Clubs Encouraged To Fight

July 25, 2012

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On the lighter side of the news, the Hells Angels Arizona Nomads will hold a Boxing Smoker August 18 at Doreen’s Bar and Grill in Chino Valley. Wait for it. They are calling the event the Chino Valley Shootout. A member of the charter said, “We are encouraging all local MCs to participate in the Boxing smoker.”

The club is advertising the event as “Open Registration – All Weight Divisions – Put Up Or Shut Up – Local Motorcycle Clubs Encouraged To Fight.” Patch holder Larry Scott told Matt Santos of the Chino Valley Review, “We’re putting this on for the kids in town. There will be matches based on weight classes and even a female class. So far the youngest division is the 11-year-olds.”

“This is where I’m from and I’d like to do something to keep these kids out of trouble,” Scott told the Valley Review. “My whole deal is that I want to do something for the kids. I’d like to see kids start boxing, giving them a place fight or to learn how to fight. I hope it keeps them from straying off and getting into trouble. This town used to have a nice skate park, my own kids used to hang out there. But financially, the town couldn’t keep it and that’s really sad for the kids.”


The fights will recess at 1 p.m. for a bike run. The pack will ride down Yuma Drive past the home of well known Angel Teddy Toth. Toth, who has been in ailing health for years, was one of Jay Dobyns’ victims during Operation Black Biscuit. Dobyns prospected with the Chino Valley charter when it was called Skull Valley. Scott said “We’re going up to Yuma past Teddy Toth’s house, because more than likely, he’s not going to be able to come to Doreen’s. Anyone who wants to ride is welcome to join the run.”

Toth’s house was the scene of a very loud firepower demonstration in August 2010. Members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club also participated in the fireworks. Police later alleged that the Vagos and Angels were shooting at each other. Police estimated that 50 rounds were fired and that five people suffered injuries. Charges resulting from the incident against seven members of the Hells Angels including Scott were dismissed on June 19.

Where And How

Local police are aware of the event and whether they will present a problem remains to be seen. Local Police Chief Chuck Wynn told Santos, “my concerns are, as always, the safety of the public. That’s number one. The safety of those participating in and attending the event is also very important. We talked about informing the public, because in the past, we’ve had large events and people weren’t told about them. When that happens, we start to get curiosity calls to 911 and that can overwhelm the system. And, obviously, with motorcycles, traffic, and music, it increases that curiosity.”

Scott said, “we don’t want or expect any trouble.”

Doreen’s address is 2879 Arizona Trail in Chino Valley. Admission is $10 or $15 for couples. Children 12 and under get in free. Fighters get in free. You can sign up to fight by calling Bob Vaughan at 928-899-7647. All participants are welcome. You can download the fight poster here.


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12 Responses to “Clubs Encouraged To Fight”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    I suppose this (over)reaction was to be expected.
    I wonder how many cagers will be stopped, and arrested, during this “Zero Tolerance DUI Saturation Patrol.”


  2. rollinnorth Says:

    CTL, I like that!

  3. stroker Says:

    ZIP IT, Zipper.

    CTL (Click the Links…..for Rebel)

  4. IrishDragon Says:

    I think this is great. More clubs should host these kind of events.

    P.S. Eric von Zipper S.T.F.U


  5. JIM666 Says:

    what Caretaker said,

  6. Caretaker Says:

    Eric von zipper-

    Show respect or shut up.

    Caretaker 1%er

  7. RT Says:



  8. ghost Says:

    @yyz skinhead

    yeah imagine some big biker like say rusty coones, picking up snubz by the feet like a baseball bat, and beating the fuck out of jax, now thats some funny shit hell i’d gladly pay to watch that live!!!

  9. swampy Says:

    ghost, too funny! LOL!

    YYZ Skinhead, I assume we ALL would know the outcome. However, I don’t believe that would qualify as Hollywood’s version of “reality” television. – LOL!

    Hell yeah, nothing like kids learning discipline and respect through a little friendly competition.

  10. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    There ought to be a reality show called “Clobbering Each Other With the Stars”. SAMCRO and Laffing Devils in a cage pit with real 1% patchholders.

    YYZ Skinhead

  11. Eric Von Zipper Says:

    So this is the Featherheads big PR move before the trial of that big fat pock faced asshole Villagrana in October?

  12. ghost Says:

    this is the precursor for eric bishoffs next biker show (BIKER CLUB CAGE MATCHES) the laffing dildos as ring girls since thats the closest they could ever get to real bikers again LMAO

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