Flash Outlaws Bust

August 16, 2012

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Tips and a news outlet in Atlanta are reporting that at least one and possibly two Outlaws Motorcycle Club clubhouses were raided FBI and Dekalb County Swat Teams early Thursday.

Pete Combs of WSB in Atlanta is reporting that an Outlaws clubhouse in Fairburn, Georgia southwest of Atlanta was raided and searched and that a second location in Gwinnett County was also raided. WSB says that 23 men have been taken into custody. You can read the WSB accounts here.

A source in Atlanta has told The Aging Rebel that a total of 25 warrants have been served and that another federal RICO is about to commence.

Another source says the case will be adjudicated in the Northern District of Florida and that “about two dozen” Outlaws have been transported to the federal courthouse in Gainesville.

As of noon Los Angeles time, there have been no filings in the case and neither the Atlanta or Jacksonville field offices of the FBI have issued a press release about the raids.


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12 Responses to “Flash Outlaws Bust”

  1. Shyster Says:

    Another fucken scam prosecution. I echo Phuquehed above. The majority of ALL PH’s are law abiding working men. Fuck Everybody.


  2. Base Says:

    There always has to be a boogyman,

    It’s obvious MC’s/supporters/affiliates are/have been in the cross hairs. With the loosely interpretative/munipulative RICO Act. The williness of J,Law to do what ever it takes and the obvious use of entrapment techniuqes to make any charge stick (be they actual or trumped up)and the fact that many an inocent are caught in the cross fire,,,,,it actully begs the question.

    Who are the real criminals?

  3. Storm Says:

    I’m so damn tired of this. I’m sad for this family, as well as the other clubs. It’s got to end somewhere

  4. whitefxrp Says:

    @ junior
    the family of the bikers,easier to catch than terrorists

  5. Snow Says:

    Support your local AOA.

  6. Junior Says:

    After all the bikers are imprisoned, who is next? -Junior

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Seems the only way the pigs can actually act like pigs, is to bring up the bullshit charge of RICO. Since it has no meaning whatsoever until some shit-stain persecutor says what s/he wants to (ab)use it for, the feds and every other fuck-up with a badge gets to act all badass by busting clubs for no good reason(s) at all.

    Fuck the pigs, fuck the feds, fuck the alphabet soup leo pussies and fuck the persecutors who haven’t the balls to do things ethically.

  8. ghost Says:

    the government decimated the mafia, now their gonna go after all the clubs, these loser cops have nothing better to do , and every “BUST”
    no matter how lame or un-fruitful is just job security for them..

  9. BigV Says:

    The Key FBI Pig is a Ciccione-like guy named Brian Lamkin.

    They got the Hoodlums out of the Gainesville/Buford area. The got the former-President of the Black Pistons.

    They also arrested Larry Mack. He is getting on up there in age and isn’t in the best of health. I can say safely that anything they’ve said about Larry Mack is bullshit. He and Sidecar are just bikers, not criminals. They never have been criminals, and never will be.

    They were all in Gainesville GA’s Federal Court- not the Northern District of Florida. They were in front of Susan Cole.

    The Outlaws in Georgia have my respect and admiration.

  10. PigPen Says:

    a little bird whispered in my ear, that the main bust was actually a support club of the Outlaws MC. just goes to show you, yet again, that the government will look for any reason to attach a RICO charge to whoever they can attach it to.
    again, the little bird mentioned to me, that the Gwinnett County bust was the main interest of the FBI, but they notice the little support your local Outlaw patch, and decided to bring everyone in.
    I am VERY interested to see how this one turns out.

  11. Hose-a 1% Says:

    W.T.F. the federal merry go round has made another stop.Pieces of shit are doing there best to fuck with everyone wearing a patch.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C.retired F.T.F.

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