Stubbs Yanks Finn’s Chain Again

October 25, 2012

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Stephen P. “Bowtie” Stubbs yanked Boulder City, Nevada Police Chief Thomas Finn’s chain again yesterday. Stubbs has accused Finn of unconstitutionally profiling and harassing members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club during the club’s national run last June and of destroying evidence that could be used in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Stubbs on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. You can learn more about that suit here.

Stubbs attached a copy of an email Finn wrote June 11, 2012 titled “Mongols-related emails.” The email stated: “Lieutenant Albowicz made an excellent suggestion to have all emails related to the preparations we are making for the Mongols event deleted from our computers. If they submit a records request for them it would obviously show our hand and divulge the strategies and staffing levels we need to keep confidential. Therefore please delete any and all emails related to the event immediately.”


Stubbs had the complaint hand-delivered directly to Finn and explained: “I am directing this email to Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn and the Boulder City Police Department, as instructed by the Nevada Attorney General’s office. Because these alleged crimes were committed in Boulder City the Boulder City Police Department is the investigative agency with jurisdiction here. However I believe it would be an improper and unethical conflict of interest for the Boulder City Police Department to investigate the matter. Therefore, I hereby request that you submit this complaint to the Boulder City Council for a conflicts referral to the Investigative Division of the Attorney General for the state of Nevada.”

The attorney sent copies of the complaint to seven other city officials including Mayor Roger Tobler and City Manager Vickie Mayes.

There is no boubt that Finn intended to give the Mongols as hard a time as possible in hopes that they would go away and never come back. He was frank about it. He was quoted by Ben Frederickson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal as saying, “They came and they went and good riddance,” Finn said. “I hope they never come back.” And then, to illustrate more aptly than a thousand pictures how police think Finn complained, “I get very disheartened by the naiveté of some people who say, ‘Well there were too many cops in town. Nothing happened,’ Well of course nothing happened. Because there were so many cops in town.”

Poster Boy For Police Misconduct

The issue in Boulder City may be bigger than one outlaw motorcycle club run out of town by a cop who sees Billy Jack when he looks in the mirror.

Finn could be the poster boy for the new, post-nine-one-one, American police state. Most people don’t care about the lawsuit Stubbs is currently pursuing because most people don’t care about bikers. But another civil rights law suit filed against Finn and the Boulder City police may illustrate the point Stubbs might be trying to make – which is that American police during the War of Global Terror must create enemies in order to justify the public resources devoted to them. Last time it was the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The time before that it was a citizen named Curtis Shafer.

Even little children know that the War on Terror is to police what Hurricane Katrina was to crooked contractors. Laissez les bon temps rouler. And as part of this general waste of time and tax dollars Finn submitted an application in the Spring of 2009 to the Department of Homeland Security for high-tech surveillance cameras to “assist in combating terrorist and criminal activities” in Boulder City. Most of the War on Terror is about combating “criminal activities.”


About the same time Finn applied for his terror toys a dispute developed between Boulder City resident Shafer and his next door neighbor Mark Fenyves. Apparently, Fenyves held a grudge because he had wanted to buy the home Shafer bought. Which led to Fenyves to decide that Shafer was guilty of something – which is plausible because in Terror War America everyone is. Fenyves called the Boulder City Police 180 times to complain about Shafer but neither the police nor Fenyves were able to pin anything on Shafer. So the Boulder City police lent the four high-tech surveillance cameras to Fenyves. Of course.

One Boulder City cop even gave Fenyves advice on how best to install the cameras. Fenyves installed one of them on a 30-foot-high pole that overlooked Shaffer’s “backyard, home and bathroom.”

The neighbor then video-recorded Shaffer, his wife and his three children playing in the yard and going to the bathroom for more than a month before turning this “evidence” over to police. There was never a warrant issued or a written record made of any of this – or if there were written records the Boulder City Police Department destroyed them. But, the police did watch all of this freelance, volunteer surveillance. If they took notes they destroyed those as well. It cannot be determined if they made copies.

After a month Shaffer found out what was happening and complained to Finn. Finn did nothing.

So Shaffer sued and eventually won. And, Boulder City is now appealing that decision.

The Aging Rebel cannot show you the video below without the annoying advertisement upfront, so deal with it.

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27 Responses to “Stubbs Yanks Finn’s Chain Again”

  1. Tim Says:

    my daughter worked at the hotel they stayed at for this event. she called me on the phone and was telling me about it she told me that when the bikers came to town the hotel raised or possably doubled their rates this is bullshit to take advantage of these guys like that. I was also told that alot of stores had been closed ,locked and chained. very disrespctful in my opion. law enforcement was like flys on shit’ I think the cops just wanted to hassle these guys even before they arrived. I gotta say I was scared for my daughter at that point she then informed me not to worry she was treated with NOTHING BUT RESPECT. she even had pictures of some of the awsome bikes and picture with some of the members of the club so I would like to hear the cops side on how they think the worst of them to be hassleing in any manner.

  2. Oilslick Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs this past weekend at the NCOM conference in Phoenix. He gave us a rundown of all the things he’s working on for the various clubs. In the USA that our grandparents grew up in these would be open and shut cases. Much resect to him and the clubs fighting this fight. Can you imagine the strength we could have if all MC’s could unite for the fight against these UnConstitutional injustices occuring?

    Keep up the excellent work Rebel!


  3. mommyofthehood Says:

    Please review Shafer’s lawsuit. HE WON! The BCPD put cameras purchased with your tax money (a grant from Homeland Security) to video tape him because they THOUGHT he was a drug dealer. In 56 days that the cameras were there, Shafer had NO expectation of privacy while they were pointed at his home and in his back yard. His bedroom and bathroom window were constantly surveyed. Shafer has never been convicted with a drug related offence. BCPD picks and chooses who they want to harass. How does a police department choose to harass certain citizens??? They choose the ones they are TOLD are the most likely to commit crimes. 99 percent of Police Departments in America rely on the Constitution to determine how and what they do with citizens. WOW!!! All other Police Departments are governed by the Constitution. Why isn’t BCPD?????

  4. Bob Says:

    What’s the mayor’s stand on all this?

  5. @Ghost is a a dumbass Says:

    No.. thankyou for enlightening all of the biker culture on what to do to avoid police I believe you might be the only one that cares about how to spell there..but then again you are the great enlightener…Man you are one cum stain that should have been left hanging from your moms chin..LMAO!! Feel free to hesitate next time you have a another great idea.

  6. ghost Says:

    @last post

    thanks for the enlightenment, now go fuck yourself retard!!!
    by the way it’s their not there moron!!!

  7. ghost Says:

    @last post

    thanks for the enlightenment, now go fuck yourself, retard!!!

  8. ghost Says:

    @last post

    thanks for the enlightenment, now go fuck yourself, retard!!!

  9. ghost Says:

    @last post

    thanks for the enlightenment, now go fuck yourself, retard!!!

  10. ghost Says:

    @last post

    thanks for the enlightenment, now go fuck yourself, retard!!!

  11. Ghost is a dumbass Says:

    @Ghost your such an idiot..Have you not figured out by now theres know such thing as private property when it comes to the law,In case your not familiar with the bike culture they use to do everything in private, the police have used that to there advantage,They would trample on there rights make up unbelievable stories about bikers because of course people are afraid of what they dont know..Bikers have changed with the times and not by choice…They have public runs to to give the public a chance to really know them and law enforcement are pissed about this and once again theyll do anything to keep the public from seeing that bikers are not the domestic terrorist they have been trying to say they are..Bottom line is either way were fucked!!! But there not going to make it easy for Law Enforcement anymore to spread these malicious lies..

  12. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear Glenn S. and Anon –

    Well said. These times are enough to make ANYONE a conspiracy theorist.

  13. Glenn S. Says:

    I believe Anon is correct. The citizenry has allowed bad precedents to be set–extralegal detention, kangaroo trials, torture, new rules regarding surveillance–all in the name of addressing terror. The problem with that is that the government now has de facto power to do an end run around the Bill of Rights every time it designates something or someone a threat to national security. The words “terror” and “national security” can mean anything the government wants them to mean. Today’s War on Terror can and will be tomorrow’s War on (fill in the blank), depending on the whims and agendas of whoever is in power at a given moment. No viable political power shows any signs of reversing the trend, not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the Tea Party, the Christian movements, nor corporate America. The only group that has taken a public stance against the police state is Occupy Wall Street, and they’re disorganized and have been subject to news blackouts.

    The terrorists won, IMHO. They’ve changed this country for the worse. But the US government worked hand in glove with them, whether intentionally or not. Does anybody really believe they had time to write the “patriot” act and other anti-terrorism laws between 9-11 and the time they were hastily passed by congress?

  14. ocvago Says:

    Thank you Stephen P. “Bowtie” Stubbs

  15. Tim Says:

    mother fucken Pigs!!!!!

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    @anon – Fuck the ragheads. They *deserve* to be “demonized”. They’ve been nothing but a boil on the ass of the planet since before they started building the pyramids. There’s no rationalizing that it’s ‘okay’ to be a fucking terrorist. They’re the biggest liars, and most cowardly people I’ve had the misfortune to have ever met and fought against. There’s *MAYBE* 1 in 1000 who actually don’t think deep down that 9/11 and any other terrorist act their ‘brothers’ commit is a ‘Bad Thing©’.

    I *do* agree with you though that the pussification of Americans showed itself when they allowed bullshit like the DHS and other crap to be formed and to get away with all the rampant jack-booted, 1935 Germany thuggery that’s being used on us, all for our supposed “safety”.

    Fuck the government and fuck Napolitano, Obama, fucktard pussies like Finn and the Masters of Circle-jerk – the BATF.

  17. ghost Says:


    actually, all i was saying is, that no matter where these things are held there is always problems with police harrassment, and now that all the major clubs have been labeled “GANGS” the local police are gonna harrass them so they can justify their budgets and get on the news for fighting crime!!! if this fact is already known then maybe it would be smarter to avoid all the bullshit and go somewhere and do something off the radar!!! i don’t advocate doing away with anyones rights!!! sometimes exercising your rights means doing the smart thing if the outcome is already known!!!!

  18. ghost Says:


    your probrobly right about the cops not living up to their end of an agreement!!! have a great weekend, and thanks for doing something noteworthy, well!!!!

  19. stroker Says:

    ditto what Anon sez.
    Kudos on another fine piece of reporting Rebel.


  20. anon Says:


    As always, thank you for the article and for being a real journalist. We have too few journalists left. It may (or may not) be an unpopular opinion here, but I was always upset by the way that over a billion Muslims were demonized and vilified after 9-11. I had the terrible feeling that we were replacing the Cold War against the communists with a new Cold War against the Muslims. Neither was meant to be a war against an external force. It was always an excuse to erode individual liberty and crush internal dissidents. In a lot of ways, I unfortunately feel vindicated in that view. The other major concern I had is that Americans were too willing to let “anti-terrorism” legislation be passed without realizing that it was not restricted to international terrorism cases and would most likely be used predominantly in domestic non-terrorism cases. Again, I feel sadly vindicated in that belief.

    In the Shaffer case, I’m half-surprised they didn’t bring the neighbor up on kiddie porn charges for having videos of the children exposing themselves while using the toilet. I’m still convinced that such a scenario is closer to a real kiddie porn offense than the Dave Burgess frame-up. Rebel, I’m hoping you can find a major publisher for that book because our country desperately needs that wake-up call. I know it’s unlikely, but I would really like to see it happen.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s important, and a few of us have stumbled up on your page and both respect and appreciate what you’re doing here.

  21. Grumbler Says:

    That reminds me, the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau officially came out with a Pro-Hollister Rally stance which could result in the possibilty of a return. At this point, however, it appears to be a promoter trying to work something out with Hollister’s Mayor, Chief of Police and County Sheriff.

    That said, the last rally I attended there in 2002 was more of a Cop Rally thanks to large numbers of cops concentrated in that small geographic area. Their main focus was revenue enhancement and harrassment.

    Speaking for myself, unless the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau has the clout to suppress those police tactics, reviving that rally would, sadly, give those Legalized Extortion Officers yet another hunting license to go after bikers.

  22. Sin Cal Says:

    The cops over reacted there. when clubs go to events they spend plenty of money at the stores to boost the local economy. Ask the shop owners the black and white visited I’m sure they would love to have their money again next year.

  23. RLG Says:

    Seems we are free to do what we like as long as it doesn’t make the ownership class mad.

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @ghost – Not only what Rebel said, but how is any club supposed to know every someone or someones who owns enough land to accomodate everyone who’s to show up? It’s not just the club members, it’s their friends and anyone *they* bring too.

    Next – why should any club have to go somewhere such as private property to be able to enjoy the things a city/town has or can give for entertainment, ease of getting food/drink, etc?

    What you’re saying is, yeah, let the pigs do away with certain groups’ rights as free Americans so long as they have someplace else to go to.

    That’s no better than gestapo tactics…worse, actually.

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear ghost,

    I believe the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Boulder City PD had a gentlemen’s agreement. The Mongols kept their word. The Boulder City PD did not keep theirs.


  26. ghost Says:

    fuck boulder city and the lame ass cops.. the thing i don’t get is why the clubs have these runs in dildo towns, when they know they will be harrassed by the local gestapo’s ???? why not go some where thats on private property, out of any city limits, and you know maybe not announce it to the whole world where they are gonna be a month or two before hand…

  27. Sin Cal Says:

    Someone is going to be in trouble for this one.

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