Sons Of Anarchy Crime Wave Continues

September 27, 2012

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Yesterday in El Lay, in a mostly affluent neighborhood near the planetarium and the zoo, an actor named Johnny Lewis apparently beat his 81-year-old landlady to death with a two-by-four. Her name was Catherine Davis. Lewis then jumped a fence, attacked the man who lived next door and a painter, jumped the fence again, climbed to the roof of his landlady’s house and swan-dived into a concrete driveway.

Los Angeles police refused to speculate whether Lewis was high on drugs at the time. A police spokesman named Andrew Smith did reveal that “It appears that some type of altercation occurred inside the house, resulting in the death of the woman, then this individual ran outside and had an altercation with a couple of neighbors.”

Lewis was a successful but not famous actor who was best known for portraying a prospect of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. The MC is at the center of the eponymous television show on FX. The show is currently the most important and lucrative drama on basic cable. Lewis also had recurring roles on the television series The O.C., Quintuplets, American Dreams and Boston Public.

Half Sack

Lewis’ character on Sons of Anarchy was Kip “Half Sack” Epps who was a vegetarian and a former Junior Lightweight boxing champion. Half Sack lost one of his nuts in Iraq and worked as an auto mechanic. The character survived for 26 episodes of the show and was stabbed to death at the end of Season Two.

In a blog post earlier today Kurt Sutter who is credited as the show’s creator wrote, “not sure if folks know this yet, but johnny lewis (halfsack) died last night. the sad irony of it happening two days after opie’s death is not lost on me. it was a tragic end for an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way. i wish i could say that i was shocked by the events last night, but i was not. i am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown into his destructive path. yes, it’s day or mourning, but it’s also a day of awareness and gratitude. sadly, some of us carry the message by dying.”


Sutter is joined by many of the show’s fans in finding “sad irony” that Lewis’ homicidal tantrum came just two days after “Opie’s death.”

Harry “Opie” Winston, portrayed by actor Ryan Hurst, was an SOAMC patch holder and the son of one of the club’s founders. Hurst’s character was also beaten to death on Tuesday night’s episode of the show.

“That’s what we do on the show,” Sutter told Tierney Bricker of the E! television network yesterday. “I wanted Opie to go out a warrior, with nobility and a sense of protecting the people.”


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  1. Roger O'Brien Says:

    I only have 9 followers on Twitter. I posted that Hells’s Angels do not sell heroin because some lady interviewed by A local news station in Newfoundland was saying the HA had come to Newfoundland with heroin. This guy Mike Yevtuck pops up out of no where and says “since when” so I replied “when they start” but received no answer. How did he see my post is what i’m thinking!

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brian,

    Yevtuck is banned. The latest wack job, Screw1% is gone. I’m sure they will be back. And, then they will be gone again.


  3. Brian Says:

    Mike Yevtuck is the whacko nut job posting all these whacko comments is a delusional severely jealous 5150 sicko. He was a guy trying to come around the club in the 80’s. He turned out to be a heartless punk and got the living shit stomped out of him by the real deal then Hells Angel Chuck Zito, his bike TAKEN, and his old lady TAKEN from him, and sent down the road. The saddest part is that he couldn’t take it like a man, rather like a coward little girl, who has spent the rest of his life trying to convince people strange and bizarre things about the club. Since the internet, he has become so obsessed, going to all these places to get internet service and searching all day and night 7 days a week trying to find any article with the club name, and gets all excited and starts posting his usual boring retarded delusional ramblings. He seeks any and all club articles on the internet and uses Google alerts so that he does not miss a single one. Throughout the scene and the people that read the interesting articles, all know this guy is a sick freak and tell him to go elsewhere. He has always been sadly unwanted since childhood. Many feel this is part of his anger, frustrations, and extreme jealousy.
    Mike Yetfuck is now mentally and physically disabled and deemed legally mentally retarded from that bad beating that Chuck Zito gave him.
    He has always been and especially after the beating, extremely jealous of Chuck Zito and always tried to be like him. What a joke that is. This borderline 5’4”midget Yevtuck has never beaten up a person in his life in the U.S.! Maybe has beaten up the little boys in Thailand that don’t give in to his sexual advances. He is so jealous of the club in general, and especially his longtime hero Chuck Zito. He even poses with martial arts items to try to be like Chuck. He tries so hard! He is so far off! It is very pathetic! Mike Yevtuck now spends most of his life hiding behind a keyboard typing illogical and delusional childish propaganda about the club and especially the specific ones that severely beat him, demoralized, humiliated him, TOOK his girl, his bike, and his manhood from him. He never physically or mentally got over that beating that Chuck Zito gave him, and all that followed years ago. Mike Yevtuck is almost a vegetable now and when not hiding behind a keyboard typing all this delusional talk, he is in Thailand making love to pre-pubescent Thai boys!!! This is a documented fact!!! He admits to some of it, but not all, including all the arrests in Thailand and slap on the wrist they give there for pedophiles when they pay the corrupt government off. They will eventually get him and convict him. Oh, he also was a documented confidential informant for the NJPD in 1983!
    Most assume it had to do with the fact that he got on meth and then crack real bad in the US shortly after his severe beating. He is soooooo underground, he can’t be caught by us citizens or otherwise to take care of this very very very sick human being! He posts his fake address and phone number, so when attempts are made to handle him by the general public who is disgusted by this freak, he is nowhere to be found. He also mysteriously has a different IP address linked to different accounts and addresses on almost each and every post. Many are from public places like libraries, and certain stores that have public internet access. He moves around consistently and methodically! Most are from Thailand, as he poses as living in New Jersey, but is doing all this desperate and cowardly “internet fighting” from Thailand. People, especially if you have children, especially pre-pubescent boys, BEWARE, this is one sick brain damaged psychopath pedophile!!!
    *NOTE, all these different post names that have the same delusional talk of rape and murder, etc. are all using the same illogical words like freckling, frockling, good chicken lord frickleing beek ruler god of the world, and other very bizarre terms, are clearly confirmed hundreds of times as the same original poster which is this nut job Mike Yevtuck. What is obvious is that with any psychological background one can confirm that this delusional way of talking/writing is that of a delusional psychopath. There are clear signs that it is an adult, however it is one with multiple overlapping very acute mental disorders. There are also clear signs of a multiple personality disorder. This individual that is very very clearly posting under all these carious names has clearly been hurt very badly. As we all know physically, and even more so psychologically. Now with this said, one cannot confirm without a full evaluation of this individual that we are to assume is the Mike Yevtuck, and that much of said psychological damage is from getting severely beaten, having his girlfriend TAKEN, and his bike TAKEN… His moral, property, and manhood were all TAKEN from him. We also know from one of his old girlfriends, that he has impotency issues that he is very ashamed of. One can conclude that all this psychological damage along with the trauma to his skull and brain are the reasons for his lifelong fixation with all these hateful delusional fantasies and rants. They can be seen on other articles and are all the same dysfunctional vocabulary, and under many other random screen names to make it seem like he has followers. That is very sad, as NO ONE wants anything to do with this whack job! So to all reading this and the other babbling rants you will see with his and other names with all this telltale delusional and hateful rambling, know that you are dealing with a fraudulent, very badly damaged, pathological lying, freak pedophile nut job!!!

  4. charlie Says:

    So i had too share this one with you rebel. I haven’t really seen the Sons Of Malarkey since there first big season. But a few weeks ago it came on as the Missus and i were randomly watching TV. Now, believe it or not the character Peg Bundy plays bears a striking resemblance to my ex wife. But more beat down and skanky looking. My OL says wow peg Bundy looks like your ex wife with a kinda pissy tone. “Ah yeah she does” Says I cracking a beer. A few scenes later Jimmy Smidts is banging her doggy style. Current OL says in that pissy woman tone. “I bet ya that brings back a few memories.” “Why yes it does” Says i, having just been thinking the same thing. Click, off goes the TV and she huffs off to bed as cold as Canada. Shazam, i whacked it straight back on and waited for the repeat to see Peg “Laura” Bundy getting it again. I watched it with a smile. I think i’m gonna tune in again and see who shags her next week. Maybe Jax will get kinky with his Mum. I wouldn’t put it past the cat that makes this shit up.

  5. ArmorClad Says:

    Having said what I did, my condolences to his family and others impacted by this senselessness.

  6. ArmorClad Says:

    Hopefully this Lewis kid died before he bred.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear YYZ Skinhead,

    I think the threshold is comments with three URLs. That is just a function of the comment spam filters and has nothing to do with WordPress which is the scaffolding for the theme. I think you can put as many links in a post as you want to use. I would highly recommend WordPress. The New York Times site is a WordPress site.


  8. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Does any post with a URL in it automatically end up in the moderation “queue” (if it is called that)? Nearly all of my posts that are moderated include a URL. It would stand to reason that WordPress and Blogspot would do this to deter spam. I don’t care that they are mpderated. I am thinking of starting a blog and want to know how WordPress works.

    YYZ Skinhead

  9. Philo Says:


    No, no, no need to apologize. I understand the need and reasoning behind holding comments in moderation. I just wanted to let you know, (and anyone else who does me the courtousy of reading what ever silly shit I post here) that someone else posted that comment to Ghost about Bandidos and whatnot being in Thailand on sept 29th @t 3:15 under the name, “Philo”. Some dicksack stole my handle! Lol

    As always, keep up the good work,

    (The real one)

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    How a comment gets held for moderation is all automated and redundant. I enter IP addresses and onscreen handles and other information into, basically, a form. If those adress or names appear anywhere in a comment the comment is likely to be held. The word “Yevtuck” in a comment, for example, might get it held. Not for sure but maybe. Most information about what comment spammers are doing around the world gets entered into a similar form that just keeps track of what those spammers are doing around the world.

    I know it is annoying to have a comment held instead of posting immediately. I’m working on it.

    Sorry about that,

  11. Philo Says:

    Rebel, I have a few different IP’s I post from; my phone, my house, my work, etc. That email address is the one i’ll post with from now on. Thanx much


  12. Philo Says:


    “Philo Says:
    September 29th, 2012 at 12:50 pm
    P.S> Anyone who does the facebook gig, Yevtuck has a profile there too…Tr0llz for the l0lz!”



  13. Philo Says:


    “Philo Says:
    September 29th, 2012 at 3:15 pm
    Ghost there are Bandits aka Bandidos MC and Hells Angels MC charters and other 1%er clubs in Thailand now.”

    Rebel, you see the email and adress I’m psoting from right?


  14. ghost Says:


    actually thailand is dominated by the bandidos and outlaws, no hells angels there, and whats your point anyway, the bottom line is alot of sick perverts go there to diddle little kids and if this guy yevtuk really got kicked out of the H A for being a chomo then that would explain why he has a bunch of photo’s of himself topless in thailand, that appear on the internet when you google his name. either way the guy is a loser, if your occupation or claim to fame is being a troll, and a child molester, then suicide would be the next step!!!!!

  15. RLG Says:

    I downloaded this episode after all the talk and was disappointed it wasn’t Frankie Diamonds that beat Opie.

  16. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to YYZ Skinhead…
    September 29th, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    That’s funny. And probably accurate.

  17. mark Says:

    Jesus H. Just when one thinks it couldn’t get any worse, Sutter proves everyone wrong…Do those boys still own and ride motorcycles on that show? As The World Turns was more believable…..

  18. swampy Says:

    Mike Revsuck has been jacking threads for years. People simply can not engage in decent and intelligent conversations, on the internet, while he is lurking about. It’s pretty obvious that he is not in possession of his mental faculties. Here’s an idea. What if Skirt Sutter were to cast him as an extra on SOA and then kill him off. After all, accidents do happen – LOL!

  19. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    (btb) back to basics,

    At first I misread that as “I wonder how many minors he has in his residence”. Freud is spinning in his grave.

    YYZ Skinhead

  20. Roy Buchanan Says:

    I think this guy named Mike Yevtuck has assumed the name of an outbad HA from the 70’s. I doubt there is any way that it is the same person.
    Ghost, I read that Half-sack was rollin’ on the peep, phencyclidine. That shit will get you every time. It’s brutal.

  21. Philo Says:

    Ghost there are Bandits aka Bandidos MC and Hells Angels MC charters and other 1%er clubs in Thailand now.

  22. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Rebel, what I was trying to say is this: I know I read long ago that the real Mike Yevtuck was an actual member in the Big City in the 70’s. However, I suspect that the whacko calling himself Mike Yevtuck is not the same person who was actually a member of the Club. This ranter is going under the assumed name of Mike Yevtuck, and making a real name for himself. It is a little surprising that he has not been found and counseled for his rudeness. Some people declared that they found “Mike” to be far funnier than JAQ, but I can’t see that. Mike is just a “fuck yo momma” kind of guy, real boring, no wit at all.

  23. (btb) back to basics Says:

    I too pulled up this Mike Yevtuk dude. I’m not impressed. I wonder how many mirrors he has in his residence? I’m sure he can never get enough of himself (that includes the objects he shoves up his ass).

  24. ghost Says:

    never heard of mike yevtuk, if you google his name all this shit about what he says about the 81 comes up, and some pictures of him posing topless in thailand… then there’s all the accusations that he is a CHOMO,, if all this shit is true then he’s going to the right place.. i went to thailand when i was in the marine corps, we were briefed before we got there that child prostitution is an open sore there and no matter what we saw there was nothing that we could do about it!!! i’ve seen old men walking down the street holding the hand of a little thai kid heading for a motel room, it’s fucking disgusting, maybe yevtuk and gipsy quinn can get together and start a club or support group for out bad molesters!!!!

  25. Philo Says:

    P.S> Anyone who does the facebook gig, Yevtuck has a profile there too…Tr0llz for the l0lz!

  26. Philo Says:


    The Mike Yevtuk meme has made it onto the Aging Rebel? lol I gotta admit I’m surprised I haven’t seen it on here before, (although I don’t really spend the time on here I should anymore). Been seeing Yevtuk posts for years. Any fan of interwebz tr0lling gets a chuckle out of a Yevtuk thread.

    As always, keep up the good work,


  27. Va. Bob Says:

    For how long does a child molester have to register as a sex offender?Is Yevtuck a registered sex-offender in N.J.?

  28. ghost Says:


  29. big paul Says:

    fuck this dude he kilked a old lady and a cat if u cant handle your dope then dont do it besides the shows better without him

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brendan 81 NYC,

    I stand corrected. Thank you very much. He is a strange guy.


  31. Ray Holly Says:

    He was a nut hair in SOA, and a nut hair in Real life. This story is a valuable beer drinking time.

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