Street Vibrations’ Missing Colors

September 13, 2012

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Street Vibrations, the second largest motorcycle rally in the west, starts next week in Reno, Sparks and Virginia City, Nevada. And, for the first time ever visitors will not be allowed to wear patches.

The official announcement of this new policy reads: “Street Vibrations Fall Rally is a ‘No Colors’ event this year and will be going forward. Bikers can be recognized by their ‘colors,’ the vests or jackets they wear. The backs of their vests or jackets often display patches, which identify the clubs to which they belong.

“Sponsor hotel casinos within each venue will post ‘No Colors’ and enforce a code of conduct on their private property. Colors are defined as outlaw motorcycle clubs bearing 3&4 patch insignias on their outerwear. This code of conduct enforcement will also apply to soft colors (hats, bandanas, shoelaces and t-shirts).

“’Motorcycle events produced by Roadshows are family friendly events,’ said Randy Burke, president and CEO of the special events company. “We want to keep them that way.”

Sparks Fallout

The ban on club insignia is the result of a shootout last autumn between members of the Vagos and Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs inside John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino in Sparks.

Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew, the President of the San Jose charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club died of wounds he suffered in the fight. Vagos Leonard Ramirez and Diego Garcia were shot. And two men, Vago Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez and Hells Angel Cesar Villagrana are awaiting trial for participating in the fight. Gonzalez is accused of killing Pettigrew and Villagrana is accused of shooting Ramirez and Garcia.

A third man, former Vago Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick, actually started the fight with Pettigrew. He agreed to cooperate with the prosecution of Gonzalez and Villagrana and is now free.


Depending on how and where it is enforced, this year’s no colors policy may wind up being argued in federal court. The issue has been litigated numerous times. Colors disappeared from the Laughlin River Run Rally a decade ago after the last previous casino shootout in Nevada.

Existing federal case law makes it legal to ban patches and other indicia – like a bandanna in a back pocket – from private property. But most of Street Vibrations is held on public streets, and streets, parks, courthouse grounds and other public spaces are considered to be public forums. (Lawyers and judges usually use the Latin fora.) Beyond that the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that motorcycle club insignia is protected expression. For example, in a 2002 case with the clumsy name Sammartano v. First Judicial District Court In and For the County of Carson City the Ninth Circuit Court wrote, “To hold otherwise would be to allow discrimination in favor of garden clubs and gun clubs (and the points of view associated with those organizations), and discrimination against biker clubs (and their associated points of view).”

Roadshows Inc., the event managers for Street Vibrations, has a provision in its “Exhibit Space Contract” for this rally that “No club colors may be worn or sold in vendor booths.” The booths, however, are located on public streets.

The ban is clearly meant to apply to the collective membership marks of the Vagos and the Hells Angels. It will be interesting to see if it also applies to the patches of ersatz corporate creations like the Sons of Anarchy and the Sinister Mob Syndicate.



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97 Responses to “Street Vibrations’ Missing Colors”

  1. Base Says:

    Thanks for the inside view, is he the same Randy Burke that played pro footbal in 70’s & 80’s? Just curious.

    This has nothing to do with Street Vibrations,

    My daughter and I attended a music event on Saturday, it was at a bar/eatery (great hamburgers ). At the event, no less than 5 diferent clubs repersented. Yep, patch friendly. There were no stabbings or gun battles. Plenty of hellos, hugs and introductions.And no visible police presence.

    One guy was ushered out by a couple prospects but think he was being a tool, because he stood next to my daughter while we watched one of the bands play and I got a bad vibe and made him move off. was about an hour after that he was ejected. The security thanked the prospects for helping them out.

    As we left my daughter who is a bigger smart ass than myself has a crying baby ap on her phone as we made our way to my bike we past a newer modle suburban she stops and goes,,

    “Yo Pa, ya hear that?

    (the sound of a baby crying) She cups her hands over her eyes looking into Suburban tinted windows. And says ….

    “It’s ok officers, maybe next time you get to bust the big bad bikers”

    While riding home everytime I would look at her in the side-view she would puff out her lower lip in a pouting jester and mouth “poor poor LEO’s” Then smile that Cheshire cat smile of hers,,,

    Shes almost 22, still my baby, and a real smart ass…Funny, but a smart ass ,,, taking after her mother I suspect….

    Ya’ll stay safe out there

  2. 775 Says:

    It was all a bit much and way over done. Friday night at Carson City Harley there where about 15 or so FBI Swat team guys walking around looking very very bored, I guess Sons Of Anarchy Virginia City Chapter didn’t live up to the billing. Then on Saturday club guys where getting pulled over to have their pictures taken by local LEO, and again pictures of their bikes where taken while parked outside a bar. Think of all the OT those pricks got paid in the past wk. What a waste of my tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sohn Says:

    Street Vibrations is a registered trade mark belonging to Randy Burke. For years, he has tried to make his events no-color, unless a club rents a space from him. HAMC Nevada never has and never will and in-fact have events such as “the Cathouse Pokerrun and Best Breast in the West Pokerrun” that he views as a draw from his events. We also have places to set up booths around downtown Reno just outside of his sphere of influence. Unfortunately for him, city streets are public. As a point, in a past year when we had some young ladies hand out fliers, he asked them to stop and when they refused he actually grabbed one by the arm. When a member went to ask him about it, he called the police (who were already close by). The police informed him then it was a public street and that he had no authority. This year, the city of Sparks moved “Street Vibrations” onto private property- “The Nugget. I heard that it was a very poor turn out and caught an interview today with Randy Burke where he stated something to the effect that he was glad it was quieter and more mellow. Hypocritical, being that their shirt this year said, “bad role model”.
    We also had meetings with RPD and some of the casino owners and operators. The police conceded in those meetings that it was the owners decision weather to ban colors or not in their establishments, I believe the Pepper mill amongst others had no prohibition. It’s my understanding that other casinos had “problems” with their insurance, so decided to ban certain clubs. Others, bars and casinos with no color policies blamed RPD and others blamed Randy Burke. Most of the places no bikers ever grace with their presents anyway. I know I choose to believe it’s a little of all of that though. But, in RPD’s defense, and out of standard policy I’ve never defended police in the past, when we had meetings where casino owners and police were present, the police said they had no control over bans.
    For us, we are way to busy with our event to even see what’s going on in the downtown areas of Sparks and Reno anyway. I heard that the COC said clubs in general were allowed inside casinos and not stopped on any public street. So, “Street Vibrations” being a “no-color” event is really just syntax. Anywhere Randy Burke had property rights it was a no color event.
    In response to some of the other suggestions, members of the Nomads Nevada HAMC do have their own property and we do have our own events on it. We have for nearly 20 years now. This year we only had 2 event. One on Saturday and one in June. We didn’t advertise at all this year and our numbers were lower then in years past. I attribute that to the lack of advertising, the low turn out at all motorcycle rallies in the US and just slightly on what transpired last year. As far as poker-runs go, it was still very large. I know the number of people but don’t know revenue figures for it. It may have been just as profitable.
    Which leads to RUBES and YUPPIES. I have no problems with either group. I think they make the motorcycle runs more interesting. Unfortunately it does drive up the prices but I think the market will adjust. RUBES and YUPPIES are broke too. I wouldn’t spend all day with any of them but they’re pleasant to talk to. They’re just people with a different point of view on most everything but it doesn’t make them lames.
    As far as dressing like a cop, it sounds funny but I’ve always criticized them for dressing like me and trying to hang out in my hang outs. I’d rather dress like a RUBE with a big 20″ front tire on a neon lit bagger. At least they have an occasional hot chick with them.

  4. Snow Says:

    Well said Nate. Enjoy the ride…. respect, Snow

  5. RatBikeBuilder Says:

    @ Pig

    The thought of that totally put a smile on my face, that would be great.

  6. Pig Says:

    You know what would be awesome(if only in my own head)…if you guys got on-line at LA Police Gear or one of the other on-line stores and bought some of the khaki tactical pants from 5.11 or Propper or one of the other makers with a BLACKHAWK Instructor belt, threw on a Woolrich or 5.11 shirt with a tight necked black t-shirt underneath, donned a pair of Bates or other tactical boot (Hi-Tech used to make some inexpensive ones) and topped off the ensemble with a pair of Hatch leather patrol gloves, an Under Armor ball cap and a pair of Ray Ban or Oakley glasses and rode in to the next “No Colors” event. All of that crap is available to the general public and wearing it can in no way be construed as impersonating a police officer. But I bet they wouldn’t know whether to shit or go blind if you rolled up looking like that! I would laugh my ass off if the only people dressed like bikers at the next big rally were the cops! Ha! What a sight that would be! I know it’s a dumb idea but man it makes me smile thinking about the look on their faces!

  7. Nate Says:

    My 2 cents, first off I have been checking this site out for quite a while and I too have never posted anything, just did not feel I had anything to add.

    I am just a guy who loves to ride motorcycles, not in a Club and not a Cop, just a Plumber.

    This was the first time in a couple years that I had rode up to Reno for this event and I was also going to visit my Daughter who just started school up there this year,so I was sure hopeing that it was not gonna be a bummer.

    I stayed Downtown with a group of Friends and Family, 3 of us rode up from Central Cal through the Sierras 49 to 88 great ride as always, ” this is always the most fun for me anyway”.

    I guess it was about what I thought it would be, yea i saw all the Black SUVs, way way more Cops on the street then I had seen before, and I am sure lots more that you dont see.

    I never went to the thing in Sparks but a few of the guys did and yep they got hearded into the fenced area, said it was lame and did not stay long, I had no intrest in even going over there, spent most of that day helping a friend fix a busted exhaust mount.

    We all went on the Big Poker run on Sat which I figured would be the area that would have the most heat but I still wanted to go and have a good time.

    Run was also kind of what I thought, seemed smaller than it has been, and saw lots of Cops but no real issues that I saw,

    as I have always experienced this is about the most polite and non issue party that I have been to.

    All in all I think that this Street Vibrations event for me, much like the only other big event I had been to “laughlin” is pretty much just geared to getting as much $ from people as possible.

    While I think that this stuff is usally what you make of it and who you hang out with, most of the events I have been to are kind of a let down. the ride there and back is the most fun.

    I try not to judge people and just do my own thing, but I can’t help but notice the crowds of Trailers, instant bad ass weekend bikers, old timers festooned with every pin, patch, and gadget $ can buy, make belive time for sure.

    My take is that every body has there hand out for Money, Hotels, Casinos, Trinket Venders, Cops, etc.

    The scary thing I see is that Cops seem to in general and way more so in the last few years use there power to create issues that they can then use to genarate money, control, more funding for new toys, etc.

    I try and just hang out and ride with some close friends, go to some local poker and toy runs, get on my bike and go camp out, just have fun on my bike as that seems like what it should be about, these big runs just dont really seem like that much fun anymore

    I’ll shut up in a second, but lastly just wanted to say about the Respect issue brought up above it all seems so simple to me? Give respect get respect, that what I teach my kids, be polite, lend a hand, treat people they way you like to treated, but always stand up for you self no matter what kind of hat someone wears, Cop, Preacher, Teacher, Butcher , Baker, Candlestick maker, it doesn’t matter we are all human good and bad. it just seems like a lot of the jobs I mentiond seem to attract Bullys and that is one thing I can’t and don’t stand.

    Thanks again Rebel for this site, seems like a lot of good people contrubute here and I will just go back to lurking and soaking in all of the info some really good and some really scary stuff as well.


  8. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Props for posting. I had forgotten that not everyone wants their faces and/or bikes on YouTube, d’oh!

    YYZ Skinhead

  9. Chef Says:

    So I’m going to Vegas, and there is also a “no – colors” ban. Does that mean I can’t wear my “Fuck Stanford” T-shirt? BTW, I was born in Berkeley, CA and was actually present at the Big Game for “the play”.

    I think all MC member should get together and wear some non descript t-shirt, like Joe’s Muffler shop, or something like that.

    And on a personal note; FUCK LEO’s; bunch of limp dick, x HS losers, who now shit on whats left of our personal liberties for a paycheck.

    sincerly, flying the finger at 100MPH

  10. Pig Says:

    @Base: Well said sir.

    I feel like I should explain that when I say that bikers in general and OMC’s in particular are violent, I don’t mean in the rape and murder connotation of the word. I mean it more in the way volcanoes or forest fires are violent. Both are a necessary part of nature. They insert a certain balance into the environment. Both appear destructive but when you look beyond their image, both are actually creative instead. I honestly think that one of the biggest problems with the world today is the dulling down of consequences to our actions. If my ol’ lady and I are walking down the street and some asshole grabs her ass, I’m going to make sure, to the best of my ability, that he needs to be fed through a straw for a while and has to read his pain killer prescription through one eye until the swelling goes down in the other one. However by doing so, I’m pretty much guaranteeing myself a court date and at best some anger management classes where they will try to convince me that that best thing to have done would have been to walk away and/or call the cops to handle my business for me. By forcing that mindset on people and trying to reduce necessary violence in our culture, they are allowing and even promoting worse and worse behaviors in people who really need an ass kicking. That’s why I think, like Jim666 articulated above, Patchholders and bikers are some of the most respectful and polite folks you will meet. Nothing else is tolerated amongst them and anything less than that will be met with varying degrees of violence to discourage future similar behavior.

  11. Base Says:

    Fighting Leprchaun,,,,

    A few bad apples ruin the bunch?

    Only to those people with shallow bigotry vision and thought process who seek any reason or action to hold and entire group or orginization accountable for the actions of a few. Guilty by association…

    With that thought process all Catholics are pedophiles? All Muslims are murders? All whites are racist? All blacks are gang bangers? All cops are crooks??????

    So on and so forth…..

    Yes, there are MC’s that have criminals with in their ranks & there is also others who have been entrapped by law enforcment on the local & federal level due to that guilty by association thought process.

    Hell with the way laws are writen today everyone of us, even you are guilty of some sort of crime. No matter what Country you live in.

    The evidence is out there.

    If you would take the time to research you may or may not be shocked to find that many law enforcement organizations per capita have more criminals that MC’s.

    Hate this site if you like? But many of the regular posters & the host of this site are some of the most respectful, honest, black & white, fact based free thinkers on the net.

    I suggest to you as suggested to others spend some time reading through archives both Rebels post’s & comments, hold off on the lip service you may come to find that here,very few if any cry victim.

  12. Factor Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead. I appreciate your sentiment in wanting to see some videos and was almost tempted shoot some, but I avoid doing this at runs out of respect for people (no matter who they are) and their freedom to do their thing without being concerned about it being on the Internet the next day. In any event, I avoided the official venues for the rest of the weekend and did some other things.

  13. Jim666 Says:

    @ Fighting Leprchaun

    VIOLENT ???
    only when provoked…
    Then your Damned rite,I and Id say ” not speaking for but ” most here can and probably would get very violent
    then again wouldnt you ?
    Actually 1%ers as a whole are probably the most polite and respectful people ive ever encountered anywhere
    Ive never had any 1%er go out of there way to piss me off,unlike some others, even members of “other “clubs”, while discussing probable discrepancys they as I and my brothers are always respectful & polite

    “Dont beleave what you hear, and only beleave half of what you see”


  14. Paladin Says:

    matthew dooley,

    There is a segment of our society that is violent by choice. These are the people that rob, murder, rape, and otherwise contribute to the violent crime statistics that are compiled by the FBI, each and every year. As a whole, the amount of violent crime that bikers and 1%ers contribute to these statistics is so small, it’s not even measurable.

    I don’t believe that bikers, 1%ers, or members of OMCs are any more violent than anybody else. Like everyone else, they have an absolute right to self defense, when threatened by others, with death or grave bodily harm.

    I will tell you that if a person or persons threaten me with death or grave bodily harm, I will visit a maximum amount of violence on that person or persons, irregardless of my location at the time. I would truly hate to see an innocent bystander get hurt or killed, while I have to defend myself. However, at that particular moment, their safety is secondary to my survival.

    My Ol’ Lady only has a couple of expectations of me. She expects me to keep a roof over her head, and for me to come home at night. I don’t ever plan on disappointing her. Does this type of mind set make me a violent person? Only when I need to be.

    There seems to be a great deal of mystery, regarding the “showing of respect”. Where I come from, “showing respect” is really nothing more than being courteous and having some manners. If you accidentally bump into someone, apologize. When getting off an elevator, let the women off first. If, while entering at the same time someone is exiting through a door, hold the door for them. These are common courtesies that people afford to one another. Bikers, 1%ers, and members of MCs are people too and appreciate those same common courtesies.

    When pulling up to a bar that’s a known watering hole for a local MC, you may notice a Prospect that’s been assigned the task of keeping an eye on the patched member’s bikes. To pull up and park next to those bikes would be rude. Doing so is tantamount to telling the Prospect, “Hey, you now get to watch my bike too.” And by the way, just who the hell are you? The courteous thing to do would be to park your bike a distance from the other bikes. Then, ask the prospect if he wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your bike, while he’s watching the others.

    There have been times in my life, when I’ve had to pack in one hell of a hurry. In these frenzied times, I’ve forgotten to pack some things. However, I’ve never forgotten to pack my manners.

    Long May You Ride,


  15. Flick Says:

    @ Pig,

    I’ve been hanging out reading this site for a few months now, but this is my fist comment.

    Well said, if they don’t want us there then shut it down. There are cheaper and more low key events that love the attention and cash from it all.


  16. Base Says:


    Golfers not violent?

    You ever seen one of these guys miss a shot or get disrupted during a put? Some morph into the Hulk they are filled with such rage….

    And you are right these events do exploit 1%’ers.

  17. matthew dooley Says:

    I wouldnt say 1%ers are violent by choice. IMHO they just go above and beyond to defend themselves and to deal with disrespect.

  18. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Fighting Leprchaun ….

    So, if you are so anti-violence, why didn’t you pick a name like “Passive Leprechaun” or “Loving Leprechaun”? (by the way, I added the “e” in Leprechaun). Appears to me like you want to portray yourself as a tough guy. If provoked, how would you meet the challenge?

  19. Pig Says:

    Fighting Leprchaun:

    There is so much ignorance pouring from your statement that I don’t even know where to begin. What do you think of when you think of bikers? Of course they’re violent. I’ve never heard them claim otherwise. But the world is violent. Flies eat shit, spiders eat flies, birds eat spiders and so on. The difference between the men in MC’s and you is that they don’t pretend that that isn’t the way of the world. They accept and even embrace it. And it’s the very reason people go to biker rallies – for the violence; to pass it on the street, sit next to it on a barstool, shoot a game of pool with it in the pub, buy a t-shirt that says you survived the encounter and then go home to tell all your friends. People are drawn to violence. Very few people go to rodeos because they really want to see how fast a girl on a horse can make it around some barrels in the arena. That’s when you go get a burger and take a piss. People go to rodeos to watch the bull riding; to see a man either conquer a violent beast, or be crushed by it. However, at biker rallies, you are in the arena with the beast so you are in danger (or at least you can tell yourself you are). What do you care if a guy from club X and a guy from club Y go toe to toe or even stab or shoot each other over whatever beef they have? Frankly, it’s none of your buisness. And don’t give me any shit about innocent bystanders either. Nobody looks at the people who attend these rallies and say to themselves, “What a passive looking group of people. I think I will take my children there and skip gaily among them.” This isn’t the county fair. If violence isn’t your thing, common sense would dictate that maybe you should take up golf and stay away from bikers and bull riders. And our government needs to get out of the business of protecting people who don’t want protection from things they don’t want protection from.

    If places like Reno and Laughlin and such don’t like what happens at biker rallies, the honest thing to do is to stop hosting them. Some of us wouldn’t understand it, but at least it would be the honest thing to do. But these events are cash cows for them so instead, they exploit the living shit out of the 1%er’s culture, image, and lifestyle without showing even a modicum of respect for the very folks who put the money in their pockets. Whether you’re talking about bikers or ballerinas, that ain’t right.

  20. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Factor (and anyone else who attends) please PLEASE get some video of the herd animals and post it on YouTube so all of us can laugh.

    YYZ Skinhead

  21. Factor Says:

    As expected, I saw some SOA merchandise at a vendor on Virginia Street.

    Elsewhere, with the Sparks event corralled into a semi-hidden corner of the Nugget parking lot, the Victorian Square businesses seemed dead yesterday. One guy on the street in front of the Nugget even asked me where the hell the event was. This move is likely going to come come back and bite the City of Sparks in the ass if local businesses are losing money.

    I also viewed groups of paramilitary style cops (I assumed they were cops) in unmarked SUVs cruising downtown Reno. Overall, being eyed at the control points for event entry, and sightings of guys likely armed to the teeth and ready for combat rolling in vehicles with no clear identification made the whole thing seem pretty damn repressive. Am I supposed to feel safer now?

  22. Fighting Leprchaun Says:

    Yup poor MCs they arent violent at all. They dont throw down wherever they encounter rivals regardless of who is around. Why are people on here suffering from short term memory loss? Last years violence didnt happen? Now I realize not all clubs and riders are like that. But a few bad apples ruin the bunch. I do think its bullshit that they are trying to regulate clothing at an event like this. But I hate how this website wants to act like 1%ers are always the victim.

  23. matthew dooley Says:

    So to protect us all they are going to take away our rights? Why dont they just have more security and on duty cops?

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    Great stuff, as always!

    @YYZ Skinhead, Thanks, I’ll be humming Stones all weekend. Hmm, hmm, no colors any more…

    @Base, gee, now the dog wants a bath… have to stop letting him read over my shoulder.

    Got to go click! Are you reloaded, Rebel?


  25. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    The feds need to prohibit people wearing black. That oughta keep away them Outlaw Motersickle Gangs.

    It goes without saying that I would be excluded. It’s not easy facing up when your whole wardrobe is black.

    YYZ Skinhead

  26. Base Says:


    Attempting to escape the rubs now days is like washing the dog. You was him and most of the fleas fall off, but a couple days later thier back. RUBS are catered too at almost every event out there,,,

  27. blindmule Says:

    Sounds like they are catering to the rub crowd

  28. Base Says:

    Here is one that is MC friendly, well was about 5 years ago. That was the last time I attented, unless something changed or someone knows diffrent,,

  29. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to 10Guage….

    I like the sayings people put at the end of their posts. Like yours:

    “Born in the desert
    Raised in a lion’s den”

    I have one I can add:

    “Born in Southern California and still speak English.”

    Granted, I am a minority.

  30. grd Says:

    no colors,does that go for the cop clubs such as blue knights,iron pigs,iron order etc etc,i guess will find out afterwards, because a bunch of those guys are a bunch of drunken idiots,ive seen it,and there carring guns as well.where will they draw the line,i hope the nuggett and other casinos lose millions this year.the events in reno and sparks are going to crap,the rib fest i wouldent go to if i was paid to,its over crouded and over priced,as a local they can have there events and cram then where the sun dont shine,even virginia city is a cluster f–k in the tourest season.i will continue to enjoy these places when the bullcrap is over,when the locals can enjoy our area.

  31. pfj Says:

    here’s a little news piece on sparks street vibes. looks like their plan is to herd everone through a frisk station ta shake folks down fer weapons & ask patched in folks to leave. then it looks they’ll send tha folks who “pass the inspection” into the event which looks to be a fenced in, big-ass fishbowl. I’m guessing they’ll be wanding & frisking at the entries to all the major casinos. just a fyi

    respects, pfj

  32. 10Guage Says:

    I was at a toy run in the valley that went out to one of the Indian casinos. It benefitted the kids in the depressed community outside the reservation…This was many years ago it was cold and windy but all of the kids lined the streets of their little town we road through on the way to the Indian casino to thank us…It was awesome and I was proud to do it…Turns outthere was a club of these posereannabees there. This “club” is no longer around so I guess I was lucky to (lmfao) get to spend some quality time with them over lunch..I was with my ol’ lady and my brother and his ol’ lady and you would have thought they were in some grave danger by sharing a fucking table over sausages and beans with my people. I did have to laugh though when I accidentally backed into one guy and I ofcourse excused myself and appologized for almost knocking him over and he very wisely did too…my ol lady says: Yup looks like they will be leaving and they did…..This place was dry and so we too left shortley to find beer. The little town we passed had a bar with a big ass parking lot so we jammed over there after winning some money. Of course my btother and I walk in and this same fake crew is in there playin the heavys ya know puffed out chest talkin loud in front of the locals and the bar maid…Untill we bellied up and they fuckin split…was nice though they left a couple of untouched beers and thr jukebox was stuffed with money. Shit we stayed for like four hours….and well it turned out fun as hell as everybody else decided to head that way too…we drank and partied with a sbit load of different crews and patches much like back in the day without so much as a little fist fight..Everybody there to have a good time and help the kids…not only that but I was glad to have them cleared our before we got on the road they ride like shit And WAY TOO SLOW…For the most part there are only a few runs with those type people and I probly only go to one a year like that and only for the kids.

    Born in the desert
    Raised in a lion’s den

  33. onikeeg Says:

    A buddy of mine, who works in a clean office as one of them database IT gurus,relayed an amusing encounter with his typical yuppie rider boss. The man in question apparently trailered his bike to Sturgis with a bunch of other rich yuppies, all of whom paid large sums of money to do this weird Harley adventure tour scam. Said boss told my friend how the rest of the yuppies weren’t real bikers and how the highlight of his trip was “seeing red and white members, in the wild!”.

    So the highlight of these events for a lot of yuppies seems to be getting a peak at “the real deal!”

  34. Pig Says:

    Banning colors at biker rallies is like banning Wranglers and cowboy hats at rodeos. I don’t understand why people would go to a rally like that. A bunch of doctors and lawyers and yuppies living vicariously through other doctors, lawyers and yuppies? That is some surreal twilight zone shit. There’s something dishonest about it and frankly it gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

    Laughlin wasn’t in the stars for me this year so I was planning on trying to hit Reno and was bummed when it looked like that was going to fall through as well. I’d cancel now anyway; out of respect if nothing else. What a bunch of bullshit.

  35. DocB Says:

    They banned colors? I think they should ban trailers………..

    When they banned colors at some swap meets where I used to sell parts, The clubers were the only people who knew who the clubers were.

  36. Snow Says:

    Although my COIR, POW/MIA and state flag patches on my vest aren’t colors I remove my vest before walking into a place with colors ban, when asked why I say out of respect to those who wear colors. Mostly I stay away from those places though and sure as hell wouldn’t attend an event that banned colors, fuck em, vote with your money. Respect, Snow

  37. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    It’s all bullshit.
    Lions, tigers and bears there is always a villian. I wonder what next years budget will look like for all these lazy, leech like, whale turd, govermment tit sucking punks in law enforcement. Ahhhhh I see Ciccone, Torres, Koz and the rest of F Troop drooling already.

    All in the name of public safety.

    Viva Los Vagos

  38. Paladin Says:


    Good news is always great to hear. Thanks for the update.

    Long May You Ride,


  39. DesertH-D Says:

    Paladin, the CoCs are evolving into more pro-active organizations, and are not simply defensive or reactive. On the political front, lobbyists and advocates are being put in place. On the media front, spokesmen are being identified, and media reps are being put in place. None of it happens overnight, but the wheels are starting to turn. Look at the recent anti-profiling success in Washington… That is a precedent that will be used all across the country in the coming months/years.

  40. Paladin Says:

    While I’m waiting for my last comment to be moderated, I’ll prattle on and try to show an analogy between the Indians of North American and the MCs of today.

    Long before the arrival of the Vikings, Pilgrims, and Abbott & Costello, there was an amazing network of indigenous tribes that stretched from Canada all the way into Mexico. These tribes that were scattered across North America and Mexico had established trade routes, governments, and had formed there own religious beliefs. They were an intelligent and for the most part, a peaceful people.

    When the first Pilgrims landed off the coast of what is now Maine (yes, it was Maine), they were cold, sick, hungry, and ill equipped to survive in this new land. If it were not for the Indian Tribes in the area, the pilgrims would never have survived. As more Europeans arrived from across the “big pond”, expansion began in earnest. Pretty soon the White Eyes were accusing the Indians of being on their land, before they got there. As “civilization” expanded westward, things only got worse for the Indians.

    What the Indian Nations needed, was a really good P.R. firm that would speak up for them and show the public that they weren’t the blood thirsty savages portrayed by greedy speculators, corrupt politicians, and the railroads. Unfortunately, there was no such firm available for the Nations to hire. Because there was no one willing or able to counter the negative perception that was wrongly fostered onto the Indian Nations, the Indians were seen as a menace, and they were systematically killed, jailed, had their possessions confiscated, and moved onto reservations. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The MCs are facing the same threat that the Indian Nations faced. However, the MCs are in a much better position to do something about it. Working with the COCs isn’t going to be good enough. The COCs are primarily a defense oriented organization. The MCs need a P.R. firm that can go on the offensive and expose the officials that wrongly foster a negative perception of the MCs. If you tell the public something long enough, they’ll believe it. At this point the Government is doing all the talking. And like the Indians, the MCs aren’t able or seem unwilling to do much, if anything about this.

    Perception can be everything. Court proceedings and jury trials are nothing more than live theater, played out in front of an audience of jurors. If you think that verdicts are determined, based solely on the evidence presented, I respectfully suggest that you think again. A great deal of weight and sometimes all the weight of the verdict is based on perception. At the O.J. Simpson trial, O.J. wasn’t faring too well. The prosecution was doing a pretty good job of painting O.J. as a villain. That is, until it was shown that Detective Mark Fuhrman was a racist. At that moment, the jury’s perception of O.J. went from villain to victim. In so many words, the jury told the Prosecutor to fuck off and returned a verdict of not guilty.

    Long May You Ride,


  41. chevyweight Says:

    maybe next year it will be a ‘no motorcycle’ event –

  42. Red & Gold Says:

    Just a quick observation… I am on the road sending this on my phone, so excuse any errors… My smart phone, I find, is often smarter than I…

    All the “cops” paladin refers to were cheered on by the citizens because they were Outlaw cops… Yep… It was the outlaw attitude of those cinematic officers that drew the viewers affection…Going against the grain of the corrupt, political, illegal actions of the entrenched . Misguided and decidedly skewed rest of the force….again, the folks Love the outlaw…

  43. Paladin Says:

    Once upon a time, there was a vast amount of what was considered unsettled land, west of the Mississippi River. There was a time when this land was free, to anyone who was resourceful and resilient enough to live there. This land is now referred to as the American West.

    The original pioneers of the West didn’t go unnoticed. Average folks, living in the East thought that they too could “go west” and start anew. So, along with their mentality, the Easterners packed their belongings and headed west.

    Rail heads were established. Cattle towns, the likes of Dodge and Abilene were built, as were the mining towns of Tombstone, Virginia City, and others. These towns thrived because of the industries that supported them. Unfortunately, as a whole, the merchants considered the Cowboys and Miners, who spent their monies in these towns, to be a somewhat unsavory lot. So, in order to distance themselves from the cowboys and miners, and feel safer and more secure, the merchants helped pass “no guns in town” ordinances, which were then negated by the cowboys and miners going “concealed”.

    My point to this highly abbreviated glimpse at history, is that I believe there is a parallel in the “taming of the western frontier”, to the attempted taming of the biker frontier. The bikers pioneered their frontier, and in doing so, have made it easier for the RUBs and weekend bikers to follow.

    Again, once upon a time, there was what was called the Rendezvous. In the spring, the mountain men would converge on an announced location. Men like Jeremiah (liver eating) Johnson would re-supply, by trading pelts for Green River knives, Hawken rifles, powder, shot, and other “possibles”, needed for the up-coming season. Along with the trading, there was “catching up” with one another, drinking, partying, and wenching, when available.

    I like to think that the first motorcycle swap meets of spring were like the Rendezvous of the mountain men. Then, someone got the bright idea of selling T shirts, and it’s been downhill ever since.

    The Carneys and Barkers who promote and sell at these gigantic rallies want to make it very clear that these are “family friendly” events. This is done in order to cast as big a net as possible, in which to haul in as much money as possible. The town’s merchants also see huge dollar signs and help promote the “family friendly” theme, by passing a “no colors” ordinance, which will be negated by patch holders that go “concealed”. Personally, I know that I’m safer at a MCs sponsored event, than at a multi-million dollar event, like the one in Reno.

    Long May You Ride,


  44. Glenn S. Says:

    Ghost said: “isn’t it sad that pussies and control freaks, have pretty much ruled the world since the first day this rolling piece of shit had people on it. my question is, why do we let them???”

    Because, somehow, the control freaks have convinced the pussies that their was is best, and the pussies have funded them. This has been accomplished by cloaking control freakishness with two-bit mysticism into something called “the law”, which is somehow supposed to hold some higher purpose than just a bunch of assholes telling the rest of us what to do. And we have failed to counter their argument that safety is better than freedom. Over history, every group that has tried to counter their arguments has been co-opted or declared criminal and/or terrorist organizations.

  45. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Thank you for your intelligent, considered and informed response.

    Let me just say that there would not be “a negative reaction from the citizens of Reno” if there was a more vigorous press in Nevada and California. I know that police and prosecutors actively engage in “perception management.” I talked about that a little in the last book. I know for a fact that most mass media accounts of anything having to do with motorcycle clubs are one sourced. Henry Lee, say, or Julian Sher talks to the cops or the prosecutors and that’s it. And, the clubs just don’t play. All motorcycle clubs react to stupid accusations with passive resistance.

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement”…the average citizen lives vicariously through the biker, by watching the various TV shows and movies that are made about the biker and his so called lifestyle.” And I agree in a qualified way to your assertion: “Unfortunately, when the average citizen gets to be a close up and personal witness to the violence that sometimes involves bikers and their lifestyle, and they’re not viewing it from it from the safety of their living rooms or a movie theater, the dynamics change and they don’t feel safe.” My qualification is that average citizens don’t know anything about what happened in Sparks a year ago. Average citizens know what they know about Sparks from what prosecutors and cops — who have a cynical interest in the matter — have whispered in the ears of reporters. And, those reporters interpret what they hear in the context of Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels.

    I try to cover the parts of the story that the other, better, employed news hacks miss. That’s the journalistic niche I am working here.

    And, I hear you about cops. I have always liked Joseph Wambaugh although I am not sure I would trust the guy.

    Thanks for commenting,

  46. Tony Says:

    @GHOST YOU GOT IT ALL 100% CORRECT. LOL FTW! next thing ya know they will be selling long zz top style old school clip on 1970s long unkept biker beards and beatles wigs for rubs who want to look like an authentic biker for a few days or a weekend bike event.

  47. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bill,

    A lot of people who read this site are formally disenfranchised.

    I think the worst thing that has happened to civil liberties in this country in my lifetime are the laws and institutions created in response to the 911 attacks. I thought the Bush Administration was shockingly repressive on matters regarding freedom of information and domestic spying. And, it looks to me like the Obama Administration –despite its liberal and prgressive branding– has been worse.

    I don’t know who anybody should vote for. I just follow the stories man, and try to tell them honestly. And, I miss a lot of stories and I screw some of them up. Vote how you feel.


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