The Naptown Outlaws Case

October 29, 2012

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There were nine more arrests in the Outlaws Motorcycle Club case in Indianapolis last Thursday. The case is called US v Bowser and Others, it began last July and the most recent arrests represent the triumph of federal perception management over reality.

A superseding indictment in the case was returned by a grand jury on October 17. A press “advance” on Thursday morning announced some broad statements about the case and that United States Attorney Joseph H. Hogsett would be holding a press conference with more details that afternoon. It is the political season and it has been reported that Hogsett wants to be Indianapolis Mayor some day. Most papers in the Midwest followed the lead of the Indianapolis Star which headlined its story “Nine face charges in continuing Outlaws motorcycle gang probe.”

Outlaws And Friends

Of the eight men arrested Friday only one, Christian J. “Millhouse” Miller, was actually a patched member of the Outlaws. He was arrested in Sandusky, Ohio. The seven others arrested in Indianapolis were described as “associates” of the club. Their names are Tommy Sims, Abraham Flores, Thomas A. “Little Tony” Griffin, Jr., Frank Jordan, Thomas A. “Tony” Griffin, Sr., Robert Roberts and Robert “Mule” Muehlhausen. The ninth man, Dax G. Shephard was arrested too late to be smeared at the press conference.

Documents in the case, including both the entire text of the 84-page superseding indictment and the 867-item filing docket of the case remained sealed until Monday morning, 90 hours after the press conference, which is approximately 16 weeks in television news. The order by District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt to unseal the case was not actually issued until the day after Hogsett’s presser. Since it was impossible to report the case news outlets reported the press conference.


The actual indictment is larded with Gangland-style surplusage. So the 51 defendants must now defend themselves against statements such as:

• “The Outlaws Motorcycle Club (‘OMC’), also known as the American Outlaw (sic) Association, is an international organization consisting of national, regional and local units. The OMC is a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in criminal acts, including the use and distribution of controlled substances, the use and threatened use of violence, extortion, firearms violations, obstructions of justice, illegal gambling and insurance fraud.”

• “OMC members must be over the age of twenty-one and possess a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or another American-made motorcycle.”

• “OMC members also display other patches and tattoos on their person (sic), their motorcycles and on their clothing including the ‘Snitches Are A Dying Breed’ patch, signifying the OMC’s commitment to expel and if necessary murder individuals who cooperate with law enforcement.”

So the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is already guilty of violating the RICO statutes and the case is basically over except for the press conference to announce who got the gallows contract.

Indianapolis Needs Joe

There is not much new in this second indictment. The accused men allegedly sold modest amounts of recreational drugs like cocaine. They were fond of guns things that go boom in general. They were rude to strangers. They assaulted people they didn’t like and they were a gambling enterprise because some members sold raffle tickets. Some of the scoundrels even used cell phones to talk to their friends so they are accused of “unlawful use of communication facilities.” It is very unlikely that the details of any of these actual charges will ever be printed in a newspaper or appear on local news.

But Joe Hogsett looked great on TV.


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40 Responses to “The Naptown Outlaws Case”

  1. savage Says:

    my dad is one of the seven hahahahaha and tony

  2. savage Says:

    my dad is one hahahahahahahaha

  3. Michael Bryant( Joker) Says:

    SYLO…rico= ridiculous indictments concerning OUTLAWS

  4. Michael Bryant( Joker) Says:


  5. matt Says:

    One of the things I see all these laws on the books has done is make it so that if someone in LE want’s to get you on something, they can pick some laws out of the tens of thousands and keep piling it on.

    We shouldn’t have 1/10th of the laws we have right now. The laws are used to control us, but also as a way to hammer us when LE desires so.

    Once LE has it out for you, you’re screwed and there isn’t much you can do about it.

  6. Glenn S. Says:

    whitefxrp, I wouldn’t know. I am not a member of an MC, not yet anyway. And if I was, and did know, I’d never have mentioned the subject. My personal opinion is that if there is ever to be a viable resistance movement here in the USA, it would have to be broader based than just bikers. Just a thought, but I think if serious bikers, ex-convicts, loved ones of present convicts, Occupy Wall St., the libertarian factions of the tea party, disillusioned veterans, trade unions, and those generally disenfranchised somehow joined forces, there might be a snowballs chance in hell of effecting change. My guess is that if such alliances were ever formed, the serious MCs would rise to the top as leaders.

  7. Knuckles !% Says:

    The basis of all this is MONEY. The feds need to keep the dollars rollin’ in to justify their existence of all the BS task forces. They know that or have at least figured out the best way to hurt the MC’s and its members is to hit them in the wallet! Trumped up charges, no bond arrests it all costs a member lots of money. If he is the sole provider for his family, once he is locked up with out bail, his family suffers. If he is granted bail and has to fight his case that costs money too. I dont know about all PH’s but most of my brothers are blue collar working stiffs who don’t have 10k-30k to fight BS charges…cause heaven forbid if you gotta use the Public defender, those mf’ers dont give 2 s*#ts about Club members or their families and if by chance they do….the PD office is so swamped with cases they can’t give it the attention it needs in order to beat the BS charges. So its ALL about money.
    Secondly, my brothers in Australia are fighting a serious fight right now about anti association laws that are being proposed there. In a nutshell, you will not be able to hang around, take part in or enjoy the association of your friends, club brothers, or any one else in a group setting if you or they have been convicted of a felony and some misdemeanors. What does this have to do with USA? Everything, they follow what we do in America and vice versa to an extent. If it passes there you can bet it won’t be long until WE will be fighting the same fight right here in our backyard.
    FTG…FTP…FTW…its the Rebel life for me! RFFR!

  8. Ol'LadyRider Says:


    Sounds fun. Maybe an ol’ lady can get in there a bit easier. I’ll just change my FB page.

  9. whitefxrp Says:

    Glenn S.
    Brilliant post……..

    I have a question,Have any MC members ever infiltrated the ATF etc ????

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    I read a book, when I was a kid, called The Devil’s Advocate, written in the early to mid 20th century. The plot, in a nutshell, is about a group of resistance fighters in an American police state that infiltrated the government to the extent that they were able to enforce draconian government edicts, normally reserved for “enemies of the state” against those groups that supported the government (in this book, these groups were the farmers and the bureaucrats, as I recall). As a result, the people rose up against the government.

    Which is why the Catholic Church, despite sheltering a lot more child molesters than the likely total count of lawbreakers in all of the motorcycle clubs put together, aren’t prosecuted under RICO. The Catholic Church is generally supportive of whatever the government does and the people would not stand for it if the church were targeted.

    It’s not what law was broken, it’s who can be safely targeted. The government gets to flex its muscles as a lesson to any group that doesn’t fall in line but takes no risk that its actions will be the last straw for the citizenry. The USA has indeed become a nation of men and not laws. The more I learn about RICO, the more obvious it is that it is being used as a tool to lock up groups of people the government deems a threat to order, and discourage others from forming such groups. A convenient end run around our supposed freedom to associate.

    Back in my criminal days, we kept our affiliations loose, even when they were tight. And although the media tried to put labels on us, like “the Dixie Mafia” or the “Fill-In-The-Blank Gang”, I can’t think of a single time anyone I knew got busted under RICO. But then, we WERE criminals. It looks like most people arrested under RICO are so charged because they probably are not criminals, and so there is no other law that would justify busting them.

    Shit, and riding my motorcycle keeps me legal! Keeps me from getting bored with the straight life. And I’ve met a lot of others that feel the same. Given a choice between riding my bike and enjoying the company of other bikers and getting back into something that might get me rolling in money but I couldn’t ride because of the heat, I’ll stay legal and keep riding.

  11. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    When a so called “respectable” group like the Boy Scouts or the Flying Nuns MC get slapped with this “Frankensteined” version RICO, the public’s perception and opinion of RICO may change.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. Austin Says:

    Re: RAFFLES just an FYI – I attendend a professional conference this spring, in New Orleans. Attendees were from every state and at least 10 other countries. Traditionally at these things, many of the chapters or vendors or companies will have an iPod, or a Kindle Fire, or some example of the latest gadget, available to win if you care to buy a *Raffle* ticket. This year there were strict instructions to NOT use the ‘R’ word. We were told to use terms like ‘opportunity’ and ‘grsteful for your donation’ A few forgot – and were shut down by the organizers and prohibited from having booths at next years event. Wondering which is my targeted outlaw gang affiliation? Registered Nurses.

  13. RLG Says:

    @Paladin, well said!



  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    The RICO statute was written, and reportedly named after an Edward G. Robinson movie character, by a Congressional staffer named G. Robert Blakely. Blakely is now a law professor at Notre Dame. But the law was really rewritten by several Supreme Court Decisions including two called U.S. v Turkette and National Organization of Women, Inc. v Scheidler. After Turkette, numerous observers including most national newspapers thought the Supremes had made the law too broad. After Scheidler Blakely said he never intended that his law should be applied to fraternal groups. The original intent of the law, which was intended to make it tougher for New York’s five families to go legit, is very different from the law as it is now interpreted. After Turkette and Scheidler everybody is guilty of RICO. I would not be surprised to see it applied to the Boy Scouts.


  15. Glenn S. Says:

    Jim666 said: “My biggest question about RICO is who the fuck let a law like that pass ?”

    The elected representatives always vote overwhelmingly for every proposed Tough New Law. The present congress, that probably can’t agree on whether we should have a National Boll Weevil Day, came together to overwhelmingly pass NDAA last winter.

    Not Surprised said: “I fear you place too much faith in the citizenry.”

    You’re probably right, and the government would never target their favorite voting blocs and campaign contributors anyway. Best to understand (but NEVER accept) that the government is just another group not unlike, say, a Cosa Nostra family (although I think the mafia has more humanity). Both the government and the mafia have their agendas, their favorites, and enforce their will by force. Calling one group’s will “the law” doesn’t make it somehow more noble.

  16. Paladin Says:

    Dear RLG,

    I need to correct my response to your question. The political patron of the ATF would be the U.S. Attorney General. So, it would seem that there are no exceptions.

    Long May You Ride,


  17. Paladin Says:

    Dear RLG,

    Regarding your question; Your’re absolutely correct, regarding the leadership of LE organizations. The exception to this, is the ATF. The ATF is a rogue orginazation that runs its own operations (Fast and Furious, etc.), is protected by the U.S. Attorney General, and answers to no one.

    With the above mentioned exception aside, police chiefs are appointed by city managers. City managers are appointed by city councils. Council members are elected. Sheriffs are elected and have to answer to the County Board of Supervisors, who are also elected. It’s all political, but this can also work to one’s advantage.

    Politics are based on public perceptions. If you can change the public’s perception on an issue, the politics associated with that issue will also change.

    Elected or appointed officials like to stay elected or appointed. Rarely, will you see an elected or appointed official stand on ground reserved for “doing what’s right”. Because they’re elected or appointed, officials are pre-disposed to do what’s “politically correct”.

    Regarding your comment; It’s for the very reasons you state, that make the MCs and their members easy targets for the feds. When all the dead fish are going with the flow, the fish that swim up stream, will always stand out.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. Jim666 Says:

    RICO is complete bullshit in any case`s anywhere and any members of any group, If RICO were a valid law is should first apply to the biggest RICO violating group there is, the local state and fed police gangs.
    My biggest question about RICO is who the fuck let a law like that pass ?
    It goes w/out saying that the local state and feds are the biggest violators of this so called law, and everyone anywhere that belongs to any organisation is in a violation of this law always. If it were truly enforced.on every group, every church member, scout member,fop member, military member,gop member,labor union member,republican/democrats,I mean this list can go forever,all of these groups raise funds in one way or another including “Raffles”,donations ect.
    The RICO law in itself is not only a violation of indevidual rites. and a federal crime but also is a racket of it,s own making.
    Hence do they “govt.” not make money off of the destruction of other peoples/ groups.lives, made possible by the law itself whereas there is no crime commited RICO makes up a crime in that itself is a crime and destruction of one rites protected by the U.S. Constution .
    which is a federal crime and felony.
    Where/When will this shit end ? if ever ?
    If it is to remain then the biggest corrupt org. should be charged under it,s own law.
    I just get so frustrated every time this RICO bullshit comes up,


    F.T.F. F.T.P.

  19. Grumbler Says:

    @BigV – Have posted your link to the 346 page book, The Probate, on my FB wall. Looks to be a great read based in the ’70s from a solid, stand up guy who refused to compromise his integrity despite all those years in Leavenworth.

  20. Not Surprised Says:


    I fear you place too much faith in the citizenry. RICO is as close to “Nazi style” justice as I’ve ever sen in that it is set up to selectively target a unique class of people who, simply by virtue of who they are, they are somehow more “deserving” of such treatment than the average American. Any law that either fails to protect all citizens equally or that cannot be applied to all citizens equally, is a bad law period.

    Case in point is the so called “domestic violence” laws enacted in several states in the early 1980’s. I am not defending domestic violence. In my state, a person (usually a female) can go before a Judge without your knowledge (ex parte), even without an attorney, and by virtue of a statement in peon court, can have you removed from your own home for 10 days, you cannot see your children, cannot even speak to them, and you are only allowed to take personal items such as clothing and thing necessary to do your job . IN addition there is a separate law that if the person IS female, states that upon entering a charge, you can be incarcerated for THREE days without bail in addition to the above.

    People arrested for murder can get bail (usually) but no matter what, your ass will sit in a cell for three days BEFORE you are ever tried on the charge. I’m all for protecting women and children but how many times (usually the majority) has this statute been abused? In this instance by virtue of your gender and the fact that you have testosterone, you can be “selectively targeted” by a law that carries relatively no penalty for false reporting, removed from your home for a period of one year, and some other dude can move in and then you have to pay the bill.

    Most of these cases are “he said she said” and even with no forensic or other evidence, there is a 95% chance you’ll be convicted, evicted,accused for life as being a “wife beater”. Maybe you did yell or throw something, maybe you did not. You get the point.

    RICO is a lot like that. There isn’t the presumption of innocence, it is all plea bargaining, threats and intimidation, guilt by association.

  21. RLG Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Great comment above. I disagree with, “However, the MCs are targeted by the Feds, because the chosen life style of their members makes them easy prey. ”

    I would say they are targeted because they are a minority in a compliant society, a minority that rejects some of the illusion of social order. Every time Joe Six-pack sees a biker blow a red light for example, part of Joe realizes he could have freedom, a more real freedom than he thinks he has now. This is very dangerous.

    Paladin, would you agree that the upper leadership of all LE organizations is politicized? Top individuals have political patrons?


  22. Glenn S. Says:

    The raffle issue notwithstanding, it appears that we live in a nation where if we belong to or associate with an organization, and one of its members is accused of violating one of the country’s too many laws, we are therefore guilty of a crime unless proven otherwise if and only if that organization is centered around motorcycles. Apparently the US Congress, the Lions Club, Loyal Order of Moose, Catholic Church, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and the Shriners get to play by a different set of rules than any motorcycle club.

    I know I am stating the obvious, and have probably done so before, but the inconsistency of enforcement is one of the worst things about the RICO laws. If these laws were enforced equally across the board, the voters would demand their repeal, the citizenry would wake up.

  23. PigPen Says:

    I see you know of RoadBlock. I am glad you posted that. He is a great buy with morals and balls bigger than King Kong. He spent a lot of time in a cage over bullshit charges. When you meet him, tell him PigPen sends his love and respect. Thanks.
    And thanks to Rebel for circulating that.

  24. Martin 1% Says:

    The ” Raffle” charge was bogus , it was a way the Feds used to put a RICO case together . Find something that connects as many people to an alleged crime . Round them all up , and see who is willing to co-operate then build your case . Indictments are one sided stories told by the prosecution . They threaten you w/ years in prison if you don’t co-operate ( now that’s what I call extortion ).What got me was that some of my co-defendants didn’t see what this was all about. An arrest is not a conviction & you have the right to remain silent , so don’t say anything ( that’s what lawyers are for ) Lets not forget the 2 lives lost in the whole fiasco . R.I.P. Jimbo 1%er & Tombstone Charlie 1 %er

  25. BigV Says:

    Wilson Tony “Roadblock” Harrell has written a book, it is fiction but it is based on his experiences of what the South East Biker Culture was like in 1970’s.

    Roadblock is a man of great integrity who was wrongfully imprisoned for 2/3 of his life, and who- out of love for club and brothers- did that time and now continues to fight for his freedom as the Federal Gestapo attempts to keep him on paper for the rest of his life.

    Roadblock is someone very worthy of our support. I’ve chosen to show my admiration for his sacrifice and service by buying his book.

    Unfortunately, electronic copies are not available at this time. I am going to his signing in November in Atlanta, so if anyone wants a copy they don’t have to buy over they the Internet they can get ahold of me and I can purchase a copy at the signing and get it signed for you, and you can reimburse me at some later date.

    If you want to buy online(easiest & fastest):

    Thanks to Rebel for the site, as always.

  26. anon Says:

    Ol’Lady Rider,

    Rebel has covered “illegal raffles” before. I have some vague recollection that the Feds closed down their racketeering case against the Pagans by letting several cop a plea to the charge to get rid of the felony accusations. I’m sure you can do a quick search on the site and find those articles.

    As Rebel has pointed out and you may have read from Jim666 or Sieg on the Dialogical Saloon, we now live in a system where you are guilty upon accusation. Prosecutors have been given such extreme leeway in charging defendants that they can inflate a simple charge to a massive charge and threaten long sentences if you go to trial and get convicted. Wise defendants take the plea, even when they are innocent. Here are two terms you can look up for a start on more information: “trial penalty” and “charge bargaining.”

    The trial penalty refers to the increase in sentence you receive for having the audacity to go to trial and be convicted of a crime. Charge bargaining often (but not always) has to do with prosecutors negotiating initial charges with a person in custody who has not yet been formally charged; the reason is that the initial charges may carry sentencing guidelines for the judge, so bargaining over the charge BEFORE being charged increase the prosecutor’s discretion in reducing the time for any subsequent conviction.

    I’m sure Rebel and Shyster can provide better and more accurate responses to my comments.

  27. Not Surprised Says:

    Three very recent “trends” in prosecuting 1% clubs have been fairly consistent in about the past two years

    some sort of allegation of child porn (I think some guy texted an underage female or something)

    some RICO sounding illegal gambling charge. Remember RICO came around in the 70’s and was meant to be used against traditional “organized crime families”. At that time, Las Vegas was wide open. RICO has just about every imaginable facet of any type of exchange of money based on “chance”: even door prizes and raffles.

    Any time a ticket is sold in exchange for a prize it opens up an illegal gambling charge but only for certain organizations.

    some horses shit with selling alcohol. Again, only for certain organizations.

    And then…tacking on gang enhancements like doing any of the 2nd and 3rd above for “the furtherance of the enterprise” puts everything into a different felony classification.

    These three trends have not yet been “stand alone” charges yet, meaning if # 2 and # 3 have happened in your club, you can pretty well bet the charges will never come up unless other “base”charges are levied later on.

  28. stroker Says:

    Here in Cana Scruz, they have an obscure law on the books (as I believe they do in other counties as well) that says you must have an “event permit” to conduct a “raffle.”
    Most churches, rotary clubs, and (non-biker) charity organizations are never asked, nor have never had it thrown in their faces, that they need a “permit.” But if you’re a low-down, scumbag biker, or mc affiliate, they remember it!

    Oh yeah, did I mention that permits have a “fee?”

  29. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear stroker and Martin 1%,
    I don’t wish to venture outside my place, but I think what you said is important and would like to share it with my man. He may already be in the know, but I would rather appear stupid and presumptuous than have him/his brothers take any chance in that regard.

    I remain completely mystified about how LE is able to make “illegal gambling operation” out of a (R word). Funny how I’ve never heard of that happening at the Elks Club.

  30. KK Says:

    Martin 1%: If your the same person,(MN?)much L & R your way!!

    (If not disregard) If so,

    It was a downright travesty what you & everyone else went thru & lost over “raffle” tickets!!

    Best wishes (health & work) going forward with everything that comes your way, you demonstrated your leadership & heart to all of us up & down the coast.

    Back to lurking & pumping water out of my basement .


  31. stroker Says:

    I can personally attest that what Martin 1% is saying is true.
    Here in the Central Coast of Cali, I persoanlly observed the local “gang enforcement task force” shut down a raffle, right after the tickets were sold, and before the prizes were given out.
    Here, we always use the words”door prize give-away”. We never say or advertise “raffles’ anymore.

  32. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Not Surprised:
    “Selective prosecution” indeed, even persecution on the face of it. Donating to a cause and getting a raffle ticket in return, for a chance to win a donated prize is not gambling. Hanging out at a clubhouse or party and donating, thus being rewarded for your generosity with a cold beer, is not liquor sales. How the hell is confiscating a clearly marked donation jar, much less entering private property with no probable cause and without permission, considered acceptable by ANY agency/DA/Court???

    Martin 1%:
    I shudder to imagine the events that caused such a strong reaction.

    In either case, I just don’t get how these agencies aren’t getting raked over the coals for misconduct, illegal search/seizure, and harassment. This is why I think the suit against the Las Vegas agencies is so important. I hope there are LOTS more of them.

  33. Martin 1% Says:

    After what my family , myself & my Brothers went thru in 09′ & 10′ , I don’t even let people say the word ” Raffle ” around me .

  34. Not Surprised Says:


    While back, a 1% club in a small city had a gathering at the clubhouse. Local LEO came around, no warrants, party was in full swing. They confiscated all alcohol as well as the “donation jar” (and its contents), took a few photos and left. No arrests no other searches, but they “observed a crime in progress”, apparently.

    Selling alcohol without a license. State law, but as soon as the Feds can find the jurisdictional loop hole, opens it up for the “A” in ATF.

    I mean shit the local Baptist church who holds a “hot dog” supper to raise money for the building fund could be guilty of violating local health codes for selling prepared food without an inspection of the facilities and no business license.

    There really is no other group of Americans (I’m not talking ethnicity) that has been targeted with selective prosecution I can think of, other than 1% clubs.

  35. PigPen Says:

    it’s because they don’t have a damn thing to justify their $2mil investigations that last 3 years. NOTHING, so they stretch out little piddly things like a member having a joint in their pocket, and raffles, or illegal liquor sales. I am sure no one has ever had a joint at a party, ever, and even though there are signs everywhere behind the bars that we accept donations, nope, they want to re enstate prohibition over a $2 beer. Because they can’t find anything more serious than a college frat party going on.

  36. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    The raffle ticket thing always seems to come up as “illegal gambling,” and frankly this is a complete mystery to me. Have Mr. Hogsett and Co. never bought a raffle ticket in hopes of winning a cash prize or other nifty item? Perhaps at a holiday party or other social gathering?

    My ol’man tells me that, despite all raffle prizes being donations, and despite raffle tickets being clearly printed with “suggested donation” on them, they are required to be able to prove that a certain percentage of any proceeds from said raffle are going to a charity, which is also generally printed on the tickets. I can’t remember what the percentage is, but I want to say it’s 90%. It’s absolutely inconceiveable to me that MCs have to be paranoid about RAFFLES, for crying out loud. I’m sure that one or more of these agencies will find a way to make a poker run an illegal gambling operation as well.

    I’m sure it’s just another way to pad the charges, like so much of this BS is. But really? Raffles?

  37. neverwaz Says:

    “Suspects” is the term used to describe anyone not convicted of a crime. Even if they’re caught in the act on national TV in the stolen car, firing a gun etc etc., they’re still referred to as “suspects”. But the “press releases” associated with these MC roundups assert that all involved are guilty – there are no “suspects” in this story.

  38. Sieg Says:

    Ask John Gotti if it helped him to not be wearing any patches.

    The only thing to do with a rabid animal is to put it down.

    Tom Jefferson and the boys would be mighty disappointed in us.

    FTP / FTF

  39. Paladin Says:

    Believe it or not, the federal government and the different governing bodies of motor sport racing (NASCAR, AMF, FIM, etc.) have something in common. In racing, when a group or team starts to dominate the circuit by consistently winning, the governing body changes the rules, so as to “level the playing field” which keeps the spectators interested and allows the other teams a better chance at winning.

    By its very definition, law enforcement is a reactionary entity. You can’t enforce a law, until it’s broken. Therefore, a crime has to be committed before a criminal can be apprehended. Because reaction never beats action, law enforcement was, and sometimes still is continually behind the curve chasing criminals.

    As time went by, criminals became smarter and more sophisticated. The dullard accountants and lawyers that sought financial refuge in federal law enforcement couldn’t compete. So, the federal government stepped in and changed the rules by corrupting the original intent of RICO. This “rule change” levels the playing field and allows the Feds a better chance at winning, by getting them (the Feds.) in front of the curve, so as to be able to arrest so called criminals, before a federal crime has actually been committed.

    I am not insinuating in any way that MCs or their members are involved in any criminal activity. However, the MCs are targeted by the Feds, because the chosen life style of their members makes them easy prey. Prior cases can be studied. The pitfalls in those cases can be reviewed, changes can be made. For instance, a quote from the above case;

    “OMC members also display other patches and tattoos on their person (sic), their motorcycles and on their clothing including the ‘Snitches Are A Dying Breed’ patch, signifying the OMC’s commitment to expel and if necessary murder individuals who cooperate with law enforcement.”

    Maybe, the above might be better verbalized, instead of seen on a patch. Trust me, I know all about the guarantees afforded under the 1st amendment. But, as can be seen, they can also be used against you.

    In racing, when the governing body changes the rules, the winning teams find ways to keep on winning. When the government changes the rules the MCs and their members can find ways to work around them.

    Long May You Ride,


  40. midwestrider Says:

    Fucking fascists! It is not about justice, it is about achieving an agenda. One of these officials used the language “completely dismantle” to the AOA in this case. You know they have more in mind then just enforcing laws. It is about eliminating groups they can’t control or don’t fit in with their warped idea of what society should be. FTG. FTP

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