could ALL have and bask in IF we didnt allow the baser angels inside of us to rise up and smother the good angels within us….may the two nations come together and live in peace and harmony after this misguided tragedy..This is why I choose to rid with a Christian club….I wish everyone involved love and peace in the wake of this sad event…

  34. DGAF Says:

    I’m from Lake County and knew some of those killed. sad day man.

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