More Devils Diciples Drama

September 14, 2012

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The Devils Diciples are taking a public relations beating this year.

To recap: It was just about a year ago that former club officer William “Billy Wadd” Smith was helping to make racketeering cases against both the Highwaymen and the Outlaws in Detroit. About the same time, an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University San Bernardino named Stephen “Skinz” Kinzey was charged with selling methamphetamine. Kinzey also happened to be the President of the Mountain Chapter of the Devils Diciples so papers from Anchorage to Katmandu ran headlines about “The Devil’s Professor.” The alternative headline was “The Real Life Breaking Bad.” Then there is also the lurid and disorganized tangle of racketeering cases underway against club members and associates in Detroit that may eventually all be titled United States v. Scott William Sutherland, et al. Indictees in that one include Devils Diciples’ National President Jeff Garvin Smith and National Vice President Paul Anthony Darrah.

Finally, yesterday two members of the club from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama chapter were charged with murder. The club only has about 150 members in six states.

The Latest Mess

The most recently accused are club members Adam “Sandman” Mayton and Fred “Shooter” Weiss. They are charged with killing patch holder Samuel Henry Dixson. Baldwin County Alabama Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack told Thyrie Bland of the Mobile Press-Register, “Obviously, we do believe that this was an internal situation among gang members. Everybody that we know of at this time was either a member of the Devils Diciples or at least associated with a member of the Devils Diciples.” The Press-Register also reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are participating in an “ongoing investigation.”

The greatest mystery in the case so far is what there might be to investigate.

Dixson left home left last Friday to go to the DDMC clubhouse. He missed a birthday party for his wife and her twin sister that night and his wife had cooled down enough to report him missing on Monday. The Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office spotted Dixson’s truck Saturday. Firefighters in Alabama found Dixon’s body Wednesday next to the Styx River in Baldwin County Alabama. The body was identified as Dixson yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Devils Diciples clubhouse burned to the ground early Monday morning.

The Suspects

Multiple news sources have reported that Mayton and Weiss walked into the Robertsdale, Alabama Police Department on Tuesday and announced they were surrendering because they might have been involved in a homicide. Both men asked to have lawyers present during their questioning and after talking to those lawyers both men changed their minds and refused to answer any questions including who they thought they might have killed. So, both men were released. Mayton who had two black eyes and other injuries was transported to a nearby hospital.

Mayton and Weiss were arrested the next day after Dixson’s body was discovered. As of 2:30 p.m. Pacific time Friday neither of the two men has been arraigned.

The Tuscaloosa News reported this morning that a Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said “More arrests are imminent in this case.”



50 Responses to “More Devils Diciples Drama”

  1. PT Blaine Says:

    As long as Cambridge is the subject, I am looking for anyone who knew PT Blaine of the E. Cambridge Ostrogoths . . .or anyone else from that club. Unfortunately it no longer exists except in a few lonely minds like mine.

  2. phil lesh Says:

    Billy wadd is just that a wadd of dogshit. There has never been a more fake fucking dick sucker than billy wadd. He’ll take stuff right out of your ass. And his wife is ugly enough to stop time. But most of all billy is a bitch rat.Big pussy wadd

  3. Luscious Says:

    Anyone remember Christopher Curvin who was pres. of the nomads, Mass. in the 80`s?

  4. Old timer Says:

    Tommy was known as Gobbler

  5. Karl Nordin Says:

    I love alot of the old gang from the South shore I grew up around them Bertha,stonie,penquin,Prez was Tommy vice President was ????? But loved them bikes anyone know who vice president was???

  6. sonny. Says:

    I remember going Tia DD party in Allston mass 1977.

  7. sonny. Says:

    I remember going !!! Party in Allston mass 1977.

  8. bcnasty Says:

    Eastern Mass. was interesting in the mid Seventies but people I will never forget.

  9. C. St.Amand Hull, MA Says:

    I’m looking for a few old friends from the Revere area club… Would love to say Hello again.

  10. X DD Says:

    Exactly T Hell I been reading all this bs you people need to shut up. Name dropping is as bad as snitching. learn educate yourselves and most of all keep your mouths shut!!!!

  11. ben Says:

    I wanna join but i dont have a bike yet

  12. T Hell Says:

    Seems some folks flapping their pieholes here here need a lesson in club business and name dropping…..


  13. Shovelhead Says:

    That’s why you’re at the round table!! A good officer always knows.
    By the way, how’s the weather down there in Texas?
    Getting ready for a NorEaster up here in New England. Figures, first day of Spring and it snows.

  14. TX_Biker Says:

    Agreed Shovelhead,
    I grew up in southern california through the 60’s and 70’s. Used to see them around Fontana california. But to get back to your comment as an officer in my MC I make it a point to know of every other MC of relevance not just in my area but any area we might pass through.

  15. Shovelhead Says:

    Hmmm. I’ve never met anyone in the 1%er world who Didn’t know who the Devils Diciples MC are.
    It’s just a part of this life to know who’s out there.

  16. Austin Says:

    Aging Rabel Brand – Dude – you got me trippin’ !!

    ” Motorcycling historians Charles M. Falco and David Burgess-Wise, and Motorcycle Consumer News design columnist Glynn Kerr date the Roper later, to 1868…”

  17. Aging Rebel Brand ... Says:

    @ Rebel and Madman,

    Riding in 1867 was true motorcycle devotion. Steam!

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear Madman

    The Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club, spelled just like that, was founded in California in 1867 and is named for a character in a George Bernard Shaw play that was later made into a movie. The character represents patriot Ethan Allen. The club has at least 150 members in chapters in Michigan, California, Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, and Ohio. The mother chapter is in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Officers and members of the club were the subject a Gangland episode in 2009 or something like that, and a RICO indictment in 2010.

    That’s who the fuck they are.


  19. Madman Says:

    Who the fuck are Devil’s Disciples? Are they even in the NY, Philly, NJ area? These little ass clubs fly in low and hide.

  20. DDMC Boston Says:

    We run close with the outlaws but definitely not together

  21. DDMC Boston Says:

    DDMC is still in boston and strong as ever

  22. KBAR Says:

    Devise Disciples MC are patched over to the Outlaws MC see their website in Brockton for History the Club came back from the Outlaws when a disagreement over a dispute with HA came about permission was given to restore the old patch and blue and white Defiant Diciples started when a few guys got out of jail like skip and hammer and wanted a new patch all are pretty cool guys Worcester always was Disciples territory going back to the 60’s with the crew on Grafton Circle. Beans and potter always were cool guys

  23. Real 1% Says:

    DD worcester are clowns at best what a joke.

  24. B. Smith Says:

    DD was in Revere Mass. Club house was blown up on Lynn marsh road by unknown SP no one hurt but several bikes lost. In the late 60’s

  25. JAX Says:

    DD were in Mass during the 70’s My dad was a rider with DD and present during some interesting matters with HA back in 70s during a rally in Louden they called my dad Nicky Bats

  26. Saber 44 Says:

    Red and white DD are separate club old patch no connection to Worcester. Leominister and Malden MA is their home. Worcester is BLUE And White!

  27. Saber 44 Says:

    The Nomads riding through Worcester are DEFIANT DISCIPLES MC clubhouse is in Worcester. We had ties to Devils Diciples but broke away and because we were told we were DEFIANT and too intense too be controlled by other club’s! We are here we are independent we stand our ground! Those who just disrespected us well stay tuned for the next chapter!!!! DISCIPLES FOREVER FOREVER DISCIPLES!!

  28. Dirk Daring Says:

    @dead prez lotta them patched over to a larger club in nh and mass. I know they’re back in action but for a while they were off the grid do to speak. Patch didn’t have rockets in the traditional sense like the Midwest blue and white ones and their colors are red and white.

  29. Kate McGuinness Says:

    My late father, Roland Lakeman (Hokey), was prez of club in Boston area (Cambridge maybe?) back in the 60’s/70’s. Would love to get some history if any available?

  30. Dead Prez. Says:

    I remember my Dad telling me in the 60s thru 90s. Their was a DD chapter in Revere,MA. Well anyway the Angels were literally in the next town over Lynn,Ma. Hells Angels had heat with them had the DD SSN #s, bike model,addresses and work history. They had on lined paper taped on the wall. Of their Lynn club house. But I’ve been to Revere since. Haven’t seen a clubhouse or anything? It’s wierd to comprehend a club with such a presence in Mass. Then one day they just leave in thin air? Maybe it’s the times. Rebel should do a story? Be a good read!

  31. Mr Dragon Says:

    Remembering a chapter in Washington state as a child back in early 70’s to maybe 72′ I was young. The pres. had the prospects make me a tire swing and take me fishing. He gave me his card and told me if i ever needed anything just call.Anyway fond memory. Was there a chapter anyone remembers in that state or only a Oregon chapter?

  32. BMW Says:

    What nunya said.

  33. nunya Says:

    Best thing Y’all can do is STFU about DDMC.

  34. RtC Says:

    @ Johny wadd, is you related to Billy?!

  35. Johny wadd Says:

    This dude turned on the DD . Now he’s a snitch

  36. FatassFTW Says:

    Not the same little john at the north Hollywood
    Chapter… ?

  37. Lobo Says:

    I knew 3 Devil’s Diciples in New Orleans in the early 70s; “Little John”, “Little Jesus”, & “Apache”. Whatever became of them? I know “Little Jesus” was supposed to be sent to Angola for armed robbery.

  38. DD1% mass Says:

    Never saw those before. Really cool (oldschool) pics. Acid Express too funny.

  39. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Those pictures are cool! I love Americana. Thank you.

    Peace and Respect

  40. Grumbler Says:

    @DD1% mass – FWIW, there’s 19 color photographs of the Devil’s Desciples MC taken in 1967 by a philosophy student from Cambridge at this link:

    I especially liked that white Acid Express script on the metalflake purple ironhead gas tank. Brings back some psychedelic trips from my wild and crazy daze. B-)

  41. DD1% mass Says:

    Just came along this thread. Seams to be confusion if the Devils Desciples mc are active in Massachusetts / New England . Yes we are an boast a lot of members. The club has been around since 1966 an are a 1% club in every sense of the word. We are not affiliated with the other club of Similiar name an a different spelling. Just wanted to clear that up.

  42. greisha Says:

    Actually Philo is wrong. The DD’s were in MA in the late 60’s through the mid 70’s off and on.
    The club was never based in Boston but had strong ties to the area. Tony’s memory is probably correct.
    The last real presence in the Boston area was early 76′
    As far as I know every able rider was in the Boston area for at least 1 week.

  43. gail Says:

    A few,weeks ago I saw a,Nomad in Worcester,MA, what the,hell?? I knew,some DD’s,and HUN’s a long time ago, I thought MA, was,DD AND HA turf, what was a Nomad here for, wanted to let you guys know.

  44. BrotherMike Says:

    The DD is actively cleaning house, obtaining quality staffing, exercising to build it’s muscles and burning up the hi ways of America, alive and well wooooohoooo! They will not bring the DD Down.

  45. JAMES Says:

    Internal feuds, backstabbing, one sided stories, it is happening everywhere these days, seems as though the words, BROTHERHOOD, HONOR, RESPECT are loose terms these days, and “BILLY WADD” reminded me of ” BILLY QUEEN ” with his hard faced antics on the tube, is global warming causing any of this by chance?

  46. Philo Says:

    Why go through the trouble of dumping a body and burning down the clubhouse if you’re gonna turn yourself in? Very, very strange. Been a rough couple years for the 44, hope shit coola off for them :-/


  47. Philo Says:


    There is a Devils Disciples on the east coast that is not assosiated with this Devils Diciples. Common mistake; even wikipedia fucked it up and still refuses to fix it.


  48. LongbeardFTW Says:

    Fuck Gangland. A one sided show made with info from cops…………..

  49. BigV Says:

    No, this DD group never had a Massachusetts chapter. The club you’re thinking about folded into another club.

  50. Tony Says:

    I used to sell pot to the Devils Diciples MC at Boston commons in Boston Massachusetts back in 1967 68 69 at the hippie get togethers back then. I wonder if this is the same club as back then in Boston?

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