Devils Diciples Prosecution So Far

September 7, 2012

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As the months roll by there is virtually no action in the sprawling, racketeering case in Detroit against about four dozen members, associates and acquaintances of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club. There have been 108 filings in the case since August 1, which works out to about three filings per defendant and most of those items have been completely procedural. There has been one filing so far this month. That filing, today, cancelled a status conference that had been scheduled for Monday

The central case in this Mongolian cluster of love is called United States v. Scott William Sutherland, et al. It started as a felon in possession of a gun case in March 2011. The first Sutherland indictment was superseded in May 2011 and charged Ronald Raymond “Rockin’ Ronnie” Roberts with the same crime. The third superseding indictment, charging dozens of defendants with dozens of crimes dating back to the waning days of disco, was unsealed July 13.

Twenty-six people are free on bond in the Sutherland case. They are: William Scott Lonsby, John Charles Scudder, David Roy Delong, Michael John Palazzola, Dean Anthony Tagliavia, Clifford Chansel Rhodes II, Raymond Charles Melioli, Ronald Leon Lambert, Howard Joseph Quant, Scott Thomas Perkins, Lauri Ann Ledford, Paula Mileha Friscioni, Timothy Paul Downs, Jennifer Lee Cicola, Ronald Nick Preletz, Danny Russell Burby, Jr., Alexis Catherine May, Edward Allen Taylor, Dean Edward Jakiel, Michael Kenneth Rich, John Renny Riede, Sylvester Gerard Wesaw, Christopher Raymond Cook, Michael William Mastromatteo, Gary Lee Nelson and Tony Wayne Kitchens.

Seven of the accused have been denied bail and they are: Jeff Garvin Smith, Victor Carlos Castano, Jason Joseph Cook, Wayne Russell Werth, Paul Anthony Darrah, David Randy Drozdowski and Vernon Nelson Rich.

So far there has been no obvious indication that the defense attorneys are cooperating among themselves. As recently as August 22 the nominal lead defendant, Scott William “Scotty Z” Sutherland, was still requesting any materials the government may be holding that might prove he is actually innocent.

First Consolidation

The government moved to consolidate Sutherland with two other federal racketeering cases featuring Devils Diciples. Those cases are United States v. Jeff Garvin Smith, et al. and United States v. Smiley Villa. Villa is charged with the same assault in two of the indictments. The government told Judge Robert H. Cleland that he should consolidate the three cases “in order to promote docket efficiency, bring together overlapping pre-trial matters in complex cases, and conserve judicial resources.”

Federal prosecutors also told the judge that “the cases have common defendants and common facts” and that “it is clear that there will be overlapping pre-trial matters, including discovery schedules and issues, plea negotiations, evidentiary matters, and pre-trial motions.”

However, at the same time prosecutors asked the judge to “consolidate” the cases they asked him not to “join” them “until the parties have had an opportunity to conduct preliminary discovery and plea negotiations.” The power word here is probably “plea.” Federal racketeering prosecutions against motorcycle clubs almost always boil down to withholding evidence, sowing rumor and confusion and coercing defendants into plea deals.

Then Grouping

At the same time prosecutors want to sorta, kinda, maybe link “common defendants and common facts” they also hope hope to divide defendants into four groups. That is to facilitate more efficient “case management.”

It is a tell that the Department of Justice would like four separate and sequential trials so the good guys can perfect their dirty games and tricks as they go along. Prosecutors filed their memorandum proposing the groupings on August 24 and so far not a single defender has found a thing to officially say about it.

The defendants chosen by their accusers to join prestigious group one are Jeff Smith, Paul Darrah, Cary Vandiver, Michael Mastromatteo, Vernon Rich, Victor Castano, Michael Rich, Dean Jakiel, Edward Taylor, William Lonsby and Keith McFadden.

The government has selected Scott Sutherland, Ronald Roberts, David Roberts, Patrick McKeoun, Vincent Witort, John Riede, Gary Nelson, Raymond Melioli, Timothy Downs and Tony Kitchens for group two.

David Drozdowski, Smiley Villa, Slyvester Wesaw, Howard Quant, Scott Perkins, Clifford Rhodes, Christopher Cook, Jason Cook, Salvatore Battaglia and Wayne Werth will be group three unless some defense attorney sometime tries to talk the judge out of it.

And, Ronald Preletz, David Delong, Michael Palazzola, Danny Burby, Ronald Lambert, Lauri Ledford, Jennifer Cicola, Dean Tagliavia, Alexis May, Paula Friscioni and John Scudder will be lumped together as group four.



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18 Responses to “Devils Diciples Prosecution So Far”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Feesh,

    I believe at the time the story was written and published in 2012, the information it contained was correct.


  2. Feesh Says:

    Victor Castano is not in group one they kicked him out of it and threw him in the second group

  3. Panhead Says:

    L&R to my 44 brothers. Fight the good fight.


    ICMC – FTF

  4. 44inaz Says:

    Good job Bull we are still going strong. As always the establishment wants to scare the hell out of Joe Citizen so they make up stories about us to make the public think we are going to take over the world. It’s an old propaganda tactic used against foreign country’s in a time of war. They stoop pretty low when they use the same tactics on their own people so ask your self who is really using threat and intimidation to gain control? This country has to get it’s own act together before it points fingers at others. if this is allowed to go on soon they will run out of bikers and they will have to point fingers at someone else. WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE YOUR TURN AMERICA?

  5. Bull FortyFour Says:

    Thanks for the post about us. You make more sense than the rest of the media. We are doing great amidst all this bullshit. The Blue&White nation is still rolling along.


    Bull FortyFour

  6. Philo Says:


    I don’t either but when I got this Droid I had to open a gmail account. Then I had to dig through it to disable all the auto-synch bs. Love this little gadget but the big brother angle is pretty scary. Either way, I’m just dissapointed in myself for not yet being able to come up with some really funny self-depreciating one liner about the gay date ad. Cause that shit is funny :-P


  7. Shyster Says:


    That’s why I don’t use gmail or google to search. Fuck Big Brother. Then again I don’t get too far when I’m out of State looking for a pizza and I try to use fucken compuserve.


  8. Philo Says:

    Jesus, between google and the fucked up comments i’m about ready to throw this thing out the window! *facepalm*

  9. Philo Says:

    Huh fucking google. Lol

    Agree with you on the H-Man comparison; lot of overlap between the two. You ever get a spare minute drop me an email and as always, keep fighting the good fight.


  10. Philo Says:

    Im gonna plead ignorance on the gay date ad. Fucking google. *facepalm*

  11. Philo Says:

    The ad switched to michgan motorcycle insurance. Gonna have to plead ignorance on the gay date stuff lol. Fucking google.

    Anyways, shoot me an email some time if you get a minute.
    And as always keep up the good work


  12. Bill Says:

    Funny, my ads are all about vegan teen supermodels.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    My pleasure. Just not a lot of actions on this case so far. It looks to me like the prosecutors are playing games. I am not sure what the defenders are doing. Maybe that is just because they aren’t talking to me.

    It reminds me of the big Highwaymen case in Detroit. That one dragged on forever.


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Philo,

    Sorry about that. You know the ads are context sensitive and everybody sees something different depending on where google thinks you have been on the net and what you are interested in. I just looked and I got ads for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Bell Helmets and the Jafrum motorcycle gear online store. Google thinks you are looking for gay men? Whoa! Where has your computer been?


  15. Philo Says:

    I clicked some ads in appreciation for you taking the time to post about this. I can not however, click the ad promising to help me find gay men. Sorry bud, just can’t do it.:-P


  16. Philo Says:

    Thank ya Rebel..

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    The earliest date mentioned in the indictment is August 14, 1993 regarding the alleged murder of a man named Charles Isler, the alleged disposal of his body and the alleged cleaning of the crime scene.


  18. Shyster Says:


    If you know, what is the farthest date back that they are charging any particular defendant in this “case.” 3 years? 4 years? TIA.


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