Pee-Ka Garcia Vigil

October 2, 2012

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There will be a vigil at 7 o’clock tonight for Eric Dean “Pee-Ka” Garcia at Sacred Heart Church at 325 Willow Street in San Jose. The demonstration is intended to attract attention to Garcia’s disappearance two weeks ago and to allow the friends and family of the missing man an outlet for their grief and frustration.

Pee-Ka Garcia is a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. He may have been a witness to a well-publicized shooting of a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Eureka, California in November 2008. He pled no contest to a charge of being a member of the Mongols the next year. An unnamed police spokesman told WTVU in San Jose yesterday that the San Jose police “don’t have any reason to believe his disappearance has anything to do with his affiliation.”

Garcia was last seen near the corner of Vine and Goodyear in downtown San Jose on September 18, 2012 about 11 p.m. He was riding a black, 1985 FLT with the license plate 18W5272. He was wearing Levis, a white tee-shirt and his cut. Garcia is a stout man who stands between 5’9” and six feet tall and weighs more than 300 pounds. He turned 32 on July 20. He has a small goatee. His hair is cut very short and he has a Harley-Davidson tattoo on the back of his head. Neither Garcia nor his motorcycle have been seen in the last two weeks.

Garcia was carrying a cell phone when he disappeared. As of today the cell carrier, Cricket Wireless, has refused to release Garcia’s cell records to the family. So far, both the San Jose police and Cricket Wireless have refused to trace Garcia’s phone using routinely available information.

Garcia’s family and friends hope tonight’s demonstration will generate enough publicity to force the police and Cricket Wireless to take some action.

Garcia’s family expects several television outlets will cover tonight’s vigil. You will not have to appear on camera if you participate.

You can visit a Facebook page devoted to finding Pee-Ka Garcia here.!/EricDeanGarciaAkaPeeKaMissingPerson



16 Responses to “Pee-Ka Garcia Vigil”

  1. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Rebel,

    You have handled this with class and dignity and for that I thank you.

    I also thank those here who have shown human decency, respect and compassion for the family. Most especially to a couple of friends on here who belong to different clubs.

    Much respect to those who have earned it.

    Muck 1%er
    Mongols mc
    Oregon Nomad

  2. sled tramp Says:

    Anyone with other than support to say please back off.Could be you,me or a brother that’s gone and your,mine or their family doesn’t need needless bullshit at this time.Have some heart.

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    Yeah, anybody can speculate. Yes, the family actually comments here and what they understand is that somebody they love isn’t coming home ever.

    I cannot find the words to describe how out of line your comment that the family members who comment here are “a fabrication to create increased drama to keep the internet addicts to keep posting info.”

    Don’t call me a liar again.


  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tooj,

    Okay. I’ll say it publically. The family had the right to make the announcement that Pee Ka Garcia was murdered.

    A commenter, who I believe to be a woman, and who might have been a friend or relative of Garcia’s, left a comment yesterday that read: “He is gone! R.i.P Eric dean Garcia.”

    That commenter then requested that the comment be deleted. I delete three or four comments every day without question. If you say something you want me to take down I usually will. There is always a delay between the request and the comment deletion. I won’t go into all of why that is because I am busy but the basic idea is that I don’t see requests for comment deletions on the dashboard for this site. I get requests for deletion in an email account, [email protected], in which I get about 60 emails a day and that I check usually about three times a day.

    I took down the comment. I was suspicious of it. I checked the missing person Facebook page before I commented, “I don’t know that Pee Ka Garcia is a goner yet.” That was exactly the truth. At the time I wrote that I didn’t know that Garcia was dead and for me to say otherwise means I would have been guessing and would have been rude to the Garcias.

    I am not going to write about his murder until I know something about it. I know he was found in the Santa Cruz mountains by a hiker on Saturday and his bike is missing. That’s it. Next I will try to write his family a nice obituary.

    And, of course, I have you all up in my face telling me, “This turns out to be the sickest fucking post on here. I am disappointed. Why post this shit when folks already knew? Rebel, this is eight kinds of fucking wrong.”

    Knock it off. Come walk in my boots for about a week. I resent the hell out of the accusation that this site is an ATF trap.

    You owe me an apology,

  5. Tooj Says:

    This turns out to be the sickest fucking post on here.

    Why post this shit when folks already knew? Rebel, this is eight kinds of fucking wrong.

  6. Tooj Says:

    Is this so difficult to understand? Day One: Garcia leaves over a “phone call”. Of course, AFTER he may be implicated in some random shooting, right?

    Is it that difficult to understand? For the family, if you actually posted here, you don’t actually understand what happened? My guess is you are a fabrication to create increased drama to keep the internet addicts to keep posting info.

    Don’t be so damn stupid.

  7. Base Says:

    Was on the FaceBook (FB) page his family has set up. The news link they posted did a pretty good job covering the vigil & the story as a whole. Hope they keep it in rotation and other news outlets pick up on it.

    Also on his FB page they had a link to “Cricket Wireless” seems they are dragging ass giving up Eric’s records. So if anyone has an account might take a moment to pop in and express to them to snap to it.


  8. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I am wondering how Mr. Garcia is billed for his cell phone? I hope his disappearance is resolved long before the bill is delivered, but if not a paper bill would at least show if the phone had been used, and dates/times/numbers if it has. I wish I had a better suggestion, but since I am aghast at the news that the local police and his wireless carrier won’t help the family, I’m not thinking straight enough to come up with a better one.

    I can’t imagine the panic and frustration his loved ones must be feeling.

  9. Arctic Says:

    This is a shit deal all the way around. Can’t imagine what that family and his brothers are going through. Hope it ends well.

  10. hogriderftw Says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the Garcia family and his mc brothers. I too am amazed as to why the carrier and police have not persued available options to finding this man. I would almost guesstimate that the leos or feds are covertly tracking his cell phone and just not fessing up to it.
    Thank you Rebel for all you do here. Your service is a great one for the biking community.

  11. JP Says:

    Praying for your return Pee-Ka.

  12. Beowulf Says:

    Positive thoughts out to The Mongols MC on finding your Brother safe. Respects, Beowulf

  13. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Doesnt a cell phone carrier need a court order to run a phone trace when that party is not a minor?

  14. BOGART 1%ER Says:

    @ BASE


  15. Base Says:

    Just about to walk out the door for work, wearing a white-T & jeans in support of this mans family, friends & club.

    Also trying to wrap my head around why the cell carrier & LEO’s are not using that option to help find this man,,,,


  16. Sin Cal Says:

    Hope Mr. Garcia comes home to his family and brothers. I couldn’t imagine how they are handling this situation.

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