The Georgia Outlaws Case

August 16, 2012

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Twenty-three defendants were arrested this morning in Georgia, Florida and Texas in what is intended to look like another federal attack on the American Outlaws Association. Twenty-one of the men are members of either the Outlaws, the Southern Knights, the Black Pistons, or the Hoodlums Motorcycle Clubs.

Brian D. Lamkin, the Special Agent in Charge or the FBI Atlanta Field Office announced that, “Today’s arrests of the numerous members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club and those of several of its affiliate clubs represents the unified efforts of our region’s law enforcement in addressing a serious and very structured crime problem. The Outlaw Motorcycle Club, its affiliate clubs, and its membership are not above nor beyond the law and today’s arrests, the culmination of a two-year intensive investigation, should serve as clear evidence of that.”

And Sally Quillian Yates, the happy woman in the photo above and the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia said, “All but two of the defendants charged in this investigation have direct ties to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club or other motorcycle clubs that are affiliated with and controlled by the Outlaws. The charges unsealed today allege that these motorcycle club members engaged in substantial drug trafficking and weapons offenses. This case is a big step forward in making sure that these groups don’t threaten the safety of our North Georgia communities.”

Obstructing Undercover Investigation

Three of the men arrested today are charged in a criminal complaint with obstructing a criminal investigation. Those men are Larry “Mack” McDaniel who is the Regional President of Outlaws chapters in Georgia and Alabama, Sean King, an Outlaw from Gordon, Georgia and Howard Brown who is the Georgia President of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club.

Allegedly, the three men told others that they believed a member of the Georgia Black Pistons was a paid confidential informant working for the FBI. Allegedly, that is a crime because the three men were right. King and Brown were released on bail today. McDaniel is still locked up and will remain so until he can appear at a detention hearing.

The defendants are named in six separate indictments and one criminal complaint. It remains unclear why the case was cobbled together from so many court actions when, as the U.S. Attorney in Georgia stated, all of this investigation was intended to get Outlaws. The case will be tried in Florida.

Other Defendants

The accusations look desperately thin and, although the FBI issued only one press release and all the defendants were arraigned as part of the same legal action, there are seven separate cases.

Phillip “Skullfucker” Alexander, was probably arrested on account of his colorful road name but he is actually charged with aiding and abetting the possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. Walt “Black Piston Walt” Verrill, Benny Leverett, Howard Haney and Dan “Hoodlum Dan” Redding are also all charged with aiding and abetting the possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with intent to distribute it. Haney is not a member of any motorcycle club.

Renyol Castrojon and Tony Parrott and Howard Haney conspired to possess methamphetamine Larry “Duke” Samples, Darren “Panhead” Lloyd, George “Hammer” Jordon, Wilfred “Outlaw Bubba” Turner, Dennis Riley, James Brown, Davey Honeycutt, Brandon Musser, Thomas “Preacher” Coley and Phillip Honeycutt were charged with conspiring to possess cocaine. The government alleges that some of these men were carrying guns while they conspired.

George Norwood and Raymond Sellers are accused of making a black powder pipe bomb at the request of an “undercover agent.”

In addition to McDaniel, Alexander, Verrill, Leverett, Redding, Castrojon, Norwood, Sellers, Samples, Lloyd, Jordon, Turner, Riley, Parrott, Haney, Musser, Coley and both Honeycutts are being held without bail. Bond hearings are scheduled for August 21 and 23.

Assistant United States Attorneys William L. McKinnon, Jr. and Sally Molloy will prosecute the cases.



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83 Responses to “The Georgia Outlaws Case”

  1. Pauula Says:

    I need to speak one of the Outlaws mc here in Georgia it is very important I speak with them…6783498512 Paula

  2. michael tucher Says:

    what about the iron order,no rico for them.

  3. Jim666 Says:

    And again

  4. BMW Says:

    Good point @rebel,
    same thing goes for a guy who will give you drugs on consignment if you say you don’t have money, or a guy who offers to pay you to make a pipe bomb, or a guy who wants you to cut off a shotgun or make a weapon fire “automatic”. All traditional ATF techniques to “create federal crimes” out of thin air.

    Love, Honor and Respect to the AOA and all other 1% clubs,
    “save the patch” “Stop Federal Created Crimes”

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear anollad,

    Classic ATF sting! It happens regularly.

    I have to say this to anybody who stumbles on this comment, okay. If a guy tells you he will pay you to provide security for a drug deal there is a good chance he is working for the ATF.


  6. anollady Says:

    So I was an ol lady to one of these affiliate clubs during the entire investigation the truth is these cops used others n fake drugs n fake transactions to set up some of the greatest guys I’ve ever known…we r all broke these days so when a proposal is at ur door to simply ride up armed watch n make sure the dealer was safe n all went well ( never touching the fake drugs) these guys were all paid $200-400 each per time they went n they went a few times in the two or three years the project take down the ol’s was going on. I also remember going to the feds clubhouse w that rat bastard “brad n his cunt wife amber aka Rachel” to a party that included Brad the hoodlums pres aka informant for feds bragging on how him n some his guys went n home invaded this dude n beat the fuck out of him he laughed saying how the cops was prolly looking for them but they wouldn’t come there Cuz they was clueless..well this mofo was the cops but he still ain’t in trouble for doing that shit….his wife smoked pot w me n others n Griff did a line of his dope he brought over with folks I know for a fact..I also know the dope that day was not fake nor was it cocaine. So these mother fuckin feds need to figure out they are just as crooked as the rest of the pigs. The difference between them n the guys they got..our men loved n respected us our family’s their brothers n the community we ride for kids n charities n donate money if someone is being abused or stolen from they are the first to protect them…the feds well they lie cheat steal do dope set up innocent folks only go on cop charity rides n abuse their wives n kids n families they don’t even have a brotherhood in their pig nation they can stand for. Mark Sewell FBI agent said his entire career goal was to take down the outlaws..well go on n think u did it u only got 2 or3 outlaws the rest was not n u will answer for it God don’t like ugly n that’s all they are. I hope n pray nothing happens to any of their families Cuz the law will only do so much for u but my family “the bikers” will always take care of me n mine n I’d rather have them help me then the fuckin popo!!

    Its been a while I had to get it out
    Support your local outlaws
    They will support u

  7. VernieMac Says:

    This whole case is a fucking disgrace. It couldn’t be featured on a reality show because it is so far from reality. The Feds must be doing the real dope that they charged these guys with. There wasn’t even any real dope…it was Ghost Dope. I’d venture to say thet the CI’s and Good Ole Griff did their fair share of dope and dirt in their pusuit of justice though. I’m so pissed, I can’t believe that the Feds can even pull this off at all let alone be all happy and proud about it!!! My best friend/brother has been locked up since the hot August morning he was assaulted in his own home by the SWAT team. He was denied bail and was unable to lessen his prison time because he refused to be a snitch. They said sorry, we weren’t really after you, you’re just collateral damage!!!! Too bad for you, shit happens is basically the long and short of it. There was always the snitch on your friends option but since he wouldn’t even consider it, he gets to do 5 fucking years for being on his motorcycle, carrying his gun for which he had a permit and watching the fake ghost dope deal transpire. If only he was a snitch things would be grand!!! How the hell does this even happen?? If it were a bad B movie I wouldn’t be able to sit through it…..I’d have to walk out. Collateral damage??? Bet Griff’s still having a great time, wonder if he got to keep his FBI Motorcycle??? My boy’s doing 5 years cuz the feds had to get one of the Anarchy types off the streets. WTF

  8. dixiedragon Says:

    I’m reading this a year later doing some research on MCs for a paper I’m writing and so far from all I’ve read they may be involved in some degree of trafficking but the indictments are thin and based on association and conspiracy. I think the biggest problem is the public fears anything it does not understand and in “protecting” the public (in appearance only) the FBI ATF and DEA put on a show with all these busts when truly they are unnecessary. The only people killed are members and rival members (not the general public) the drugs go to willing buyers and the guns once again are used to kill NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC but people involved with gangs and in criminal endeavors – I say leave ’em alone. If you are living your life, minding your own business, you have nothing to fear from them – they simply live differently than we do – we choose to gather and congregate in churches -they choose to gather and congregate at clubhouses. We prefer alcohol, they prefer drugs, we buy couture clothing, they choose denim, leather and patches — its all a matter of choice LEAVE THEM ALONE

  9. little wayn Says:

    Ummm bacon & pussy tastes just like chicken ( if it smells” looks & tastes it must be !!!!!!!!!!!! FTF’s FTP’s oink

  10. little wayn Says:

    Dear kill a biker bring your bad ass on love to see if u squeal more than your rode hard & hung out wet slut of an old lady does while she’s taking on the whole crew dam she’s getting loose LMFAO

  11. Jim666 Says:


    Key word “yet”

    at this rate the time is comming for everybody,



  12. Sieg Says:

    Big V, two pigs talking in front of a guy who doesn’t turm them in…a conspiracy, of course.

    We are living in a police-state, the sooner people realize it, the better. I’m really, really, really tired of people talking that old “it’s not so bad” bullshit. The fed beast is destroying families and friends, but since YOU aren’t locked-up yet, “it’s not that bad”. Fucking bullshit.

    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  13. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Not Surprised,

    Even though you posted in August… Very well said and best of success to your son may he soon be free of the anchor and cycle of addiction.

    Viva Los Vagos

  14. aoa 1%er Says:

    Hope my brothers in atlanta stay strong through this nonsense. We are thinking bout u guys in kentucky. Outlaws Forever Forever Outlaws

  15. BigV Says:

    Yup. Look at poor Benny, “aiding and abetting the possession a controlled substance” ?

    You know what that shit is ?

    If someone asks you, “You wanna smoke a fattie ?” or “You know where I could get some old school ?” If you don’t call the cops on them and report their crime, that is aiding and abetting possession.

    There were no fucking drugs. There was a snitch- may he burn in hell forever- who attempted to entrap and outright frame all those involved.

    Larry Mac didn’t do a goddamn thing except be an Outlaw. And the club chose to close down a chapter- that’s it.

    The Masons can pull a lodge anytime they want, same for the Civitans, Kiwanis, etc.

  16. Moonshine Says:

    I bet the public will not hear about how some of these guys…mainly in Gainsville were set up all by government and there were no real drugs…they couldn’t find them doing anything wrong and had to make shit up…our so called justice system is a joke…if innocent until proven guilty was true these boys wouldnt be detained until God knows when for a trial to even happen…bullshit!

  17. Jason "Crazy" Legier Says:

    Fuck the feds and everything they stand for, they are the ones who need to be locked up not the members of MCs.
    Support your local AOA. I know I do.

  18. DocB Says:

    Dear Not Surprised
    Very well put. Congratulations on your boy’s first thirty. You know where I’m at with all that.

  19. Wretched man Says:

    @ Phuquehed

    (posted an answer, & like our freedom it just vanished…damn dial up)
    Sorry about your workmans comp, that really sucks.
    A friend of mine had a forklift fall on him & crush his leg, badly. After 1 year they closed his file (he also lost his job) & 6 years on he’s had more than 30 procedures/operations, & each time he has to go thru red-tape & get his file opened.

    I’m sorry if I never made myself clear, EVERYONE who is on disability in SA is screwed. Although I got paid by our road insurance it was hardly good, at least I can visit your country, but thanks I think I’ll stay here. In 28 years of everyday riding I’ve thankfully only had half a dozen “turds” try ruin my day. So thanks but I will take my chances here (how ironic is that, in a banana republic I feel free)


  20. Phuquehed Says:

    @Wretched – I wish my back injury had come from something like a car wreck or whatever, at least I would have had a better outcome monetarily. Unfortunately my injury came because the one day I decided *NOT* to argue with the dumbshit of a straw boss, like always I worked hard and this was the one time I shouldn’t have. Did the injury to myself *working*. Didn’t understand anything about workmans comp, so after they fired me a week after I got hurt, I figured I was simply screwed and had to get disability. Found out also, 9 years too late, that to put in for workmans comp has a 1 year time limitation. Ah well, shit happens, I do have the bike at least like you say, and I try to take advantage of the wind in my face as the money allows (got a bad feeling though something major bad is going wrong with it…shuddering at very low coasting, a vibration in the footpegs every 5 seconds, and front end feels squirrelly as hell lately…but if it’s worse than, say, wheel bearings or a tire, it’ll take me months of no riding just to save up to pay for anything like that, not a good thing when for the first 8 years of being injured I hardly got out of the house ’cause the truck cost too much to drive and hurt my back. But what the hell, it could be worse and I could be paralyzed and someone changing my diaper for me x number of times a day! lol). I saw a bumper sticker somewhere that I’ll never forget and I wish more people would put them on their cars and trucks for the ‘fakers’ to see. It said ‘Fat and Lazy are NOT disabilities!’

    I still don’t quite understand how there’s any white folks still alive in SA. The blacks destroyed a good thing that was there and now they can’t even run a simple farm. They’re starving themselves because they don’t want to learn how to do anything but will go out of their way to kill a white land owner just for spite…and now you tell us that they’ll actually give white bikers decent settlement payments but not disability. Man, unless you really got something holding you there in SA, you should stay here in the states after you arrive. If you get pulled over, just speak some spanish and you’ll be free to go and may even be given some kind of amount of money and a job offer -or- paint yourself brown and say the word ‘racist’ loudly and often and you’ll get whatever you want -or- walk around with your pinky in the air and talk with a lisp and scream, shrilly, that your a faggot and your rights are being suppressed and that you want *everyone* else to change for *your* benefit, the government will trip over itself to give you what you demand……………on second thought, have a nice visit, but I wouldn’t stay if I were you!

  21. Wretched man Says:

    In the UK I saw a display at a rally by a group called National Association for Bikers with Disability (NABD).
    they had a sign: “Cripple: someone who thinks a person who’s disabled can’t ride a bike!”
    A brother of mine honoured me one day by saying: “You can’t trust a man who doesn’t have a limp”. Mine limp was courtesy of a “cage pilot”. For 3 years I been out of work, had a lot of loving brothers look out/after me. In South Africa disability grants are very low, thankfully I got a settlement from the road insurance tax (government) which has kept 2 wheels under my butt & is paying for a trip to USA next week.
    Hang in there & enjoy the freedom on your bike.

    Thanks for your site, the reporting is excellent & I respect your no nonsense approach.

    Can’t argue


  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Meh, he’s more like a little week-old piglet than a troll. Nothing like watching a pig squeal and squeal and squeal trying to make someone get all afraid of him, it’s just that our little piglet above has a gun and a badge and thinks he’s real tough…until something comes up behind him and pinches his ass and away he runs…squealing and squealing and squealing. Try it sometime with newborn piglets. It’s hilarious as shit. Just grab one’s leg or pinch it or snatch its tail and you’ll see the same thing happen with the piglet as our widdle ‘Kill A Biker’ is doing.

  23. RLG Says:

    Guys, don’t feed the trolls.

  24. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to YYZ Skinhead ….

    I didn’t want to tell him that the “PUSSY ASS BIKERS” part is true. She keeps yelling, pussy….ass….pussy…ass. Damn girl can’t seem to make her mind up.

  25. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    “LOL” and “YUCK” simultaneously.

    YYZ Skinhead

  26. (btb) back to basics Says:

    sorry, the double “that” in the last sentence is a result of her sharp teeth scratching me while I was tyyyyyppppping.

  27. (btb) back to basics Says:

    to KIll A Biker…
    August 22nd, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I just figured out the… “Here comes the pain” part you are referring to. Yes, you’re wife still hasn’t had her teeth filed down and yes, it is still painful for us while she is sucking our dicks. And… we can’t help it that she is all coked up when she comes over and asks us to spank her while she is doing us. Your anger is only transferred embarrassment that that she gets no satisfaction from you.

  28. rollinnorth Says:

    “WIFE BEATING”? Ask anyone who works in social services about the high number of domestic violence calls for LEO and for prison guards.

    Thanks, Rebel. Keep up the good work.

  29. BigV Says:

    Dear Kill A Biker:

    Does the North Georgia Major Offenders Task Force know you’re on here endangering your case by potentially tainting the investigation ?

    Your bosses aren’t going to be too happy.

    You outed yourself with the Kill a Biker bullshit. Still hanging around the ABATE meets in Georgia like some shorteyes skulking around a playground ?

  30. Not Surprised Says:

    There are people who can do drugs and drink and never suffer any ill effect, but I have never been one of them. I grew up in a time when LSD was still legal but a joint could land you in prison. I kicked off my using career at the age of 14 and never regretted a minute of it until it stopped being fun and was no longer something I did by choice, but something I did to keep from getting sick.

    I knew nothing about addiction and never believed I had a “problem” depsite the jobs I lost, the jails I ended up in, nor the family I wrecked.

    I woke up once in a treatment center 27 years after my first drug with no idea how I got there. It was one of those 28 day deals and there was no way I was going to do that, so I checked out AMA after 4 days of being semi conscious and vomiting. The only thing I have a clear memory of is being in a room with a bunch of other fucking losers and they had cookies and decent coffee and a few good looking women.

    I couldn’t tell you anything that was said during my first NA meeting but at the end, everyone stood up and linked arms around and mumbled something that sounded vaguely familar in a distant sort of way, and then people were slapping me on the back telling me to “keep coming back it works yada yada yada…” I knew I had found a home.

    12 step programs aren’t for everybody and recovery is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. The truth is that if anyone else had done to me the things I did to myself, well use your own imagination. I don’t use today for the single reason I don’t have any desire to whatsoever.

    Simply put, recovery to me means that every day when I wake up, the best thing I have going for me is that I wake up as who I am, and I would not trade places with any other human being on this planet.

    Two weeks ago I had the honor as a father of watching my kid pick up his 30 day chip. There are a lot of people who would say how fucked up that is and I would agree to a certain extent. As a father I would rather he never even be in that position.

    But only as a man who has been there can be, I have never more proud of my son.

    All you old salts out there who have spent a few 24 hours clean and sober, my hat’s off to you. I’m fucking pushing 60 years old and gave up the right to even still be here long ago.

  31. (btb) back to basics Says:

    I wonder what would happen if we were to say the same and replace the word biker with, let’s say… all cops, all feds, all judges?

  32. PigPen Says:

    hahahahahahaha that was fucking great! hahahahaha

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Kill A Biker,

    Ahhh! I smell pig. Tell me more.


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