Texas Drug Case Ends

August 27, 2012

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A man named John Pena Medellin was found guilty in Forth Worth, Texas last week of a single count of conspiracy to possess heroin with the intent of distributing it. Medellin was the founder and President of Los Homeboys Motorcycle Club. The case has been going on for 11 months. The trial lasted two days and the jury deliberated for 35 minutes.

There were three interesting features to this apparently mundane case. The first was the amount of effort multiple federal and state law enforcement bureaucracies expended to catch Medellin red handed with three ounces of smack. The second was the degree to which those same bureaucracies tried to connect the Los Homeboys MC to the much better known Bandidos Motorcycle Club – or as the morons at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram insist “the Banditos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.” Finally, the case exemplifies the extent to which most newspapers will print anything the police tell them to print.

Making Cases

When the case was announced on September 27, 2011 the Department of Justice headlined their press release “Nearly 40 Members and Associates of Bandido Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Charged in Three Districts for Alleged Drug and Firearm Offenses.” Actually there were multiple complaints filed in between three and eight cases that were linked by innuendo and public relations. How many cases there were depended on how you counted them.

In Denver, eight men were arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. The case was investigated by the Denver Metro Gang Task Force which includes cops from numerous local police forces, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the increasingly omniscient United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, officers from anonymous federal police forces hidden within the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program, the Thornton Police Department, and the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Division.

The Denver case was totally unrelated to the other two except that some of the men charged were members of the Bandidos and the idea of all these cases was to demonize the Bandidos. The arrest of the Colorado defendants was delayed so their arrests could be presented to a gullible press as part of a single important case against the Red and Gold club.

In San Antonio, three actual Bandidos were entrapped in an FBI “sting” that involved 500 grams of cocaine. The men were accused of negotiating the sale of ten times that amount of the drug. And, that case was the work of the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Arlington, Texas, Police Department, the Austin Police Department, and the Fort Worth Police Department. This case was also unrelated to the other cases announced at the same time.

Finally the Forth Worth “case” was a combination of six, separate criminal complaints. The case was created over the course of two years by the FBI and the DEA and when it was announced it included at least seven confidential informants and at least three cooperating defendants.


In the last year, prosecutors have failed to establish meaningful connections between the Los Homeboys MC and the Bandidos. The assumption seems to be that the Los Homeboys are in Texas and the Bandidos are in Texas so the two clubs must be connected. In its press release last Friday the Dallas field office of the FBI stated flatly: “According to evidence presented at trial, Medellin is the founder and current president of Los Homeboys, a Bandito motorcycle support club.”

The Dallas Observer, an alternative weekly, reported “And that pretty much wraps up the feds’ case against Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Medellin was the last of the group to be convicted.”

The Dallas Morning News headlined its account “Fort Worth jury quickly convicts Bandidos leader ‘Papa’ John Medellin guilty of heroin trafficking.”

And, Bill Hanna reworked the FBI press release for the Star-Telegram before heading to his favorite bar. Hanna wrote, “Testimony showed Medellin was founder and current president of Los Homeboys, a Bandito motorcycle support club.”

History, and future cases, will be made from that press release and those slim news accounts. None of the writers involved even questioned whether any of the Bandidos involved in this legal potluck ever bought or sold heroin. Nobody ever bothered to ask how many police were involved in these investigations and how much they cost. The men who told the world these stories simply assumed the propaganda must be true and that the cost wasn’t important.


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24 Responses to “Texas Drug Case Ends”

  1. love, loyalty, and respect my ass Says:

    Just FYI, none of you fucksticks or the moronic feds and pds
    Really know what was
    going on, only the people involved truly know whats

    Get a fucking life

  2. jd Says:

    Well folks the feds did it uncle john got 30 years this past monday sad end for sure. And the worst part the snitches are walking free able to resume their megar lives and free to do their part all over again helping big brother take down yet another group at the tax payers expense what a fucked up world we live in.

  3. Samurai Says:

    That’s actually rather interesting, something i didn’t know.
    @Paladin, like i had stated not meant to be taken seriously. The only thing i meant by saying it would be an interesting reaction is i always remember my parents saying if someone bully’s you one way to take the wind out of their sails is to take whatever they are claiming and own it, take the power out of their hands. I know from an LE stand point it would only help them and that would not be a good thing, but it would make it a bit harder for sidewalk commando’s to start shit if they did. That’s all i meant by it

  4. Red&Gold Says:

    @ BadMagic…yes ADG MC (Apple Dumpling Gang MC) primarily around the seattle area

    @ Samurai…

    Use to be, until the mid-late 70’s,some clubs…or at least one…did fly the MG cube…


  5. BadMagic Says:

    There are old men that ride Honda’s and wear jackets that refer to themselves as the “Goldwing Gang”.

    There are also Apple Dumpling Gang riders. On the West Coast, I believe.


  6. Paladin Says:


    No, it would not!

  7. Samurai Says:

    I HATE every time i ever hear a club refered to as a gang, as long as the cut say mc i think simple respect means you refer to them as a club. Now I am not stupid enough to think that will ever catch on, the term “gang” grabs too much attention and casts the wrong light on any club so it will always be used. I (hopefully) know that no club would ever do this but i would love to see a club replace their mc cube with an mg cube just to fuck with people.
    I know that sounds dumb as hell and it’s only meant as a joke, and a bad one at that and i hope no one takes me serious on something like that, but it would be interesting to see the reaction.

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    The Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program (RMHIDTA) is active in the anti-medical marijuana industry as well. Our tax dollars at work. What a waste, what a…



    Time to go click links.
    Rebel, keep up the good work.

  9. PumpJack Says:

    We all bitch and complain (including myself) about how the government has stripped us of our constitutional rights and all justifiably so. The way I see it is that nothing changes until something changes and ” We The People” must instigate that change or continue being led around by our ear.

  10. JMacK Says:

    It only works because we are who we are. Once we convert the sheeple, they want to bring their rules and order with them…we’re better off just preaching to the choir. Important to keep the choir strong and united. They can keep their bullshit and their cops…

  11. ghost Says:


    could you actually imagine being a undercover, cop, whatever, going out and befriending someone, getting them at your suggestion to sell
    you a small amount of drugs, a gun, whatever, then busting your new friend and then getting together with some jerk off like that walsh guy and going on t.v., then literally making a federal case out of said crime at the tax payer’s expense, and these losers wonder why anyone with a brain hates their ass’es!!!! fuck all cops, feds,parasites hell for these losers would be actually doing a real day’s work

  12. (btb) back to basics Says:

    Now, let’s look at what part the media plays in all this. How many shows are there on TV about cops or court? They sure as hell aren’t about corrupt cops or a corrupt “justice” system. The cops, feds, etc are ALWAYS the “good guys”. All the TV shows about bikers are negative and they sure as hell do nothing to shine a good light on our lifestyle. The news media is censored and report only what they are told to report and how it will be reported. Society as a whole has an attitude that until they are the one’s subjected to injustice …. who cares. Thank God we have a site like this where we (for the most part) can at least meet with like minded souls and have an avenue to educate and vent. Honestly, I REALLY worry about the country my grandkids are going to experience.

    Rebel, thanks for keeping me more educated. I wouldn’t be learning all this from the press.

  13. Sieg Says:

    The conviction rate is people who actually go to trial. Don’t know about anyone else, but I finally was able, thanks to family and friends, to raise the bux for a private attorney. Whoa.

    The “Federal Defender” that was assigned to my case was 87 years old, blind in one eye and half-blind in the other, and would forget what we were talking about in mid-sentence…when I could get hold of him to talk!

    They get that nice conviction rate by stacking the deck. An ATF agent wants to lie? Well, shit, who’s the jury gonna believe, a lowlife like you or this fine, upstanding agent that’s got 20 years of valorous government service. There is NO standard for truthful testimony. They can say whatever they want.

    Witnesses? Hell, in my case, they paid a CI 30K over the course of a year, paid all his living expenses, paid for his dope habit, and let him commit AT LEAST ten felonies during the couurse of the “investigation”.



  14. IO Says:

    I think the assassination of character that happens pretrial and the cultural and societal narrative we have in this country that leads jurors, civilians, and “normal people” to just go ahead and assume that if they are brought before the jury by the police, feds, DAs, and US Attorneys then they have to be guilty of something, so why not just give them a guilty verdict. People seem almost addicted and in denial that the system is rigged against people and built to maintain power away from regular people, the denial is important because I think it would scare people too much to have to change their view on the world when they can just be comfortable in denial.

    For people who can just go about their own lives away from the war that rages against “criminals” and the criminalized choose to do so because its easy. But for us who are in the middle of it because the police and feds choose to come after our friends and respective groups don’t have the luxury of just taking the easy way out.

    When it comes to reaching out to normal people, I think information about rights and knowing your rights should be widespread, and go beyond that. Somehow people in this country need to know that anyone can become a criminal if the police and feds want you to be a criminal. Criminal is an identity that is so tarnished and dirty of a word and social category that no matter what you didn’t actually do, if they say you are a criminal then you become identified as someone bad. A criminal is bad because they are bad people, so then obviously it doesn’t matter if the Feds and jury commit crimes and behave unethically to lock up a bad person is the reasoning here. Its fucking disgusting.

  15. Fuzz Says:

    All jury trials are rigged in that the prospective jurors are all government employees , retired government employees or recieve a monthly government check for some reason. A fair trial is impossible when there’s no jury of your “Peers”. The average sheeple don’t understand or care how important the jury trial system is to a free society.And if they recieve a letter tellin them they been selected to serve, they cry hardship to get out of it.

  16. BadMagic Says:


    That is why they said “on cases brought to trial”. I think the correlation you point out is more pronounced on getting cases to trial. When you have a good defense, and make enough motions to suppress evidence obtained in violation of constitutional rights, the persecutor is far less likely to bring it to trial.


  17. RLG Says:

    RE “my lawyer showed me a study that showed that the Department of “Justice” has a 99% conviction rate on cases brought to trial”

    I want to see that # broken down by public defender vs. private attorney. Also broken down by bailed out vs. stuck in jail pre-trial.

    I speculate if one makes bail & hires an attorney the odds of conviction go way down.

  18. Sieg Says:

    I hear you, Junior, and have had the same experiences…I’d be happy if we could get OUR BROTHERS to figure it out.

  19. Junior Says:

    Go to your local mall one day soon and carry a clipboard, look real “official” and ask this one question: What does frredom mean to you?

    You will soon discover that most sheeple are f’ing retarted. IMHO, it is useless to “reach out” because most won’t even get it or care. They won’t care until someone close to them gets fucked by an alphabet soup gangster. You can lead a sheep to water but u cant make him drink, and you can’t make them wake up and stop sleep walking. Believe me, i’ve tried,,,i cant even get family members that are close to me to stop sleep walking -Junior

  20. Sieg Says:

    Ya know, when we started prepping for trial, my lawyer showed me a study that showed that the Department of “Justice” has a 99% conviction rate on cases brought to trial. There’s a reason for that.

    People here it on the tube, or some suit stands up and tells em it’s so, and the frkn believe! It’s like being in church-“they say it’s so, it must be!”

    We can yell and scream all we want to in here, and it’s preaching to the choir…people HAVE to start reaching out to citizens in general and showing them, not arguing, SHOWING them facts and figures that will convince them they are in danger. Once someone realizes that he and his family are in danger, and that he can be “disappeared” at any time, his whole perspective will be changed.

    When enough of them have had their perspective changed, then it’s time for the gun.

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    35 minutes was just long enough to let the flock graze. Anyone wanna bet not a one of the jury members had an IQ bigger than 75?

  22. Tooj Says:

    Another sad case of folks not knowing the difference between causation and correlation. Stupid at best, but a good example to get out here.

  23. RLG Says:

    “jury deliberated for 35 minutes”



  24. BigV Says:

    My friends in Alabama and Texas greatly, greatly appreciate this. Thank you, Rebel.

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