Tennessee Police Shakedown

September 5, 2012

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Part of the problem with the American economy is the police. In a country gone both stupid and gutless it is completely impossible to even discuss whether police are overpaid, over equipped, over benefitted and over protected let alone whether they are worth the misery they cause. Typically, cops drown out potential discussions of whether they are worth what they accomplish for how much they cost with a chorus of squeals.

Even worse, police now have the defacto authority to tax. The taxes are catastrophically regressive. The obscene practice of civil forfeiture was controversial for awhile but now hardly anybody bothers to talk about it. Another police tax nobody dares mention is the increasingly common practice of billing crime victims for the cost of responding to the crimes that were committed against them. A stellar example of police billing victims began a couple of weeks ago at a place called Scooters and Hooters Biker Bar on the Putnam County – Overton County Line, east of Nashville, Tennessee.

Southern Thunder Rally

Scooters, which is kind of a destination biker bar, holds a rally every summer called the Southern Thunder Rally at the adjacent June Bug Boogie event grounds. Hundreds of bikers attend these rallies. Some of them wear patches on their backs. On the evening of Saturday, August 25 members of the Renegades Motorcycle Club and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club starting woofing at each other in Scooters and Hooters. One, possibly intoxicated, Renegade woofed the loudest.

The bar owner, Herb Clark, was on top of it. “They dislike each other as a club thing,” he told numerous news outlets, “and I got caught in the middle of it.” The woofing Renegade punched Clark who sustained a cut over one eye. Clark has not pressed charges against anyone but after he was punched he was bleeding from an annoying place so he called 911 and told the operator he had been punched, was bleeding and needed a paramedic to close the wound. The 911 operator also dispatched a police cruiser to investigate the assault.

When the ambulance did not arrive someone else in the bar called 911 back, explained that Clark needed some stitches and added the detail that the bar owner had been punched while breaking up an argument between Renegades and Outlaws. That was all it took to excite the local police.


According to an Overton County Sheriff’s Department press release the acting shift supervisor, Sergeant Jeremy Carr, “recognized the potential for both civilian and officer harm and requested the Overton County Swat team to be called out to deal with the situation as they have trained in handling similar situations and are equipped to handle them,” Coincidentally, Carr leads the Overton County Swat Team. Yes, Overton County has a Swat Team.

Carr then requested reinforcements from the Putnam County Swat Team and the Livingston, Tennessee Police Department. It must have been an exciting few minutes on the scanner. The Tennessee Highway Patrol and numerous off-duty cops who didn’t want to miss the drama responded, too. “I’ve never seen so many police cars in one place,” Herb Clark told Nick Beres, a reporter for WTVF in Nashville.

There was really nothing to respond to. By the time the police arrived all the Outlaws and all the Renegades had hopped off to their magical rabbit holes. Deputy Brandon Masters or Putnam County officially reported:

“I received a call from Sgt. Rick Smith advising me that the Overton County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance with a disturbance at the motorcycle rally. I was advised that rival motorcycle gangs were possibly involved in an altercation.

“Upon arrival, myself along with several other officers from several agencies staged out on Waterloo Road. I was then advised by Detective Jamie Greenwood that Overton County had requested our Swat team to assist in the investigation of the incident. Myself, Deputies Bo Sherrell, Devin Brown, and Jacob Byrd then went to meet the Overton Swat team at the Hardys Chapel Community Center. We then followed Overton Swat into the rally.

“We secured the bar and perimeter around it. We were then advised that some of the problem bikers were possibly in the woods near the campgrounds. We then assisted Overton Swat in clearing the woods. No one was found in the woods.”

The Bill

To review, bar owner Herb Clark got punched breaking up an argument and called Overton County 911 in hopes of getting his cut stitched up. He had nothing to do with the subsequent drama. Nevertheless, Overton County sent a Swat team. And Putnam County sent a Swat team to keep the Overton County Swat team company.

Afterward the Putnam County Sheriff, an American hero named David Andrews, was so livid you would think he had been punched. He told Mary Jo Denton of the Cookeville Herald-Citizen “The Overton County officers called on us and said they might need help up there, and I reluctantly sent our Swat team, thinking of helping those officers out. But after it was over, I met with the owner of that bar and told him that I would be sending him a bill for our services. I told him the taxpayers of Putnam County would not want to pay his expenses for holding big parties up there so he could make money. I made it clear to him that he would be receiving a bill.”

Last Thursday, WTVF reported that Andrews hadn’t changed his mind. He still felt entitled to send Herb Clark a bill for $1,700 to cover “the pay of the deputies, use of squad cars, mileage, cost of gas, and so on.”

Clark told WTVF that he “disagrees and believes he shouldn’t have to pay the bill because he never called for help.”




36 Responses to “Tennessee Police Shakedown”

  1. Tatted Says:

    The sad part about this whole deal is that junebug boogie 2 is in 2 weeks and the cops will be every where harassing those who do come to the rally to have a good time.

  2. Paladin Says:

    Having read both KPIC.com and Planet Infowars articles, regarding the Cascade Motorcycle Rally, I believe the truth to be somewhere in between the two.

    In general, it would appear that the MCs have been playing a losing game of defense, in law enforcement’s war of propaganda. In order to win (or at least break even), an offense strategy needs to be put in play. So, let’s play a little chess. After all, life is all about the moves.

    The next time an MC wants to attend a rally, they might want to let the promoter know that they (the MC) would like to attend. Assure the promoter that there won’t be any trouble, and if it looks like there will be trouble, caused by others, the MC will leave the rally, so as not to infringe on the rights of others.

    When attending the rally, the members of the MC might want to act in a courteous and respectful manner, toward the other patrons attending the rally, making sure they’re (the members of the MC) not in possession of anything they shouldn’t be in possession of. The members of the MC might also want to make sure their bikes are squared away. At this point, the MC has put the cops in “check”.

    If the MC is going to have a problem with another group, the MC might want to notify the promoter that they (the MC) is leaving the rally and why. Then, the MC needs to walk the talk and leave. Leaving doesn’t make the MC look weak. It gives the MC credibility. It says that the MC is a club of its word, and puts the cops in “check mate”.

    If the cops, for whatever reason, search the MC members or their bikes, they’ll find nothing. While trying to leave the rally, the MC is forced to defend itself, so be it. The members of the MC have the same rights to self defense as anyone else.

    Actions speak louder than words. If the MC attends the rally and trouble doesn’t arise, the MC has made good on its word and gained credibility. If the MC attends the rally and the MC leaves, due to a potential problem, the MC has made good on its word and gained credibility. If the MC attends the rally and attempts to leave, due to a potential problem, but the members of the MC are forced to defend themselves in the process, the MC has tried to make good on its word and has still gained credibility.

    The above set up goes a long way in removing the “he said/she said” from a situation that might arise. It also starts to establish an important chain of credibility for the MC, by showing the citizenry that the MC is a club of its word. It also makes it harder for the cops to M.S.U. (make shit up).

    Long May You Ride,


  3. Grumbler Says:

    Rebel – You could contact another source who was a volunteer at the Run To The Cascades Motorcycle Rally. He’s the brother of the event coordinator, and posted his own story along with his e-mail address:

    BTW, haven’t seen any reports by a single witness to that, uh, incident which corroborates the cops justification for shutting down the rally.

  4. KK Says:

    Uncle Don: Rebel is Switzerland, he is neutral. I like your bait though.


  5. Uncle Don Says:

    Then just ask him Rebel. You know he wouldn’t lie.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Oh, I agree with your point. I just don’t know what happened with this incident. There seems to be one source and he is a local police chief.


  7. Base Says:


    You make a very good point and your words hold wisdom that many with in the two weeled world should follow. Feuds and disagreements can and will rip it up and tear it down. And thats giving “the man” what he wants. Control!

    And it’s not just clubs, there are indipendents out there acting “the fool as well”,,,,All need to police them selves & their peers. There is always a better way, collectively people have to come together and find it.

    Calm resolve is better than a clenched fist!

    And much easier on the body, mind, soul and the furniture.

    Ride Safe,,,

  8. Paladin Says:


    I posted the link to the Oregon fiasco in an attempt to try and illustrate a point. The point being that this fiasco is another, in a long list of MC vs. MC incidents that damage the MCs as well as the so called “biker” lifestyle.

    Over the years, the image of the MC and motorcycle enthusiast has gone from the romanticized, misunderstood biker, to a public nuisance, and if the Feds have there way, will end with the MCs being legally classified as domestic terrorists organizations. If folks have a vision problem and can’t see this happening, I respectfully suggest they buy some glasses.

    There’s always a lot of talk about the dominant MCs restricting the start up of new clubs, due to the perception that a new club might bring undo attention to the existing clubs in the area. Well, it seems that the dominant and existing clubs are doing a pretty good job, all by themselves.

    Please understand, I’m not pointing fingers, or laying blame. However, the fact remains that when the citizenry gets involved, by witnessing differing MC opinions erupt in fistfights, knife fights gunfights, and other feats of daring-do, the crap gets scared out of them. Also, when these “differing opinions” curtail the citizen’s ability to have a good time or make money, like the closing a casino or the shutting down of a rally, folks get pissed. Now, you have a citizenry that’s scared and pissed. So, the citizens round up their pitch forks, light their torches, and start yelling “off with their heads”. The Feds are only too happy to oblige. After all, it’s great publicity, a total win politically, and it’s paid for by the citizenry. For the “law and order” team, there’s no down side. Even if the Feds go to court and lose, they still win, because the MC and its members are financially ruined.

    IMHO, the MCs need to work on developing a positive image, and start one hell of a P.R. campaign. Then, they really need to walk that talk. The violence between the MCs depicted on the Discovery Channel, in the news, and on shows like SOA is far more sensational than any charity or toy run.

    I apologize for the rant. I’ve been on two wheels for almost fifty years. I’ve always liked my “two wheeled Life”. I’m too old to change, and I don’t want to see an end to the MCs.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Yeah. I know. A small town police chief cancelled a festival and a concert because, he says, he knows that some Mongols threatened some Angels in Oregon. It was such a crisis that some tattoo artists who were working the festival had to hurry up or interrupt their work. Blah, blah, blah.

    I’m glad I wasn’t getting a tattoo there.

    If I hadn’t seen so much bullshit about bikers coming out of Oregon for the last four years I might have tried to cover this. What I should write is an account of all the Oregon bullshit. Coconut Dan Horrigan riding around Eugene in his Mongols cut, after the feds tried to confiscate the patch a couple of years ago, wearing his cut with police knowledge and encouragement, trying to scare the local civilians. The comedy of errors when a federal clown and a local clown had a high speed chase in reverse. I got a million of ’em.

    I promise, I’ll write something good tomorrow.


  10. Glenn S. Says:

    They’ve got pictures of me too, and I’m not too worried about the ones I see them taking. It’s the ones I don’t see that bother me. Ah well, if they’re looking at me, they’re missing somebody else.

    We have a unique culture here in upstate SC, its either one extreme (conformist) or the other (rebeliousness). And a proud history.

    My wife and I vacationed in West Palm Beach last year, and the thing that stood out for me was the lack of motorcycles. Can’t understand why, in the land of year around summer, everybody doesn’t ride.

    I guess I’m fortunate to live here. I never thought I’d stay (too heavily policed) but its home.

  11. 11c_infantry Says:

    Eh, they’ve got plenty of pictures of me, my bike, and any other vehicle I happen to be riding in, so Big Brother already knows who I am anyway…nosey bastards.

  12. BigV Says:

    After California, it is apparently the biggest group. Or the biggest group who will admit to Big Brother where we are at.

  13. 11c_infantry Says:

    Didn’t know there were so many other people from the Greenville, SC area on here.

  14. Hermis Says:

    Clowns, straight up fucking clowns! Would have been real entertainment if they accidently shot one another while putting on their show. THAT would be worth paying for!

  15. RVN69 Says:

    If this were not so pathetic it would be hilarious. These fuckers already get paid twice what they are worth, they all are begining to think they are the Marines in Aliens and now they are going to bill you for doing the job they get overpaid to do anyway. FTF, FTP.

    “Potius Mori Quam Foedare”

  16. PigPen Says:

    we were an event in Hickory, sponsored by the local chapter. The local chapter went out of the way to inform the local pd about said event, including filling out required paperwork, because it was going to be so big, they required to use property next door. Even doing ever single thing by the books, we were greeted at the front gate as we were rolling in, the local and the state pork, a parking lot full of their cars, and god knows how many of them taking our pictures as every patch and associate rolled in. And of course the routine security of them driving up and down the street for hours. After the party was said and done, not one arrest, not one issue, not one law broken. I am glad to see the national guard was called out for such a hectic event.

  17. Woodstock Says:

    I had a friend that got shot by the Montgomery Al PD back in the 70s. They chased a car theft suspect into his back yard in the middle of the night. My friend heard noise outside his bedroom window and naturally got up, grabbed a rifle and pulled the shades to see what was going on. Cop on the other side of the window let him have it. Only thing that saved him was the bullet hit the window frame and deflected slightly. He sued the city to recoup his hospital expenses and eventually won but it took years. Oh yeah, some other cops caught the guy they were after a couple of blocks from the guys house. No telling how things would have played out if the fucker had gotten away.
    My take on all this shit is that we have over time, inadvertently circumvented natural selection with all our neat little inventions and created a world full of people that wouldn’t make it if nature had its way. They need cops. Those of us that don’t are atavistic anomalies, obsolete, outdated, and a damn nuisance to have around. Its a bitch livin’ in the wrong time frame for your skill set but there it is.

  18. Rami111 Says:

    Something doesn’t add up. Who calls 911 over a cut above the eye? They’re not going to send out a medic with a band aid. They’re going to send out an ambulance team to transport you to a hospital. It’s going to be an expensive ride. That’s why most people who needed a few stitches would get themselves to a clinic instead. People call 911 because there is an emergency. A serious accident, a heart attack, a fire, or a crime in progress. For example, an assault against a bar owner by his patron(s). If the police responded to such a call and then found the victim unwilling to make a complaint, they might feel their time had been wasted.

  19. DocB Says:

    It all sounds like another Jerry Springer moment

  20. Tim Says:

    sounds like it pissed all of those dumb barny fifes off, they probley had to turn the tube off while watching cops reruns,bars,and businesses pay higher taxes anyway for events to have protection so they can MAKE MONEY,some have to pay for some type of short term Insurance in case something happens to other businesses and county and city property, plus some events have to get a security bond sometimes over a million dollars or more, fucken commies

  21. Glenn S. Says:

    Big V,
    I work near the Red Roof, and was on my way there when it was happening. Fucking cops were everywhere and the TV4 helicopter was in the air. I get to work and everybody was wondering what was going on and checking the local news websites. News said that somebody tried to rape a woman and the cops killed him. Subsequent stories reported the same, and added that the guy had outstanding warrants. Sheriff said that his deputies were heroes. Anybody watching or reading the news would have thought that Greenville’s finest made the place a little safer by killing a rapist.

    A couple of days later, the WHNS TV website reported that they interviewed the dead guy’s fiance and mother. Fiance was there, and told the reporters that the guy had been questioned about the “rape”, but ruled out as a suspect before events that ended up with him killed. Reporters said they sought comment from the sheriff, and he said, more or less: “Well, the guy HAD BEEN an attempted rape suspect. And he had outstanding warrants.” Nothing else was reported about this, and nobody bothered to ask if there was still an attempted rapist at large, or why the cops led the public to believe that the wannabe rapist was dead.

    Obviously, the cops put their desire for good publicity above their supposed primary purpose of keeping the area safe for the citizenry.

    You take care too, Big V, and if you ever see me feel free to say hello.

  22. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Locally they had a fundraiser for the veteran’s memorial under construction. While the city council waived fees so more money could go to the memorial, the chief of police slapped on $5,600+ in police “security” fees after hearing one of the people assisting with the benefit was a member of a 1% club.

    There were at least 50 or so cops from multiple agencies including the county Gang Task Force standing around doing absolutely nothing all day. There were more cop cars on site than car/military vehicle entries in the car show! To top if off, they set up a BBQ grill and turned it into a porker party like it was a great way to enjoy their day of overtime.

    I’d share a link to an article, but after numerous comments calling out the chief of police on this fiasco, the article was removed from the local paper’s web site.

  23. Base Says:

    One of the reasons I have become a bit of a reclusive and selective of functions worth attending is because of other peoples drama.

    But the overwhelming thing in this situation,,,, the cops over reaction. Draw a mental vision of them moving through the woods in tactical formation shouting clear after looking around every tree and under every rock,,, “CLEAR!” CLEAR HERE!” “CLEAR!”

    Then when the blue dogs didn’t get to pile on and cuff someone the big dog got all emotional at the sudden loss of his erection and no discharge he slapped the bar owner with the bill. Real classy!

    But then “excessive” seems to be the name of the game with 5/0. Witnessed 6 cops arresting a 10 year old that became unruley at a one of my kids shool function years ago.

    Hero’s one and all,,,,,

    Not sure it fit’s ,, MaMa Base used to tell me

    “if ya invite the devil hes gonna show up”

    Ride safe

  24. One Eye Says:

    The most frightening part of this story is those are the people outfitted with weapons and given the job of “protecting” John and Jane Q. Good luck with that.

  25. BigV Says:

    I was in town when that happened, Glenn. I have stayed at that location, and there are a bunch of working girls who stay there. I’ve been propositioned more than once. I was sleeping at a campground when that happened, and the woman I was with said that the Greenville cops had really jumped on the military tactics bandwagon about 6 years ago, and every year is progressively worse. The reason I mentioned the working girls is that you’d think the cops would be a little more calm about things at that location.

    Take care out there, man.

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    If you report a fire, the cops will come. If you report a spontanious sinkhole, a woman giving birth on a park bench, or an elderly person who has fallen and cannot get up, the cops will come. And when they get there, they will fuck with people. They will check for outstanding warrants, arrest anybody that has had a lot to drink, and pat everybody down.

    A woman reported an attempted rape at the Red Roof Inn on Laurens Rd., here in Greenville SC a few weeks ago. The cops came and rounded anybody and everybody up, including a particular ex-convict with outstanding warrants. Since the media never said what the warrants were for, one can safely assume that they were for minor bullshit. AFTER determining that the ex-convict had nothing to do with the attempted rape, the cops decided to arrest him and he decided to fight them. He grabbed one deputy’s gun, in the holster, and pulled the trigger, wounding the deputy. The other cops shot him dead. The media reported that the cops had shot and killed the guy that tried to rape a woman at the motel.

    The same day, local cops were called by family members of a suicidal man. Feeling threatened, the cops killed him also.

    The bar owner should have driven himself to the hospital, or had someone drive him. I agree with Woodstock. Don’t call 911 unless somebody is gonna die right then. It never ends well.

  27. JMacK Says:

    Jesus. H. Christ. Stories like this make me want to be a hermit. Fuckin cops. How much are they going to charge when they send someone to collect the money from Scooters when Herb doesn’t pay the bill? Fuckin joke.

  28. Woodstock Says:

    Don’t call the cops and you won’t have to deal with this crap. If you call 911 you are calling the cops. Guy asked for what he got. Never deal with the PIGS.

  29. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s not so much that they’re “hick” pigs, *all* pigs, in every state that has swat faggots, react the same way. It’s that the pigs are a bunch of pussies and every-fucking-one-of-them is on a fucking power trip. They’ve got the gun power and they’re far more sure they can get away with using it than us peons (they don’t realize this peon will *NOT* take their shit!). I’d bet money there wasn’t a limp dick among those faggot punk pigs as they suited up to break up a ‘gang war’. As for the piglet who’s charging a citizen…he can fuck off and die for all I care. This country and this state in particular don’t need faggot punks like him in any position of power with a weapon in his hand. I hope the bar owner takes the shit-stain pig to court for the threat of billing him when it’s not up to the pigs to do such…after all, what the fuck are our taxes doing if they’re sitting on their faggot asses doing nothing except playing with each others’ dicks?

  30. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I’m beyond speechless. Except to say that Putnam County should be billing Overton County, because if I read that right Overton County was the requesting party. I might give that “American Hero” a call tomorrow. While I’m at it, I might dial up their local newspapers and television news folks. I’m sure I will be cured of my speechlessness by then.

  31. BrianF Says:

    ghost asks what’s next???
    Probably shooting your dog and then billing you for the bullet.

  32. ghost Says:

    hick cops charging for “services rendered”, what’s next???

  33. Tooj Says:

    Meh. Tennessee…pity.

  34. PigPen Says:

    speechless…but not really that surprised.

  35. Hose-a 1% Says:

    What a crock of shit.The pigs over react and want to charge for the screwup.ONLY IN AMERICA F.T.P.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F. F.T.P

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