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August 17, 2012

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The Hells Angels Arizona Nomads are celebrating this weekend. It is an ironic celebration.

The charter has several events planned. The big event will be a Boxing Smoker tomorrow at Doreen’s Bar and Grill in Chino Valley. Some of the charter’s members live in Chino Valley. And the celebration is being held this weekend to commemorate a gun battle two years ago between members of the Hells Angels and Vagos Motorcycle Clubs in front of a residence on Yuma Drive in that sleepy, little Arizona town.

Allegedly 50 shots were fired two years ago. Several men were wounded. Charges resulting from that shootout against seven Hells Angels were dismissed earlier this summer.

The Arizona Nomads are calling this weekend’s celebration the Chino Valley Shootout. The event is open to the general public and there is very little danger of more gun play or other violence. The club wants civilians to attend and events like these are always both safe and polite. It is simply a fact that any civilian can putt up to this party, pay his ten bucks and be assured that the Angels will protect him.

Stupid People And Irony

Most rational people of low-normal intelligence or above understand that “Chino Valley Shootout” is an ironic name. Vagos and friends of the Vagos probably don’t like it because relations between the Red and the Green have been strained for the last three years. But, even the fiercest Vago understands that the name is intended to leaven a heavy moment in recent history.

The Angels plan to pack up and ride down Yuma Drive tomorrow afternoon as the Vagos rode down the same street two years ago. The ride will be a symbolic act of performance art. And like all symbols and all art people can either get it or not and either like what they see or not. But, holding a boxing event called the “Chino Valley Shootout” is clearly ironic and sending a pack of bikes down Yuma Drive is clearly constitutionally protected expression. Whether they like it or not the Vagos get this, the people of Chino Valley get this and everybody else gets this except the police.

The police don’t get this because stupid people don’t get irony and also because these same overpaid morons have the delusion that the most basic American freedoms are legal technicalities. Federal, state and local police see this Chino Valley Shootout in exactly the same way they viewed the shootout two years ago – as a law enforcement opportunity.

Beware The Police

Last month Chief Chuck Wynn, the Godfather of the Chino Valley Police Organized Terrorist Enterprise, told the Chino Valley Review, “my concerns are, as always, the safety of the public. That’s number one. The safety of those participating in and attending the event is also very important. We talked about informing the public, because in the past, we’ve had large events and people weren’t told about them. When that happens, we start to get curiosity calls to 911 and that can overwhelm the system. And, obviously, with motorcycles, traffic, and music, it increases that curiosity.” In hindsight, it is now obvious that Chief Wynn was lying.

Earlier this week a propagandist for the Chino Valley Police announced, “In an effort to reduce the number and severity of crashes in which alcohol and or drugs are contributing factors, officers from the CVPD, along with several area agencies will be conducting a Zero Tolerance DUI Saturation Patrol in the Chino Valley area, This Saturation Patrol will be occurring on Aug. 17. Extra personnel and patrols will be directing their patrols at apprehending impaired drivers who are operating vehicles on our roadways.” Police call every dragnet a DUI checkpoint because anti-drunk driving road blocks are legal and most other roadblocks are not. And, the “Saturation Patrol” is scheduled for today because the local Angels are holding a private party tonight and the police want to be able to detain, question and search everyone who attends.

The same organized terrorist enterprise distributed a second press release that read: “The CVPD would like to advise the citizens and visitors to our community that in preparation for the Hells Angels ‘Shootout’ boxing event occurring this Saturday, the Police Department has organized a multi-jurisdictional group of law enforcement officers from across the state and the tri-city area to assist the department in providing adequate law enforcement staffing and to ensure the safety of the citizens of Chino Valley. The department began preparation for this event last month upon receiving information from the AZDPS Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) regarding the upcoming Hells Angels event.”

Statements like that usually mean that you should expect unabashed harassment. So, if you are riding to Chino Valley today or tomorrow, keep that in mind and allow extra time for your free, courtesy, motorcycle safety inspection and handcuff sizing demonstration.



17 Responses to “In Chino Valley”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Typical laughable LEO press release about this year’s event, re-published as “news story.”

    “Motorcycle Gangs are Coming to CV
    Written by Vincent Schaan
    ‘The Chino Valley Shootout’ Boxing Event will take place this weekend.”

  2. Oilslick Says:

    @Glenn S…..I rode past 3 bikes being hauled away on flatbead towtrucks each wth no less than 3 patrol cars at the scene. Talk about overkill. There were patrol cars at every corner and they blocked all roads so that there was only one way in or out of Doreen’s Bar where the bulk of the event took place.
    I had two brothers in the boxing event so they drove the 100 miles one way in a pickup truck only to be pulled over for “driving to slow”. WTF! Then of course the shutter bug feds were snappin pics of everyone arriving from a small bluff across the road from the bar. Our tax dollars at work keeping us safe.


  3. Glenn S. Says:

    Well, I hope that the event went well and that GITFUKD or whatever was so overwhelmed with conducting field sobriety tests, to no avail, that they had nightmares about it. This event sounds like something I would have enjoyed, especially the riding part.

  4. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to Shyster …..

    That was good. You got me laughing.

  5. Shyster Says:


    Yup. That’s the acronym they use. Interestingly enough I stumbled across another acronym used by those cops in GIITEM. It’s ” P.I.G.” Which stands for “Police In GIITEM.” Weird huh!

    I also read where this acronym “A.S.S.H.O.L.E” stood for “Agents(Federal) the Shit Stirring HO’s Of Law Enforcement.”


  6. ghost Says:

    in one of the national geographic documentarys about the hell’s angels
    sonny barger said in reference to the cops, and all the money they spend on harrassment and “enforcement”, “they should just give us all the money, and we’ll be good” i thought that was hilarious and very true!!!

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Well, what do you know,
    ” According to Chino Valley Police Department commander Mark Garcia, the day’s activities were without major incident.”

    Wonder how much taxpayer$ money wa$ wa$ted for the “multi-jurisdictional group of law enforcement officers from across the state and the tri-city area to assist the department in providing adequate law enforcement staffing and to ensure the safety of the citizens of Chino Valley.”

    Hope it all did go well.


  8. Bookworm Says:

    “The police don’t get this because stupid people don’t get irony and also because these same overpaid morons have the delusion that the most basic American freedoms are legal technicalities”.

    Well written Rebel. The line above i like in particular. American Freedoms that numerous agencies routinely override for their own benefit. Bikers are usually more aware of their rights and some people hate that.
    feel good pieces about “the safety of the public” allows the citizenry to go back to what is most important, sports and celebs. Whats most important to gitem and co. is +triple overtime, taxpayer comped top notch hotels,liquor, food, and coffee, impressing and trying to fornicate with the new recruits, admiring confiscated club items for “gang intel purposes”, attending events in disguise,speeding around in SUVs, more gadgets more guns more $$$.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear anon,

    Really. It is pronounced GET-EM. It is supposed to mean “Arizona Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission.” If you missed it, this story might fill in some of the blanks. “People’s Democratic Tyranny Of Kingman.”

    Enjoy your weekend,

  10. Tim Says:

    WOW!!!!!! Legalized Profiling, what a bunch of crap!!!!!!

  11. Snow Says:

    Hopefully one day the Red and White, the Green Nation, as well as all the rest of the Real Clubs, Independents and Supporters can find a common ground and put aside the differences to unite against the common enemy. I know the history of conflict is strong and trust doesn’t come easy but in the end we all want the same thing, freedom to do our thing without having to deal with a bunch of bullshit and we all know that law enforcement as we know it today is nothing but BULLSHIT. Home land security has federalized everything, hell even the smallest departments have swat and armored personnel carriers these days. IMHO a united front is our only chance at survival. Fuck all the alphabet soup bastards… With Respect, Snow

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Only the pussy-ass pigs would claim something like this is a need for them to call in every other pig from 18 states to help them keep control of an event where kids are about to box each other.

    That chief of pigs goes home every night and sits, lonely, in an easy chair in front of the tube and watches reruns of anything with Barney Fife and sadly wonders the whole time when it was he himself lost his balls, his backbone and his ethics.

    Fuck off and die, Chuck Wynn, you and all the other pussies you’ve called in to do nothing but give American citizens a hard time and show that Stalinism is taught well in pig school.

  13. Chip Says:

    When changing a negative into a positive there are always going to be those who decry the effort due to a focus on the past that does not allow for consideration of any alternative and thus the battle long over never really ends. I’ve had my share of wrongs against me as I’m sure everyone else has and as I grow older I’ve found it to be less and less of a good use of whatever time I’ve got left to keep my head in the past. This is often easier said than done especially when the result was the loss of loved ones (ask any combat Vet who lost a good buddy in battle).

    In 1971 my family caught a chartered flight to Japan to visit my Brother who was stationed there and tour the country. My Dad was a WWII Navy Vet who had no less than three aircraft carriers shot out from underneath him in the South Pacific so if anyone had a right to hold on to some well nurtured hate and resentment it was him. Yet, his purpose was to visit my Brother who was an Airman at Yakota AFB and for the life of me I can’t recall him ever bringing up his past at the hands of the Japanese Navy subs that torpedoed every ship he happened to be on. Somehow, he was able to let that go just long enough to not let spoil a rare visit with his Son who he loved, missed, was worried sick about and knew at anytime could be sent back “in country”. If he felt that hate born of combat and loss he never showed it either while on this trip or at any other time that I can recall. Perhaps that’s why, while most of the men on his side of the Family died in their mid 60’s, he lived to be 86, I don’t know. I do know however, that if anyone had a right to hold on to a justified hatred for anyone, he did. He just chose not to and went on to enjoy a good and fulfilling life.

    Being transplanted “Yankees” who have resided in the rural South since 1999 we have encountered a good amount of God fearing “Christians” who once they discover we “Ain’t from around here” can muster an unreal hatred for us. Thankfully, they are considerably out numbered by those who have been able to move on and show us a genuine Southern Hospitality. They still have reenactments of The Civil War / War of Northern Agression which we have attened and at one point participated in and they are great fun with an under current of pride of heritage, not hate. I’m not saying that this is that but there are similarities at least in appearances from what little I know from reading about this here.

    If there is an undeniable justification for resentment in our culture it is best reserved for those who daily would lock us all up and throw away the key. Perhaps one day we can put the past aside and concentrate our passions on those who truly deserve it, with all due respect.

  14. anon Says:

    “Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM)”

    Really? GITEM. As in “Get Them.” Really? Arizona has a department named “Get Them,” and nobody cares?

    What’s next? BATFE launches Operation Ensuring National Trust and Restoring America’s Public Memory by Eliminating National Threats (i.e. Operation ENTRAPMENT)? Oh, sorry, it looks like they launched that a few years ago.

  15. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    No comment…

    Viva Los Vagos

  16. Pig Says:

    In thinking about it, I think that one of the reasons that OMC’s and bikers in general have such a hard time calling out the folks who are blatantly abusing the system and/or flat out ignoring our rights is that nobody get pissed off about it except other bikers. And frankly nobody cares what bikers think. This country has become all about the fast easy road. It is too much trouble and too time consuming to form an opinion of their own so people just believe anything that is painted the same color as the truth, adopt it as their own opinion, and spew it out at anyone in range any time the topic comes up. They can all tell you what they believe but not why they believe it. What it basically comes down to is that Law Enforcement has been running you guys’ PR campaign for the last 10 – 20 years, and people have happily bought into the product they have been selling. The cops say, “These guys are big scary evil men and we are protecting you from them!” They turn and look at you and you certainly portray the image of what the cops are saying, so they wipe their brow with a loud “Whew!”, throw some popcorn in the microwave, and tune in to the local news to watch it all unfold. They worry and fret about swine flu and gay marriage and anything else that the media tells them to worry about but don’t give a second thought to the potentially thousands of people in prison whose rights were violated. They have that all figured out in their mind because they went over the Constitution for a week in junior high school and was told that everybody is given certain rights and that we all get a fair and speedy trial. I truly believe that until we figure out a way to change public perception, it won’t matter how many MC’s join together, the public will enthusiastically give up their liberty for a little security in order to allow our “hero” law enforcement agencies to protect them the big scary bikers by any means necessary.

  17. ricky Says:

    this is going to be Fucked with the cops up everyones ass! this weekend.

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