Eric Dean “Lil Pee-Ka” Garcia

November 3, 2012


The body of Mongols Motorcycle Club member Eric Dean “Lil’ Pee-Ka” Garcia was discovered by a hiker in a remote, wooded area near Mount Bache Road south of Los Gatos, California on October 14. He was murdered. His body had decomposed and he was identified by his fingerprints.

Garcia was at a party near the intersection of Vine and Goodyear streets in San Jose when he took a phone call at about 11:45 p.m. on September 18. He told others at the party that he would be right back then rode off into the night on a black, 1985, Harley FLT with license number 18W5272. His family reported him missing on September 20. The motorcycle has not been recovered.

Police have been secretive about the murder and the ongoing investigation. Before his body was found, police stated that his disappearance was not connected to his membership in a motorcycle club.

Garcia lived with his brother Chris in nearby Saratoga, California He is survived by his brother; his fiancé, his three children, his sister-in-law and his nieces and nephew.

Garcia became “Lil Pee-Ka” after his father, Pete Kelly Garcia, died. He was buried last Saturday, October 27, at Oak Hill Cemetery in San Jose. Eric Garcia was just 32-years-old.

His death remains a mystery. Many women weep for him.

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4 Responses to “Eric Dean “Lil Pee-Ka” Garcia”

  1. KILLZONE Says:

    lil peeka, much love and respect to the family for sharing some photos with us. may god bless your soul, and to the cowards who did this, KARMA IS A MOFO….LIL PEEKA WE WHERE BROTHERS ON EARTH AND WILL BE BROTHERS IN HEAVEN SAVE A SPOT FOR ME……HOOAH!

  2. Stevo Says:

    Rest in peace Brother.

    Stevo 1%er

  3. Uncle Don Says:

    The world will be a lesser place without you Lil Pee-Ka. Condolences to all who knew and loved him.


    uncle don

  4. Beowulf Says:

    RIP Eric Dean Garcia, Condolences to The Mongols MC, his family, and all who knew him. Respects, Beowulf

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