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August 24, 2012

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A member of the Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club was found not guilty of theft by a judge in Concord, New Hampshire this morning. Jonathan Evans admitted that he and four other members of the club repossessed a Road Dawgs cut hanging on a mannequin in the Pepper Defense Supply store in Concord 15 months ago.

The repossession of motorcycle club indicia is typically described as “grand theft” in racketeering indictments. If somebody is wearing the insignia when it is repossessed prosecutors usually add a kidnapping charge. But this case is different because the Road Dawgs is a cop club with chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota and Washington. The club was founded in 1995. Evans is a police sergeant in Hill, New Hampshire.

A Dissenting View

Last year the store owner, a man named Brian Blackden, described the incident like this:

“On May 21, 2011 I was the victim of a robbbery of a vest hanging on a mannequin in my store. The 5 men who participated in and the two women with them who observed the robbery were/are likely law enforcement officers who may belong to the Road Dawgs MC (as they were all wearing Road Dawg Vests). The investigation has taken over three months and still no arrests. It has the unfortunate appearance that if someone has law enforcement authority they are above the law, or the law at least slows to a trickle as far as going after the ‘bad’ guy. Interesting is that one of the original members of the Road Dawgs in NH is a State Police Lieutenant. Also interesting is that the NHSP shift commander under the Lt’s command denies Troopers are members of the Road Dawgs but when one checks the Secretary of State filings, some Road Dawgs officers are connected to the NH Department of Safety. It seems like Wanna Be Bad Boys on the weekends and above the law during the week. Reality is it seems they are nothing but thugs with badges.”

Sergeant Evans said that a club brother and Bedford, New Hampshire police officer named Gary Norton actually took the cut then handed it to him. Norton was also charged with theft. He shot and killed himself last May shortly after the charge against him was filed.

Post Trial Comment

After the trial, Evans told the Concord Monitor that the patch repossession “got all blown out of proportion.” Evans testified today that he took the cut to the Concord police within an hour of taking it from the store which apparently made the act legal. The court ruled Evans did not possess the cut long enough for him to be guilty of theft. Evans said he was simply retrieving club property and that “We were just trying to solve it without involving the legal community,”

Blackden testified that he bought the vest at a storage locker sale and that he knew the original patch holder. He called Concord police as soon as the Road Dawgs left his store. He complained that it shouldn’t have taken Concord police a year to file the theft charge and questioned why only two of the five Road Dawgs were charged. “If it had been the Hells Angels or anyone else, they would have been arrested within hours by a Swat team,” he told the Monitor.

The Backstory

Blackden has a little history with Granite State Police. He works part time as a press photographer. He has sold photographs to the New Hampshire Union Leader. Belsito Communications, a news agency in New York, list him as a correspondent and he drives around in an old ambulance with “1st Responder News” painted on the sides. In August 2010 New Hampshire Police seized his camera while he was attempting to cover an automobile accident in Canterbury, New Hampshire. At the time he was wearing a fireman’s coat and helmet with the word “photographer” painted on the sides.

Blackden sued the state police and was subsequently charged and convicted of impersonating emergency personnel for wearing his hat and coat at the crash. He hasx appealed the conviction to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.



71 Responses to “Different For Cop Clubs”

  1. Mazz Says:

    That is Road Dawg property! The asshole who owned the store was a sheltered little pussy! And forthe piece of shit cops who arrested Road Dawg club members better go back to the academy! Good thing that small ass town enforcement officers never need back up. The worst they see is a barking dawg complaint!

  2. Brian Blackden Says:

    BTW. That Blackden guy, was found NOT GUILTY upon appeal of Impersonation after the State spent about 250K trying to find him guilty for a $1K fine. Personal much?

  3. 10guage Says:

    I just watched this video…

    What a fucking embarrassment for them..that pack rides about as fast and tight as a bunch of grannies grocery shopping….oh man what a good laugh Rebel thank you for including that….The looks on their faces while they race around with their flashers and blinkers on with a police escort….I could not stop laughing…and the music….PRICELESS. Yup these guys are the real deal LMFAO….my people ride tight and fast on rural man roads and highways twice as tight as those…WFO RAIN SNOW OR SHINE

  4. Sieg Says:

    We got a saying in Chicago..”the only honest cop is one who stays bought”. Never, ever, expect anything but the worst from ANY form of cop.

    FTF / FTP

  5. ocvago Says:

    While at the Pasadena Building Department last week I had some time to kill waiting for my appointment. So I went back out to my truck to put more time on the parking meter. While doing so the meter maid showed up doing his rounds. The car’s time parked next to me had expired so he wrote a parking citation. About 15 minutes later a woman showed up with her daughter and a Pasadena Police Sargent. They had a short conversation. She gave him a kiss, pulled the citation off the windshield and handed it to the officer saying, “goodbye, see you later”. I made a point of making eye contact with her slightly shaking my head in disapproval. Noticing she was looking at something the officer turned around seeing me and asked, “how you doing” but also obviously uncomfortable over what I had just witnessed. She drove away. He walked away holding the citation in his hand glancing back over his shoulder a couple of times.


  6. rollinnorth Says:

    And the beat goes on…
    Apparently, this “club” doesn’t think much of its colors. It’s that store owner who is fighting to get “his property” back.:

    “Blackden said he’s spoken to the prosecutor in the case, Assistant Cheshire County Attorney John Webb, who plans to file a motion to have the vest returned. Efforts to reach Webb were unsuccessful on Thursday.

    Concord police Chief John Duval said on Friday the vest is at Concord District Court, and Concord police will retrieve it and return it to evidence.

    It will stay in the custody of Concord police until police receive an order from a judge ruling on what happens to the vest, he said.”

    This fiasco continues:

    “Blackden said he has asked the court system why a witness in the trial, Jim Berry, was allowed to wear a gun in the courtroom. A former Concord police sergeant, Berry testified about the Concord police investigation into the reported theft.

    A Youtube video of the trial shows Berry wearing a handgun in a holster while taking and leaving the witness stand. State law makes it a felony for anyone to bring a firearm into a courthouse, except sworn police officers.”

  7. Binaca Says:

    I just finally watched the you tube video and think some Marines should swing by and yank patches from this club that obviously ripped off the Marine Corps Bull dog logo!

  8. Paladin Says:

    Let’s review;
    “Testimony established that the vest had belonged to a former police officer, Jeff Buskey, who left it with his roommate. The roommate put it in a rented storage locker along with other items. Blackden said he got the vest when the locker contents were seized for sale/auction for lack of payment.”
    I guess I’m not very bright. So, would someone please explain to me, why a patch holder would leave his colors with a roommate, so they could be put in a storage locker? If you’re no longer with the club, return your patch to the club. Then, not only does Blackden comes into possesion of the colors, he knows the original patch holder, but instead of returning the colors to the club or the patch holder, he (Blackden) decides to keep them, adding his own patches to the vest, and displays them on a female mannequin, WTF!
    The cops are assholes, and Blackden is so fuckin’ stupid, the birds peck him.

  9. Grumbler Says:

    On a related note, was reading Screwdriver’s Bikers of America blog about the biker profiling in Butte County, CA. I’ve ridden on Feather River Canyon btw Oroville and Quincy countless times, and am familiar with Scooters Cafe where cops have been stopping patch holders in the parking lot, and asking about their tattoos and patches. WTF.

    Sheriff Smith’s claim that they’re not harrassing anybody is laughable then he turns around and says that they have to account for bikers wearing club colors. I sure as hell don’t think the cops are entitled to ask us anything (we’ve the right to remain silent). The comments by cops below the article is like a picture window into their I can fuck with patch holders anytime mentality. Some of those posts talk about cop clubs. Have included the direct link for source of that article below:


  10. rollinnorth Says:

    September 02. 2012
    A cop protected: Road Dawgs case an injustice

  11. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Thanks to SVD and Rebel for the historical bits.

  12. chevyweight Says:

    … and not a single ticket was given that day.

  13. Glenn S. Says:

    Re Kelly Thomas, one might hope that next time a cop gets shot and is rushed to the same hospital where Kelly Thomas died, the medical staff will remember and priortize the cop’s treatment appropriately, somewhere behind the need to go outside and get some air or take a twenty minute shit.

  14. SSJ Says:

    Several Wheels of Soul just got some years for jerking another clubs patch with a pistol. 4 years.

  15. PigPen Says:

    Ah BigV, then you know of the bust I was discussing. Yeah, it was quite a disgusting fact that he would turn on people he called “Brother” for a fucking job.

  16. willienelso3 Says:


    I will probably remember Kelly Thomas as well as I remember Rodney King.
    damn all this shit.

  17. BigV Says:

    PigPen: The feds and locals did the same kidnapping bullshit on the Outlaws in Chattanooga. The guy wasn’t even a cop or UC when joined, he used the fact he was prospecting to get a job at the jail and then become a full fledged UC.

  18. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    In case the name Kelly Thomas doesn’t ring a bell:


    When black and Latino watchers saw those subhumans murdering an innocent (completely helpless) white man, we thought, “So nobody is safe.” Of course, bikers already knew as much.

    YYZ Skinhead

  19. RVN69 Says:

    You are of course absolutely correct. Truth is I haven’t read either book for over 40 years, read one my senior year in HS and one my freshman and only year in college. I probably screwed up the quote by remembering the way someone else had paraphrased it in something I read. I do remember that Orwell was very accurate in his observations even if he was a little early in his dates. Now I gotta go to the library and get them again to refresh my memory, and appreciation.

    Respect to you and yours.

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  20. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Rebel:

    My pleasure–glad you liked it. It was great to read about that impromptu march; that seems like an event during the 60’s when, for everything else that may have gone (horribly) wrong later, for a few moments, they might have been getting it right.



  21. Sieg Says:

    Ya might be right, Tooj, a lil Chlorox in the gene pool!

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