Desperately Seeking Philly Warlocks

October 5, 2012

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The Aging Rebel is seeking  current or recent members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Specifically this page seeks confirmation and elaboration of the following:

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club’s clubhouse at 1864 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia closed before January 1, 2012.

The Philadelphia Warlocks Harpy logo is not registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The club’s main telephone number, 215 426 6212, was disconnected in January 2012.

The last time the Philly Warlocks made news was in February 2009 when the recording secretary of the Warlocks, Daniel “Dirty Dick” McElheney, was accused of possessing prescription pills without a prescription. The previous year, the former President of the Bucks County Chapter of the Warlocks, Tommy Zaroff, was accused of possessing 10 pounds of methamphetamine. After his arrest Zaroff joined the American Outlaws Association. Around the same time a Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General named Kishan Nair claimed that the Philly Warlocks and The Breed, another club with a strong presence in and around Philadelphia, were partners in an illicit drug trade.

The club’s site at disappeared before 2011.

Most internet junk information about the Philadelphia Warlocks relies heavily on a 1989 State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation titled “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.”

A Facebook page titled “Warlocks MC Pennsylvania” was established on August 21, 2012. View that page here.  Forty-five people like the page.

Any current or recent member of the Philly Warlocks or any member of the Pagans MC or the Breed MC who knows any current or recent member of the Philly Warlocks is invited to email The Aging Rebel at [email protected]

I protect sources.



58 Responses to “Desperately Seeking Philly Warlocks”

  1. Devil Dog Says:

    Ya they don’t do prospecting these 2 dudes in east tennessee rode up to Kentucky and got patches handed to them, they won’t be wearing them long though down here though…

  2. DIrty Maloney Says:

    That guy in comments you let through saying hes a prospect, full of shit. we don’t do prospects.. Letting fucking lyers rep us? thx fuckers.

  3. Dirty Maloney Says:

    I am current, Philly family. And this is a BS call, almost sounds fedish, our fucking motto is what? RIght, Our business is none of your fucking business, so wouldn’t not having social media, state patches, websites, land line phones, kinda make sense?

  4. creeper 1%er Says:



  5. Wild dog Says:

    Warlocks are in Ky , Ind , Ohio , Cincinnati & not going anywhere .

  6. Cousin It Says:

    Ran and hung at the Ashburner Bar in Philly went on a rode trip to Delaware to p/u Jr and his scooter one night from the man,Jr’s dad was pres.

  7. 31st Says:

    Prospect, have you met Ed Nightmare 1% Gl☆w☆witz, yet? Good luck!

  8. Prospect Says:

    Well I tell you this they are around and making a big comeback.. I found my place in life here with the warlocks. I wasn’t born a warlock but I will die a warlock.

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