Warlocks Shooting Aftermath

October 4, 2012

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This story was originally published on October 5, 2012 and was corrected on October 6.

According to published reports, the man who apparently instigated the shooting of three members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club at a charity ride in Winter Springs, Florida on Sunday had been voted out bad from the club. The Orlando Sentinel has reported that David “Tin Man” Maloney, pictured above, is a former officer with the club’s Seminole County (Florida) chapter.

Multiple news sources, including this page, have reported that the shooters were affiliated with the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that is respectfully regarded in Philadelphia, suburban Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

In an earlier version of this story this page stated: “The Aging Rebel is unable to confirm that allegation (that the shooters were members of the Philadelphia based Warlocks) and believes the scenario described by the Sentinel and repeated by other newspapers is improbable. This page has also been unable to confirm that the club in Philadelphia has established any chapters in Florida.”

However, a photo by Jacob Langston published by the Sentinel  (view that photo here) clearly shows a man who appears to be Maloney wearing a Harpy patch on his back. It now seems likely the Philadelphia based club was approached by Maloney.

The Philly Warlocks wear a Harpy on their backs. The much larger club headquartered in Florida wears a War Bird/Phoenix.

Three Dead

The three dead men are Mother Chapter Nomad Harold “Davey” Liddle, Lake County Chapter patch holder Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Mother Chapter patch holder David “Dresser” Jakiela. The Warlocks MC published a statement Monday that read in part, “We extend our heartfelt condolences not only to the families of our poor, fallen brothers but to our entire Warlocks Nation. We have all lost three true brothers and they will be remembered!”

According to police, the shooting began shortly after four men rode into the assembly area for the charity ride before 10:40 Sunday morning. Those four riders were Maloney, Victor Amaro, Robert Eckert and Paul Smith. Maloney and Eckert both live in Longwood, Florida. Amaro lives in Winter Springs, Florida. Smith lives in Florence, South Carolina.

Initial reports stated that there were six riders in that pack. That also appears to be inaccurate. Police have stated that they are not looking for any more suspects.

Four Ruined Lives

According to the Sentinel, Maloney was expelled from the club in October 2010 and “since then, members of the club have shot at him while riding his motorcycle and at his home. Maloney said he also received threatening calls and text messages.”

Maloney, Amaro, Eckert and Smith are all charged with three counts of second-degree murder. They are being held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford. All four men will have their initial appearances tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. All four are scheduled to be arraigned on November 27.



50 Responses to “Warlocks Shooting Aftermath”

  1. Bishop Says:

    Bottom line…Never show up to a rival 1% MC poker run THAT YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO…FOR ANY REASON… the use of retaliation CAN be called self defense !! You could wind up dead! Do not put yourself in an uncompromising situation.

  2. Rj Says:

    Wow..by the sounds of it I wouldn’t want anything to do with either club, co’s,rats treachery all around.

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ol Lady,

    The facts are what they are. I’ll email you my personal opinions tomorrow when I get back to my desk. I know it’s hard.

    Stay strong,

  4. Ol Lady Says:

    Dear Rebel I’ve read your page with interest since Dresser was murdered by Tin Man’s crew (said to be Philly Warlocks), there’s no doubt they wore Harpies. He was my life partner of over 12 years. The man never carried a gun. He was proud to be a Warlock and I was proud of him. He is missed every day. iceman is right, if wearing bulletproof vests don’t say premeditated what does?
    Now on to TV…no matter how hard they tried to show a true 1%er’s life style, it’s still taped. Sometimes there are retakes and directions are given. Discovery Channel got what they wanted the rest lies on the editors floor.

  5. Ol Lady Says:

    Dear Rebel I’ve read your page with interest since Dresser was murdered by Tin Man’s crew (said to be Philly Warlocks), there’s no doubt they wore Harpies. He was my life partner of over 12 years. The man never carried a gun. He was proud to be a Warlock and I was proud of him. He is missed every day. iceman is right, if wearing bulletproof vests don’t say premeditated what does?

  6. iceman Says:

    Paul the Dog and Tinman are rats..I know Paul & Tinman personally..All this I’m reading is Bullshit..They are rats…Nightmare needs to shut the fuck up…You’re a loud mouthed PUNK…I95 north will take you right where you belong..If you are not a Warlock ,You don’t have a clue as to whats happening…Our guys were gunned down by those chickenshit cowards..They planned this shit,they were wearing bulletproof vests..That shit was premeditated. For all of the Philly Warlocks…..I 95 north !!!!!

  7. BigV Says:

    Best as I know the East Coast guys are Chester faction Warlocks, as are the South Carolina bottom rocker Harpys.

  8. All white Says:

    Zeb the colors u see are not so called they are the original warlocks colors the only warlocks mc yes they are the real deal !

  9. zeb666 Says:

    Recently here in North Carolina there have been a few of the so called Harpy Warlocks spotted around the coast flying North Carolina bottom rockers. Does anyone know if they are affiliated with the guys in Philly or Chester or since I havent known any of them around here before is it just cops looking to stir something up.

  10. Nobody Says:

    @UpEast – you are wrong. The Philly Warlock was not out bad. They are the same colors but they decided to make the harpy a bit bigger.

    @Boodan – I still havent found these papers proving that these 3 guys are CIs.?

  11. Nobody Says:

    @Boodan – where are the papers on these CI’s you speak of? Haven’t been able to find them and I’m pretty good. Did come across an interesting group of papers on a couple of your boys though. Is it true Big John got pinched with a piece that had obliterated numbers on…. In his house safe. He never got convicted?? Interesting. Where I come from, that’s a good 5-10 in the Feds. Want to see them? Tell me where to send it and they are yours.

  12. BOODAN Says:

    NIGHTMARE, you quit your PHILLY WARLOCKS, after a lifetime. Joined the WARLOCKS in FLORIDA. Then because of your actions and personal reasons were ousted from us. Then you return to the Club you quit, rejoined took SUSPECTED CONFIDINTAL INFORMANTS that were throw out of our club. What does that even say about your ranting. You took RATS!
    Then they, not your club, Ex-Florida WARLOCKS did the MURDERS of their Ex-BROTHRRS and FRIENDS because they were FAKE PHILLY WARLOCKS. You spout off your bull-crap, yet you pleaded with me to have you transferred to my chapter. Also you claimed to be my friend and Brother. Then you dare defend RATS, RTOTHER TRAITORS, ICE SMOKERS, LIARS and FRIENDS of those they bluntly Murderfly.
    You are really out there. I thought you SND I were alway straight with each other.
    STOP LIEING, you look like a RAT PROTECTING RATS and I know you not to be.. …

  13. 1%Nightmare Says:

    How do you know if I wasnt planted in your club for intel. LOL Think about it. #3 chapters and in on all your special secret meetings. I learn alot about how screwed up your club was and how youall stabbed each other in the back and your boy scout club is full of Rats. Starting at the top and tricling down. REALLY!!!!

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eden,

    I do not know Paul Smith. I would like to talk to him and hear his side of events.


  15. Eden Says:

    Do any of you know Paul Smith personally?

  16. BOODAN Says:

    Please Rebel, correct my Grammer and typing. I’m in a vehicle and using an iPhone. Hard to manage such small keys.
    If you check all the Facts you will see I’m correct. If I’ve offended or caused any issue for anyone other then the TRAITORS of both Organazitions I apologize.
    At your service BOODAN 1%er. (27 Year Member of the WARLOCKS MC. INTERNATIONAL)!

  17. BOODAN Says:

    Quite frankly, One Philly WARLOCK quit his club; joins my, our FLORIDA Warlock Club; was ousted from FLORIDA WARLOCKS and Philly WARLOCKS took him back. Not much for quality! Anyway the Flip Flop started a sanctioned Pholly Chapter in Florida with X ( Out in Bad) WARLOCKS. We attempted to inform the Philly WARLOCK that the ousted Maloney and others were believed to be CI’s. ( CHECK THEIR RECORDS), but again it seems they will accept anyone.
    The Ousted Maloney and others held a Grudge and attempted to start Club Wars. We did not want any issues with any clubs. As everyone knows we’re all trying to have open lines of communication. Anyway at a bar Maloney did assault one of our members and because of Maloney’s association as a CI he wasn’t convicted of anything.
    As far as the Shooting, facts are facts. Maloney, and his Tweeked out suspected CI RATS, ambushed FLORIDA WARLOCKS pulling into a benefit to donate $ to Veterans.
    CAnnot speak of specifics because there are Active cases.
    Now to the Idiot spouting all the rhetoric about fl WARLOCKS. You also were thrown out of FLORIDA WARLOCKS. You quit your so called original WARLOCKS because that’s what you are. A quitter! To be a real Originsl WARLOCK but couldn’t cut it. Then for whatever reason the PHILLY WARLOCKS took a quitter back. Now as a rest 3 FATHERS are DEAD. Un-armed I might add. And one was nothing but a friend to you. Four Men are facing Life and all you have done is spout your mouth. You do not care about the Dead. The Brothers going away for life. And it’s obvious you don’t care about either WARLOCKS. All you care about is the CLUB’S personas.
    I personally told you they were suspected CI’s.
    if any will check the facts, every fact you cannot dispute any of exactly reheat I’ve posted.
    The only reason I’m not posting your name is because I’ll wait for you mouth to spit more lies.
    PS; if you knew they were CI’s why do you protect them? Are YOU?

  18. Budweiser Says:

    David- Google tells me that the Pagan’s did that.

  19. David Pendleton Says:

    After living in Philly for 38 years,I can tell you,you dont mess with Philly.We kept New York out of the picture,and that includes the Hells angels.Out numbered and we still win.Google it.

  20. UpEast Says:

    your articles are fine-some of the comments seem off. Who knows for sure any of it though. I mean after all it was six philly boys road in-then it was florida boys -then there wasnt. Did they magically disappear, was that a error, were they ATF, or were they brothers who left friends down. Was it a sanction hit gone wrong-or a ambuse vendetta-or even just sunday morning tweeked lipoff. As it should be with 1%ers we may never know -only thing for sure is 3 are dead, 4 more mayhave thrown their life away and all their families are crushed. Just sad….

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear UpEast,

    I agree. My first reaction to this story, for which I was kind of chastised was, “This can’t be right! The Sentinel must have it wrong! Why would the Philly Warlocks decide to start a chapter in Florida and then commence to get it on with the Florida Warlocks?” Well now I know more about how this weird string of events came to pass.

    You’re right. It still sounds nuts. And all I can say is I cover outlaw bikers, man. I see a lot of nuts. I just try to treat everybody with respect and not screw up anybody’s court case.

    Merry Christmas,

  22. UpEast Says:

    Not all news is wrong -but not all is right here. What you have here is 1 X Philly Warlock and 3 other X members of other clubs including the Fl locks. They were acting on their own accord. The Philly guy had been booted too for being bad. The colors are close but the harpie is bigger. What these guys were thinking opening a rouge chapter in the backyard of the Fl birds i s anyones guess but one would assume had alot to do with Maloney. Seems nuts but youd have to imagine theyll get theirs in the florida jail system.

  23. rollinnorth Says:

    Why, I do believe that’s trolling bacon, we smell!


  24. Caretaker Says:

    Am I the only one that smells bacon?


  25. dontgiveafuck Says:

    @seen it coming……where is this police report you speak of? i think you might need to STFU and stop spewing off at the mouth when you don’t know jack shit.

  26. Seen It Coming Says:

    Wow… Got a glimpse of a few pages of the police report.. All I can say is WOW. i can’t see how the Florida Warlocks will ever be respected as a 1%er club after all of this. If diamonds aren’t turned in sometime in the near future, I predict that there will be some kind of collection taking place. What an embarresment.

  27. Nobody Says:

    PayDirt is correct. As you all refer to them.. The “Philly” Warlocks, DID fully sanction the Florida Chapter. Maloney is only guilty of defending his life… AGAIN. This is the second time the Florida WMC tried to take his life. For what?
    Now the Florida WMC have lost a total of 3 possibly 4 members, who had attempted to commit murder but they themselves became the victim of their backfired plan. I bet these three Florida guys, members of “the Wrecking Crew”, didnt even have a clue to why they were sent to extinguish this guy Maloney.
    I feel bad for the dead guys’ families. For losing their husband and/or father in their lives. All because someone ordered them to pull a stunt straight out of a Sons of Anarchy episode. It was a Sunday morning, outside, in front of kids playing baseball with their families watching. Did they really think that they were going to get away with this?
    Didn’t these guys learn from the first man who attempted to murder Maloney. Seriously, what could this guy have done that would make them want him dead so bad? Or is the question better asked, what does he know that would make them want him dead so bad?
    The previous case Maloney was involved in was where a Florida WMC attempted to take Maloney’s life and failed. Maloney was jailed because the Florida guy who instigated the situation, was seriously hurt. Maloney was arrested and tried in court. He was found NOT GUILTY, was acting in self defense, therefore released. So how come, the other guy, who attempted murder and failed, never got tried? Is this how the Florida courts work? If someone tries to kill you and you kill them first, they become the victim and you become the assailant? That’s ass backwards if you ask me.
    As far as that South Carolina “Red Devils” situation is concerned… Again, a club sees only a small number of “Philly” WMC and feels the need to challenge them. They were minding their own. The Red Devils started it and therefore they were used to wipe up the floor. All based on poor judgement.
    The original Warlocks Mc of Pennsylvania may be small in comparison to the others but still rank in the top 10 most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs in the world. I think this situation pretty much supports this as a fact.

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear PayDirt,

    Okay. I hear you and I stand corrected. Thank you.

    Please drop me a line.


  29. PayDirt Says:

    The Philly Warlocks Florida Chapter is fully sanctioned. The fla-locks took offense to their existence and went to the VFW to try to shut them down with disastrous results. The run was being held by the Harpies and the fla-locks came in and fired the first shots striking Paul Smith in the face. Clear case of self defense by the Harpies. That is the true story. All other stories are false!

  30. Cracker Says:

    My Prayers are with the family’s of the lost brothers and the whole WARLOCK NATION

  31. RVN69 Says:

    My condolences to the Warlock Nation on the loss of your brothers.

  32. rollinnorth Says:

    I think your comment about the Orlando Sentinel was reinforced by the “article” they published yesterday. Funky for sure.
    Keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to the Burgess book.

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear 11c,

    Something funky here.


  34. Jim666 Says:

    @Rebel, I really dont want to create a line of gossip and bullshit, but I did read a story awhile back about a club called the warlocks wearing red n white starting shit w/ the south carolinia Red Devils,in a bar dowwn there, Maby they are connected to these cats ???

  35. 11c_infantry Says:

    I smell alphabet soup.

  36. Rebel Says:

    Dear German,

    Yeah but I can’t seem to get my mind around what is going on here. I keep thinking about that Solo Angeles chapter in Arizona about ten years ago. Jay Dobyns was the President of that, I think. And, I have corrected the story I ran yesterday to better reflect reality.


  37. JMacK Says:

    ‘Just Mike’ 1%er WMC

    Thoughts and Respects to you and your club regarding the loss of your Brothers.


  38. JMacK Says:

    Hey Rebel, we should get a fund going to get you travelling all over doing investigative journalism…when the story gets a little thin and the trail gets cold, you can just expand on the “Rebel Rides” section. 2 birds with one stone…


  39. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Shows how well you can trust the Hell Lay Times as far as accuracy.

    YYZ Skinhead

  40. Rebel Says:

    Dear ‘Just Mike” 1%er WMC,

    My deepest condolences to the Warlocks MC on the senseless loss of their three brothers. Just madness.


  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear German,

    I certainly see your point. What next? Mike Yevtuck will establish an HA charter in Oakland? This story is driving me nuts.


  42. Rebel Says:

    Dear AMac,

    Well, they certainly looks like Philly Warlocks colors to me. And I can see this photo was taken at the crime scene and it appears to show one of the shooters.

    I have sort of hit a wall with this story from day one and I think I am going to have wait to see what the police announce. Maybe somebody who knows something will talk to me but not so far.

    The Warlocks in Forida, the Phoenix/War Bird Warlocks, are a very major club. I know they have a history with the Outlaws and I know they played with the idea of merging with another club a few years ago and becoming a national club. The Philly Warlocks are a comparatively small club. Why that smaller club, on its own, would decide to challenge the much larger club in Florida on the big club’s home turf is something I can certainly guess about but I’m not going to guess. (Privately I guess.) I am doing a poor enough job with this story already. I am going to stick to publishing what I can prove. I still haven’t made contact with any Philly Warlocks in Florida. I did have a nice email the other day from a Pagan in Florida but no Harpy Florida Warlocks. To the best of my knowledge, there were four Philly Warlocks in Florida, they are in jail and at least one of them had been voted out bad by the Florida Warlocks and he had some sort of ongoing dispute with his old club.

    Sure, it is possible that the colors are counterfeit or unsanctioned. It is equally possible that the colors are real. Lars Wilson and Coconut Dan Corrigan were passing out Mongols colors at the end of Operation Black Rain. All the shooters appear to be former members of the Warbird Warlocks. And, I also know that the ATF once set up a Florida Warlocks chapter in Fort Lauderdale. So it is possible that the FBI/ATF/Homeland Security or whatever is involved in this.

    Lots of possibilities here which encourages speculation. Not many facts to report except that these guys will get their initial appearances today and will be arraigned next month. And, I don’t trust the Orlando Sentinel’s coverage. Maybe I should. They are there. I am in LA.


  43. AMac Says:

    I’m a longtime daily reader of your site, a purchaser of your books from amazon, and a non-bike-riding citizen who has had a strong armchair/reading interest in MCs since I was a kid. In all my reading online and off, I’ve never before seen a current photo of the Philly Warlocks colors—only the older one you use that was also at the Original Warlocks website—until I saw this pic at the Orlando newspaper site. Is it possible that these colors might be counterfeit or unsanctioned, or might they be legit?


  44. German Says:

    Look again at the pic of the “Philly” Warlock in the initial reporting and you will see a “Florida” bottom rocker. Looks like and established chapter to me Rebel.

  45. Grumpy Says:

    Paul Smith is an ex-member also.He (Paul Smith) had a charge for carrying a concealed weapon in Lake county,was suppose to be in court Oct.2…Lake county,Fl. sheriffs has his photos and you can plainly see the 1% on one side of his neck an the 23 on the other side.As far as the other 2 don’t know.

  46. 'Just Mike" 1%er WMC Says:

    Have you seen this picture of the 6 OIB Philly Warlocks wearing the Philly Warlock Patches with a Florida bottom rocker? 4 of these men were arrested and charged with murder. Possible these patches were made as copywrite violations, without permission. A rogue chapter in Florida? Who knows?


    As Sundance 1%er WMC stated, we have lost 3 stand up brothers and family men to this tragedy. Hormone 1%er, Davey 1%er, and Dresser 1%er. Our deepest sorrow and condolences to the families of our slain brothers.


    ‘Just Mike’ 1%er WMC

  47. 'Just Mike" 1%er WMC Says:

    Have you seen this picture of the 6 OIB Philly Warlocks wearing the Philly Warlock Patches with a Florida bottom rocker? 4 of these men were arrested and charged with murder. Possible these patches were made as copywrite violations, without permission. A rogue chapter in Florida? Who knows?


    As Sundance 1%er WMC stated, we have lost 3 stand up brothers and family men to this tragedy. Hormone 1%er, Davey 1%er, and Dresser 1%er. Our deepest sorrow and condolences to the families of our slain brothers.


    ‘Just Mike” 1%er WMC

  48. 'Just Mike" 1%er WMC Says:

    Rebel, Have you seen this picture of the 6 OIB Philly Warlocks in Florida wearing Philly Warlock Patches with a Florida bottom rocker? 4 of these 6 men have been arrested and charged with murder. The patches may have been made in copywrite violation.

    Peace and Prayers to Hormone 1%er, Davey 1% and Dresser 1%er Our sympathy and condolences to their families. As Sundance stated, we have the loss and pain that goes with losing three GREAT brothers in this manner.

    ‘Just Mike’ 1%er WMC

  49. Paladin Says:

    It will be interesting to find out how Amaro, Eckert, and Smith fit into all of this.

  50. Va.Bob Says:

    Thank you Rebel for this update,if for no other reason ,to end the erroneous assumptions.My condolences to the victims’families ,brothers and friends.

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