Former Vago’s Killers Convicted

September 10, 2012

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Two men accused of killing a former Vago named Todd “Big Todd” Brown (photo above) learned they were guilty last week. A third man was acquitted. For almost two years prosecutors had tried to portray the killing as a dispute between the Vagos Motorcycle Club and the Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. It was not.

A jury convicted Jason Schlig of second-degree murder. Cody Young was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. The jury found Shawn Spicher not guilty of being an accessory to manslaughter. Schlig and Young will be sentenced November 2. Schlig could be punished with a life sentence. Young faces up to 20 years. Schlig and Young had been tried for and acquitted of first degree murder

Schlig, Spicher and Young all belonged to the Brotherhood when Brown died.. Brown had left the Vagos years before. Spicher was also a Marine stationed at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California at the time of the killing,

Not About Clubs

Kelly Brown Warren, the dead man’s sister, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise, “The defense made this out like my brother was a current member of the Vagos, that this was only a rivalry between two motorcycle clubs. My brother had not been a member of the Vagos since 2006.” Warren said she thought the fight was over a woman who had dated both Spicher and an unnamed man who witnessed the fight. She said, “We’re very unhappy with the fact that Shawn Spicher was acquitted. He was the nexus of this whole thing.”

After Todd Brown died on August 29, 2010 police said the shooting culminated a months long dispute that started with a fight between Brown, his adult son and multiple members of the Brotherhood at Tap Daddy’s bar in San Jacinto, California. The day of the killing, Schlig and Spicher were wearing Brotherhood MC cuts.

Fifteen Shots

In his closing argument Deputy District Attorney Jess F. Walsh said the homicide was about “anger, revenge and pride.”

The day he died Brown, his son and two friends were in Brown’s pickup truck on their way to buy a pizza. Schlig and Spicher rode their motorcycles next to the truck. According to police, Young drove up behind Brown’s truck in a blue, Chevy Suburban. Prosecutors said what happened next was premeditated. The accused men said it started as a spontaneous fight.

Schlig said Brown was the aggressor and that Schlig thought the ex-Vago was reaching for a gun. Schlig said Young fired first. Police recovered 15 cartridges from the scene.


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  1. Gna Says:

    Love you Todd. Big Todd forever!

  2. TBFFBT Says:


  3. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Thank you very much for your kind words of respect.

    Viva Los Vagos

  4. Jim666 Says:

    Condolences to you and your club on your loss,

    Respects Jim666

  5. (btb) back to basics Says:

    Every time I read articles like this my heart sinks. Senseless shit fueled by over inflated egos which always result in destruction. I’m no youngster anymore and I’ve done some very stupid ego fueled things in my life which I have great remorse. Well, I finally grew up and accepted the fact the world doesn’t revolve around me.

    To the family of Todd “Big Todd” Brown, my condolences.

  6. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    May you rest in peace my Brother you are missed greatly.

    Viva Los Vagos

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