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November 13, 2012

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There is still no justice in the federal racketeering case in South Carolina titled US v Bifield et al. but the North Korean style soap opera continues. Bifield and his fellow defendants are all members or in some way associated with the Hells Angels or Red Devils Motorcycle Clubs and as is typical in federal biker cases, the prosecution has proclaimed the defendants guilty and proceeded to punish them.

A month long trial is not scheduled to begin until February 11, 2013. But, the accused have all been punished, often severely, since June 7 when they were rounded up like Polish Jews. Late last week the presiding judge of this inquisition, Cameron McGowan Currie, ordered the Department of Justice to tell the defense lawyers by Pearl Harbor Day what they know about the two snitches who made the government’s case. For the time being, the court adheres rigidly to the North Korean interpretation of the common law rule that citizens have the right to confront their accusers.

Even the names of the accusers in the case still remain officially secret. Their names are Joe Dillulio and Marty “Cowboy” Deloach. No paper in South Carolina will report them. Both men’s motives have been carefully obscured. The 54-year-old Dillulio did owe $1 million in penalties to the government. Deloach, who did most of his mischief with the Red Devils, may not have had much more of a motive than an identification with and an admiration of the police.

The point of punishing federal defendants while they are still, technically, innocent is to inflate prosecutors’ batting averages. One way to accomplish that is to continues to elaborate and embellish the charges against the defendants while they are locked up. The original indictment in this case was returned May 17. A 97 page superseding indictment was filed September 19. Deloach appears to be a key source in a rumored, pending second superseding indictment that is somehow, secretly, connected to an existing secret indictment in neighboring North Carolina. That indictment is officially called Case 3:12-mj-186 WDNC. It is anybody’s guess if and when the government will pull that fresh, new portfolio of accusations out of its shiny, carpetbagger top hat.

Surreal Paranoia

The week before Halloween the government issued “Sealed Proposed Plea Agreement(s)” to defendants Daniel Eugene Bifield, Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long, Richard Thrower, Robert David Pryor, Frederick Keach, Jr., Frank Enriquez, Jr., Donald Boersma, Lisa Ellen Bifield, Johanna Looper, Kerry Chitwood, Carlos Hernandez, Ronald Dean Byrum, Jr., James Rhodus, Bruce Ranson Wilson, Thomas McManus Plyler, Jamie Hobbs Long, Somying Anderson and Trent Allen Brown.

The deals are sealed in order to pressure defendants into incriminating one another and particularly lead defendant Diamond Dan Bifield. The written deals all ask defendants to substantiate the accusations against their co-defendants for sentences that may be as little as time served or as much as 20 years in prison depending on whether their attorneys are good or bad horse traders. Dan Bifield was offered 20 years in prison for a guilty plea to count two of the indictment. His faces an additional five years in prison if he goes to trial and loses. So far, none of the defendants has been desperate enough to snatch the bait.

The idea is to prevent a public trial. Federal defendants are fish in a barrel. At least 93 percent of federal defendants are coerced into forgoing a trial by a jury of their peers. The odds are so stacked against these people that nine out of 10 can expect to be convicted and punished severely for inconveniencing the federal courts if they do demand a trial.

Bifield Locked Down

In the meantime the lead defendant is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. He has virtually no human contact. It is not unusual for technically innocent, federal prisoners to be treated like this. Bifield, by all accounts, seems to endure this deprivation stoically. But it is also not unusual for jailers to routinely begin administering anti-psychotic drugs to prisoners who have been kept in solitary as long as Bifield has. No one seems to think any of this is cruel or unusual.

Eleven days ago Bifield’s government appointed attorney, Allen B. Burnside, petitioned the court to allow the lead defendant “access to any co-defendants who want to participate in a common and mutual defense. In support of this motion, the defendant would show the following: (1) That since his arrest he has been kept separated from all of his co-defendants, including his wife, Lisa Bifield; (2) The defendant submits that he and many of the co-defendants desire to present a common defense; and (3) In order to present a common defense, the defendants need to be allowed to meet with each other to discuss strategy and to test their recollection of shared events.”

Burnside told the judge “that complete denial of all access to his codefendants would deprive him of his due process rights under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.”

Judge Currie has not yet ruled on that motion.



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70 Responses to “Bifield Case Update”

  1. Montana Trainrider Says:

    Your all being watched and monitored by the FBI. That’s why your computers work like crap when you get them back.

  2. ageing rebel Says:

    will help.

  3. Dan L Says:

    Hey Angela
    hang tough,my prayer for you is that you will continue to be healthy, happy, and free!!! Be strong be strong be strong!!!

    peace out Dan L

  4. angela Says:

    I was also. Arrested in this case. Can’t say anything about still waiting. On a court date. Keep mew in your prayers. Im praying for us all involved

  5. angela Says:

    I was also arrested in this case. And im currently awaiting a court date, its bullshit. The. Way we being treated. Keep me in your prayers please.

  6. Debbie Boykin Says:

    For Years I have sat here and watched and listened to how bad the Hells Angles are. well let me tell you people something, These men and women would give you the shirt off there back and the money out of there own pockets before you would get any help from the government! It sickens me to see men like Diamond Dan and Billy the Kid have to go through what you so call a legal system. People you need to wake up and see what our govenment is doing to them as well as to us. There is no Justice in the government and if you believe that then I guess you will be buying alot of bridges….HELP THESE MEN don’t leave them to fight alone against this system, It’s not a fair system. Yes these men are strong and they will remain strong and no matter what they are handed there are people out there that will support them “LIKE ME”

  7. From Mark Baker BHC Says:

    I am transferring these sincere and meaningful words directly from a letter I recieved today from Mark Baker aka Lightning SC NOMADS.
    “I’m OK. Staying strong, getting stronger. Let everyone know that I am strong. My Love and Respect to them all for their support. If they would like to write my address is
    Mark Baker #168226 PF-15
    PO BOX 2019
    Lexington, SC 29071
    I would like to hear from some people and supporters. All help is good. All brothers are staying strong, HELLS ANGELS STRONG and we will make it through this. Like we say, “ALWAYS US”! I am proud to be a Hells Angel and part of the biggest and baddest motorcycle club in the world.

  8. From Big Ron in Big House Says:

    I am posting this on Big Ron’s behalf from a letter I recieved today. Big Ron says, ” Hello and Love and Respect to all and thanks for all the support. It really means a lot!”

  9. From Mark Baker BHC Says:

    This is being transferred from a letter I recieved today. It is written by Mark Baker aka Lightning and I was asked to post these sincere and meaningful words.
    “I’m OK. Staying strong getting stronger. Let everyone know that I am strong. My love and respect for all their support. If they would like to write my address is
    Mark Baker #168226 PF-15
    PO BOX 2019
    Lexington, SC 29071
    I would like to hear from some people and supporters. All help is good. All the brothers are staying strong. Hells Angels strong and we will make it through this. Like we say “ALWAYS US” and I’m proud to be a Hells Angel and part of the biggest and baddest motorcycle club in the world.”

  10. Closer than you know Says:

    Rebel I sent you an email

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Durham Heavy,

    To the best of my knowledge the commenter, “Friend of Diamond,” is not a sock puppet. He has a unique, apparently valid, email address and his IP pings back to the general vicinity of Columbia, South Carolina.

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Maybe I can put you guys in contact with each other.


  12. DurhamHeavy Says:

    Dear Aging Rebel:

    Can you please Verify that “Freind of Diamond” is not a sockpuppet account of someone else who posts here ?

    I ask this, because this has escalated from something that could be written off as well intentioned to increasingly the opposite.

    Given that the airing of this has continued in a public forum, can you confirm or deny that “Freind of Diamond” is a sock puppet ? I’m not asking for anything more than that.

    I use a proxy, and I had tried emailing you with no success.


  13. Friend Of Diamond Says:

    Rebel & Tricky Tramp,
    Just wanted to say and clarify some things. I wrote my response earlier in haste and before really thinking about things. I meant NO disrespect to Tricky Tramp what so ever and hope it was not taken that way. I agree with you, Rebel and do believe the same about Tricky Tramp. I apologize sincerely to Tricky Tramp if they feel there was ANY disrespect. I wrote some things in frustration because I just hate when people say things on here when I do know the facts and I just try to set things straight. Tricky tramp, you are right on about Dan including Lisa in it. The thing about the petition is that Dan did, does, know about it and his intent was to really for it to be for Lisa more than him but a friend did it for him. They took the time and effort to do it for Dan so I commend them for that. I recently talked to that person and let them know that and told them they should really talk to Dan about the way it is written and get it straight with Dan. I will say I did speak with a club member about this because they wanted to know if Dan did approve it and their concern was the other Brothers in jail. As I stated before, it was done by a friend in contact with Dan and that’s why it was just for him. Anyone can start a petition on that website so if anyone wants to do for anyone else, I suggest you go through the proper channels and take the time to do it like Dan’s friend did. Rebel, there is really no blame here. You do a GREAT job on this website and I can’t imagine how you keep up with all this stuff. It is easy to “shove” Dan out front because of who he is and the way people feel about him. I guess that’s why the name Diamond fits him so well! I too find myself sometimes feeling like I’m not doing for all but I am but one person so I do what I can for Dan. I’m just closer to him because of our friendship BUT I would do whatever I could for ANY of them because I know them all. I try to make sure that each one of them has somebody looking out for them and if I ever hear that one of them needs something or there is something I can do I most certainly would. I would also like to say if anyone really wants to know something just write Dan and ask him so as to cut through the BS. Plus he would love the mail. All I ask is please remember his situation and be respectful to what you say. He’s got enough drama BS. Again, Rebel, thanks for all that you do and also to Tricky Tramp and Izzy Wildheart for all you do.

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Friend of Diamond,

    I believe Tricky Tramp is a respectfully regarded member of the HAMC and I believe he considers himself to be a loyal friend of Dan Bifield and also other members of the same club. Those other defendants are charged with many of the same crimes as Dan Bifield but are not mentioned in the petition.

    Sure, let’s avoid the drama thing. The fault, if there is a misunderstanding here, is entirely mine. I have shoved Dan Bifield out in front of this story because his predicament moves me and it is an easier story to tell if I personify it. Blame me. I have obviously done a poorer job than I intended to do. I’ll see if I can do a better job when I get back to the case later this week.


  15. Freind of Diamond Says:

    Ok. I usually don’t get into the drama thing because I like to use my time being productive. I don’t know who you are “Tricky Tramp” but I can GUARANTEE you Diamond DOES know and APPROVES the petition. I can tell you just about anything that is known publically or what Diamond asks me to let be known. I personally talk to him on the phone every couple of days and go see him at the jail. I don’t know where you get YOUR information but I do know where I mine! I don’t want to start a back and forth drama crap on here but if you really want to know how I know or who I am come and see me at the next hearing because I WILL be there like I have been for all the others! I am not a BSer. I am a LOYAL FRIEND of Diamond!

  16. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Petition update:
    Diamond Dan don’t want it. didn’t ask for it.
    Respects to those worthy.

  17. Glenn S. Says:

    Tricky Tramp,
    I have seen a link to this petition somewhere that leads me to believe it is legit. I hesitate to get into the details on a public forum. I hesitate to get involved in something that is not my business at all, but it looks like there might be legitimate misunderstandings here.

    Glenn S.
    Greenville, SC

  18. Samurai Says:

    I can only assume this was not club sanctioned, if it was I think the HAMC would have the ability to put together the 100 needed signatures it calls for pretty easily without needing outside help. Just a thought…..

  19. Bipolar&PRoud Says:


    One more thing, I am not sure who wrote or posted this petition. It was asked by Izzy if it had been sanctioned by Dan, his lawyer, or his Club brothers, I responded to her question after getting a confirmation. Since it was posted that it was online by Junior I would guess that he would be the only person that would be able to answer that part of your post.


  20. Bipolar&PRoud Says:

    Tricky Tramp,

    I do apologize that I have not responded to your message. I unfortunately can not log into my email account for some reason. My computer has not been acting right since we got it back from the FBI. I do not want anyone to think that I have overstepped my boundaries and have involved myself in club business, I have not. My husband was arrested with Dan and is very close to him, he unfortunately can have no contact with any of his brothers right now, part of his bond, so it has been placed on my shoulders. The petition was confirmed from inside the club to have been sanctioned by Dan. I apologize for any misinterpretation that my post may have caused. Please feel free to contact me through this sight, hopefully I will be able to access my email account soon and can personally communicate through it. Once again, I apologize for any misunderstanging that has occured.

    Much Love and Respect,

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