Special Memory Trial Continues

July 30, 2012

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The case of the Special Memory Wedding Chapel Christmastime knife fight continues its deliberate and stately crawl through the criminal justice meat grinder – Vegas style. Yeah, the metaphor is lame. So is American justice.

The eight defendants in this trial are Dominic Orlando, Frederick O’Dell, Brandon Young, James Sexey, John Dawson, Jeffrey Murray, John Merchant, and Armando Porras. Five more defendants named Charles Goldsmith, Brad Goldsmith, Joshua Ramos, Joseph Gennuso and Samuel Murray are scheduled to stand trial for the same incident on July 30. Collectively, the defendants are charged with Conspiracy to Commit Assault, Battery or Provoking Commission of Breach of the Peace; Attempted Murder With Use of a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; three counts of Battery With a Deadly Weapon With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Battery With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Assault With a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Coercion With Force; and Coercion With Force With Use of a Deadly Weapon. The assault lasted 62 seconds.

Groom’s Lawsuit

The case began on a Sunday evening, December 20, 2008 when 13 guests at a Hells Angels wedding spotted a wedding party of Mongols.

At the time, Las Vegas Metro Police confirmed that the fight had occurred but refused to release even the most basic details of the brawl including the two clubs involved, the names of the combatants or the extent of their injuries. “We have some video that we are reviewing,” a Vegas Metro Police Lieutenant named Richard Fletcher admitted reluctantly. “It won’t be released at this time. It has been turned over to detectives.” Now both the criminal prosecution and defense and the civil litigants all say it is all about the Mongols and the Hells Angels.

The night of the assault the groom, Eugene Formica, told television station KTNV, “We were friggin’ attacked. We defended ourselves the best we could. It’s real hard to do when you are outnumbered that bad. But that is alright.” Formica has since left the Mongols Motorcycle Club and is now pursuing a civil suit against the Special Memory Wedding Chapel. He thinks the chapel should have hired extra security that evening. Formica testified for the prosecution last week.

A chapel employee told the jury that none of the employees understood that two clubs would be attending back to back ceremonies or that there might be a problem with that. The night of the fight Chapel manager Joshua Gust said, “There’s 100,000 weddings a year in Las Vegas and how many across the world. To have two groups that close together, I think that is very odd.”

The Prosecution

The prosecution opened its case by showing jurors video surveillance footage of the fight and dozens of photographs of blood splatters and stains.

Tim Jameson, another witness for the state, testified that he wore a Mongols cut to the wedding at the request of someone in the club. Jameson is not and was not a member or prospective member of the Mongols. Jameson characterized the attack as “unprovoked.”

A Vegas Metro police officer named Joel Albert testified that crime scene investigators found illegal drugs left in a pew in the wedding chapel. He did not introduce any evidence that the drugs belonged to anyone in either the Mongols or Angels wedding parties.

Prosecutors hope to prove that the defendants were acting on behalf of the Hells Angels. Proving that would allow the court to impose draconian gang enhancements on the defendants and the assault could become a predicate in future racketeering cases against members of the Hells Angels.

The Defense

The defendants are claiming self-defense. A quotable defender named Tom Pitaro told jurors that the Angels wedding party attacked the Mongols wedding party because they feared the Mongols were dangerous. Pitaro said the Angels “came for a wedding not a fight” and “acted reasonably under the circumstances as they believed them to be.”

Pitaro told jurors the wedding came just a few months after the death of San Francisco charter President Mark “Papa” Guardado. Guardado died at the hands of Mongol Christopher “Stoney” Ablett. Ablett was found guilty of four counts of racketeering and sentenced to multiple life sentences last May.

“Whether they were there for a wedding I don’t know and I don’t care,” Pitaro told the jury in his opening remarks. He said the Mongols are “considered a violent organization with a well deserved reputation for violence.”

The prosecution is expected to complete its case this week. The trial is expected to last for at least another two weeks.


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27 Responses to “Special Memory Trial Continues”

  1. Doesn't matter Says:

    Ps. The red and white had there own children and family to worry about you dumb ass ..shit works both ways , weddings , family, brothers.. Same for everybody. Hey witness , quit acting like your so innocent. Like you and your 1%er affiliations are any different ?? Your a snitching hypocrite.

  2. Doesn't matter Says:

    Det. Woody limp dick fuxk his last name is the cop who testified for I believe Formica in some case involving custody while all this has been going on.5 plus fucking years!! All they wanted to do( the pigs) is destroy as many lives as possible wether they got convictions or not. The shit is DEF. personal. The whole case is bullshit. There were more than three black and white there that day. There is a spot in one of the security tapes in the wedding chapel of Mongols wearing white soft colors with black lettering. As far as chasing kids!’?? Please. That kid was instructed to fetch his daddies gun- those fools came in there and thought it was gonna be fucking cake and ice cream?? fucking stupid . What really happened is they showed up AFTER the red and white where already there and didn’t want to look like pussies amongst each other and walked right in to trouble fucking A knowing it. There where no innocent victims here. All WILLIng participants in a lifestyle we all know the rules. So siding with the cops trying to snitch on a different club because you got your ass kicked is a fuxking Oxymoron. I’m no 1%er. I was just there. So all the bullshitters out there, mainly the ones lying on behalf of a preaditcial prosecuter who hates the red and white and some lying Mongol wives , cut that bs out. You gave statements at your house… I have the paperwork. Rats and snitches.

  3. Witness#1 Says:

    For all you who speak before knowing the facts, here they are. Everyone keeps calling it a brawl, it wasn’t it was a cowardly attack against not only the 3 mongols, but their wives and children.Everyone forgets the Hells Angels kicked, pushed, and tried hit the women and chased after an 18 year old kid. Funny that doesn’t come out in the news. The 2 former Mongols were not going to testify and did not even give statements until the featherheads realized it was on video, Pee-Wee sung like a canary to the police, and made up some story about the mongols having a gun. That is what prompted the groom and Formica to testify. They had to ensure the truth came out so that they did not get jammed up.

    To Junior- Where was all that brotherhood when 3 of your brothers were nearly killed? Where was protocol then, because The fact is they were left high and dry. From what I have heard, men like you kind of like to see your wives in pain so you wouldn’t understand. Code of outlaws is supposed to be no shit happens around women and children, right? What would you have done?

    FACT: Tim Jameson was never asked to wear a cut.He never wore a cut or patch. He wore a black and white flannel to the wedding. The colors of the wedding were black and white, all of the guests were asked to wear black and white including the families of the bride and groom.

    To Lisa the Lipp- I have much respect for you, speaking up. I hope your man is doing okay is back home with you soon. I know things have been rough. Stay positive.

    The women who testified were never part of the club, their men were, does that mean the have to sit back and watch the bastards who tried to kill the get away with it?

    Just for the record, not one of the people who testified lied. It was declared a mistrial because of the Prosecutors not turning over evidence, and the Judge is a COWARD.

  4. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Interesting post Shyster.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear lisa the lipp,

    This is, mostly, a free speech zone and you can say whatever you want to say to me. If you think I am screwing up I want to hear it. You don’t have to be polite and if you grow impatient you don’t have to apologize. I roll with it. Ain’t no thing.

    Yes, I have seen the video tape many times. To answer your initial question, my sources for this story were the newspaper accounts, the publically available records from the case and one attorney. The sources were thin. I thought I should cover the case anyway.

    I’ll keep covering the case when it resumes next year. I really expect the accused to either be acquitted or acquitted de facto — with another mistrial, a dismissal or something like that. Video or not, this is first of all a biker case involving members of two clubs who know the rules and secondly the prosecution is getting outlawered.


  6. Shyster Says:

    I was present in the audience for half a day to check out that Judge and those two fucken prosecutors who were the real reason this case was dismissed (discovery violations). I took an attorney friend of mine as we may be representing another M.C. In that same court on a multiple defendant matter.

    I will never understand how criminal defendants can be more concerned about who me and my attorney friend are in the audience than listening to the evidence being lodged against them which has the potential to put them away for a long time!


  7. lisa the lipp Says:

    Sorry rebel i consider myself a follower also . i dont mean any disrespect to you..truely just makes my blood boil when our guys get crucified for thier actions each and everytime t5here in the news. and these other outlaw bikers seem to just get sweeped under the ruggzz.the tape purely shows who attacked who whats the problem..with that..im down with 51 months with my man over this operation black rain crap..and i hope and pray for that one sweet day to see my love of 21 years.so sorry if im so sensitive… i will still follow u wherever i may roam .peace rebel u made me laugh out loud…

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Roy,

    I believe the charges have been re-filed and the trial date is long, long from now. I think it is on the docket for October 2013. If I am wrong I am sure Lisa will straighten me out.


  9. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Thanks Lisa.Info in this case has been very scarce.I read that the “lying” supposedly involved a cop who had testified in a child custody case on behalf of one of the stabbing victims. Perhaps he did not divulge it, so it is construed as lying.I don’t know. I also read that the real reason the mistrial was declared was due to issues of discovery. With all that it invested, it would be likely that Nevada will give it another go. Rebel does a good job. He has a devoted following.Consider me a devotee. I suspect that sometimes he relies on standard media outlets and that is probably where the name mistake occurred. Thanks for trying to bring clarity. Roy

  10. lisa the lipp Says:

    That figures.how much did they pay the judge for that mistrial?really, who lied and what did they lie about? almost losing thier lives? what time it was? this article is all false u got names all twisted formica was the best man and almost died that day ,he wasnt the groom rebel.and they werent even wearing there patches maybe black and white supporteer shirts. there is no way in hell that tim jameson was wearing a patch that day and not never. what he was the only stupid one . i saw the tape. thheere were no stinkin patches that day.somtimes i wonder were u get ur info from. your right about formica not being in the club anymore. a 50 year old dude almost died for being the best man in his best friends wedding and not one club member visited him in the hospital. not one club member called him to see if his family needed anything. not a one. so good for him. now your trying to trash his name woww.this aint the first time rebel that u got names all twisted up i lived it and so did many others.

  11. sled tramp Says:

    100% agree.
    sled tramp

  12. JIM666 Says:

    @ Caretaker, Well Said man

  13. Caretaker Says:


    I agree 100%. I’m not into club politics,and have an “if you don’t fuck with me or my brothers it’s all good” outlook. Many who post here ride with different clubs,and most are welcome to my house for a beer anytime.


  14. KK Says:

    The One: I didn’t want to assume that, purely Mongol business, but much respect to the Mongols.

    I can’t & I won’t speak for every 1% on here , but I would like to think that anyone in our lifestyle, regardless who you are or who you support, nobody wants to see anyone in jail.


  15. Caretaker Says:

    All I can say here is “YES!!! ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!” Sorry for yelling all.

    Caretaker 1%er

    Ps:No disrespect intended towards any mongols here. I just feel that shit between our clubs should stay between our clubs,without outside interferance. Any of yall come my way first rounds on me.

  16. rollinnorth Says:

    Prosecution witnesses lying? I’m shocked!
    Looking forward to reading what went down.
    Thanks, Rebel.

  17. The One Says:

    KK They are no longer Mongols there out bad from the club.

  18. KK Says:

    Did the judge declare it to be with or without prejudice?


  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Debater,

    Yeah the judge declared a mistrial this morning because, to the best of my knowledge right now, some of the prosecution witnesses were caught lying on the stand. I have also been told that at least some of the defense attorneys are still in court. I’m working the story. When I find out more I will run it.


  20. Debater Says:


    Wittnesses for the prosecution were found to be lying on the stand on mutiple occasions when Mongols and their women testified.


  21. KK Says:

    Junior: Nobody relies on adversity, all I am saying is you find out a great deal about a person when they are under it (adversity).

    I don’t know the specifics of what or how it transpired with Formica working with the DA, club business really.

    I agree with your opinion about testifying for the prosecution.

    Jameson is a civilian from what I’ve read & was a local Harley Dealer mechanic & friend of Formicas.

    This is just pure speculation on my part but maybe Formica is out bad from the Nation (article doesn’t say he turned in anything).

    Tough way to start a marriage.


  22. Junior Says:

    I caught that. But the fact that he is a piece of shit still stands. Anyone who wears a patch, turns it in, and then testifies for the prosecution (in any case) should be hung by sundown IMHO.

    Relying upon adversity to improve the quality of your membership is NOT the way it’s done. -Junior

  23. KK Says:

    “Formica has since left the Mongols Motorcycle Club”

    Thier are times in “any” club when adversity elimanates some of the quantity, thus , helping to strengthen the quality.

    ABC Adversity Builds Character


  24. Junior Says:

    If patches continue to break the rules, protocol and traditions then what does that say to the prospects & hang-arounds? Pretty soon noone will give a fuck about outlaw club rules, traditions or protocols. Testifying for the prosecution in any case is a BIG FUCK NO! Formica, you piece of testifying shit, I hope you rot. -Junior

  25. Junior Says:

    Formica – Another fucking patch testifying for the prosecution, WTF!!!

    Quality guys, not quantity! -Junior

  26. pizzo Says:

    i agree with above
    have been in very close contact with many black an white an i highly doubt that happened
    now if it did when they find out who said to wear a patch that no one but a member is supposed to touch they will be disaplined

  27. stroker Says:

    Rebel reports:

    “Tim Jameson, another witness for the state, testified that he wore a Mongols cut to the wedding at the request of someone in the club. Jameson is not and was not a member or prospective member of the Mongols. Jameson characterized the attack as “unprovoked.”

    Rebel, I know you simply report what you’ve read or discovered, so
    my question is, did the Mongols really ask a non-member, non-prospective person, to wear a Mongols cut? WTF?

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