Sinister Mobster Has Short Eyes

Thu, Aug 30, 2012

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Sinister Mobster Has Short Eyes

Biker Reality Tee Vee is a bottomless pit. It was bad enough when the genre was about drama queens who build custom choppers for soulless corporations. It has already fallen much lower than that.

Yesterday afternoon a reality biker named Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn was arrested outside Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California east of San Diego and charged with lewd acts on a minor. Sharon Chen of Fox Television outlet KSWB in San Diego reported last night that police believe Quinn, who is 43, compelled his minor step daughter to fellate him at least six times. Chen reported, “We can tell you she is a child.”

La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass said the offense was against “someone under the age of 18. I’m not going to get into specifics about the case.”

Chen said the investigation into the sexual assault began after police received “information from someone in the family.”

Nicholass said, “We had information from…from a parent that initially gave us some information. The detectives conducted a pretty thorough investigation and…uh…ended up arresting him.” Quinn has been married twice. He fathered four children with his first wife. He has two step children with his second wife Carla who is employed by the San Diego Police Department.

Quinn made bail yesterday and was scheduled to be arraigned today at the East County Regional Center in El Cajon, California.

The Laffing Devils

Quinn was the founder and President of a San Diego area motorcycle club named the Laffing Devils. He was allowed to retire from the club after members learned he was married to a local police officer. The Laffing Devils were dramatized on a Discovery Channel television show called The Devils Ride that aired last spring. The showed portrayed Quinn’s retirement as an expulsion that resulted from a power struggle between competing factions in the club. After the series aired, the Laffing Devils was expelled by the San Diego Confederation of Clubs. That organization encourages peace, harmony and cooperation among dozens of motorcycle clubs in San Diego County.

Discovery promoted the show as: “Life inside one of Southern California’s biggest motorcycle clubs doesn’t come easy…but it’s sure intriguing. For the first time ever, The Laffing Devils allows a never-before-seen look into the gritty world of motorcycle clubs.” Most people who knew anything about motorcycle clubs, including most members of the Laffing Devils, thought the show was hog wash.

Last Spring the show portrayed Quinn starting a new “motorcycle club” called the Sinister Mob Syndicate MC. That “club” is an invention of and property of the production company that invented The Devils Ride, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC. Discovery renewed the show for another season after five episodes.

No Comment

Neither the Discovery Channel nor Bischoff Hervey has issued a statement about Quinn’s arrest. Chen reported that the network did not intend to issue a statement for at least a day.

Yesterday the production company tweeted, “Big congrats to the big man @RustyCoones for his upcoming role in SOA!!!! Well deserved, talented guy. Kick Ass!” The tweet refers to retired Hells Angel, bike builder and musician Rusty Coones. Coones appeared in two episodes of The Devils Ride and will appear in one episode of the hit biker show Sons of Anarchy this year.

While not mentioning Quinn’s arrest directly, the production company did message two commenters with the twitter handles “@Sandmanldmc” and “@BubbaFVF.” Bishoff Hervey told them,  “we know there is serious and real issues here, production starts very soon….both of you keep it professional.”

Eric Bischoff, who co-founded Bischoff Hervey, is the author of a best selling book titled Controversy Creates Cash.

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  1. ghost Says:

    fuck this CHOMO piece of shit, fuck the devils ride, and fuck all the idiot losers that could make such a piece of shit show and all it’s actors a sad reality…

  2. Tooj Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Should be interesting to watch the spin. Wonder how the ex is taking it?

    At least we get a clear picture of what this pedo meant by bounty hunting.

  3. BigV Says:

    God help me here, but:

    A step-child can and will say just about anything to fuck over a step-parent who they don’t like.

    If the mother was wanting out of the marriage, angry about the psuedo-biker lifestyle fucking up her promotions in the PD, she might pull anything. Some women, if scorned, will do anything.

    The other thing is, as a biker, even just playing one on tv, you’re automatically guilty no matter what you’re accused of, in the eyes of the law.

    Now, if he did it, fuck him. But likely the only people who really do know are Gyspy, the child, and God.

    I don’t expect justice to prevail in our system, either way.

  4. ghost Says:

    this loser has four biological kids that are probrobly all very proud of their dad, who is a biker and on tee vee, they have probrobly told all their friends who their dad is, and what he does, now they get to be ridiculed and explain why daddy is such a scum bag, and let their step sister suck him off repeatedly…

  5. ghost Says:

    i agree that justice probrobly won’t prevail either way

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    I wonder if it was the SDPD wife or her ex who was the “parent that initially gave us some information.” If it wasn’t so terrible, for the kid, I’d be “laffin.” Be interesting to see if this controver$y create$ ca$h. I’m sure the spin doctors for the Discovery Channel and for Bischoff Hervey are hard at work. Sad, sick shit.

    Good job as always, Rebel. Thanks,

  7. ghost Says:

    let’s examine all the celebrity bikers of the last decade

    billy lane kills a guy driving drunk on a suspended license gets 6 years in prison (built bad ass bike in prison also)

    indian larry kills himself surfing his bike

    daddy and paulie tuetle had a very public feud going for some time

    jesse james was fucking everything with a vagina and embarassed americas sweet heart sandra bullock

    doc cavaszos and family are done

    most of the celebrity bike builders are out of buisness

    now tommy chomo quinn is accused of step daughter molestation

    maybe thats why they call it entertainment (let me know if i left anyone out)

  8. Tooj Says:

    Top Rocker: “The Horny Pedos”

    Patch: Pedo-Bear (google image search}

    Bottom Territory Rocker: “Your Child’s Pants”

    Yeah, but I am seriously doubting that a child will say ANYthing just to get at someone. I mean, she is going to create a story that she is a Step-Daddy peter puffer? Yep, you see this sort of thing in a movie of the week.

    Either way, the added “celebrity” of television won’t help a single biker, justice or not. There’s another label we need. Thanks, Discovery Channel.

  9. ghost Says:

    whether he did or didn’t this guy is famous and now has the dark molester cloud that will follow him for life, maybe if he gets convicted and does time him and jerry sandusky could be pen pals..

  10. ghost Says:

    the girl might of done it to get attention, but i doubt she made it up.if there wasn’t some truth to it there would probrobly be a strong denial coming from somewhere

  11. Base Says:

    Time will tell,

    Agree,,, shameful that kids will be dragged through this. The vengeful ex-wife/step-daughter is a very real possibility.

    Also real possibility being attached to the biker life-style he would be found guilty with little or no evidence. Even if he walks the stigma will forever be his. Like the show wasn’t bad enough!

    But as Big V stated the only people that know the truth is Quinn & the girl.

    If he did it,,,,may justice be served up cold.

  12. ghost Says:

    rebel one of my comments on this thread has been in moderation since i posted it almost six hours ago.. i hope it’s not to controversial,
    just a list of truth about celebrity bikers and their shennanigans over the years please post it thank you ~ghost~

    p.s. i think i mis-understood what you said to me earlier today.
    i like this site and don’t want to be considered a problem child,
    i just say what i think or know and operate on the basis of the truth.
    have a good night

  13. Bill Says:

    This whole thing was bizarre enough to begin with, almost literally unbelievable. It was a consciousness stretcher just to decide what was real and what wasn’t, sort of like an optical illusion, or The Mystery Spot, or something. But this? Could anyone have possibly seen this coming? Well, horrifyingly enough, it IS possible this was either trumped up, or actually committed, deliberately, JUST for publicity, i.e., money. After all, “Eric Bischoff, who co-founded Bischoff Hervey, is the author of a best selling book titled Controversy Creates Cash.” It certainly wouldn’t be the first time in history “entertainment” has crossed the line in search of maximum popularity. The Circus of Rome comes to mind. I mean, obviously, it’s not good for Gipsy, or the girl, or real bikers everywhere, but everyone else here looks pretty “good”, if you squint just right and hold your nose and see only the money.

  14. (btb) back to basics Says:

    In no defense of Gypsy, we all know many people have been falsely accused, tried and convicted. Many of Rebel’s articles are about the injustice done to others.

    Just because the cops said …..
    “We had information from…from a parent that initially gave us some information. The detectives conducted a pretty thorough investigation and…uh…ended up arresting him.”

    We all know it is common practice for the cops to lie.

  15. One Eye Says:

    “Controversy Creates Cash”
    Jeepers Eric, you have a wonderful grasp of the obvious. I can’t wait for the sequel, “If you Let It, Gravity Will Bring You Down.”

  16. Base Says:

    “Damn it Rebel your loud pipes wouldn’t let me sleep!”

    Woke early this morning with this story on my mind. Mostly because hate to read/hear anything that pertains to harm of a child, well any innocent or another person really.There have been other post on this site that have caused loss of sleep. But some things hit closer to home than others, and I really do have a strong dislike of dirtbags. And if Quinn did it,hes a dirtbag.

    When reading a post like this it is hard not to have foredeem toward a certain percentage of the human population and let personal bias over ride good sense, causing one to pass early judgment towards another with out all the facts.I have witnessed what that train of thought can do.

    So after waking at 3 this morning, jumped on the bike and went for a ride. It always clears the mind and bring things more into focus.

    Understanding in Hollywood, many are willing to destroy anothers life for personal gain. Well, it’s not just Hollywood, I know people like that at work! Falls inline with dirtbaggery,,,

    And being that the producers of this show “Devils Ride” obviously have some stroke with local law enforcment. The beating filmed and then placed on TV by no less than 3 of the cast or crew of that production. Believe it was Ashi Feltcher a free lance photog they attacked. And no charges were filed. Unless they have been since?

    It does make you wonder if this is not fabricated just to build some hype around the show. Although do not really see the benifit of this sort of anouncement. But then they do call it Hollyweird for a reason.

    Not quotes,,,
    Bill said, squint, hold your nose & just see the money.

    BTB also- cops lie.

    Both very possible.

    Read up on several child abuse/molestation cases in almost all thoes cases when initially reported there was lack of detail about what contact was made, where in this case they say exactlly what contact was made.The detail in cases reviewed came out in follow up articles, but in a few no more detail was ever given.

    Plenty of questions so few answers.

    But as stated in earlier post, if he did it, my justice be served up cold….

  17. hans Says:

    I hate to say it but its probably just another sad peice of shit publicity stunt to drag down the dago biker community. All the fukin commotion in east county, half a dozen deputies & C-H-P when the laffing devils filmed 1 of their half baked episodes….. Dicksovery channel at it again.

    If it is true he will pay his dues.


  18. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    A few odd things… Only one TV news station in the area has reported this. As of this morning, the primary newspaper in the area hasn’t run a story (at least not one I could find on their website). San Diego Superior Court calendars for yesterday, today, and Tuesday don’t have his name listed (if I know my timelines, he would have to go for arraignment no later than today), and the DA’s website had no filings listed for his name. I suppose its possible that he was arrested, interviewed, and released (don’t you have to actually go to Court before bail is set?)… And then the cops would submit the case out of custody, which changes the time factor for filing of actual charges by the DA. Possible… But likely? Not to mention, the child must not reside in the home (maybe with her dad??) Because there is no way he would be released if she actually resides there. A story on the FOX 5 website has a comment posted by someone who alleges the family “covered up” other similar issues.

    It seems so very odd to me that there is practically no information available. Odd enough to make me wonder if this is really some kind of uber-sick stunt. And, if this is true… There is no justice available for that child. No REAL justice.

  19. Base Says:


    Searched this story this morning also and found only the station Fox5 also. I live in South West and there is nothing here or nationally that I could find. Does seem odd nothing on record.

  20. DesertH-D Says:

    Something makes me think this might be going the other direction… As in, there’s not much coverage because the producers are using their juice to keep other outlets from covering it. Which, if correct, means the fucker did it. And then they use their juice with the cops/DA to keep it out of court docs as long as possible.

    But of course, just enough info slips out to generate interest and buzz… Hence we’re talking about it, but we can’t find any REAL info about it.

    Is it possible the situation is truly that fucked up?? Or am I being overly cynical again?

  21. AMBER Says:

    world record turd.. punk bitch ..

  22. RVN69 Says:

    I’m with BigV on this, I’ve had a friend who was accused of child abuse by his stepdaughter. It later came out at trial that the States Attorney had gone forward with charges with no evidence other than her word which she later changed. The stepdaughter had previously accused her biological mother with child abuse, another false charge. The real reason was she wanted to go live with her biological father who let her live with her 21 year old boyfriend (she was 14) provided her with dope and booze and gave her no rules. Stepdad and Mom made her study and keep a curfew.

    If it turns out he did it I hope he enjoys jail!

    “Sometimes the majority just means all the fools are on the same side.”

  23. Stevo Says:

    As BTB said, sagely, he’s innocent until proven guilty. I also know a guy who was falsely accused of child abuse by a malicious relative…and it ruined his life. However, if he DID do it, I hope he dies a painful death and then rots in HELL.

  24. Grumbler Says:

    Quinn, 43, was booked into San Diego Central Jail but posted bail Wednesday, according to La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass and jail records.

    Was reported by 10news dot com. The pop-up spam riddled examiner dot com reported the arrest as did lamesapatch dot com … ditto at fox5sandiego dot com as mentioned in other posts. That’s a total of 4 media sources so far.

    BTW, I cannot imagine anyone, including the jockey shifting cigar aficionado Thomas Quinn, agreeing to go along with a totally fabricated lewd acts on a minor publicity stunt for a reality tv show.

    Whether he actually forced his stepdaughter to fellate his pecker is highly probable although there’s the slim possibility that the stepdaughter, whom we know nothing about, is getting back at him for nothing more than an adversarial relationship. I personally think he’s quilty, but haven’t slipped the hangman’s noose around his neck yet.

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Stevo,

    Tommy Quinn is innocent until proven guilty. He seems to have been turned in by his wife, the cop. And, this guy sure seems to have done a lot of damage to any number of people and in the San Diego area so I don’t think he is a particularly sympathetic guy.


  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear DesertH-D,

    I think there is minimal coverage because most people have absolutely no idea who Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn is.


  27. ghost Says:

    let’s examine the celebrity bikers of the last ten years

    indian larry kills himself surfing bis bike

    billy lane kills a man driving drunk on a suspended license
    gets 6 years in prison (builds ground up custom in prison)

    daddy and lil paulie tueutul are fucking retards and have a very public fued for years

    jesse james was fucking everything with a vagina and humiliated americas sweet heart sandra bullock, which in my opinion wasn’t that bad, it was the tee vee interview and all the lame shit he did in the aftermath that i thought was lame..

    the cops put a lid on doc cavazos and family, their done..

    most of the “celebrity bike builders” are out of buisness..

    now we got tommy “chomo” quinn one time leader of the gayest bunch of lames ever to hit tee vee land, checking his step daughters toncils with his penis…

    and the winner is…. you be the judge

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Base,

    I don’t know the guy but at a glance Eric Bischoff doesn’t appear to be subtle like that to me.


  29. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Wow! When you think this whole thing can’t get any more freakish. But, after my original reaction of “what a sick baby raper”, I have to agree with BigV in the fact that there is always a possibility of something else going on. That is a label that is applied to people that “they” want to destroy (Charles Dyer comes to mind) as who wants to stand up and support a pedo, even just an “alleged” one. Although, if the kid is older it’s a little harder to imagine them going along with such a situation knowing the whispers in the school halls they will be subjected to. So, I really just can’t call it one way or another and luckily it’s not on me to determine guilt or innocence. This is just some sick stuff no matter how it turns out though.

  30. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    The big question on my mind though… was the warrant typed in Comic Sans font?

  31. SingSing Says:

    I agree with Big V and Tooj….ANY stepchild can just spout off any accusation to really screw a STEP parent……..the most DANGEROUS thing in the world for a step dad is a 15 yr old girl who just wont listen to curfew rules, or “loves” her asshole scumbag boyfriend or whatever. Either way this clown is fucked. Karma does come round the corner and it brings a big fuckin hammer…

  32. Shyster Says:

    I 100% respect all opinions here but some of you scare the shit out of me. I would wager that most who read and post here truly are of the opinion that MC patch holders are not, will not, and have never been “gang members” even though the prosecutors, Feds, local cops, etc … exploit the label in search warrant affidavits, complaints, informations, RICO charges, … So if you were on trial for any underlying crime with a gang enhancement added to it simply because you are a member of a MC that the pigs/DA allege is a Gang would you want the jury to say “if he was arrested and charged with being a gang member then he must be a gang member!”

    But the second this fucker Quinn gets arrested for a crime you have an issue with he is Guilty until Proven Innocent?! That double standard does not live in my house. Fuck Chomo’s and all sex offenders as I will be to first to cast the first stone at he or she who is convicted of such crimes.

    But these are just allegations. I hope I see you who already have him guilty as charged in my next jury pool cuz you gotta go. no one in this Country can get a fair trial with mindsets like yours. No disrespect. Have a great weekend.


  33. (btb) back to basics Says:

    I DON’T believe a cop or DA anymore then I believe a teenager. Now days, all someone has to do is throw out an accusation and it becomes a game of proving innocence. In the past I have been falsely accused (not of sex crimes) and had to prove my innocence. It cost me LOTS of money and when proven they lied, I never saw any follow-up articles in the press saying the cops and DA fabricated a case. I hate people that prey on children. I also hate people that will believe everything they hear. If I lower myself to that standard, WE ARE ALL FUCKED. The government and press sure as hell don’t cast a good light on BIKERS when discussing us.

    I personally have so much suppressed anger that I would love to have someone or something to unleash on. Fortunately, I have learned to not act impulsively.

  34. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Well, I think cop protection in SD is over for this show….Nobody likes a pedophile….Unless you are a fan of Michael Jackson.

  35. ghost Says:

    i don’t beleive cops, da’s, or young girls either,and i don’t beleive much of anything that i hear about anything, with that said, in most instances the truth starts to seep out and then one can see a pattern
    to what someone is really all about.. if you watched any episodes of the devil’s ride then you must of realized this guy is a choad..
    this guy as prez of an mc sold out his club to people involved in wrastlin, then it’s said that the real reason he quit or was forced out of his club was that his wife is a cop, well A:they are definitly
    not 1%ers, so it shouldn’t of really mattered(some 1% clubs allow former cops in their membership the pagans have had several, that guy gorilla was a philly cop at one time)B: i’m sure everyone knew that his wife was a cop, he was the p for over 5 years. yesterday after hearing about this and before rebel posted his story, i went to the channel five news website and read their little story, some one who sounded like they had some solid info had posted a long comment stating that this guy is a piece of shit, that the family had hidden,
    or covered up shit like this before.. that he was bilking family members for money, and blah, blah, blah, my opinion looking at the big picture is that the guy at the very least is a douche bag, and probrobly did something with or too the under age girl, i’m thinking that it was along the lines of a mutual thing and for what ever reason the girl snitched him off to mamma who’s a cop and she took it to whoever, and now we all have something to bulshit about for a while
    i don’t think anyone would be involved in some kind of molester hoax for tee vee ratings, that doesn’t make any sense to me.. but what the hell do i know!!!

  36. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Well, again: nothing on calendar in the Courts, and no filing by the DA. At this point, there is only an oft-regurgitated news blurb and, for lack of a better phrase, “alleged allegations.”. Whether or not the guy is a scumbag is hardly arguable, as Rebel has already pointed out. Whether or not he has a penchant for little girls is now in the hands of the system. The hoax thing doesn’t make sense to me, either… But the lack of what is normally public information is a mystery. Even a “gag order” from a judge can’t delete entries from arrest logs and court calendars. It’s quite possible that Mr. Quinn was arrested and released, and also possible that the alleged case hasn’t been and won’t be submitted by police to the DA. But the arrest, specific allegations, and detention should be public record, as is DOJ submission of DNA sampling required for any felony arrest. So… It’s just odd.

  37. Base Says:


    My thoughts also, kind of in a wait & see mode. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty.

    As stated have been witness to the devistation rushing to judgment before all the facts are known, what it can do to families and a community.

  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ol’LadyRider,

    The lack of documents online doesn’t mean anything. The ledger entry for his arrest is a public document and it is in a book at the La Mesa Police Department for public viewing during business hours. His current wife has obvious suction (no pun intended) so it is kinda possible that the police in Dago are giving her her respect. If he was processed and released, there would be no public record. I don’t know if he was arraigned today or not. There is no online record of a charge being filed. Practically nothing in Dago is online. He would get his DNA sample taken after he is charged.

    In my experience, the lack of available information is customary and not unusual. State cases are the hardest to cover. Federal cases are the easiest. Some state cases are harder than others. For example, a state case in Vegas is easier to cover than a state case in Dago. And, this is a state case in Dago that has a minor victim. Courts everywhere take pains to protect minors.

    Some of this stuff takes me months to find out. And sometimes the stuff I find out is “embargoed” by whoever slips it to me. Like I have been sitting on documents from one well known and ongoing case since January. If I say what I know, I burn the source. Worse, I may burn his source.

    From the twitters yesterday,I think the production company thinks the stuation is serious. And, from what I have been told by his former club brothers, including guys who were in the show, Tommy Quinn is an asshole. Finally, the Fox outlet in Dago gave their story play and they have not yet run a retraction or correction. They don’t act like they were wrong. They, and everybody else in San Diego news, acts like they have been politely asked by regular police sources to cool it on this one.


  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear ghost,

    Or, the theory du jour is, the teenage girl let her father know about it. And Dad stared at his handgun for about ten minutes before he decided the smart move was to call the cops.


  40. ghost Says:


    hadn’t even thought of that angle, i must be slippin!!
    went back and read the post on the channel five story, whoever posted sounded credible and stated that he had done this to a niece of his
    and the family covered it up to protect his career(i’m assuming that means his marine corps career, since what he’s doing now barely qualifys as a job) then a poster on another thread is saying he
    was cheating on the cop.. i don’t know about you but i’m seeing a pattern here!!! rebel i enjoy your work, and this site, have a great day!!! ~ghost~

  41. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Thank you for the new perspective. DA filed cases and Court calendars are available online. The Union-Tribune also reports arrests made by city. Those, and the “Who’s in Jail” websites were the only ones I checked. It was my understanding that for adults, every felony booking, regardless of whether actual charges are filed, will result in DNA sampling, but that may have changed. Judging by your detailed writing, I have no doubt that your resources are much deeper than what I can find on the ‘net with my phone and your experiences with trying to get info ’round these parts makes it seem not so mysterious. I can see the “professional courtesy” angle, now that you’ve pointed it out, and it makes sense.

    Now I’m going to stop giving Mr. Quinn free rent in my head and start reading “Out Bad,” which arrived today. I think the promised result was metamorphing into an Angelina Jolie look-alike?? Or something like that…

  42. Wretched man Says:

    Thanks Rebel for your insights & uncompromising reporting, HUGE RESPECT.

    I was reading this post & thinking, irrespective of whether or not Mr Quinn is guilty or not, he’s screwed.
    In your article on the Georgia Outlaws Case (Aug 16th) you listed ‘other defendanrs’ & what really disturbed me was the termanolagy used “conspired to possess methamphetamine” & “conspiring to possess cocaine”. While I understand conspiring to distribute (implying ownership/possesion of said substance) it confuses (& quite frankly scares me) that anyone can be charged with “intent/conspiring to possess”.
    So in my little pea brain I’m thinking if they can’t get any evidence they can charge him with intending/conspiring to commit an indecent assault.
    So what is next? Pulled over by LEO & given a ticket for conspiring to break the speed limit? This is some cray stuff, but i do acknowledge that my understanding of your legal/judicial system & their terminolgy is not good seeing as I’m only a visitor. Am I reading this wrong? (with regards to Georgia Outlaws: charged with conspiring to possess. can they really do that? If so then everyone is guilty of conspiring to do something the “State” doesnt approve of!)

  43. ghost Says:

    conspiracy of anything simply means discussing something,if you sell marijuana, and i ask to buy a joint and you tell me that your out for now, we just conspired. i conspired to buy , you conspired to sell..
    that’s it and that’s all. now if some snitch hears that conversation and testifys your screwed, or if where ever we are talking is bugged were both fucked.. pretty scary huh!!!

  44. Wretched man Says:

    @ Ghost
    Gotcha, loud & clear.

    You’re right, that is pretty scary, so I suppose even a dumbass (like me) who keeps his mouth shut can be considered a wise man.


  45. ghost Says:

    never say anyhting

  46. hans Says:

    You know everyone who brought up the theory that he is innocent until proven guilty has a point. Someone can simply stroll in to a police station and spit out a story like this and you are guilty until proven innocent.
    I can see it now season 2 will have “gypsy” saying he is innocent and it is a setup, etc. etc………..
    Face it they were out of material at the start. These knuckleheads were given a full police escort when they were out in dago “east county” True 1%ers for sure!
    Wonder if they will get one now.

  47. Bill Says:

    Ghost says: “and now we all have something to bullshit about for a while.”
    I think that about sums it up. I mean, there’s usually SOMEthing to b.s. about, but every now and again something clearly rises to the top of the pile.

  48. Sd local Says:

    The case is being reviewed by a District Attorney in East County-El Cajon. Being reviewed by Family Protection Division-which means the victim is younger than 14. No court dates until they decide to file charges. The 72 hour rule for arraignment does’nt apply cause he bailed out.No DNA unless he is convicted. Mouth swabs are done for purposes of evidence.

  49. Stevo Says:

    Hi Rebel,

    I am not saying that Quinn deserves sympathy, he’s apparently a fool who seems to shit on all and sundry. Elsewhere on your site one of his ex ‘brothers’ is ratting him out for allsorts including adultery and he’s caused immesurable damage to our culture. He’s obviously a douche. But innocent until proven guily is fundamental to freedom in my opinion, although I am just a believer in freedom and you are a crusader for freedom so please don’t think I’m preaching at you, you have my utmost respect..

  50. Glenn S. Says:

    I had a neighbor once that was charged with child molestation. His 14-year-old stepdaughter said he raped her a number of times and he was charged and locked up based on that accusation. His fellow prisoners beat the shit out of him and he was hospitalized, and then his elderly parents mortgaged their house to hire a bondsman and a lawyer. While out on bond, his wife managed to get a court order forbiding his parents from allowing him into the family home, and also forbidding them from kicking her, the wife, out. He ended up sleeping in the woods since he lost his job based on the accusation. His lawyer advised him to plead guilty.

    The accuser had lied about such matters before. She had once reported to DSS that the entire neighborhood was made up of a group of devil worshipers that used her body on an alter, as kind of a sacrifice. The cops took that accusation seriously, thouroughly investigated, and found no merit to the accusation.

    Many of the women of the neighborhood had once visited the family to tell them to keep the 14-year-old girl away from their husbands because she was offering them pussy. When I got out of prison in ’95, the first thing I heard was to make sure it could never be said that I was alone with this girl, because she liked to make up accusations.

    Despite all this, everyone believed the stepfather was guilty. I’m not very proud of the fact that I believed it too. He “looked like a child molester”.

    After the accusation and arrest, the accuser was put into a lavish foster home just for victims of abuse. Her standard of living got a lot better. But then she started acting out and she was moved to a place for children with behavioral problems. She called her mom to get her out but her mom refused. Then the girl told her caseworker that she had made the whole thing up at her mom’s request, after the two of them had watched a Lifetime movie where a child-victim had been adopted by a wealthy couple. Turns out that mommy had a guy on the side, and he had refused to move mommy in with the kid.

    The charges were dismissed, mommy got 5 years probation, but the accused’s parents had a brand new mortgage during their retirement years.

  51. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    If you ride a motorcycle, don’t marry a LEO (unless you are pork yourself — IOFFIO).

    YYZ Skinhead

  52. ghost Says:

    @glenn s

    that just solidifys what i’ve always known, most women are deranged whores, the ones that aren’t are taken, and you would have to be at least a retard to take on some step kids under the best of circumstances, i came from a fucked up white trash family and the one recurring thought i had as a kid and that lingers to this day is, i would rather have nothing and no-one than some fucked up bullshit, and you can apply that to anything!!! hope your well ~ghost~

  53. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Cmon, even the ones who are taken are deranged whores. Like all the rest of us. :D

    YYZ Skinhead

  54. ghost Says:


    true that, it always amazed me what people accept, or put up with, or put on the line to get layed.. i know that i’m a deranged asshole,and became a real piece of shit for awhile due to dope and alcohol, but no matter how low i got on a personal level, i never tried to destroy anyones life through lies and deceit, especially on some bullsit like what this thread is about,there are plenty of willing whores on this earth not to be molesting kids or raping someone that doesn’t want to have sex with you….

  55. happy Says:

    I think he got her to do it because he was too short to achieve his true goal – sucking his own dick. And if it isn’t true, he already crossed the line beyond which there could ever be earned or deserved sympathy.

  56. (btb) back to basics Says:

    I don’t know if all the reports about Gypsy are true or not, so, I will refrain from forming a final opinion on the matter.

    In my world and how I have raised my boys, a man’s character is everything. He is loyal to his family, his brothers and his friends. We do not put others in the position to have to lie for us to cover up shit we are doing. I have always believed… If your o’ lady can’t trust you… how can I trust your loyalty to me or the club. We are supposed to protect our wives/girlfriends, children, grandchildren, the elderly, the handicapped and those that are weaker then we are.

    If you are willing to sell your soul and compromise your character, you will sell me and the club out just as easily.

    Are my standards too high? They aren’t for me.

    I don’t want to prejudge because I hate mother fuckers prejudging me. What I do know is that I am very grateful that my o’ lady, my kids and my grandkids haven’t had to experience the betrayal being discussed here lately.

  57. Wretched man Says:

    @ btb
    Well spoken. Your standards are the standards many of us should be aspiring to.
    Trust is earned & is to be honoured. I too was brought up to look out for others, especially those unable to look out for themselves.

    Prejudice sucks, & as evil as it is, it is reality, (as “Glen S” highlighted) & there are undoubtedly many men who’ve been caged for crimes they never committed. How many wrongful imprisonments have been overturned by DNA evidence alone…
    Betrayal is even more devastating when it stems from those you have sacrificed your time/effort for.
    I too refrain from passing judgement at this stage, but whichever way this plays out that stigma will linger long, for all involved.
    Sad, sad, sad.

  58. Glenn S. Says:

    btb, your standards sound like good ones to me. One thing is for certain regarding this story. SOMEONE was disloyal.

  59. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    To SD Local: thank you.

    To BTB: I have come to respect you since finding this site, especially after your last comment. Thank you.

  60. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Ol’LadyRider…

    Thank you. There are many here on this site who I have respect for. We may wear different patches and live in different locations, still, we share the common bond of fighting for what is just and right. That also includes many here who have no club affiliation.

  61. Base Says:

    (btb)- back to basics

    I have 2 kids & 2 god-childrean 16>21 years of age. Somthing we have done since the oldest has been old enough to read is post coments,qoutes or dialouge from notable people from history & modern times.

    It’s always somthing that is realative to how we as a person should go about our lives.Often times I find the quote, but they find them also, who ever finds the quote always write it out on paper never copy.

    We post a copy on the house bulletin board and when in school such as now they write it in their ledgers.The same for god-kid’s. We read it aloud to our selves or one another couple times a day. One of my god-kids lives locally and I hand deliver his, the other moved away due to fathers employment but I mail his to him.

    It is your quote posting,delivering & mailing today,,,,

    In my world and how I have raised my boys, a man’s character is everything. He is loyal to his family, his brothers and his friends. We do not put others in the position to have to lie for us to cover up shit we are doing. I have always believed… If your o’ lady can’t trust you… how can I trust your loyalty to me or the club. We are supposed to protect our wives/girlfriends, children, grandchildren, the elderly, the handicapped and those that are weaker then we are.

    If you are willing to sell your soul and compromise your character, you will sell me and the club out just as easily.

    Are my standards too high? They aren’t for me.

    Author: (btb) back to basic/web site:

    Even though one of them is a female we never change the text. We leave it as the author wrote it.It’s not often am able to thank the author, but thank you and hope you do not mind me sharing your words and wisdom.


  62. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Base…

    I take care of my 89 yr old father. My mother passed away in 07. He happened to walk in while I was reading your post and asked me if I was ok. I told him… yea dad, I just have something in my eye. Your words touched me. You see my friend, I had good teachers and role models. My dad & mom.

  63. One Eye Says:

    @btb: They way it should be. Amen and amen.

  64. SDRider Says:

    The fact Gipsy’s wife was a cop was known by all, it wasn’t a secret from the moment they started dating to getting married.

    There is no doubt that in the MC community in SD that they screwed the pooch on a astronomical scale with this whole TV deal.

    I have to say that I’m saddened by the members that are caught in the middle that NEVER appeared on camera and hope that they can be assimilated into a respected club (some left before the show aired and are doing well in other clubs as prospects/new patch holders).

    the rumors are flying, and now this new news event (which is odd because only 1 news channel here covered it) does more to dirty the MC world as a whole regardless to the damage already done by the LDMC.

    It was a good thing when it first began, but the desire for the 15 minutes of fame not only destroyed it, and also smeared the MC community as well, which is the biggest shame.

  65. Base Says:

    (btb)back to basics,,,

    Condolences on the loss of your mother, you honor her & your father well by passing on what they taught you to your children & grand children.

    My kids asked that I pass onto you they liked the latest house quote because it came from a person more like us.

    Knowing my kids they are both very honest and respectful so know it is with good intentions and a compliment.

    Respects to you & yours


  66. Grumbler Says:

    @(btb) back to basics – You unequivocally exemplify let your conscience be your guide. Respects.

  67. Base Says:

    Did a search on this story again this morning notice couple other stations have picked up on it but looks to be mostly local to the area. A co-worker said she saw a short run of it buried in in Dalas,Ft Worth paper while he was visiting family there this week end. Not confirmed!

    Does Discovery have enough stroke to supress this story?

  68. SDRider Says:

    Base, I highly doubt that.

    I have a qustion though (slightly on topic)…

    The PWMC incident at the local bar…

    That bar was the second or 3rd stop on a poker run hosted by the LD’s, when we got there, 1 or 2 sheriff cars, a fire engine, and an ambulance were in front. They had the bar blocked off and said when they were done they’d let us in. When we went in, there were NO Patch holders inside, and about 3 or 4 LD hang arounds and maybe a prospect. Where did the whole PW stealing 2 cuts come around? Yes there were maybe 5 or so “regular” patrons but all the patch holders for the devils were outside.

    In the meantime my nosy self walked over to where the cops were talking with some other folk and overheard ” A PeckerWood saw them and came in to see what was up, he kicked the crap out of 3 guys by himself.” At no time was theft mentioned, and the 2 hang arounds that I saw didn’t want treatment, just left alone. (and yes, they had bruised faces). The PW patchholder was apparently already gone (via policecar maybe, dunno). After about 10 minutes or so of standing in the parking lot we were let in. The Devils went into the back area and had a little “conference” with the 2 hang arounds and then it was poker run business as usual. So my question is this (the law enforcement charges aside, cuz it’s a gimme) When did the whole taking cuts and stuff all stem from? This whole thing was blown up big time from a “bar scuffle” to RICO charges and grand theft over the last few months.

    And according to local news, Quinn pulled strings with his old bail bonds company and got bailed out in 2 hours after his arrest. I cannot find ANYTHING about him being arraigned Friday (so thinking it was postponed til after the holiday weekend?) The way the cop was during the interview, I’d bet my next paycheck that the “parent” that reported it, was his wife.

    I’ve known Quinn almost a decade, and if these allegations are true, the hottest depths of hell are awaiting him, justly.

  69. pretjah Says:

    i wonder if this was the step daughter or if this is an actress for the show?

    *-rebel or other administrator of site….if you dont want that pic up please feel free to delete this post. dont want any trouble…just curious about this story.

  70. ghost Says:

    @sd rider

    i’m just curious, you say you’ve known quinn for ten years, are you just casual aquaintances, or are you really good friends, if you are good friends then do you really think he did this or not, i also realize that you can really never know anyone.. as far as the peckerwood thing goes, someone had to tell the police who the guy was or give a description of him to the po po’s, then someone had to press charges, and, or, fill out a statement or complaint.. someone snitched and that’s the bottom line.. plus if one guy beat up three people then they are pussy’s and deserve another beating.. anyway just curous about your opinion on el chomo…

  71. SDRider Says:


    I’ve heard a lot of rumors about things he’s done but never witnessed, but I never would have thought that he could stoop to this kind of thing. Is it possible? yes, as you said, you can never really know someone. We were friends, I was at his wedding, but not like hanging out every weekend friends, does that answer your question?

  72. Glenn S. Says:

    YYZ Skinhead said: “If you ride a motorcycle, don’t marry a LEO (unless you are pork yourself — IOFFIO).”

    Shit, if you breathe air, do not marry LEO. When it ends, it ends badly.

    I was in jail in 1984 with a guy that was married to a female cop. He was a citizen of the mild mannered variety. When the marriage went bad, he left, and then later went back to get his stuff. The father-in-law was there, he had a gun, and as the newspapers say, a scuffle ensued. Estranged husband ended up with the gun and he made the father-in-law load his stuff in his car. Under SC law, this was kidnapping. He got 30 years. While in jail, he tried to hang himself. I stopped him when everybody else wanted to watch him die. I have sort of a soft spot for people not in the life, but inoffensive to those who are, who get caught up in it in such a manner. Eventually, they sent him to the state hospital for a mental health evaluation. My understanding is that he went to one of the less hard-core prisons (Dutchman, rather than Perry, where I was sent with 10 years. Somebody must have had a little humanity. That guy would have had a really hard time at Perry.)

    The fucking cops poison everything they touch. So do baby rapers. The truth of the matter will probably never come out.

  73. ghost Says:

    @sd rider

    sure thanks for answering.. general concensus he probrobly did it!!!

  74. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I’ve also had a casual acquaintance with Mr. Quinn since he started LD, at which time he introduced his club as “recently divorced guys enjoying our freedom.”. The choice of their club colors was a topic of discussion for a while, but of course that was none of my business. I was also at the wedding, and the fact of his wife’s employment was known, at least to many, at the time. He has always been polite to me, but in the few actual conversations I have had with him, I noticed that he seemed to embellish certain things, and possibly outright lie about others (my gut tells me this, nothing else). I was also participating in the poker run (alone, no one from my husband’s club participated for obvious reasons), and was told by a friend to leave because “bad shit was happening” and I was already under scrutiny from y employer for my “lifestyle and associations.”. I did not see anything happen, but did notice that a large group was parking bikes as I was leaving. I can’t even speculate whether or not the allegations against him are true. But I can say there is something dark about him that never sat well with me, again just in my gut. I’m known to be rather anti-social and paranoid, so that isn’t a rare thing… But I do trust my gut. Regardless of any truth or falsity of the allegations, I can say that his family is, and will continue, to suffer from this, and so will our community and his former club brothers. I find the whole thing very tragic. And, as most have already mentioned, there is a very special place in prison, and then in Hell, for those who hurt children.

  75. Rebel Says:

    Dear pretjah,

    I don’t believe that is one of his stepdaughters. I have been told but have not verified that his stepdaughters are much younger than this woman.


  76. BigV Says:

    Rebel is right, there was a picture of Quinn, his porkwife, and some girls who looked between the ages of 6 and 13. I assumed those were his step daughters.

  77. Stevo Says:

    BigV- 6 and 13? I feel very, very sick.



  78. ghost Says:

    @sd rider

    how old are the step daughters, you must of seen them at the wedding??

  79. SDRider Says:

    I’d guess the oldest would be 15ish now? to be honest, I was never sure which kids were his and which were hers.

    The rumors abound right now, that it was the oldest stepkid, a friend of the step kid, neighbor kid, and I have NO idea which is close to the truth. The news excpet for fox 5 is ignoring it, which is surprising to me as if you drive down the street and look crosseyed at kids it makes the news here.

    I hope down deep that this is all BS, but if not that it gets dealt with swiftly and to the full extent of the judicial system, for the sake of the kid(s) involved and for the MC community.

  80. Samurai Says:

    They say there is no such thing as bad press. In a case like this i seriously disagree, I know Bischoff has the brains of a cockroach but i seriously doubt this is a PR stunt. Quinn is innocent until proven guilty but no matter what this is a shit storm that will follow him his entire life. IF he’s guilty, we all know what happens to pedo’s in the joint and it’s well deserved. If he’s innocent, he’s still guilty of being a douchebag, too bad that’s not a crime he can be tried for. I have personally seen cases of children making up stories to get back at parents and especially step parents, hell they made an episode of south park about this exact thing. The only way this will go away is if she admits to lying and even then he’s probably still fucked.

  81. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to SDRide…

    If you are interested … There is a funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm for VNVMC “Butch”. It will be at the new Miramar National Cemetery. He was a good man and a good friend.

  82. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to SDRider…

    If you show up and want to introduce yourself, I will be the bald guy with a blue sling on my right arm.

  83. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Ol’LadyRider ….

    The same invitation is extended to you…

    If you are interested … There is a funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm for VNVMC “Butch”. It will be at the new Miramar National Cemetery. He was a good man and a good friend.

    If you show up and want to introduce yourself, I will be the bald guy with a blue sling on my right arm.

  84. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    BTB, I am very sorry for the loss of your good friend. Thank you for the invitation, I wish I could be there. I do hope we can meet another time.

    My thoughts are with you today.

  85. Caretaker Says:

    My condolences on your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.


  86. SDRider Says:

    BTB, I’m honored at your invitation, and my condolances to you and the friends/family of Butch that have suffered this loss.

    I sadly have to work today and will not be able to be there physically, but I’ll be there in spirit. VNVMC has been nothing but friendly to me when I’ve crossed paths with them in the past.

  87. ghost Says:

    @sd rider

    thanks again for answering

    condolences for your friend butch

  88. Grumbler Says:

    @(btb) back to basics – My deepest condolences to you, club brothers, family and friends of “Butch”.

    BTW, was familiar with the VNVMC Freedom chapter in Santa Cruz County. Wish they still had the FREEDOM bottom rocker which has since been replaced by the U.S.A. version.

  89. Muck 1%er Says:

    Condolences on the loss of your friend

  90. One Eye Says:

    @btb: my sincere condolences on your loss. Respects.

  91. Base Says:

    btb: Sorry to read about the loss of your friends, my sincere condolences…

  92. pretjah Says:

    btb- man sorry for your loss bro!

  93. pretjah Says:


    thanks for the answer about that not being the daughter. i guess that was an “actor” or babysitter or something maybe.

  94. Jim666 Says:

    BTB condolencesto you and the VNVMC on your loss

  95. whitefxrp Says:

    To btb,
    condolences to the family,friends and brothers of Butch VNVMC

  96. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Tommy Gypsy’s story made it on to the BNN Biker News Network today. It seems they are a week behind over there.

  97. sled tramp Says:

    Checked the page and read of your loss.Condolences on your brother.It’s never easy to find thoughts or words but memories keep us going.He’s on the high geared road where parts are free,the beer’s cold and all the lovin’s by young hot nakid wimins.
    sled tramp

  98. Screwdriver Says:

    my sincere condolences on your loss. Respects.

  99. (btb) back to basics Says:

    To all….

    Thank you for each of your kind words.

    Words shared today at Butch’s service:

    Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds and whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me. I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom.

    Let me walk in beauty and let my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

    Make me wise, so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

    I seek strength not to be greater than my brother or sister but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself.

    Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes so when life fades as a fading sunset my spirit may come to you without shame.

    David “Butch” Caudillo
    April 15, 1945 – September 1, 2012

    To each of you, I wish you peace

  100. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Rebel, I have never disagreed with your use of censorship on your site. My point is there is a post of a link above showing a young girl that may or may not be a victim of sexual abuse, I think it should be removed.

    There are privacy protections in place for victims this includes minors.

    Viva Los Vagos

  101. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    I am truly sorry for your loss, my best to you and yours.

    Viva Los Vagos

  102. Glenn S. Says:

    Back to Basics,
    My sincere condolances to you, the brothers, and other loved ones of the deceased.

  103. RVN69 Says:

    David “Butch” Caudillo
    April 15, 1945 – September 1, 2012

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    And as my Grandfather used to say, “May your soul be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your gone!”

    btb my most sincere condolences at the loss of your friend, and also to his brothers in the VNVMC and his family.


    It’s the soldier, not the reporter
    who has given us freedom of the press.

    It’s the soldier, not the poet,
    who has given us freedom of speech.

    It’s the soldier, not the campus organizer,
    who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

    It’s the soldier, not the lawyer,
    who has given us the right to a fair trial.

    It’s the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and
    whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.

    Potius mori quam foedare.

  104. 10Guage Says:


    My sincere condolances on the loss of your brother. My respect to all who knew and loved him.

    In life we lived as brothers..
    With death we are forever…

    Strength, Respect, Honor

  105. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Fox 5 10:00 news just reported Mr. Quinn’s arraignment, which according to them had been set for today, has been postponed as the case “remains in review.” The report included Mr. Quinn’s former association with LD, several shots of the LD back patch, video of a large group of LD riding together, and of course a reference to the Discovery Channel. The little news blurb appeared to be more about LD than about the alleged suspect, and certainly didn’t make any reference to the trauma of child molestation, victim advocacy, or resource referrals for past/present victims. Not that I would expect that kind of pro-active reporting from Fox 5.

    I find it mortifying that attention was actually directed toward LD and the Discovery Channel and actually diverted from the alleged suspect and the alleged crime. Especially since there was, essentially, nothing to report. Fox 5 could have found a much easier way to make fun of LD (heck, everybody’s doing it)… But I am incensed that the brief story appeared to purposefully “implicate” ALL of LD rather than set Mr. Quinn apart as the lone suspect. I feel that it was a not-so-subversive dig at bikers in general. As in, “look, suburban families! Not only are the bikers scary and loud, they are also coming after your children!!!”

    Shame on you, Fox 5 San Diego.

  106. Tooj Says:

    “Either way, the added “celebrity” of television won’t help a single biker, justice or not. There’s another label we need. Thanks, Discovery Channel.”

    Said this earlier and it bears repeating. THIS (guilty or not) is why one should be extremely careful with the club they prospect and also for the club to learn to be more careful.

    Being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean being the best. There’s a reason some keep their numbers low, there aren’t enough quality folk you can trust to keep it together. Even then, many get caught up in the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

  107. Base Says:

    Thanks for the update Ol’LadyRider,,,

    It would be a grand thing indeed if the “news” would just stick to the facts and then as you said ended with some sort of pro-active point about victims rights, advocacy etc…

    But where is the sesationalism in that?

    Good point Tooj,,,quality over quantity. With all the “shake & bake” clubs popping up in my area. It’s obvious others are not following your sound advice. Some of thoes people are really playing the role & conflicting with the older established clubs…..

    Talking to a couple officers from a long time club, it’s not so much that they are starting up, it’s more the way they are going about it.

    Ride safe,,,

  108. SDRider Says:

    I’ve been able to finally find it on all the local news websites now. It’s interesting that a couple of them, posted similar

    “The case against a reality TV star accused of committing a lewd act on an underage female relative remains under review, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Thomas Quinn, 43, was booked into San Diego Central Jail on Aug. 28, posted bail, and was given a court date for arraignment Wednesday. Prosecutors continue to mull over whether charges will be filed, said Tanya Sierra of the District Attorney’s Office.”

    Makes me wonder if they’ve really got anything or not. That was posted the morning of the hearing, so you’d think the mulling part would be over but I guess not. Either someone jumped the gun in the arrest or they’re running on hear-say and scrambling to do their jobs.

    something don’t smell right. I’m not sure what it is, who it is, or why, but something with this whole thing stinks.

  109. RLG Says:

    The purpose of the “News” is to sell toothpaste.

  110. Tooj Says:

    I’ll ride alone before I ride with a bunch of “P brought in his crew” assholes that think they are deserving of that which they didn’t earn.

    Watch the clip where Tommy Boy tells his girl to get back inside. Talke a good look at her especially.

    I’m seeing Stockholm Syndrome all over it. I’ll ‘fess. I spent six years of my life after the service working with teenage male sex offenders and their families. THAT was a classic clip.

    The “daddy” is guilty as fucking sin, and just wait until the ex’s kids start speaking up. This isn’t TV sensationalism; this is real life with TV getting in the way. Tommy is a bitch ass punk anyway you split it.

  111. pretjah Says:


    the “witness” could be having cold feet, which is very understandable being a kid who’s been abused by someone like this alleges.

    the prosecuters realize there is no case with out the testimony of a witness in most molestation cases. so it’s better to not press charges and go forward with a trial if the witness isn’t sure they will testify at this point.

  112. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    While I am patiently waiting for several messages to magically result in returned calls, I’ve been surfing a bit and found this comment. This person sounds a bit more informed than most (but who really knows),

    ” Slight update on this. Stepdaughter was 10 years old at the alleged time of this event.

    It is NOT the daughter of his current wife who works for SDPD.

    It is the daughter of his ex-wife.

    I understand they’ve been in a pretty contentious battle for custody of children (different children than the alleged victim, she is a step-daughter)

    SD District Attorney’s office still has not officially charged and there is some debate within that office if they are going to charge him. By that, I would take it that the evidence against is pretty thin. It may be a case of “crying wolf” from the ex-wife or one of her family members.”

  113. Drifter Says:

    Sorry for your loss BTB, Condolences to his loved ones.

    With Honor to his Service, Respect and Godspeed to Butch VNVMC….


  114. Arctic Says:

    I also have to agree with BigV. It doesn’t take much searching online to find dozens of cases of “celebrities” and common folk being wrongly accused and convicted of crimes ranging from rape to child molesting only to have the accuser come clean some years later. Epscially if there is a scorned woman involved. I’ll refrain from judging this cat and hope that justice prevails weather he be guilty or inocent. The sad thing is that because so many women are so quick to use this tactic to fuck over a guy it instantly creates doubt when a woman who actually is a victim of this type of crime tries to get help or prosecute. It’s also concerning how many people on here and in general are quick to condem a person with no access to the facts. I’m assuming non of the commentorS on here have any inside info on this case but many are ready to string the guy up by his nuts.

  115. (btb) back to basics Says:

    IF you’re a molester cop, this is how they deal with you.

    LA sheriff’s deputy gets 90 days jail in sex case

    The Associated Press
    Saturday, Sep. 15, 2012 | 09:19 AM

    LOS ANGELES — A suspended Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for having sexual relations with a teenage girl.

    The district attorney’s office said Friday that 46-year-old Kenneth Alexander was also ordered to undergo 52 weeks of sex offender counseling as part of a five-year supervised probation sentence.

    Alexander pleaded no contest in August to a one sex-related charge stemming from contact with a girl over a five-month period in 2010 and 2011. The girl was 15 and 16 years-old at the time.

    Alexander was assigned to the Marina del Rey sheriff’s station.

  116. One of Skinheads Crew Says:

    As a retired 1% from Syd, Australia now living O/seas I thought I’d add a bit to the story of false allegations.

    This is a true story & involved a mate of mine’s girl friend & her family.

    The family is well known in the TV business & the Dad who was accused or the most heinous crimes to nearly all his kids is famous for a kids song he wrote a long time ago which is played about 30 odd countries, every day of the year & earn him all kinds of dough from the royalties.

  117. One of Skinheads Crew Says:

    One of the daughters of the bloke who wrote the song got pinched leaving the Mum’s house with the VCR & yes it was a while ago that this happened.

    During the late 1980’s & up to the late 1990’s there were these, as I call them, invented memory cases & they were always nearly impossible to get out of.

    The accusers complete inability to recall anything about any kind of event served as even further proof of the accused guilt.

    Things like “body memories” were taken as proof positive could go a long way to getting you some serious time in 1 of Her Majesty’s Go Slows.

    And yes Australia is still a colony of the UK & the Queen the head of state, not mine but most people’s head of state.

    My ex, me, my mate & his girlfriend were up in Kings Cross having brekkie in Victoria St as we often did on weekends.

    I was already off side with both my mate & his girl because I just didn’t buy it. Her sister was a nasty junkie working on William St & it’s the arse end for most people.

    From there they die or get clean & that’s about it.

    The sister claimed that the reason she took the VCR from her Mum was because she was “an incest survivor” ???

    Then she got some shitty shrink who was so low that she did house calls & in Oz it’s all piad for by our Obamacare, which we love & will always love.

    The arse ender Shrink thinks it’s great as she’s got no real customers & next thing she’s got the 10 kids of the songwriter all signing the chits every few days as they work shop all the terrible stuff that none of them can even remember.

    I ended up having a complete falling out with my mate & his ex over this & knew in my hart this was a grab for cash only.

    My mates girl was only about 2 years old when the song writing dad split from her mum.

    How could she know any of this stuff & btw the junkie sister had be able to fit satanic rituals, human sacrifice etc, etc into the story by now.

    While we were having brekkie my mates girl just starts up doing an “air head job” which looks like it sounds …. gob open head going back & forth like a champion …..

    My ex heads for the dunny, locks the door & won’t let me in so I’m left looking like an idiot & checking out the cakes in the window.

    My mates sitting there like a real dill & “there, thereing” the GF while she does this shit for about 5 mins ……

    The poor old Dad gets a vist in the UK where he’d moved to but some sort of family delegation & not only to they try to destroy his new marriage but they go to his kids school & his kid from the new marriage gets thrown into foster care by the principle, for his own good.

    Turns out later that the kid was gang raped every night he was there & his life has been all but destroyed by it.

    When the UK legal system refuses to entertain their quite unbelievable story & better still tell them they won’t get a penny of his around $150,000 USD royalties the whole scam starts to run out of steam.

    I recently connected to my old mates girl on facebook & a few months later saw a pic of her & her dad.

    I couldn’t not ask her about it & yes he’s forgiven all of the lying, grubby, nasty bastards that nearly put him away forever.

    He’s a good bloke apparently unlike his rotten kids.

    Mind you her fought tooth & nail to clear his name & it took a long time & lots of money.

    These days of course the invented memories are in the shit can of history & this was just something that came back to me while reading your page.

    Lastly, I really was in a 1% club & the LD’s wouldn’t have fared very well in Oz.

    People like that I don’t have any respect for & we don’t allow much of it in Oz.

    There’s a few non 1% that are tolerated like the Viet Nam Veterans Club (who stole their patch from a movie called Stone & don’t start up about it with me, everyone told them that 2 years after the movie came out was a bad time to say that they’d invented the patch), some club for old people & a couple of God botherer clubs.

    I’m 56 & still ride a bike every day.

  118. Ms. Wood Says:

    Those clowns knew from the get go that Carla was a cop, they lied to the COC when they first got started. The skull and cross bones patch they wear represents how many times they’ve been divorced and used to be a requirement to join the club, it’s embarrassing.

  119. Stevo Says:

    Any news on this story Rebel?

  120. Tony Says:

    Reality TV has had a tough couple weeks. Last week it was Mark Balelo from Storage Wars who got busted for possession of Meth, and while awaiting his first court appearance, pulled into his shop garage and committed suicide via carbon monoxide. Good luck in prison for Gypsy in prison if he gets convicted. He’ll be up against the bikers, Arian Nation, and other white power gangs that will be DROOLING to get their hands on him. No one will take him in, so I guess HE’LL be “FELATING” the WHOLE joint just as he “ALLEDGADLY” made his step-daughter to do, and I don’t think the guards will be paying much attention! If he’s innocent, hopefully justice prevails, and likewise if he’s guilty. Hopefully, if he’s guilty, he goes in, and IF he survives to get out, comes out a wide receiver!

  121. crazy8 Says:

    Rumor has it Gypsum had a tab on his cut that read, “Hey, she was only 15, but she had the ass of an 11 year old”. Sick fuck. (allegedly)

  122. Brandon Sharp Says:

    First off to all the haters the guys from sin mob some of them really do build bikes so don’t judge a book bye it’s cover and also to all the haters y’all are just mad that Sin Mob and LDMC will be the biggest clubs in the worlds bigger then any fag motorcycle club going on now like the 81 and all them a motorcycle club is not about killing people to make you look Bader it’s about. The brotherhood the Respect and etc if you want to see what a real club is watch the devils ride on Monday nights because any of the other clubs I the world like the Vagos is just crap they deal guns and drugs and all that shit that’s not a motorcycle club just old men causing trouble that Are fat as hell

  123. Brandon sharp Says:

    I heard that gypsy is coming back to the devils ride they said everybody makes mistakes

  124. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brandon,

    Try to refrain from calling the HA fags, okay? Same thing with the Vagos. Let me tell you something I want you to remember, okay? Give respect, get respect.


  125. Brandon sharp Says:

    Why would I give respect to a club that all they want to do is kill other club members just to rack up their numbers in the club

  126. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Brandon have you ever seen a grown man, naked?

  127. Not Surprised Says:

    LMFAO Frequent Flyer……..

  128. Stevo Says:

    This Brandon sounds like that attention seeking weirdo who trolls the 81 all the time, I think Rebel has had a few run ins with the guy before? Take a look at this clip ‘Brandon’, this could be in your future sometime real soon.

  129. Phuquehed Says:

    Another illiterate fucktard (that’s you Brandon, in case those words were too big for you) babbling inanely about shit he has no clue about other than an article once every few years, so, being the moron he is he bases his knowledge of real bikers on nothing more than a newsclip he read once somewhere.

    Brandon – learn to read and write. Next, pull the dicks of those faggot *FAKE* clubs – sin mob and lapping dildo’s – out of your mouth…your mommy is wondering why all those guys are always spending the night at the house.

    Fucking idiot.

  130. Brandon Sharp Says:

    The only reason I watch the show is because of the motorcycles and why is everybody getting mad about the show both clubs are nomads that don’t clam a state rocker

  131. The Truth Says:

    WTF? I can’t believe I read this poser trash. I want my 15 minutes back.

  132. Mudduck Says:

    i think I found out who Brandon might be type this in youtube -What i think about Sinister Mob Syndicate Motorcycle Club- and this dude Brandon has the same attitude as the Brandon leaving posts on here.

  133. Mudduck Says:

    correction it is Brandon sharp, type in what I said before on youtube and look at the 3rd posting is says my name is Brandon sharp and he’s only 16. some young punk I would say. here is a copy and paste from his shit on there” Technology video of Apple devices and how they work and the apps they have on them. Follow me on Twitter @Brandonsharp15 i Follow back and if you have an Instagram Follow me on there to teamawesome101 thanks”. you can see this punk on youtube.

  134. Doc Says:

    What a F(&^ing joke Sin Mob, Laffing Devils these are made up clubs for TV. No real club would let the TV’s in a clubhouse or around the club to see our business.

  135. S curve Says:

    Been reading on this site for awhile.. and havent felt the need to comment .. BUT… damn.. ..what a fucking CHI-MO piece of shit poser… glad the San Diego CoC kicked all of these morons out on their collective asses… what a gawd-awful joke turd the whole damn pitiful show is.. I tried watching it… once.. and made it about 10 minutes..

    Now I find out that (the former club prez.. yeah.. sure) Gypsum Jenkum hooter.. is married to a cop.. and is also molesting his step daughter… well at least now all those years of cee-gar puffing.. will come to some good use when hes on the inside puffing something else..

    And whoever this bischoff bastard is.. the (supposed) “mind” behind this whole twisted stupid joke mess.. Go fuck yourself money man..

    and lastly in keeping with spirit of flyers last question:

    Brandon? Have you ever been in a.. in a Turkish prison?

    Do everyone a favor kid.. Grow up.. and Shut up..

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